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July 26, 2017
World Headlines
Trump: Transgender people 'can't serve' in US military The US president cites "tremendous medical costs and disruption" for the ban.
Russia sanctions: EU vows to retaliate over US measures Some European nations, including Germany, are angry because the US plans could hurt energy firms.
IS wives: Why I joined the 'caliphate' in Raqqa The BBC's Shaimaa Khalil speaks to wives of IS fighters, now held by Kurdish-led forces near Raqqa.
Sitting down with Three Square Market, the company that microchips its employees
The vending machine firm sees radio-frequency identification chips inserted directly into the hands of their employees as the future.
07/26/2017: Why doesn't the stock market seem to care about all the drama in Washington?
There's a whole lot of turbulence in Washington, yet the markets are going up. There's uncertainty. The economy is doing all right (but not fantastically). And company earnings reports are just OK. So what gives? Julia Coronado, an economist at Macropolicy Perspectives, joins us to chat about the strange nature of the stock market. Afterwards, we'll talk with the Eurasia Group's Ian Bremmer about the new sanctions bill against Russia, which has bipartisan support here in the U.S., but isn't getting a warm reception in Europe.
Cyber threats can pose significant risks to small businesses
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