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August 14, 2018
WFCR Local Features
WFCR Local Features
Former Israeli Air Foce Pilot Urges for an End to Palestinian Occupation
(wfcr) - A former Israeli Black Hawk Air Force pilot who joined forces with former Palestinian fighters to fight for peace, says U.S. policy towards Israel is doing more harm than good for his country. Yonatan Shapira, a co-founder of the group "Combatants for Peace," was in Amherst recently. The 11 year Israeli Air Force veteran is urging supporters of Israel, particularly American Jews to in his words, "pressure elected leaders and force Israeli leaders to end the occupation of Palestinian lands." Shapira told WFCR's Kari Njiiri -- if policies don't change what's at risk is the destruction of both peoples.

(AIPAC -- the American Israel Public Affairs Committee-- did not respond to WFCR's request for a comment regarding Shapira's view of the lobbying group.)
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