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September 22, 2018
Shop Talk
Shop Talk
Shop Talk - April 12
(wium) - The New York Times and other newspapers are preparing to set up pay walls for on-line content. The panelists debate whether that is a good idea.

Mike Murray believes it does not make sense to start charging people for something that has been free for a number of years. He considers it a poor business model.

Bill Knight said pay walls might be a mistake, but points out Napster gave away music on-line in the recent past, yet now it's routine for people to pay for the music they download. TV was once free too. Now it's common for people to pay for cable or satellite service.

Rich Egger points out many of the most visited on-line news sites don't have any reporting staff - they rip off stories from other sources. He believes those sites should have to pay for the news coverage generated by others.

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