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September 25, 2018
Emphasis - Nov. 19
Common Grounds director Matt Hunt
(wium) - Jason Parrott's guest is Matt Hunt. He is the director of Common Grounds in Keokuk.

Common Grounds opened its doors roughly 10 years ago.

Hunt says a group of local, youth pastors wanted to develop a facility that gives kids something to do in Keokuk.

The youth center is open 1-2 nights each week, depending on the number of volunteers and financial contributions.

Hunt says Common Grounds is going through a transition in anticipation of its 2nd decade of service. He says the center has moved to the River City Mall.

Hunt says the new location provides more than 7000 square feet. He says that will allow for the implementation of homework programs, work ethics training, and self esteem promotion.

Hunt says the operating budget will jump from about $16,000 to $83,000. He says that is why a fundraising effort involving local restaurants will get underway in December.

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