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September 18, 2018
WFCR Local News
WFCR Local News
Speaking at Amherst College, John Bolton Remains Critical of U.N.
John Bolton at Amherst College
(wfcr) - It was a year ago when John Bolton, the former U.S. Ambassor to the United Nations, announced he would resign after his nomination languished for months in congress. The controversial envoy spoke at Amherst College yesterday. Bolton is known for his frequent remarks criticizing the the U.N., and he remains a critic.

Bolton, once Bush's under secretary for arms control and international security, has become more critical of the President. He says Bush's once hard line stance on countries developing weapons of mass destruction has softened. Bolton says he says he doesn't think states like Iran and North Korea can be talked out of their nuclear weapons, despite recent intelligence reports saying that Iran may have given up it's nuclear weapons program as early as 2003.
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