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November 29, 2014
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PRI's The World: 11/28/2014 The shopping frenzy that is Black Friday is catching on in more and more places around the world. Hunting for bargains is nothing new but copying Americans' day after Thanksgiving is a growing phenomenon. Plus, the Smithsonian gets a 2 billion dollar makeover from a Danish architect. We'll hear what it's been like for him working in Washington. And, how a political spat and a misidentified London landmark led to the hashtag #ThingsThatAreNotMosques.
PRI's The World: 11/27/2014 How two former translators for US troops in Afghanistan ended up celebrating Thanksgiving together in Virginia. Also, historian Peter Firstbrook tells us the full story of Captain John Smith, of Pocahontas fame. Plus, celebrating Thanksgiving with fresh, homemade tamales.
PRI's The World: 11/26/2014 On this Thanksgiving eve, we want to know where food comes from. Not the stuff we literally put in our mouths ? but the origins of the names of that food. Meanwhile, does the thought of flying give you the jitters? Composer Michael Hearst tries to calm those travel nerves with his new CD, "Songs for Fearful Flyers." And, we tell you a tale about the weird and wonderful Belgian sport of featherbowling ? as still played in Detroit.
World Headlines
Mubarak murder retrial verdict due A court in Egypt gathers to deliver a verdict in the retrial of ousted President Hosni Mubarak on charges of conspiring to kill protesters in 2011.
Nigeria leader condemns mosque raid Nigeria's president vows to "leave no stone unturned" in tracking down the perpetrators of a mosque attack that left at least 81 people dead.
Test delayed after Hughes death Australia's first Test against India will not start on Thursday following the death of batsman Phillip Hughes.
Social media & social justice in the wake of Ferguson
The story first broke online, and social media have been a force throughout.
Time to think about saving for retirement again
Open-enrollment season means thinking, and worrying, about financial choices.
The fight for higher wages is strong on Black Friday
Black Friday may be known as one of the busiest shopping days, but it?s also one of the biggest protest days.
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