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September 23, 2018
WFCR Local News
WFCR Local News
Annual Salmon Release Begins
(wfcr) - Six-million young salmon will be released into the Connecticut River over the next two months, as biologists work to replenish the waterway's stock. Jan Rowan, with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service, says the salmon population was almost completely lost in the river during the early 1800's because of dams, pollution and over-fishing. She says since the middle of the last century, scientists have been trying to restore the salmon to the river. As Rowan explains in the audio, every year for the last several years, young 'fry" or baby salmon are released into the river.

Rowan says biologists can't do the job on their own, though. Because of the large number of fish, she's recruiting volunteers to release fish all along the Connecticut. The salmon release begins this week (4/2) and will continue until the end of May.

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