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September 20, 2018
Emphasis - September 10
Dr Richard Filipink
(wium) - Rich Egger's guest is Dr Richard Filipink of Western Illinois University's History Department. They talk about the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

Filipink says the attacks gave the Bush administration something it did not have before: a focus for its foreign policy. He says President Bush had been searching for a substitute for the Cold War, much as the Clinton administration had during the 1990s.

Filipink says the attacks allowed the Bush administration to substitute terrorism for communism.

Filipink says that as a historian, he still has unanswered questions about September 11, 2001. For one thing, he wonders about the real motives of the terrorists. He believes their motives were more complex than the common belief that they simply hated American freedom.

Filipink says throughout American history, events such as the 9-11 attacks have been politicized. He says it's up to an informed populace to prevent that from happening.

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