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Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts Presents Typing the Knot - Symposium (Day 2 of 2)  
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February 14, 10:30AM-2:00PM

Ruth Funk Textile Museum Presents Tying the Knot - Symposium. Day 2 of 2

Florida Institute of Technology’s Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts presents another elegant and entertaining symposium, featuring the 10th annual Ruth Funk Lecturer in Textiles, John E. Vollmer, internationally recognized scholar and owner of Vollmer Cultural Consultants Inc..

Thursday, Feb. 13 / Friday, Feb. 14

10:30 a.m.: Lecture, “Wedding in Red, tying the knot in traditional China”

11:30 a.m.: Reception and Silent Auction

Noon: Luncheon
Denius Student Center, Hartley Room

Tickets: $60 (Limited availability)

While images of make-believe princesses color our perceptions of (and the dress of brides) in Western wedding custom, in traditional China weddings took on the trappings and protocols of the imperial court. Chinese brides were often referred to as “empress for the day,” underscoring the Confucian values of society, which viewed the moral authority of the emperor and his empress in terms of the father and mother of the nation. In assuming the august role of empress for her wedding, brides appropriated the imperial symbols of dragon robes and phoenix crowns and of sedan chairs and processions to signal this major event in a woman’s life.

The lecture explores the Chinese wedding dress and customs from the late imperial period and its continuity and evolution into the modern period.

Contact the Funk Center at (321) 674-8313 for further information.

Venue Information
Florida Institute of Technology - Denius Student Center / Hartley Room  

FIT Campus / 150 West University Blvd  
Zip Code:
United States 
Presenting Organization
(321) 674-8313