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Last updated 5:54PM ET
September 20, 2017
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A new warning to North Korea, Mexico City quake, Modi's army of internet trolls President Donald Trump uses his first speech to the UN General Assembly to send another strong warning to North Korea. Also, how Alaska sells its wild salmon in the global economy. And remembering the Russian engineer who may have saved us from an accidental nuclear war
Trump's UN agenda, stubborn sexism in Germany and turning ice into music Today, with President Donald Trump at the United Nations, we look at how UN ambassador Nikki Haley became the voice of Trump's foreign policy. Also, Ho Chi Minh's complex relationship with the US before the Vietnam War. Plus, how to record melting ice and turn into music.
An attack in London, cruising the Northwest Passage and singing waitresses The London subway once again comes under attack, and officials suspect its terrorist related. Plus, melting ice means the Northwest Passage is now open to cruise ships. We'll look at the pros and cons. And, sure, nuclear weapons are a big sticking point in any negotiations with the North Koreans. But so too are a group of singing waitresses. Those stories, plus some new music from Kronos Quartet ? today on The World.
World Headlines
Mexico earthquake: Children killed at collapsed primary school Tuesday's huge quake killed at least 225 people, including children at a school in the capital.
Catalonia referendum: Spain PM calls for 'escalation' to stop Mariano Rajoy appeals to Catalan separatists in a televised speech after a day of unrest in Barcelona.
Hurricane Maria: Whole of Puerto Rico without power Hurricane Maria has knocked out electricity for the entire island, home to more than 3.5m people.
The food community comes together in Houston
Monica Pope, a Houston chef, has seen the food community in her town unite in recent years.
How organizations prepare for natural disasters
Hurricane Maria has already starting bearing down on Puerto Rico.
People who have jobs are searching for better ones ? in Hawaii
Is this a sign of a stronger job market?
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