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December 13, 2017
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WFCR Local News
Public Comment Period Closes on Housatonic Clean Up Proposal from General Electric
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(wfcr) - The Environmental Protection Agency's deadline for public comments was Friday (3/30) for a General Electric proposal to continue cleaning up PCB's (polychlorinated biphenyls) in the Housatonic River. Reporter David Scribner has been covering the Housatonic clean up for the past 10 years, since G.E. first agreed to clean up contaminated wastewater dumped into Silver Pond and the Housatonic. Scribner told WFCR's Jill Kaufman, the most significant comment so far has come from a group known as the Housatonic river initiative...

Scribner says the biggest complaint is that neither GE nor the EPA are considering new techniques to clean up the river bed. One of a few measures GE has proposed for correcting the environmental contamination is dredging. GE also wants to 'cap' the contamination -- which means putting down a layer of sand over the mud at the bottom of the river. And thirdly, there's the option of natural recovery -- which means you let Mother Nature take its course. Scribner says in addition to this comment period, there will be yet another in November. A real clean up might not begin for some time, because GE may appeal any decision made by the EPA.

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