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September 23, 2018
WFCR Local Features
WFCR Local Features
Theater Brings Economic Power to Ashfield
Double Edge Theatre's Farm in Ashfield, MA
(wfcr) - The tiny hilltown of Ashfield in Massachusetts' rural Franklin County used to be home to 30 dairy farms-- now there are just 3. But there's a different economic engine traversing some of those fields where cattle once grazed... A theater. And it has an unorthodox way of doing things... Double Edge Theatre combines acting, circus arts, puppetry, and music in its productions, which wind their way through barns, around ponds, and into groves of trees on a 100 acre property. The New England Foundation for the Arts says Double Edge is a prime example of the "cultural economy" at work -- it's having a positive financial impact on the region. The theater's farm is also home to a training program that attracts artists and actors from around the world. Two of those actors, Matthew Glassman and Carlos Uriona, are starring in the current production, "The Illustrious Return of Don Quixote," a mystical re-imagining of the errant knight's story. They told WFCR's Tina Antolini that Double Edge's connection to the community begins with sprawling summer productions like this one, that turn the whole farm into a theater. © Copyright 2018, wfcr