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September 26, 2018
In Focus Today
In Focus Today
Checking in on Bridgeport before primaries
(wnpr) - Bridgeport, Connecticut is a city with great promise, and crushing problems. With a big mayoral election coming up, residents are looking toward a new chance for Connecticut's biggest city.

It's a city with a bad repuation but a place where New York developers are investing millions on upscale housing. It's part of Fairfield County, one of America's wealthiest geographic areas, but it's been largely left out of the boom.

Unlike some cities, where poverty seems preordained, Bridgeport is seen by many as a place with a chance. But some of it's most popular civic leaders--those leading that change--have gone to jail, or succumbed to personal demons.

Today, Where We Live, we're going to talk about Bridgeport one week away from a mayoral primary pitting state lawmakers Chris Caruso and Bill Finch. We'll hear about the campaign from a Bridgeport insider, Lennie Grimaldi, who blogs at Fairfield Weekly.

On the phones, we're joined by some residents we met last year during a special series on the city.

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