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September 26, 2018
WFCR Local Features
WFCR Local Features
Old Pick-Up Truck Vs. Amherst "Hyper Miler"
(wfcr) - Once upon a time there was a man from Amherst who drove his Toyota Corolla until it would go no more. The under-carriage rusted out, and it up and died. So Bob Pollack began driving his Dodge Ram pick-up truck to work,and just about everywhere on the weekends. The mileage was terrible; about 14 miles to the gallon. That wasn't realistic with gas prices going up, so he started experimenting with his driving habits. After some time, he ended up getting more than 20 miles to the gallon. One day, Pollack realized he was among a group of drivers using various techniques to maximize their cars' fuel economy; he was a hyper-miler. © Copyright 2018, wfcr