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WIU Tech Fest 2014 
General Event Information
Event Category:
Community Events
free and open to the public  
Dates and Times:
April 30, 11:00AM-1:00PM

Breakout sessions from 11:00am- 12:00pm
-Using iPads for Teaching and Learning, Apple, Inc. | Horrabin Hall 59

-Integrating Technology into the Classroom at WIU | Horrabin Hall 78

-Global Education and Technology: Mentor and Novice Teachers Connecting with

-Classrooms Around the World in WIU Education Fieldwork | Horrabin Hall 104

-The New iTunes U, CITR | Horrabin Hall 83

-Adobe | Horrabin Hall 83

-Macomb Food Co-op | Horrabin Hall 3

-McDonough Telephone Cooperative | Horrabin Hall 60

Keynote Presentation- 12:00- 1:00pm
"Why Mobility Matters"- Apple, Inc. | Horrabin Hall 1
Mobile pedagogy represents a fundamental shift in content access and the role of the traditional classroom. This is not about technology fads or the latest gadgets. This is about facing the challenges and maximizing the possibilities of a connected classroom. In addition to exploring the dynamics of a mobility-based education paradigm, we will examine the practical implementation strategies, hardware, and support necessary to improve learning opportunity.

Technology Showcase- 11:00am- 1:00pm

Attend for a chance to win an iPad, drawing will be held at 1:00pm. Must be present to win.

More information available online here.

Tech Fest is sponsored by Citizens Bank and WIU's College of Education and Human Services.
Venue Information
Horrabin Hall  
N. Western Ave.
WIU Macomb Campus  
Zip Code:
United States 
Venue Map: