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March 6, 2015
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PRI's The World: 03/06/2015 We hear the latest on the effort by Iraqi forces to retake the city of Tikrit. We also check in with The Daily Beast's Clive Irving, who, like everyone else, has been wondering what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which disappeared a year ago. And climbing season is kicking into high gear on Mt. Everest. That means a lot of people headed up to base camp, and a lot of people at base camp means a lot of poop.
PRI's The World: 03/05/2015 With the recent controversy over measles vaccines here in the US, we look into vaccination in other parts of the globe. Officials in Pakistan have been arresting parents who refuse to have their kids vaccinated for polio. Then, we hear how in Mexico, vaccination is seen as a right. Also, a BBC documentary is causing a stir in India, because it features a convicted rapist who was sentenced to death for his part in a gang-rape in Delhi. In the film, the rapist expresses no remorse and criticizes the victim.
PRI's The World: 03/04/2015 A new documentary focusing on China's dismal air quality is getting a lot of attention there. Also, we take you to an all-female mosque in Los Angeles. Finally, the Pan-Arabia Enquirer ? the Arab world's answer to The Onion ? takes on ISIS.
World Headlines
Iraqi army drives IS out of key town The US military says Iraqi forces have pushed Islamic State fighters out of the town of al-Baghdadi amid a wider offensive by government troops.
Three charged over US data breach US authorities charge three men for their roles in what they claim is one of the biggest data breaches in American history.
Dawn probe achieves Ceres orbit Nasa confirms that its Dawn probe has gone into orbit around Ceres, the largest object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.
Grease, griddles and gravy: 24 hours straight as a Waffle House grill operator
A journo journeys to where the grill is always hot and the doors never lock.
Don't even think about sledding on Capitol Hill
From the Capitol Grounds Regulations, courtesy of the architect of the capitol's office: "No person shall coast or slide a sled within Capitol Grounds."
Your wallet: What's broken in your community?
Talk to us the way you might in a town hall.
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