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December 16, 2017
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WIUM Local
Barefoot Running, the Scientific Merits
"Barefoot Ted" McDonald at Seattle's Volunteer Park Keith Seinfeld photo
(KPLU) -
Modern shoes have changed the way we run -- and maybe for the worse. A new study shows barefoot runners actually have less impact on their bodies than someone wearing high-tech running shoes. The study gives a boost to the trend of barefoot jogging. As KPLU science and health reporter Keith Seinfeld explains, take some precautions before you try it.

For more information:
Running Barefoot: Running Before the Modern Shoe is a website hosted by researchers at Harvard University.
Keith Seinfeld's KPLU blog has a short discussion of transitioning to barefoot running.

Also featured in the story:
"Barefoot" Ted McDonald
Dr. Brian Krabak, University of Washington Sports Medicine

The following videos and photos are from Harvard's Skeletal Biology Lab and from the journal Nature:

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