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December 6, 2021
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WFCR Local Features
Grilling Up a Feast on the Fourth!
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There's nothing like the smell of something grilling on the Fourth of July. WFCR's Tina Antolini met up with food writer Tinky Weisblatt to do a little cooking. Also in the kitchen: Tinky's mother Jan and their dog, Truffle. They made a a dish of Javanese Satay. But first they had to put out the fire.

Tinky's Javanese Satay

Tinky says, "I'm not much of a griller, but this variation on a kabob is so simple to pop on the grill that even I can handle it. If you don't have a bottle of red wine open, you may substitute red wine vinegar for the wine. Of course, if you're looking for an excuse to open a bottle of wine, I don't want to stand in your way!"

1-1/2 pounds flank steak (boned, skinless chicken breast may also be used)
4 tablespoons peanut, canola, or vegetable oil
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 teaspoon salt
1 clove garlic, cut fine
1 small onion, cut fine
2 tablespoons red wine
1 teaspoon sugar

If you are using wooden skewers, soak them for at least a couple of hours in cold water before cooking so they won't burn when exposed to the heat.

Cut the beef into small, bite-size pieces. Marinate it in the rest of the ingredients for several hours. Load about 5 pieces onto each small stick or skewer for cooking.

Broil over charcoal for three to four minutes. Do not overcook! Serve with peanut sauce (see below) and rice. Serves 6.

** Peanut Sauce **

This sauce may be prepared up to a day in advance and refrigerated until it is needed. Serve it warm or cold.

1 onion, coarsely cut
2 tablespoons peanut, canola, or vegetable oil
1 cup peanut butter (I use chunky, but you may use smooth instead)
1 cup water
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon sugar
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 small wedge fresh ginger, finely chopped (optional, but it smells and tastes great)
1 to 4 teaspoons crushed red pepper

Saut the onion in the oil until lightly brown. Add the other ingredients. Experiment with the pepper. This sauce should be hot to the taste.

Cook for 20 minutes to 1/2 hour over EXTREMELY low heat to blend the flavors, stirring frequently. If the sauce becomes too thick, add more water. It should be the consistency of thick cream sauce.
Any leftovers should be stored in the refrigerator. The sauce lasts for several weeks and goes with almost any meat.

For more information about Tinky Weisblat (and additional recipes), visit her web site,
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