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September 22, 2018
Shop Talk
Shop Talk
Shop Talk - September 28
(wium) - The panelists talk about a pilot project to allow cameras and microphones in some US district court hearings.

Iowa Public Radio reports that US Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) is applauding the plan - though he said it does not go far enough. He would like to open up all courts to cameras in order to provide greater transparency to that branch of government.

The panelists believe there are pros and cons to allowing cameras and microphones in courtrooms. The OJ Simpson trial is still cited as an example of what can go wrong when participants in a case play to the media.

But the Simpson trial is the exception rather than the rule. Countless other trials over the years have been covered without incident by broadcasters using the tools of their trade. Just about every state (except Illinois) already allows cameras and microphone in trial courts.

In addition, the Chicago 7 trial is a good example of how a case can become circus without the presence of cameras and microphones in the courtroom.

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