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September 22, 2018
Emphasis - December 24
(wium) - Jason Parrott's guests are Lee County Sheriff Jim Sholl and Lee County Attorney Mike Short. They talk about the upcoming changes to Iowa's gun laws.

Iowa will become a "Right-To-Carry" state of January 1st.

Sholl says, in the past, county sheriffs had the authority to deny a weapons permit. He says the law has been changed so that if an applicant meets certain requirements, a permit must be issued.

Sholl says a background check and participation in an NRA-affiliated certification course are required to receive a 5-year permit.

Short says more than 80 people currently have a permit to carry a weapon in Lee County. He says they usually choose to conceal it so as to not bring attention to themselves.

Short says private individuals or businesses will have the opportunity to install a sign that says weapons are not allowed. He says that would allow law enforcement officers to charge someone with trespassing if they bring a weapon onto that individual or business' property.

Sholl says he is not aware of any issues with the people who have carried a weapon in Lee County. He does not know how many people will bring their application to his office on January 3.

Short expects the law to be tested in court.

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