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February 27, 2021
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Gas Tax
(wgvu) - Transportation and business groups are
still pushing to raise Michigan's gasoline tax by 9 cents per
gallon over three years.
They argue that declining road funding will lead to lost
construction jobs at a time Michigan needs all the jobs it can get.
But state lawmakers are unlikely to embrace a higher gas tax,
especially after recently voting to raise Michigan's income tax and
to expand the sales tax to more services.
Bills in the House would raise the gas tax from 19 cents a
gallon to 22 cents through 2008. It would rise to 25 cents in 2009
and 28 cents in 2010.
Vehicle registration fees also would jump. The average yearly
fee of $95 would rise to about $142.
The Michigan Chamber of Commerce and others have been backing
the tax increase for months.
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