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January 27, 2015
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PRI's The World: 01/26/2015 What's going on in Greece? A left-wing anti-austerity party has come to power, and that could mean big changes for both the Greek economy and Europe at large. We also remember Egyptian-born Greek pop singer Demis Roussos, while Saudi and Yemeni students on US campuses talk to us about big changes back home. And an underwater photographer tells us the story of his explosive encounter with a sperm whale.
PRI's The World: 01/23/2015 We're following two big global stories today: the transition in Saudi Arabia and the political upheaval in next-door Yemen. There are big US security interests at stake in both places. Plus, SkyMall declares bankruptcy and we look at Brooklyn's Dancehall scene.
PRI's The World: 01/22/2015 We continue our look at Cuba immigration policy and meet recently arrived Cubans who tell us about their first days in America. Also, Saudi Arabia may be the only country where women can't drive, but there are other places where it's forbidden, including here in the US. We heard from one woman who learned to drive after leaving a Hasidic community in New York. Plus, a café where you can spend time with cats.
World Headlines
New York shuts down for blizzard New York City and other areas in the north-eastern US shut down ahead of a storm that is forecast to dump as much as 60cm (25in) of snow.
Argentina to disband intelligence body The Argentine president announces plans to dissolve the country's intelligence agency after the mysterious death of a prosecutor.
Survivors mark Auschwitz anniversary Auschwitz survivors and visiting dignitaries gather at the site of the former Nazi death camp to mark the 70th anniversary of its liberation.
Shanghai's mayor shifts focus away from GDP
For decades, GDP growth has been an "obsession" for China's government. No more.
Cost of melting icy roads ... is heating up
In New York, the price is up 27 percent from last year.
Bitcoin gets its first major U.S. exchange
Bitcoin is extremely volatile, but the new exchange could level things out.
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