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February 28, 2021
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AIDS Testing Offered
(wgvu) - One of the world's deadliest diseases seems to be getting less and less public attention these days. As treatment options for aids have improved over the years, more and more people seem to be indifferent to the growing threat.

While it's not usually the subject of polite dinner conversations, Aids, and the virus that causes it, thrives on silence and ignorance. The U-S Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC) figures as many as 280,000 people nationwide may have HIV and not know it.

Bridie Kent is Community Relations Co-ordinator for the Kent County Health Department, which is offering free and confidential aids testing this Friday, June 27.

Kent advises that once transmitted, it may be years before the HIV virus starts causing obvious telletale symptoms, making vigilance and early testing vital.

Testing's available at the health department's Personal Clinic, 700 Fuller Avenue NE all day Friday, and can either be confidential, or fully anonymous.

For those who do test positive, the health department has a full range of counseling and referral services.

More information at 616 632-7171 or on the web at Http://
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