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August 23, 2016
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PRI's The World: 08/22/2016 Goodbye Brazil. The Rio Olympics are now done and dusted. Japan, we'll see you in four years. Plus, we'll bring you the story of a Cameroonian musician named Moken. His life completely changed when he won American citizenship through the green card lottery. Also, the London Underground starts running 24/7... and it's kind of a grim scene.
PRI's The World 08/19/16 Haiti had never had a case of cholera until a group of UN peacekeepers arrived from Nepal and introduced the disease. Six years later, the UN is finally accepting responsibility. Also, the Clinton Foundation says it will stop taking foreign donations if Hillary Clinton wins in November. But is there still a conflict of interest? Plus, one of London's oldest gay bars is closing.
PRI's The World 08/18/2016 The photo of a dazed and wounded Syrian boy goes viral, leading many around the globe to demand that more be done for the victims in Syria. We hear from a member of the Syrian opposition who says that's not enough. Also, the latest on four US Olympians who said they were robbed at gunpoint in Rio. Plus, how to stay safe while playing Pokemon GO on the streets of Caracas, Venezuela.
World Headlines
Turkey evacuates town amid anti-IS Syria campaign Turkey evacuated Karkamis near Syria, as it prepares an offensive against so-called Islamic State holding Jarablus.
Rio Paralympics 2016: Russian doping ban 'cynical', says PM Russia's PM Dmitry Medvedev says the decision to uphold a blanket doping ban on Russia's Paralympians is "cynical".
34kg pearl found in Philippines 'is world's biggest' Philippine officials believe they may have recovered the biggest natural giant clam pearl in the world - weighing a whopping 34kg (5.2 stone).
Alabama ends up with a single health-exchange insurer
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama will be the state's only health-exchange insurer as of next year.
Tranquility in the US stock market
A lack of market volatility, Alabama health plans, and an auction from an iconic New York shop.
For Louisiana schools, flood damage is lasting
As schools reopen, many teachers and staff have been displaced.
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