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Events at The Ark
Apache Relay & The Lonely Wild 
General Event Information
Event Category:
Live Music: Roots
$15 * contact the Venue listed below for ticketing information  
Dates and Times:
February 24, 8:00PM-10:00PM; (Doors open at 7:30pm)

Tonight's show presents a pair of much buzzed-about—and buzzworthy!—new bands. Rarely does a young band emerge with a combination of skills, talents, and vision fully developed. But the L.A.-based quintet The Lonely Wild is that true gem whose writing and arranging talents are surpassed only by its members’ ability to work seamlessly as a single dynamic voice. Picking up solid momentum from their critically acclaimed debut EP, "Dead End," The Lonely Wild quickly made a name for themselves in and around greater L.A., opening for John Doe, Damien Rice, Phosphorescent, and Laura Marling. The Lonely Wild comes to Michigan with its debut full-length album, "The Sun As It Comes," a recording that reflects upon the times in which we live while taking the listener on a sonic journey of impressive heights. The Apache Relay was formed by chance in a Nashville college dorm when Michael Ford Jr. (vocals, bass) met Mike Harris (guitar, vocals). Ford Jr. happened to be looking for some musicians to help perform his own music live when he heard about Harris’ newly formed band, The Apache Relay. Ford Jr. hired the trio, which also included Brett Moore (keys, guitar, mandolin) and Kellen Wenrich (fiddle), to back him at a show, and it was immediately evident that the four musicians had a unique chemistry. Since the release of their sophomore album, "American Nomad," two years ago, The Apache Relay, who round out their live show with the addition of drummer Aaron Early, have toured nonstop and gained a large cadre of fans across North America. “They've got kind of an Arcade Fire meets boys raised on gospel and Bruce Springsteen approach to what they do, and they're called The Apache Relay. They're a fantastic live band," raves The Huffington Post.
Venue Information
316 S. Main St.  
Ann Arbor 
Zip Code:
United States