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March 3, 2021
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Michigan Banning Wisconson Hogs
(wgvu) - State agriculture officials today banned
the importation of hogs from Wisconsin because of an outbreak of
the pseudorabies virus in that state.
Michigan Department of Agriculture director Mitch Irwin says the
disease's ability to spread is an imminent danger to the state's
swine industry.
Michigan has around 960-thousand hogs. The state's pork industry
in 2005 generated 230 (M) million dollars and produced more than
470 (M) million pounds of pork.
State agriculture officials in Wisconsin said yesterday that 300
swine in a Clark County herd would be destroyed because of the
virus outbreak.
The virus is not a health threat to humans.
Violations of the ban are punishable by fines of up to
50-thousand dollars and up to five years in prison.
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