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March 1, 2021
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Sleeper Lake Fire
(wgvu) - The Sleeper Lake Fire was still raging in
the Upper Peninsula when an inspector noticed little green sprouts
poking above the blackened earth -- a sign of nature's resilience.
Now people are lending a hand.
Michigan's third-largest fire since the 19th century is nearly
extinguished, allowing state biologists and conservationists to lay
the groundwork for restoring 18,185 damaged acres of forests and
Authorities dismantled the last firefighting crews over Labor
Day weekend, with the fire reduced to smoldering pockets in
underground peat bogs.
Costs are estimated at more than $6 million, mostly for wages
and the use of aerial water tankers.
It may take winter's snows to snuff out the final embers,
although recent rainfall has helped considerably.
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