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March 5, 2021
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Budget Update 9-25
(wgvu) - House Democrats tonight finished voting to
eliminate more than 500 million dollars in annual tax exemptions
for businesses as part of a proposed solution to the state's budget
Democrats who hold the majority in the House typically voted in
favor of the multi-bill package. Republicans opposed the package.
The bills now go to the Senate, where Republicans hold the
majority and are likely to be less receptive to the proposals.
Some similar proposals passed by the House in April have not
been taken up by the Senate.
House Democrats said they are offering the proposals as part of
a possible solution to a projected 1.75 billion dollar deficit in
the fiscal year that starts October 1st.
The state faces a potential partial shutdown of government
services unless lawmakers figure out a way to eliminate the deficit
or pass a temporary extension of the current budget this week.
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