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March 8, 2021
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Business Review Western MI
Business Review Western MI
ClinXus may add members
(wgvu) - A consortium that aims to bring new-age drug trials to western Michigan
could have additional members within a few weeks.

Directors at Grand Rapids-based ClinXus are talking with a handful of
hospital and physician groups that are interested in joining the
consortium, formed last year by an original six partners.
Bringing in new partners hinges on what they bring and the role they'd
play in the consortium and on what ClinXus in return offers them,
Executive Director John Stark said. He describes deliberations on
expanding membership as in the due diligence stage with four or five

We're going to be careful about how much we open the door, Stark said.
We just don't want to bring on members just for the sake of bringing on
new members. We want it to be productive on both sides.
Formed in 2006, ClinXus works to attract clinical studies to the region
that are based on molecular-based research, which uses the genetic
signatures of patients to better match them for clinical drug trials,
increasing the chances of success.

Jasper Clinical President and CEO Dean Knuth recently indicated as many
as 20 organizations have expressed an interest becoming part of ClinXus.

Among the potential new members is Bronson Healthcare Group in Kalamazoo
and Holland Hospital, where public relations coordinator Tim Breed says
administrators are eager to learn more about the consortium.

We have been interested in staying on the edge of technology and on the
edge of things regionally, Breed said.

Bronson Healthcare sees ClinXus as providing a vehicle to become more
involved and to collaborate in research that could help bring clinical
innovations to the bedside quicker. It could also aid in recruiting
medical specialists and sub-specialists who like to mix research with
their clinical practices, said Scott Larson, an emergency physician and
senior vice president of medical affairs at Bronson.

That's a challenge and this really does resonate with some of the
people we've talked with over time, Larson said.

ClinXus's goal is to leverage the collective strengths of participating
members to improve the region's appeal to drug trials and access to
breakthrough medications in molecular medicine.

Founding partners include the Van Andel Institute, Spectrum Health,
Saint Mary's Health Care, Grand Valley Internal Medicine and the West
Michigan Science and Technology Initiative in Grand Rapids and Jasper
Clinical Research and Development Inc. in Kalamazoo.
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