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September 18, 2018
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WFCR Local Features
A Lesson in Alternative Cartography
(wfcr) - Close your eyes -- unless you're driving -- and imagine earth and all its countries. What does the map in your head look like? You could be picturing the map found in most classrooms and textbooks - the Mercator projection. It was created in Germany in 1569 , and quickly gained popularity throughout the world. But, according to alternative map specialists like Bob Abramms of ODT Maps in Amherst, Massachusetts, the Mercator Map is only one way of seeing the world on a flat surface. Abramms has been distributing "alternative" projections of the world to classrooms and businesses for almost three decades in, what he calls an attempt to expand people's perceptions of reality. WFCR's Peter Moskowitz reports.

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