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February 22, 2017
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Who is H.R. McMaster? 'Play nice' says EPA's new chief, Oldies on Bulgaria radio Today we learn more about the man chosen by President Donald Trump to be his next national security adviser, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster. Plus, how Morocco is betting big on solar energy. And, why people in Bulgaria are listening to more pre-war music on the radio.
Travel ban uncertainty, women and national security, mixed feelings from Brexit voters Today, how uncertainty over President Trump's travel ban is keeping some scientists away from the US. Also, Syrian refugees are grateful for the help they get in Canada. And Brexit voters in one English town have mixed feelings about immigration.
Trump worries Europe, immigrants leave US for Canada, K-pop school in New York. What's normal and what's not about Trump's first month in office? Also, can the media remember world news beyond the US president? Plus, a visit to a New York school where you can learn how to be a Korean pop star.
World Headlines
Turkey reverses female army officers' headscarf ban The army was the last institution in officially secular Turkey with a ban on the Muslim headscarf.
Helen Bailey murder: Fiance Ian Stewart found guilty Helen Bailey was drugged and suffocated by her fiance and her body thrown in a cesspit.
Ildar Dadin: Russian activist jail term quashed Supreme Court orders the release of protester Ildar Dadin, jailed under tough new rules.
Mining companies bounce back after years of losses
Why it might be a good thing if your boss is an introvert
Extroverts, take note.
Small community is one of many grappling with big water problems
In Kettleman City, California, where arsenic contaminates groundwater, the state supplies every home with bottled water.
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