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February 25, 2021
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Soldier Coming Home
(wgvu) - A man killed 57 years ago in the Korean
War is coming home to Cheboygan for burial.
The U.S. Army has notified relatives that the remains of Billy
MacLeod were found in a trench with those of other soldiers.
MacLeod died in 1950 at age 20 during the battles of Chosin
Reservoir. He originally was listed as missing in action.
But but his status was changed after a fellow soldier said he
had seen MacLeod die.
Bernie Potter is a half-brother of MacLeod's. He tells the
Cheboygan Daily Tribune he provided a DNA sample to the Army a
decade ago in case the opportunity arose to identify MacLeod's
Potter says a grave has already been dug for his half-brother.
Family members plan to bury him with military honors in January.
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