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August 16, 2018
WFCR Local News
WFCR Local News
Kerry in Northfield, MA talks about SCHIP
(wfcr) - For the fifth weekend in a row, Congressional Democrats used their radio address to focus on the state children's health insurance program or s-chip. Senator John Kerry, in Northfield, Massachusetts this weekend, says he's confident congress will pass some version of the bill, which provides government subsidized health insurance to low income families. Kerry said President Bush was badly advised when he first vetoed the version of the bill. That would increase spending on the program to $60 billion over 5 years.

Kerry was in Northfield, this weekend at an event for state Representative Dennis Guyer. Democratic lawmakers have signaled they'll make some changes to the bill and soon bring it back up for a vote. The White House and Republican lawmakers say they would like to sit down to work out a compromise.
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