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September 23, 2018
In Focus Today
In Focus Today
Health Care Reform: A legislative priority
Democratic columnist Bill Curry. HANNA NIKLEWICZ, WNPR
(wnpr) - Everybody's talking about healthcare reform....from Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell, who rolled out a plan just before her inagural - that relies on working with insurance companies to offer broad coverage to all residents - at what she calls reasonable costs. State Democrats have promised to make health care reform a major issue - but between the governor's plan, and other - more state run programs - there's been no consensus on how they'd proceed.

Meanwhile, California Governer Arnold Schwatzennegar is rolling out a proposal in his state - taking up the challenge put down by Massachusetts last year, when it became the first state to tackle what's known as "universal" health coverage. That state requires everyone to have health insurance - just like they have to have auto insurance - and it has many fans. Now, Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy wants the federal government to pick up the ball - and extend Medicare to all people in the nation....But almost everyone watching this debate agrees, the states, and not the federal government, will be the labratory in which a new health care policy is born.

So, today, where we live...we'll continue our ongoing discussion of healthcare reform. We've talked to the governor, and legislative leaders, and we held a forum earlier this year to discuss ideas. Today, let's "kick the tires" on a plan being proposed by Bill Curry.

Curry is a regular guest on the program, and a columnist with the Hartford Courant. He's devoted his recent columns to a call for healthcare reform. He's a former advisor to President Clinton, former State Comptroller - and two-time Democratic nominee for Governor.

Also joining the conversation are Rexford Santerre a UCONN professor of finance and health care management, and Juan Figueroa of the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut.
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