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September 22, 2018
Emphasis - November 26
Cyn Kitchen (photo courtesy of Knox College)
(wium) - Rich Egger's guest is Knox College professor Cyn Kitchen. She is author of the new book Ten Tongues.

Kitchen said it took her ten years to write the collection of short stories, which is published by Motes Books. Kitchen realized she might have a book on her hands once she had accumulated eight stories. She then put pressure on herself to write a couple more to round out the collection.

Kitchen said the name of the book comes from one of the stories. The title also refers to the ten narratives in the book. In addition, she metaphorically thinks of her fingers as ten tongues because she uses them on a keyboard while writing.

The stories are not connected. But Kitchen said the main character in each story reaches a point where he/she finally feels free to express him/her self. Kitchen drew inspiration for the stories from her own life, though the works are fiction.

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