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September 20, 2018
Emphasis - July 1
(wium) - Jason Parrott's guest is Emily Carrick with the Lee County Health Department.

They discuss the work of the Lee County Clean Air Coalition.

The coalition follows the same fiscal year as the state of Iowa, so July 1 means a time to look back at past actions and future goals.

Carrick says the volunteer organization focused on several goals during the last 12 months, including working with local JEL groups and promoting Quitline Iowa.

She says the use of that state service continues to rise.

Carrick believes that is due, in part, to the promotion of health living.

She says one of the goals for the next year is to review advertising methods where tobacco products are sold.

That information could be used to encourage changes in product placement so as to not encourage use by young children.

Carrick says the Lee County Clean Air Coalition will also work to make portions of parks and trails, throughout the county, smoke-free.

She says funding, which is set at the state level, is crucial to the organization.

Additional volunteers are also needed.

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