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March 3, 2021
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(wgvu) - DETROIT (AP) - Scrap tires are piling up across the state.
It may get worse now that the state has frozen grant money
earmarked with cleaning up several (m) million tires dumped in the
past five years.
Illegally dumped tires are breeding grounds for disease-carrying
insects and fuel for dirty, hard-to-extinguish fires.
Michigan officials estimate there are about 12 (m) million
illegally stored scrap tires in the state. They think there are
more than 100 sites, such as closed warehouses and on farms, with
massive stockpiles of discarded tires.
Whole tires have been banned from Michigan landfills since 2004,
although shredded tires are accepted. Discarded tires can be
recycled into mulch or burned for energy.
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