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March 3, 2021
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Business Review Western MI
Business Review Western MI
Recruiting in West MI
(wgvu) - Anthony Senagore was working at the Cleveland Clinic when he got the
call from Spectrum Health. The Grand Rapids health system was seeking
someone to oversee research and education.

It wasn't an especially tough sell to bring the colorectal surgeon back
to western Michigan. He's a Detroit native who started his training and
practice here, but hired away in 1999 to jump-start the Cleveland
Clinic's laproscopic colectomy program.

As things evolved here with the organization, it became an exciting
opportunity, he explained.

Not to mention the appeal of nearby family, Lake Michigan and golf courses.

A number of Michigan organizations find talent with Michigan ties who
are living out of the state for jobs here. Google Inc.'s new Ann Arbor
office is one such employer finding out-of-state talent with Michigan
roots, office chief Grady Burnett reported.

In addition to the Midwest region, we've hired talented people from
both coasts for the Google AdWords office in Ann Arbor, he said in an
e-mail reply. Google hasn't been actively recruiting talent to bring
them to Michigan we're finding that there's great interest from those
who simply want to live in and around the Ann Arbor region.

Others do make it a point to look up prospects with Michigan connections.

We employ a number of strategies to recruit populations, and obviously
people having ties to Michigan is a significant advantage for us both
from a recruiting standpoint and from the standpoint of the individual
wanting to come back to Michigan, Spectrum recruiter Crystal
January-Craft said.

Michigan can be a tough place to fill for a number of reasons,
continued January-Craft, director of system employment, education and
organizational development for Spectrum. If you're coming from a warmer
climate, this can be tough to adjust to our winters. From the standpoint
of the housing market, some people think this isn't an expensive state,
but it's really up there in comparison to southern states.

Further, she added, a major disadvantage is the perception of the economy.

Spectrum is among many organizations using out-of-staters' Michigan ties
to bring them back, a group referred to by some as boomerangers.

Often, companies understand that the likelihood of someone sticking
here is significantly higher if they have some kind of connection to the
area, said Bill Benson, a founding partner of William Charles Executive
Search in Grand Rapids.

He's landed a number of prospects with Michigan roots for clients, and
if the state does lose many of its college graduates to more promising
or exciting locales, they sometimes can be brought back when their
personal and career situations change.

If you have a family connection to any state, it's human nature to want
to get closer to home, noted Randy Thelen, president of Zeeland-based
economic development agency Lakeshore Advantage.

Western Michigan's reputation as a family-friendly area works in its
favor for those with young families, recruiters note.

We do sell Michigan as a fun state. We market the culture, market the
family, because western Michigan is know for being a very good place for
families, January-Craft said.
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