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April 17, 2014
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PRI's The World: 4/16/14 The crisis over eastern Ukraine ratchets up another notch as separatists hoist Russian flags on Ukrainian army vehicles there. And, we'll learn about a folk song that's become an anthem of pro-Western demonstrators in Kiev. Plus, we go inside a renowned Saudi terrorist rehabilitation center where "beneficiaries" learn that "only the Prince has the power to declare Jihad."
PRI's The World: 4/15/14 Tuesday's edition of The World was hosted live from the Boston Common, close to the Marathon finish line, to examine the impact of the Boston Marathon bombings one year on. Throughout this special edition of The World, host Marco Werman presents the voices of Bostonians - and visitors from around the globe - addressing security, vulnerability and Boston's sense of community in a post-9/11 world.
PRI's The World: 4/14/14 The crisis in Ukraine continues to intensify. We ask just how worried we should be about war breaking out. Plus, the latest UN climate report is an urgent call to action - we'll hear from one of the authors. Also, the language of pregnancy around the globe. What do the words and their meanings tell us about different cultures and their approach to pregnancy?
World Headlines
Weather blights S Korea ferry search Bad weather, murky water and strong currents hamper efforts to find survivors of a stricken South Korean ferry, from which almost 300 people are missing.
Putin cautious on force in Ukraine Russia's President Putin says he hopes he will not have to exercise his "right" to send troops into Ukraine, as crisis talks are held with Western leaders in Geneva.
Pistorius forensic tests challenged The tests carried out by a forensic expert for Oscar Pistorius' murder trial are being rigorously challenged by the state prosecutor in South Africa.
How will Americans react to 'China's Twitter?'
Weibo goes public on Nasdaq this Thursday. But there are big concerns over censorship.
A bill of health for insurance companies
The ACA brought new customers and revenue. Profits are a maybe.
Dude, where's my flying car?
A new study looks at Americans' attitude towards the future.
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