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May 6, 2016
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PRI's The World: 05/06/2016 You've heard about American jobs being outsourced to workers in foreign countries. Well, the good news is that some of those jobs are coming back, but there's a downside. Those "insourced" jobs are increasingly being given to robots and computers. Also, we pay a visit to one of the restaurants North Korea has opened around the globe to connect with those outside the Hermit Kingdom. Plus, Scottish police answer the NYPD's call to perform a hip-hop dance called The Running Man.
PRI's The World: 05/05/2016 He's brash. He's controversial. And he's winning over a sizable portion of the electorate. He's ... Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines. Some are calling him the "Filipino Trump." We also have the story of a Boston high school student who's originally from Brazil. Last year, when she started applying to colleges in the United States, she found out how much of a labyrinth America's immigration laws can be. Plus, we hear about the link between author Gabriel Garcia Marquez and the Colombian folk music known as Vallenato.
PRI's The World: 05/04/2016 Some 80,000 Canadians flee their town as it catches fire. We do a drive through. Also, electioneering in London gets ugly as racial politics enter the mix. Plus, we'll hear why some pirates on the high seas are no longer targeting oil tankers the way they used to.
World Headlines
Labour's Sadiq Khan is new London Mayor Sadiq Khan is elected London mayor, the first Muslim mayor of a European Union capital, in a boost for the opposition Labour Party.
Canadian wildfire halts rescue convoy The only evacuation convoy leaving the Canadian city of Fort McMurray has been suspended due to 200ft (60m) flames flanking the road, officials say.
UN counts 'more than 50' IS mass graves A UN envoy says more than 50 mass graves have so far been found in parts of Iraq that were previously controlled by so-called Islamic State.
San Francisco leases old hotel to house the homeless
The city is renovating a former SRO hotel to create innovative, supportive housing.
All 'Good Wife' things must come to an end
As the CBS drama makes an exit, it helps take a business model with it.
Inner-city Cleveland wants a share of the GOP convention spoils
Ward 10 councilman wants his neighborhoods and vendors to benefit, too.
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