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February 26, 2021
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Government analysis: 2007 vehicles boost gas mileage levels
(wgvu) - WASHINGTON (AP) - New vehicles could achieve their highest
average gas mileage levels this year.
The boost is driven by improved technology and more interest in
fuel-efficient vehicles.
Vehicles from the 2007 model year are projected to average 26.4
miles per gallon. That's a gain of 1 mile per gallon over the
previous year and above the previous record of 26.2 miles per
gallon in 1987.
Honda was estimated to lead the way and Toyota is second. But
Detroit automakers also are expected to make progress.
The data is based on a government analysis of recently released
sales estimates.
The Senate in June approved legislation requiring the auto
industry to make more fuel-efficient vehicles. Automakers have
pushed an alternative that would seek more modest increases.
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