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February 25, 2021
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Japan-Nissan-Electric Cars
(wgvu) - Automakers Nissan and Renault will sell electric
vehicles in Portugal in 2011.
The companies have partnered with the government in an attempt
to create a national network of charging stations.
Nissan has said it will sell electric cars globally in 2012, but
the technology is still being developed.
Carlos Ghosn, chief executive of the French and Japanese
automakers, and Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates say today
they will work together to raise awareness about the vehicles and
try to make them easier to fuel.
Nissan has aggressively pursued deals with cities and
governments on electric vehicles, as soaring gas prices and worries
about global warming make the green technology more appealing.
Other car manufacturers are concentrating on fuel cells and
hybrids. But Tokyo-based Nissan is going all out on electric

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