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November 22, 2017
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WIUM Local
Schilling Running for 17th District Congressional Seat
Bobby Schilling
(wium) - The next Congressional election is more than one year away, but a Republican has already declared his plans to run for office.

Bobby Schilling is from Rock Island. Schilling says he is running because he feels there is fiscal irresponsibility in Washington.

"I think a lot of our lawmakers have lost touch," says Schilling. "They have forgotten that they are servants to the people. This is something as a business person who knows how to run a budget, meet a payroll, and pay taxes. I get it."

Schilling says he was against the bailout. "I do not believe you can just go tossing money around," Schilling says. "If your car is leaking oil, you don't just keep dumping oil into the car. You bring it in and you find out what the problem is. You fix it and then you put the oil in. That's one thing we're not doing. There is no accountability for this money."

"We need to fix things properly," Schilling says. "I believe that the market will correct itself. When you tear it down and force it to build back up, you are just giving it a temporary fix. By forcing it to fix itself it comes out a lot stronger."

Schilling says if elected one of the first things he wants to do is set term limits. "I believe that Congress was set up for average people like you and I," Schilling says. "We sit down our tool belt and go in and serve this great nation for 2, 4, 6, or 8 years and get out."

He's running for the seat now held by Democrat Phil Hare. To hear more with Schilling click the audio link above.
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