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February 25, 2021
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(wgvu) - Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick spent the night in
a one-man jail cell with no TV and a phone only for collect calls,
the consequence of violating his bond in a criminal case.
His legal problems could get worse today, when Attorney General
Mike Cox announces whether Kilpatrick will face charges over a
confrontation with a sheriff's deputy.
The deputy says Kilpatrick shoved him while the deputy was
trying to serve a subpoena for a friend of the mayor.
Kilpatrick and a former top aide are charged with perjury,
misconduct and obstruction of justice, all tied to their testimony
in a civil trial last year.
A judge revoked the mayor's bond yesterday because the mayor
took an unauthorized trip to Windsor, Ontario.
Governor Granholm says she'll hold a hearing September 3rd on
whether to remove Kilpatrick.

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