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August 20, 2014
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PRI's The World:8/20/2014 Remembering journalist James Foley. The FBI says it believes that a web video published by the Islamic State purporting to show the execution of kidnapped journalist James Foley is, in fact, real. Plus, part two in our story of an undocumented Salvadoran couple living in Baltimore who have been trying to get their kids to the United States. And we look back on the life of an Indian yoga guru who helped introduce the practice to an American audience.
PRI's The World: 8/19/2014 Tweeting tear gas tips ? residents of the West Bank turn to Twitter and offer advice to protestors in Ferguson, Missouri. Plus, the story of a undocumented immigrant couple trying to get their kids to the United States. That includes spending $10,000 on a coyote to help their kids get to Baltimore. And dating across cultures ? what happens when Russians and Americans mix over a candlelit dinner?
PRI's The World: 8/18/2014 We go on the ground in Monrovia where an Ebola treatment center in Liberia's capital was attacked and looted over the weekend. Also, we're getting word that Iraqi military forces have retaken an important dam near Mosul. We'll hear from an Iraqi civil engineer who knows the history of the dam and its strategic importance. Plus, locals on Scotland's Isle of Coll are trying to decide whether they'd like to have cell service on the island or not.
World Headlines
US military 'tried to free Foley' The Pentagon says a US secret mission tried but failed to free US hostages in Syria, reportedly including murdered reporter James Foley.
Israel PM vows further Gaza campaign Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vows a continued campaign against Gaza militants, amid renewed fighting between the two sides.
Silva runs for Brazilian presidency The Brazilian Socialist Party names environmental campaigner Marina Silva as its new presidential candidate, replacing the Eduardo Campos who died last week.
How the Fed became a Central Superbank
Is it a bird? Its it a plane? No! It's the Federal Reserve!
Obama campaign operative's surprising move to Uber
David Plouffe's new role at the ride-sharing tech company raises some eyebrows.
The NFL wants artists to pay to perform at the Super Bowl
The question now: Is it worth it for the artists - or the NFL?
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