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January 27, 2021
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WIUM Local
Miss Rockaway Armada docks in Keokuk
The Miss Rockaway Armada docks in Keokuk
(wium) - It's not often you see a group of homemade rafts, complete with a kitchen, recliners, and an outhouse, floating down the Mississippi River.

But that is currently the case in Keokuk, and what's more, the crew plans to perform for residents this evening.

Last summer, a group of friends decided to build the Miss Rockaway Armada and travel down the Mississippi River.

The fleet of rafts was built using debris from construction sites in New York City.

The group traveled from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Andelusia, Illinois, last summer, before weather ended the journey.

Robyn Hasty is a recent college grad who lives in New York City.

She says the rafts have been remodeled and are ready for this newest trip, which she says is about living out your dreams.

Hasty says the crew will perform a variety show for residents at 8:00 this evening at the Southside Boat Club.

She says they will leave Keokuk in the next few days.

Their next stop could be either Canton, Missouri or Quincy, Illinois.

You can hear more with Robyn Hasty by clicking the audio link above.
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