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October 22, 2017
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Special edition of The World: A global look at sexual harassment in the workplace The sexual harassment allegations against film mogul Harvey Weinstein have sparked a global conversation about the issue of harassment in the workplace. In this hour, we hear what that conversation sounds like in different countries around the world. Including: a Nigerian writer reflects on how men in Nigeria view harassment. And France's version of #MeToo campaign goes a step further, encouraging women to "squeal on their pig."
A month after Mexico City's quake, insect die-off, French singer Camille The World's Monica Campbell lost her home to the Mexico City quake a month ago. Now, she's looking for answers about how people can live safely in earthquake-prone areas. Also, a dramatic decline in the number of insects in Germany has scientists worried. Plus, a song about Twix candy bars recorded in a 14th-century French monastery.
Travel ban 3.0, Syria after Raqqa's fall, Yaeji's new song ISIS may be defeated in Raqqa, but what comes next for Syria is still very much up in the air. Also, a college student leaves Puerto Rico for Florida after Hurricane Maria. Plus, remembering Canadian rock legend Gord Downie.
World Headlines
Spain Catalonia: Foreign minister denies 'coup' by Madrid The foreign minister tells the BBC the government is only acting in line with the constitution.
Spain FM: 'Many police violence pictures fake' Spanish Foreign Minister Alfonso Dastis was speaking to Andrew Marr about the Catalan referendum.
Raqqa: US coalition 'wiped city off Earth', Russia says Moscow accuses the West of sending aid to the Syrian city to cover up evidence of crimes.
Wait times for Social Security benefit appeals leave people in limbo
Michael Astrue, a former Social Security commissioner, talks about how and where the backlog starts.
How a Salvadoran theater is giving women a second chance at life
At La Cachada Teatro, 5 single mothers from violent neighborhoods tell their stories.
I went to the world's largest Applebee's to figure out why chain restaurants are dying
The decline of chain restaurants coincides with the growth in income disparities.
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