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KY-2: Guthrie's Company Threatens to Sue Over DCCC Ad (2008-09-24)
A lawyer for the company of Kentucky 2nd District candidate Brett Guthrie says a DCCC ad against the candidate is "demonstrably false."

Old State Capitol (2008-09-24)
Kentucky is blessed with many interesting historic sights and locations, but the Old State Capitol in Frankfort is truly in a class all its own.

Candidates Debate in Tight KY-2 Race (2008-09-23)
The candidates debated the financial bailout plan on Monday night.

Foreclosure Prevention (2008-09-23)
Legislation approved by the 2008 Kentucky General Assembly is helping keep the Commonwealth's foreclosure rates down, even in the midst of a national mortgage crisis.

For Discussion: Why Isn't McCain Endorsing Lunsford? (2008-09-22)
The worm has turned on the John McCain presidential campaign. Obama's poll average while the Gallup tracking poll has shown either Obama gaining or stayed the same for at least the last eight days.

For Discussion: Why Isn't Obama Further Over Fifty? (2008-09-22)
There are a couple of polls out today that have Obama at 50 per cent...

For Discussion: A Trillion Here, A Trillion Now (2008-09-22)
The Bush administration has asked for $700 billion over the next two years to buy up the bad debt of the many regular banks, investment banks, insurance companies, and other entities who have goofed up the economy. I wouldn't be surprised if that turned into a trillion before everything is done.

Presidential Search (2008-09-22)
Some Kentuckians are among those applying to become the next president of the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education.

For Discussion?: The Financial Meltdown: A Five-Step Primer (2008-09-22)
One of my problems as a blogger is discussing the economic mess without writing another version of my dissertation. But it turns out that the whole financial crisis and upcoming government intervention boils down to five easy steps.

KY-2: Candidates to Debate on Kentucky Educational Television (2008-09-19)
The two candidates running for Kentucky's 2nd Congressional District seat will face each other on television on Monday night.

Aging Airplanes (2008-09-19)
Kentucky's 16 state-owned airplanes are getting old. State leaders know it, but aren't sure what to do about it in these tough economic times.

Death Penalty Cases (2008-09-18)
The Kentucky Supreme Court has issued rulings in three death penalty appeals.

For Discussion: Radical Religions Endanger Democracy (2008-09-18)
A veteran journalist says religious radicalism has become dangerously mainstream in the United States...

For Discussion: Voters Must Follow Their Faith (2008-09-18)
Should people vote according to their religious convictions? There are some who argue that the religiously motivated voter is improperly imposing his or her belief on society....

For Discussion: Sleeping in Palin's Tanning Bed (2008-09-17)
Liberal blogger Matthew Yglesias and other sources report that Sarah Palin had a tanning bed installed in the Governor's Mansion...

From Coal Mine to Pasture (2008-09-17)
Growing grass at old mine sites could provide an alternative energy.

For Discussion: Deregulation and the Road to Socialism (2008-09-17)
Today's 85 billion government bailout of the giant insurer AIG means that the Bush administration now owns Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the country's largest insurance company....

KY-5: Independent Challenges "Champion" of the Earmarks (2008-09-16)
Independent Jim Holbert participated in the Kentucky Educational Television forum. The incumbent did not.

For Discussion: Scrutiny, Truth, and the McCain Campaign (2008-09-16)
The presidential election has entered a fluid stage with McCain holding about a 1-2 point average edge in the polls....

Death Camp Survivor Preserves His Story (2008-09-16)
Memphis-resident Leonid Sarahovici survived death camp and escaped communist controlled Europe.

Looting Problem (2008-09-15)
Alarms are being sounded in Frankfort about the growing problem of looting of archaeological sites in Kentucky.

For Discussion: Propping Up the McCain Campaign (2008-09-12)
It looks like Sarah Palin is going to be spending a lot of time with McCain....

For Discussion: Palin Fills the Tub with Talking Points (2008-09-12)
Robert Packwood, a long-time Republican senator, once said that politicians need to regularly fill up and empty the "tub" of knowledge....

For Discussion: Nominees for the McCain Media Patsy Prize (2008-09-12)
The McCain Campaign has just voted Charles Gibson of ABC News as the easiest touch in the mainstream media....

Economic Costs of 9-11 (2008-09-12)
Former state department official says America's reaction was costly to the economy.

Bid-Rigging Probe (2008-09-12)
Former Kentucky Transportation Secretary Bill Nighbert and two others have been arraigned on federal bid-rigging charges.

For Discussion: Sarah Palin and Racism (2008-09-12)
A journalist named Charlie James has an article in the LA Progressive..

Stumbo Running (2008-09-11)
Former Attorney General Greg Stumbo, who's back in the Kentucky House, will try to defeat House Speaker Jody Richards.

Tony McVeigh (2008-09-11)
Click here for a bio of Kentucky Public Radio's Capitol bureau chief.

Air Fleet Audit (2008-09-10)
State Auditor Crit Luallen says a division of Kentucky's air fleet could be better managed. Aviation officials agree and have made recommended changes.

Where Have the Honeybees Gone? (2008-09-09)
Beekeepers confer in western Kentucky on the fate of the American Honeybee.

New Justice Officially Joins High Court (2008-09-09)
State Supreme Court welcomes new member from south central Kentucky.

Author's "Last Book" Premature (2008-09-08)
Lexington Author Ed McClanahan finds his "posthumous book" is ill timed.

Special Interest Groups Involved in KY Politics (2008-09-08)
Special interest groups running attack ads in the McConnell-Lunsford Senate race.

Justice Venters Sworn In (2008-09-08)
The Kentucky Supreme Court is again at full complement, following formal investiture ceremonies for the high court's newest justice.

For Discussion: Cliche Alert (2008-09-05)
One of the great media cliches concerning American politics is that such and such public figure accomplished this, but "questions remain"....

For Discussion: Replacement Delegates Needed (2008-09-05)
John McCain's acceptance speech wasn't exactly riveting to the Caric family. Out of the whole Caric clan, I was the only one who stayed awake for the whole thing....

For Discussion: Boiling Down John McCain (2008-09-05)
When all is said and done, John McCain's best skill is self-promotion. It's also his most important commitment. No politician has been more relentless about self-promotion over the last fifteen years than John McCain...

For Discussion: Taps for the Republicans (2008-09-05)
There's just no way around it. The Republican Convention is poorly designed compared to the Democratic Convention and conveys an effect is one of exhaustion and confusion....

For Discussion: Destructive Magic of the R Word (2008-09-03)
The Destructive Magic of the R Word The Bristol Palin/Levi Johnston pregnancy feeding frenzy is now officially "on." The newspapers, blogs, and everybody else are all over the story....

For Discussion: The Romance of Tropical Alaska (2008-09-03)
Has anybody noticed all the media reports that make Alaska sound like a paradise where the people are friendly...

Kentucky's Evolution Tracked at History Center. (2008-09-03)
Kentucky History Center bears name of the Commonwealth's most famous, influential historian.

For Discussion: Republicans Doing Well, But, Not Good Enough (2008-09-03)
I'm so biased against the Republican Party that I'm probably a poor judge of whether Tuesday night was effective for them or not...

For Discussion: Tape-Blogging Sara Palin's Roll-out (2008-09-03)
I'm looking at the YouTube video of the roll-out for Sarah Palin in Dayton, Ohio on Friday...

For Discussion: It's Called the High Road (2008-09-02)
The newly minted VEEP is pro-life, creationist, working mother and her unmarried daughter is pregnant at 17. How easy to point out the hypocrisy. It's a slow moving target. Governor Palin is a target-rich environment....

For Discussion: Sarah's the One (2008-09-02)
Barack Obama's been a national figure for almost four years. Sarah Palin's been a national figure for almost four hours...

Cutting Corners Can Save Lives (2008-09-02)
New thinkings has state hoping it can save transportation dollars and the lives of motorists.

Lexington Pediatrician Honored by Catholics (2008-09-02)
Physician well known to Appalachian children, and at South American clinics.

For Discussion: Schedule Change Benefits Obama (2008-09-02)
Why McCain's change in the schedule of the RNC is good for Obama...

Kentucky History Center (2008-08-29)
He wasn't a native son, but without him, many of Kentucky's historic treasures on display in Frankfort likely would have been lost.

For Discussion: Obama Better Than a Rock Star (2008-08-29)
The McCain campaign and the Republicans have a lot of fun with Obama's "rock-star" and "celebrity" status. But Obama did not look like a rock star during his speech at Invesco Field tonight....

Up-and-Coming Composer Comes to Bluegrass (2008-08-29)
Celebrated "young composer" unveils work at UBS Chamber Music Festival of Lexington.

For Discussion: The Brief Biden, The Good and the Bad (2008-08-29)
Joe Biden got very emotional in his VP acceptance speech, largely because Biden views the VP nomination as a validation of his political career...

Cross: "Maverick McCain Makes Maverick Pick In Palin" (2008-08-29)
McCain's VP pick is not all that surprising, says one commentator.

Kentucky Delegate on the DNC (2008-08-29)
South central Kentuckian claims some conservative voters ready to back Obama.

For Discussion: Obama Welding Principles, Policy, and Testimony (2008-08-29)
The Tremendousness of it all. Barack Obama's acceptance speech was such a monster home run that it might be reverberate all the way through the Republican convention next week...

For Discussion: Obama Welding Principles, Policy, and Testimony (2008-08-29)
The Tremendousness of it all. Barack Obama's acceptance speech was such a monster home run that it might be reverberate all the way through the Republican convention next week...

Chamber Music Festival Prepares for 2nd Year (2008-08-28)
UBS Chamber Music Festival returns this Labor Day Weekend to Fasig-Tipton Pavilion.

Louisville Arena (2008-08-28)
The head of the Louisville Arena project tells Kentucky lawmakers the guaranteed maximum price of the downtown facility will be millions less than expected.

For Discussion: Obama, Leadership, Issues (2008-08-28)
Liberal blogger Matt Yglesias reminds me of something I've thought for a long time. Noting high favorability ratings for both Obama and McCain, Yglesias claims that "before this campaign started, John McCain was the most popular politician in America...

KY Dems Praise Clinton Speech (2008-08-27)
The Kentucky delegation praises Clinton for her effort to consolidate the party behind a former rival.

For Discussion: Democratic Convention Day One (2008-08-27)
Gotta Love the Democrats. Not so much the politicians, but the everyday Democrats in the convention hall....

Investment Losses (2008-08-27)
Kentucky Retirement Systems have lost millions of dollars in recent years to bad investments, but state lawmakers are still waiting to find out exactly how much.

For Discussion: The Big Leagues and the Really Big Leagues (2008-08-27)
Michelle Obama was a highly effective amateur, but Monday night was basically amateur night at the Democratic Convention...

Youngest Kentucky Delegate Discusses Obama Versus Clinton Divisions (2008-08-26)
Kentucky's youngest delegate sees Clinton supporters at the convention, but predicts unity around Obama.

Assessing CATS (2008-08-26)
Does Kentucky need to revise its testing system for assessing school progress toward academic proficiency? A task force may soon have the answer.

ZAP Coming To Kentucky (2008-08-25)
A manufacturer of low-speed electric vehicles plans to build an 84-million dollar plant in southwestern Kentucky.

For Discussion: Obama Needs Joe Biden (2008-08-25)
A lot of the commentary about Joe Biden that I've seen since Saturday's announcement of Biden as Obama's VP choice is nonsense that reflects a poor understanding of how American politics works....

For Discussion: Let Loose the Dogs of Politics (2008-08-25)
In what has to be the least surprising event of the 21st century, the McCain campaign launched attack ads as soon as Obama announced that Joe Biden was his choice for VP....

For Discussion: A Great Statesman and Wonderful Choice (2008-08-25)
So, it's Joe Biden after all. That's excellent....

For Discussion: Initial Reaction to Joe Biden (2008-08-25)
Vice Presidential Candidate not suited for the "Age of Obama."

Convention Underway (2008-08-25)
It's been more than 20 years since Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear attended a Democratic National Convention, but this year, he's heading the state's delegation.

Convention Underway (2008-08-25)
It's been more than 20 years since Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear attended a Democratic National Convention, but this year, he's heading the Kentucky delegation.

Quirky Kentucky History Appeals to EKU Author (2008-08-22)
Love of research feeds central Kentucky authors search for subjects.

Sudden Resignations (2008-08-22)
Two top officials in the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet have suddenly resigned, but the federal probe's not to blame.

Historical Footnote (2008-08-22)
Thanks to the actions of a private benefactor, Kentucky is represented in the U-S Capitol's Statuary Hall.

For Discussion: Let the Slime Wars Begin (2008-08-22)
The election fight between John McCain and Barack Obama is getting hot and it looks like both candidates are preparing for a two-month "slime war"...

For Discussion: Pundit's One Clue on VP Picks (2008-08-21)
Clueless on Obama. I have to own up to the fact that I don't have much of an idea concerning Obama's VP selection and don't have much of an idea of how he's thinking about the issue either....

For Discussion: Dems Need Not Fret (2008-08-20)
There was a lot of fretting about Obama over at liberal news blog today. Editor Josh Marshall thinks that Obama's basic message of "change" and "hope" has been diluted...

Stumbo Pondering (2008-08-20)
Is Rep. Greg Stumbo preparing to challenge House Speaker Jody Richards in upcoming House leadership elections? Maybe.

For Discussion: McCain's Attacks Based on Introspection (2008-08-19)
McCain upstages Obama when the presidential candidates discuss morality.

Parole Challenge (2008-08-19)
Alterations to state parole provisions approved by Kentucky lawmakers this year are being tested in the courts.

For Discussion: McCain Criticism of Obama Could Backfire (2008-08-19)
It's beginning to look more and more like the McCain campaign is using introspection as the basis for the criticisms of Barack Obama...

Disaster Averted (2008-08-19)
A looming disaster in Kentucky student loan programs, which ran out of money, has been averted.

For Discussion: McCain Faking It on Religion (2008-08-19)
In certain ways, Saturday Night's "values showdown" between John McCain and Barack Obama is going to be a farce....

On Writing, by Leatha Kendrick (2008-08-19)
Lexington author talks about her writing style and the Appalachian school of writing.

For Discussion: Edge to McCain and His Tribe (2008-08-19)
Well, I'm certainly glad the Saddleback Civil Forum is over. Wheew!....

Student Loans Saved (2008-08-18)
A plan to use bond proceeds for student loans in Kentucky has cleared its final hurdle.

Political Conventions Mark a Turning Point in the Election (2008-08-18)
The Democratic and Republican conventions mark the real beginning of the general election race for president.

Old State Capitol (2008-08-18)
Staying home this summer doesn't have to be boring. Kentucky is full of interesting places and sights, like the Old State Capitol in Frankfort.

CPE Presidential Search (2008-08-18)
Interested in becoming the new president of the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education? Here's your chance.

Commonwealth Restarts Black Heritage Center (2008-08-15)
Construction resumes at Louisville facility after two-year hiatus.

Popular Kentucky Caves Threaten Water Quality (2008-08-15)
Visitors to Kentucky caves causing environmental problems which could damage drinking water.

For Discussion: McCain Catches Break with War (2008-08-13)
Presumptive Republican nominee John McCain is lucky the war broke out in Georgia last weekend. Otherwise, more people would have noticed that he took a couple of hard hits in the media.

For Discussion: Georgia: The Political Entrepreneur's War (2008-08-13)
The Russian attack on the Georgia is all about political entrepreneurs seizing their opportunities to make a very bad situation worse.

For Discussion: McCain's Problem with Depth (2008-08-13)
It appears that John McCain cribbed a couple of passages from yesterday's speech on the situation in Georgia from Wikipedia.

For Discussion: New Elections for Georgia? (2008-08-13)
Could conflict in Georgia could put the nation's state of government in jeopardy?

For Discussion: The Russians Can Be Neo-Cons Too (2008-08-13)
Russia once again flexes its military muscle, setting its sight on Georgia.

Tribute to Louis Coleman (2008-08-13)
Kentucky civil rights activist Louis Coleman is honored at the State Capitol.

For Discussion: More Roads to Iraq, Fewer to Munich (2008-08-13)
America's occupation of Iraq has been so costly, smaller countries like Georgia are being easily invaded.

For Discussion: It's All in the Details (2008-08-12)
Neo-conservative stalwart Robert Kagan (of the Kagan family of neo-conservatives that includes his father Donald Kagan, brother Frederick Kagan and sister-in-law Kimberly Kagan)

Vols Seek Alternatives to Alternative Fuels (2008-08-12)
Instead of using corn researchers in Tennessee hope to make ethanol with inedibles.

For Discussion: Hannity and Olbermann (2008-08-08)
Obama's suggestion to help with America's energy crisis meets some harsh criticism. But the same view is supported by other individuals and organizations across America.

For Discussion: Quarterbacking the Obama Campaign (2008-08-08)
Barack Obama is expected to retaliate to John McCain's campaign ads, but should he?

Kentucky Challenger Lunsford Faces a Tough Fight Against Sen. McConnell (2008-08-06)
The battle continues between incumbent Senator Mitch McConnell and Democrat challenger Bruce Lunsford.

For Discussion: Nominating Paris? (2008-08-06)
Paris Hilton launches an ad criticizing John McCain's campaign tactics.

For Discussion: The McCain Attack Ads... What Effect? (2008-08-06)
Seeking to get a measure response to the latest barrage of McCain attack ads, the McClatchey newspaper organization collected responses from a large focus group of 316 Americans. The two main findings were interesting and so ambivalent that they seemed contradictory.

For Discussion: Entering the 51-49 Zone (2008-08-06)
Could Campaign attacks could be prompting more swing voters to emerge during the presidential election?

For Discussion: Republican Jesus? (2008-08-06)
Colorado Representative Bob Schaffer's son posts images of Jesus ready for combat in Iraq on his Facebook page. Is this what republicans are all about?

For Discussion: On the Ground in Nuremburg (2008-08-05)
John McCain promotes negative images of Barack Obama in his campaign.

For Discussion: Choose Your Poison: The Landstuhl Pseudo-Controversy (2008-07-31)
Apparently, the Obama campaign did not realize that its scheduled visit to Landstuhl Air Force Base to see wounded soldiers was going to be the stuff of new political pseudo-controversy. But they should have seen it coming.

For Discussion: On the Ground (2008-07-31)
Campaign buzz words are being used to propagate political attacks on Barack Obama.

For Discussion: Is Dog Whistling Just for Racists? (2008-07-31)
Popular liberal blogger Digby suspects that a lot of the recent McCain talk about Obama being presumptuous or ads portraying Obama with young white women like Britney Spears or Paris Hilton is a form of "dog whistling" to white racists.

For Discussion: The McCain Campaign: A Typical Scooby Villain (2008-07-31)
"And I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling democrats."

For Discussion: On the Ground in Swabia (2008-07-31)
Germans react to Barack Obama's recent speech in Berlin.

For Discussion: Backing Into the Presidency: Anyone Can Do It (2008-07-31)
There are 100 days to go to the election and neither Barack Obama nor John McCain are gaining any kind of decisive poll advantage in the current "phony war" phase of the presidential campaign.

For Discussion: Joe Klein and Conservative Loyalties (2008-07-31)
Joe Klein poses the idea that Jewish neo-conservatives are trying to abuse American military power.

For Discussion: Obama and Our Common Humanity (2008-07-31)
Obama stresses the importance of awareness of global issues.

For Discussion: The Fly on Novak's Windshield (2008-07-31)
Bob Novak is criticized for supporting decisions made by the Bush administration.

Record Voter Turnout Possible (2008-07-28)
Kentucky's November 4th general election is still three months away, but if the May presidential primary is any indication, voter turnout this fall could be record-setting.

Draud Car Bound for Ebay (2008-07-24)
Kentucky Education Commissioner will bid on his state car, but says he doesn't really want it.

For Discussion: The Depth of Republican Pessimism (2008-07-24)
One of the dimensions of the presidential campaign that doesn't receive enough comment is the depth of the pessimism among Republican elites concerning John McCain's chances....

On the Money Map: Selling Horses to Asia (2008-07-24)
Oil dollars fund foreign investments in Kentucky's race horses, and its horse farms.

For Discussion: When It's Over.... (2008-07-22)
Reflecting on al-Maliki's endorsement of Obama's timetable for withdrawing American troops from Iraq, liberal journalist Spencer Ackerman...

For Discussion: McCaining the Media (2008-07-22)
The massive coverage of Barack Obama's overseas trip has led the McCain campaign and various voices on the right to complain of media favoritism toward Obama....

Drug Court Funded Just in Time (2008-07-21)
A state takeover of Louisville's drug court spared it budget cuts and offered new resources.

For Discussion: Obama and Iraq's Prime Minister (2008-07-21)
Maliki's timetable bomb. On Saturday, Maliki certainly dropped a bomb when he told Der Spiegel that he agreed with Obama's plans to withdraw American troops from Iraq within 16 months. Here's the key passages from the interview

Civil Rights Memorial Dedicated (2008-07-21)
Critics say civil rights memorial in former Confederate capitol long overdue.

For Discussion: Obama Overseas (2008-07-20)
Barack Obama touched down in Afghanistan on Saturday after a brief visit to Kuwait. Soon it will be onto Iraq for meetings with the Iraqi leadership, Gen. Petraeus, and the U. S. senior staff....

For Discussion: NY Times Poll Holds Good News from Obama (2008-07-18)
The Obama campaign was unhappy about the New York Times story on the divide between African-American and white opinion on racial issues....

For Discussion: Progressives Need Obama (2008-07-17)
In a recent post on Talking Points Memo, the eminent Harvard sociologist Theda Skocpol argues that progressives need to unify and get behind Obama. What especially bothers Skocpol is the feminists who are so angry over Hillary losing....

For Discussion: War Puts Obama on Offence. (2008-07-17)
On July 15, Barack Obama and John McCain gave dueling speeches on Iraq that greatly clarified the issue of the war for the election.

Economic Slowdown Apparent in Kentucky (2008-07-16)
Head of Kentucky Chamber of Commerce sees evidence of economic problems from Pikeville to Paducah.

No Need for "Staycations" in Kentucky (2008-07-15)
Despite high gasoline prices, Kentuckians have easy access to vacation spots.

For Discussion: Success in Iraq Favors Obama (2008-07-15)
It was only a matter of time before the Obama campaign saw the obvious on Iraq and Obama came out with the needed update in a New York Times op-ed just today....

For Discussion: Obama Ego Not Big Enough for Hillary? (2008-07-14)
One of the prerequisites for a serious run at the presidency is a huge ego. Everything about the American presidency--the White House, Oval Office, West Wing, Lincoln bedroom, and nuclear football, as well as moments like the Gettysburg Address, Kennedy Inaugural, and Roosevelt's fireside chats...

For Discussion: McCain and the Clinton Impeachment (2008-07-14)
I apologize in advance for bringing up an impolite topic. But where principle leads, we must follow, and John McCain has forcefully argued that this is a matter of principle, and no degree of unpleasantness can or should deter us....

Preventing Suicide in Older Men (2008-07-14)
Men who hide and deny their emotions are often vulnerable to acts of self destruction.

Kentucky has Few Energy Options (2008-07-10)
With coal abundant and relatively cheap in the Commonwealth, state has pursued few alternatives.

For Discussion: Spineless Weasel or Wise Leader? (2008-07-10)
Barrack Obama flip-flops on public campaign financing!
John McCain flip-flops on offshore oil drilling!
What wicked, wicked men these are.

Restoration of "Big Log" Avoids Past Mistakes (2008-07-09)
Re-builders of eastern Kentucky log cabin avoid errors made in earlier restorations.

For Discussion: Lucky He's Not a Democrat (2008-07-08)
It's a little advertised fact that John McCain is only 5 feet, 7 inches tall. And that might be stretching it a little. McCain's shortness doesn't usually register on television.

For Discussion: "Conventional" Wisdom Points to Obama Victory (2008-07-08)
Along with Charlie Cook, Stu Rothenberg is one of the two "go-to" guys for the conventional wisdom on elections and the current conventional wisdom is that the underlying trends point to an Obama victory.

Land Dispute Threatens "City of New Orleans" (2008-07-07)
Broken tracks force passengers onto a bus, and could force Amtrak out of Memphis.

For Discussion: Obama's Inexperience Evident in his Campaign (2008-07-06)
A time a learn. Hopefully, Barack Obama is continuing to learn what it's like to be a Democratic presidential candidate. Certainly, there was a lot to learn today. At his first news conference today, Obama indicated that he might "refine" his Iraq policy upon conferring with the commanders on the ground.

For Discussion: Shake It Up Baby, McCain Changes His Campaign (2008-07-03)
John McCain rearranged the deck chairs on his presidential campaign today. Evidently unhappy with a string of gaffes and poorly staged events, McCain handed over the keys to his campaign to Karl Rove acolyte Steve Schmidt.

Patriotism Left and Right (2008-07-03)
Love of country too often defined in political terms.

For Discussion: Both McCain and Obama Courting Appalachia (2008-07-03)
Yesterday in a stop in Colorado Barack Obama announced a new National Service initiative that would expand several federally funded community service organizations.

Playing Chicken with Congress (2008-06-30)
In its final months, analyst predicts Bush Administration will test the other branches.

Gun Ruling: Turning Lemonaid into Lemons (2008-06-30)
Supreme Court ruling makes NRA and gun owners vulnerable to more government regulation.

Legislature Delivers on Promise, Reforms Pensions (2008-06-30)
Special, weeklong session finishes work on legislation which could not clear regular session.

The Art of Warring with John McCain (2008-06-30)
Liberals must learn to criticize without smudging their own reputations.

Americans Now Sort Themselves by Politics (2008-06-27)
Kentucky-born author says this new segregation threatens American democracy.

Nothing Wrong about Politically Correct (2008-06-26)
Comments by radio talk show host justify backlash from public and industry.

Balancing Religion and Presidential Politics (2008-06-26)
As Obama embraces his Christianity, analyst worries tactic could backfire.

General Assembly Begins Search for Leaders (2008-06-25)
Legislative leaders face votes this election year; both by Kentucky's electorate and the General Assembly's rank-and-file.

Honeybees: Economic Opportunity or Environmental Hazard? (2008-06-25)
Despite suspicions, coal companies, state officials and reseachers back plan to seed eastern Kentucky with honeybees.

Polls Hold Warning for Obama (2008-06-25)
Analyst says Gallup poll shows Democratic Presidential candidate is vulnerable.

Nation's Other Civil War President Remembered (2008-06-24)
As the nation marks President Lincoln's bicentennial, others remember the birthday of his nemesis.

Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain (2008-06-24)
Potential First Ladies have very different backgrounds and very different perspectives.

Macho Politics (2008-06-24)
Machismo playing a part, again, in presidential politics.

McCain, Obama Should Back Appalachian Highway System (2008-06-24)
After 40 years of planning, procrastination, nation should finish system of highways proposed for mountain states.

Funny Man and the Freedom to Speak (2008-06-23)
Nearly two decades ago, WEKU reporter Ron Smith discussed free speech with comedian George Carlin.

The Real Obama Stands Up (2008-06-23)
Kentucky blogger finds Barack Obama's book "The Audacity of Hope" a slow read.

Stress Tests Imperfect Measure of Heart Health (2008-06-23)
Other medical tests can provide a better picture of heart health and the risk of heart attack.

Poll Favoring Lunsford Fatally Flawed? (2008-06-23)
Blogger raises serious questions about survey which has Incumbent Mitch McConnell trailing his challenger.

The Ballad of John McCain (2008-06-23)
Blogger suggests campaign song which could blow John McCain's presidential campaign, in a big way.

Obama: The Landslide Scenario (2008-06-21)
Red State Impressions blogger Ric Northup Caric writes on the likelihood of Barack Obama's possible election into presidency.

Our Original Sin (2008-06-20)
White Americans have yet to repent, let alone pay, for their sins against African-Americans.

Most Americans Believe News Media is Biased in Election Reporting (2008-06-19)
A recent poll released by Rasmussen Reports says that just 17 percent of people polled nationwide believe that reporters try to give unbiased coverage of election campaigns.

Congress Scrutinizes Horse Racing (2008-06-19)
During Congressional hearing, Lawmaker says horse racing drags feet on safety reforms.

Summertime's Repair Time in Frankfort (2008-06-19)
Workers repair dilapidated terrace at Kentucky's new state capitol.

Alternatives to Gasoline Few and Expensive (2008-06-19)
Choices will remain few for motorists seeking alternatives to gasoline.

Obama's Potential VP Shortlist (2008-06-19)
Obama's VP choice may depend on winning the women's vote.

Education Commissioner Apologizes (2008-06-12)
Board of Education cancels private meeting on commissioner's purchase of "loaded" state car.

Eight-Ton Rock Center of Border Dispute (2008-06-12)
Ohioans and Kentuckians wage legal battle over ownership of historic river rock.

Dispute Threatens Horse Racing's Fan Base (2008-06-06)
On-line betting has horse owners and track operators fighting over potential profits.

After Belmont, Horse Racing Focuses on Congress (2008-06-06)
Congressmen promises hearings into the treatment of race horses.

The Ups and Downs of Ethanol Fuels (2008-06-05)
Kentucky's brand new ethanol industry offers promise, and some problems.

Republicans Meet to Select Delegates (2008-06-05)
Democratic and Republican parties meet to select delegates for their national conventions.

Pension Reform Groups Convene in Kentucky (2008-06-04)
Two groups begin deliberations on how Kentucky can save its state pension systems.

Interpreting Political Polls (2008-05-28)
Much to consider when weighing the numbers presented by pollsters.

McConnell Trails in Kentucky Senate Race (2008-05-27)
New poll shows US Senate minority leader trailing in his home state.

The People's Right To Know - Right Now! (2008-05-27)
Former official says Kentuckians deserve internet access to state documents.

Horses, Betting, Salvation Found at Tracks (2008-05-23)
Churchill Downs chaplaincy also offers social services to backside employees.

Obama Has Work to Do in Kentucky and West Virginia (2008-05-22)
Political journalist Ken Kurtz chats with Alan Lytle about Kentucky's Democratic presidential primary.

Arts Make Debut in Presidential Politics (2008-05-20)
Arts groups demand policy statements from presidential contenders.

Michelle Obama Stumps In Kentucky (2008-05-20)
Michelle Obama made primary eve stops in Hopkinsville, Louisville, and Lexington.

Hillary and Bill Rally Supporters In Lexington (2008-05-20)
On the eve of Kentucky's primary, Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton and her husband jointly made their case why she should be the one to face Republican John McCain in the general election.

Lexington Voters Weigh Their Choices (2008-05-20)
Only two minor delays were reported this morning when the polls opened in Lexington. Kathleen Adams talked with voters outside a Fayette County precinct near UK and filed this report.

Kentucky Coal Remains Political Orphan (2008-05-19)
As Presidential candidates criss-cross Kentucky, they promise only limited support to state's biggest energy resource.

WKU prof says Obama using new political ad mediums (2008-05-19)
Barack Obama's campaign is making the best use of online social networking sites, according to a WKU professor.

US Senate Primary Often Dirty for Kentucky Dems (2008-05-19)
Two front runners criticize one another's political alliances and business practices.

Hillary Clinton comes to WKU; hopes to score big win Tuesday (2008-05-19)
Hillary Clinton visited Western Kentucky University in the final days before the Kentucky primary.

Voter Turnout Expected To Be Heavy In Fayette County (2008-05-19)
Kentucky prepares for expected heavy voter turnout in Tuesday's presidential primary.

New Chief Justice Named for Kentucky (2008-05-16)
Kentucky's state supreme court has sworn-in just a handful of chief justices.

Taking Another Hoops Crown for Kentucky (2008-05-15)
Wheelchair basketball team based in Lexington takes national championship.

Afghan Warriors Find Refuge in Kentucky (2008-05-15)
Training program at Toyota-Georgetown gives foreign born workers a chance at good paying jobs.

Foreclosures Create Economic Opportunities (2008-05-14)
Troubled homeowners escape foreclosure by "selling short" to realtors.

War Targeted by U.S. Senate Candidates (2008-05-13)
Seven candidates seek spotlight, edge during debate on Kentucky Educational Television.

Pets First to Feel Budget Crunch (2008-05-13)
As energy and food prices increases, some families "pink slip" their animals.

Drug Abuser Seeks Redemption (2008-05-09)
After 20 years of abuse, reformed addict shares her story with students, public.

Clinton Lead Appears Safe in Central Appalachia (2008-05-09)
Fond memories of Clinton Administration and hints of racism hinder presidential contender Barack Obama.

Race a Factor in KY Primary (2008-05-09)
Race gives Senator Hillary Clinton an edge over Barrack Obama in Kentucky's presidential primary.

"Pink Ribbon" Tradition Continued in Kentucky (2008-05-06)
Hundreds of Kentucky's breast cancer survivors rally again at the Governor's Mansion.

Kentucky Wine Makers Face Down Prejudices (2008-05-05)
Despite debates over Kentucky's reputation and the quality of its grapes, wine making persists.

State Crackdown on Housing Profiteers Possible (2008-05-01)
Real estate speculators say they offer a way out to embattled homeowners.

University Leaders Defend Tuition Hikes (2008-05-01)
Kentucky's Council on Postsecondary Education conducts two-day hearing on increases at state-owned schools.

Derby Traffic Flows Free Again (2008-05-01)
However, police will continue crackdown on Derby weekend cruisers.

Congress Pulls Plug on Delta Queen (2008-04-29)
Without Congressional exemption, Delta Queen could stop carrying overnight passengers this year.

Smoking Bans Spread Across Nation (2008-04-29)
Advocate of smoking bans predicts most towns will soon enact bans on indoor smoking in public places.

The Mystery of the Disappearing Honey Bee (2008-04-28)
Honey bees bolt when they can no longer stand the stress.

Life, Art Teaches Cellist to "Bend" (2008-04-25)
Ben Sollee was named one of NPR's top unknown musicians of 2007' and is known for his unique plucked string sound.

Toyota Sets Sites on Earth Curing Car (2008-04-24)
Upper management at Toyota hopes to market car which repairs environmental damage.

Lexington Launches Low Cost Transportation Network (2008-04-23)
New state law allows volunteers to drive elderly and visually impaired Kentuckians.

Derby Day at State Capitol Shrinks (2008-04-22)
Budget cuts result in smaller Kentucky Derby celebration at Governor's mansion.

Kentucky Universities Okay Tuition Hikes (2008-04-22)
Despite protests from students, governing boards enact tuition increases at UK and EKU.

Final Thoughts on General Assembly 2008 (2008-04-17)
Lawmakers accomplished their primary mission and finished a state budget, but, much remains unresolved.

Long Term Care Scarce in Commonwealth (2008-04-17)
Options are few for mentally disabled and mentally ill patients who cannot live at home.

High Oil Prices Profit Credit Card Companies (2008-04-14)
High fees cut deeply into the retailer's profits.

WEKU Captures a Bevy of Awards (2008-04-10)
Public Radio gathers 70% of Journalism Awards presented by the Kentucky Associated Press

In Grand Style, Congress of Vienna made Peace (2008-04-04)
After Waterloo, social occasions, not negotiating tables, were the venue for peace talks.

KY House Disappointed With Budget Compromise (2008-04-02)
With no new revenue, no new projects and spending cuts, budget proposal gets a cold shoulder in the lower house.

Kentucky Casinos Dead...for Now. (2008-03-28)
Governor Steve Beshear concedes defeat; saying the casino measure lacks support.

Tibetans Rally at Berea College (2008-03-27)
Central Kentucky college joins in worldwide protest against China's occupation of Tibet.

Arson Created Budget Burden in Kentucky (2008-03-26)
Forest fire fighters losing resources in their battle against eastern Kentucky's arsonists.

Senate Budget Holds No New Taxes (2008-03-25)
Senate proposal cuts spending on higher education by 3%.

Lawmakers Aim to Cut Ties to Sudan (2008-03-24)
Some call for an end to investments in companies doing business with Sudan.

Leadership Tools Plentiful in Frankfort (2008-03-24)
Legislative leaders in both houses of Kentucky's General Assembly possess numerous tools.

Adagio goes Techno Trance (2008-03-24)
Samuel Barber's music dressed up for the 21st century.

Seniors going Hungry (2008-03-19)
A recent report commissioned by Meals on Wheels shows 11% of American seniors face the threat of hunger. Stu Johnson spoke with James Ziliak, director of the Center for Poverty Research at the University of Kentucky. and a co-writer of the study.

Seniors going Hungry (2008-03-19)
A recent report commissioned by Meals on Wheels shows 11% of American seniors face the threat of hunger. Stu Johnson spoke with James Ziliak, director of the Center for Poverty Research at the University of Kentucky. and a co-writer of the study.

House Budget Restores Funds for KY Colleges (2008-03-13)
Budget depends on new taxes, including 25-cent increase in state cigarette tax.

Studying Genocide in Kentucky (2008-03-10)
Many states require the study, by school children, of genocide, but not Kentucky.

Is "Connect Kentucky" Worth Immitating? (2008-03-07)
Legislation in U.S. Senate uses "Connect Kentucky" as a model for a national program.

Vote set on "Stream Saver Bill" (2008-03-06)
"Stream Saver" Bill would prohibit dumping of coal wastes in streams and low-lying areas.

Reforming Education Reform (2008-03-06)
Senate Republicans say KERA needs reform, but, Governor threatens veto.

Hydro Energy Returning to Kentucky (2008-03-06)
New tax breaks and consumer incentives have power generators back at work along the Kentucky River.

GED on KET Faces Funding Shortage (2008-03-05)
Kentucky Educational Television needs to update nationally syndicated GED series, but production funds are short.

Local Booksellers Base Survival on Web (2008-03-04)
Internet sales challenge some local booksellers, but others see the web as an opportunity.

New Budget Cuts Threaten Kentucky Arts (2008-03-03)
Local arts groups say latest budget cut, which follows a series of reductions, could permanently damage the Commonwealth.

Nuclear Power Re-Considered in Kentucky (2008-02-28)
Given energy and environmental concerns, state lawmakers consider removing a moratorium on nuclear power.

Reorganization Follows Casino Setback (2008-02-27)
After casino proposal was voted down in a house committee, leadership reorganizes the panel.

Prison Overcrowding Prompts Talk of Reform (2008-02-25)
It's been three decades since Kentucky examined its penal code, which sets punishments for prisoners.

Tax Hike on Cigarettes Gets 2nd Wind (2008-02-21)
With casino legislation stalled in the state house, and Kentucky needing revenue, a cigarette tax increase is more attractive.

Internet Sales Mixed Blessing in Kentucky (2008-02-20)
State misses sales taxes, but internet sales have other economic benefits.

Beshear Administration Off to Rough Start (2008-02-18)
With budget cuts and casino gambling, analyst Al Cross says the Governor never enjoyed a honeymoon period.

Progress Especially Slow This Winter in Frankfort (2008-02-18)
Given the tight budget, state lawmakers worry about passing new, costly initiatives.

Favorite Mountain Spots (2008-02-15)
Eastern Kentuckians talk about mountain spots worth visiting, preserving.

Sick Babies Often Overwhelm WV Hospitals (2008-02-15)
Overcrowded intensive care units often turn sick babies away.

Teaching Diversity Means Embracing Diversity (2008-02-13)
As schools grow diverse, some teachers have trouble coping.

Lawmakers Launch Lincoln Celebration (2008-02-13)
Kentuckians gather at old state capitol to mark 199th birthday of a "favorite son".

Economy Sunnier in Kentucky (2008-02-06)
Local economic experts agree Kentucky's outlook much better than nation, as a whole.

The Life of Lobbyists (2008-01-31)
Lawmakers propose hundreds of bills, but, each one's survival depends on lobbyists.

Budget Cuts Threaten Programs for Elite Students (2008-01-31)
Cost of new academy for gifted high school students about the same as mandated state budget cuts.

Governor Delivers State of the Budget Address (2008-01-30)
In his first budget address last night, Governor Steve Beshear warned the state is facing unprecedented revenue shortfalls. Governor Beshear says there is no new money and the austere budget he outlined for lawmakers mostly holds the line on new spending.

Austere Budget Unveiled by Governor (2008-01-30)
Bovernor slashes funds for universities and eliminates teachers raises; calls for casino gambling.

X-Ploring the Ties Linking a Man with his Wives (2008-01-22)
In a sequel, Kentucky poet Frank X. Walker sees York through the eyes of his wives.

New EKU Commons Merges Tech, Education and Fun (2008-01-16)
Officials at Eastern Kentucky University say new technology commons will set trend in the Commonwealth.

Presidential Buzzwords (2008-01-16)
Buzzwords abound during Presidential elections; capturing imaginations without making promises.

No Mention of New Taxes or Casinos (2008-01-15)
In State of the Commonwealth Address, Governor Beshear says Kentucky's condition is "not acceptable."

Casinos Dominate 2008 Session's First Week (2008-01-11)
Every discussion in Frankfort seemed to revolve this week around expanded gaming.

Suicide Attempts by Women More Effective (2008-01-10)
Suicidal women in Kentucky and the nation using more lethal methods.

Ethics First on Legislative Agenda (2008-01-10)
Since a massive scandal in the 1990s, a session's first couple days are dedicated to ethics training.

Legislature Opens Session with Ceremony (2008-01-09)
On first day, lawmakers delay money talk so they can focus on tradition.

Kentucky's Fiscal Crisis Will Worsen (2008-01-07)
As state revenues continue their decline, Governor Beshear implements cost cutting measures.

"Brains for Bucks" on Chopping Blocks (2008-01-07)
State budget cuts threatened prized program at Kentucky's universities.

BIrd Watchers Gather for Century-old Census (2008-01-03)
Birders spend holidays counting Kentucky's avian residents.

Greeks Flawed, but, Worth Saving (2008-01-03)
Fraternities and sororities promote unhealthy self images, but author also says they're worth reforming.

Snow Day (2008-01-02)
Snow days, whether for children or adults, have a pace of their own.

Despite Segregation, Some All-Black Schools Prospered (2007-12-28)
Schools targeted by private donors who desired better education for African-Americans.

Strange Bedfellows Fight for Depot's Clean-up (2007-12-20)
Despite major political differences, activist and US Senator cooperate on the Bluegrass Army Depot.

After the Holidays, the Fun Begins in Frankfort (2007-12-19)
This winter, lawmakers will struggle to balance state budget, and, perhaps, act to expand gambling.

Kentucky Arboretum Sets Trend for Region (2007-12-18)
Bullitt County's Bernheim Arboretum wins prestigious award for its green ways.

Truckers Increasingly Scarce (2007-12-14)
Since deregulation in the 1980s, a career on the road is less attractive.

Inauguration Day a Long One for Beshears (2007-12-12)
Kentucky's new governor began day with midnight ceremony and ends it with three Inaugural Balls.

New Governor Promises Ethics Reform (2007-12-12)
In his inauguration address, Governor Steve Beshear Tuesday told Kentuckians his administration must earn their trust.

Walt Whitman Poetry at Center of Choral Work (2007-12-11)
EKU music professor puts 3 poems on American Civil War into a work for chorus and symphonic band.

Competing in the Age of Computer Games (2007-12-10)
Clowns consider the challenges posed by modern entertainments.

Mess Persists After Meth Labs Shutdown (2007-12-05)
Hearings yesterday in Frankfort indicated Kentucky's crackdown on Meth is successful.

Governor and Gov-Elect Attend Coal Summit (2007-12-05)
Appalachian Governors discuss coal's future in summit hosted by West Virginia.

Milton Gives Wake-up Call to EKU Students (2007-11-28)
Students and professors at Eastern Kentucky University stage day-long reading of Paradise lost.

Recruitment Drive Targets College Dropouts (2007-11-27)
Kentucky schools offer incentives to former students who return to college life.

Congress Considers Threats to Appalachian Water (2007-11-20)
Critics say proposed changes to federal law could weaken surface water protections.

Fire Devastates School's Stable (2007-11-16)
School officials hope to convert tragedy into an opportunity for disabled students.

Community Organizing Often Anonymous (2007-11-16)
Activists who have worked in Kentucky and Virginia author "How-To" book for community organizers.

More Oil Drilling Planned for Commonwealth (2007-11-16)
While Kentucky does not pump much crude, it has a long history of oil production.

Kentucky Lawmakers Doubt Global Warming (2007-11-16)
Critics says legislative hearing ignores concerns over humanity's contributions to global warming.

Considering the Environmental Costs of Produce (2007-11-16)
A locally grown tomato's carbon footprint could be bigger than you think.

Kentuckians Take Precautions Against MRSA (2007-11-16)
Handwashing, with hot, soapy water remains best defense against staff infections.

Rules Change Could Damage Appalachian Water (2007-11-16)
As FEDS rewrite water regulations, environmentalists worry rules will lose effectiveness.

Beshear Administration Taking Shape (2007-11-09)
Just two days after his election to Kentucky Governor, Steve Beshear is naming officials.

Lexington Parties "En Francais" (2007-11-08)
For 50 years, Lexington and the French city of Deauville have been linked as Sister Cities.

Native Americans Remind Kentuckians of their Heritage (2007-11-02)
Awareness of Kentucky's Native American legacy grows.

Historic Pharmacy Shuts Doors Forever (2007-11-01)
Government red tape prompts owner-pharmacist decides to close historic Hutchinson Drug Store.

Louisville Voters Decide Library Tax (2007-11-01)
Move afoot to make Louisville's public library system independent of city-county government.

Vote Buying Scandal Guts Bath County Politics (2007-11-01)
Voters in Bath County Tuesday select replacements for local officials convicted of vote buying.

Governor's Race too Subtle for National Media? (2007-10-31)
Presidential historian confident national media will reach wrong conclusions on Tuesday's election in the Commonwealth.

Just Two Issues Dominate Virginia Elections (2007-10-31)
Virginians vote Tuesday on every member of the Commonwealth's General Assembly.

A-G Candidates Stay Inside Party Lines (2007-10-30)
Besides selecting a Governor, Kentuckians next week will choose a myriad of statewide officials, including attorney general.

KY Guber Candidates Mum on the Environment (2007-10-30)
Health care, scandal and slot machines dominate Kentucky's race for Governor, but not "Green" issues.

Fletcher-Beshear Hold Final Debate (2007-10-30)
Incumbent Ernie Fletcher and challenger Steve Beshear meet on KET for final showdown.

Slot Machines and Kentucky's Racing Traditions (2007-10-29)
Should gaming expand, even proponents say Kentucky's tracks must protect racing traditions.

Bogey's "Casablanca" Inspires Democratic Candidate (2007-10-29)
As Lieutenant Governor, Daniel Mongiardo wants to work for better health and child care.

#2 Republican has Passion, but No Hobbies, (2007-10-29)
As Fletcher's Lieutenant Governor, Robbie Rudolph promises to help run tight ship of state.

Immigration Focus of Forum in Berea (2007-10-29)
Experts discuss responses to Kentucky's changing demographics.

Run for Governor is a Comeback for Steve Beshear (2007-10-29)
Democratic candidate "presses the flesh" in far eastern Kentucky.

Fletcher Would Rather Be Right Than Governor (2007-10-29)
Kentucky Governor says his opposition to slot machines more important than re-election bid.

State Office Building Remains Part of Frankfort Skyline (2007-10-29)
Kentucky officials renovate and then rededicate state office building.

Guber Candidates Meet in Kentucky-wide Forum (2007-10-16)
Ernie Fletcher and Steve Beshear ignore each other and address public television audience.

Free Clinics Summit in Lexington (2007-10-16)
Participants say their problems mirror challenges faced by America's health care system.

Kentucky Drug Courts Scrutinized in 4 Year Effort (2007-10-13)
Kentucky newspaper measures Drug Courts through their treatment of addicted mom.

Visionary Sees High-Tech AG Future for Kentucky (2007-10-08)
By researching high tech uses of Kentucky's crops, a business leader says the Commonwealth will secure its economic future.

CCC "Boys" Reunite at Cumberland Falls (2007-10-03)
Depression-era boys earned money for their families and built Kentucky's Park System.

Kentucky Farmers in Short Supply (2007-10-03)
Kentucky farmers are getting top dollar for their crops, but, fewer are interested in the job.

Despite Drought, Corn Farmers Enjoy Renaissance (2007-10-01)
More Kentucky growers are diverting corn into the production of ethnanol fuel.

"Rocket Boy" Remembers Sputnik (2007-09-28)
West Virginia's Homer Hickam, author of "Rocket Boys", says Sputnik's long term impacts on Appalachia were profound.

Air Safety Legislation Pushed by KY Congressman (2007-09-28)
Congressman says air safety, not airport congestion, is the real problem facing American aviation.

Myths and Hoaxes Part of Lincoln Legend (2007-09-24)
From the beginning of his life, falsehoods plagued Abraham Lincolns, including questions about his paternity.

Faith Based Social Workers Meet Governor (2007-09-21)
Critics says Fletcher organized statewide summit for political reasons.

Boonesborough Opens Renovated Museum (2007-09-18)
New museum supplements living history exhibits with artifacts, artworks and historic documents.

UK Wildcats Upset Louisville (2007-09-17)
Wildcat victory propels team into national standings.

Winter Won't Halt Work at Lake Cumberland Dam (2007-09-13)
Besides repairs to Wolf Creek Dam, workers will install computerized monitoring equipment.

Frankfort Memorializes Supreme Court Justice (2007-09-12)
Service in capitol rotunda honors life of the first African-American to sit on Kentucky's Supreme Court.

New EKU President No Caretaker (2007-09-07)
Interim President Doug Whitlock, who replaced Joanne Glasser, says EKU Regents have long term expectations.

Drought Bringing Disaster to Southern States (2007-09-05)
Meteorologist calls drought a quiet disaster that could rival damage done by Hurricane Katrina.

Fire Risk Lower at Kentucky Dorms, But Not Gone. (2007-09-05)
After electronic equipment, student misbehavior remains greatest fire risk.

Golfers Protest End at Meadowbrook (2007-09-04)
In its search for additional funds, school district says it will sell par three golf course.

A Day in the Life of a Weatherman (2007-08-30)
From morning forecasts to severe weather alerts, a normal day for a meteorologist is a busy one.

Kentucky Joins Nation in Alternative Energy Search (2007-08-29)
Alongside coal conversion plants, Kentucky's exploring other alternative energy sources.

A Year Later, Lexington Remembers Comair 5191 Victims (2007-08-27)
A series of memorials to the 49 crash victims climaxes with prayer service at local Christian church.

Leading Muslim Lawmaker Urges Activism (2007-08-27)
American Muslims, according to North Carolina State Senator, must join the nation's political intercourse.

Summit Refocuses Attention on Kentucky Kids (2007-08-24)
Statewide summit launches a series of regional meetings on the welfare of Kentucky's children.

Kentucky's Best Ham Falls Short of Record Price (2007-08-24)
Ham sells at state fair for $200,000; half the price of last year's record breaking ham.

Lincoln Bicentennial Boosts Interest in Mary Todd (2007-08-23)
Lexington museum predicts 200th anniversary of Lincoln's birth will attract crowds.

Regional Problems Focus of Bluegrass Summit (2007-08-23)
From water shortages to crowded prisons and drug abuse, central Kentucky communities search for regional solutions.

Troubled Superhero Brainchild of Kentucky Student (2007-08-21)
"Banana Barry" and his personal problems could go national, if voters agree

Proponents, Protestors at Coal to Fuel Conference (2007-08-20)
As supporters promote, coal-to-liquid fuel technology, protestors remind Appalachia of environmental costs.

Public Health Experts say Bridging Generation Gap Essential (2007-08-20)
By engaging youth in activities and conversation, adults can keep them engaged.

Waste Product Could Make Fertilizer Safer (2007-08-17)
Coal ash, according to a University of Kentucky researcher, makes fertilizers less explosive.

Fast Internet Access Rockets in Kentucky (2007-08-17)
Within a few years, state officials have provided fast internet connections to much of the Commonwealth.

Confidence, Maturity Key to Kentucky Composer's Success (2007-08-16)
A series of musical successes has music professor ready to expand repertoire.

Year One Memorials to Comair 5191 Begin (2007-08-16)
The August 27, 2006 crash that killed 49 people will be remembered with a series of ceremonies.

City-Owned Clinic Unique to Kentucky (2007-08-16)
Along with the traditional duties performed by health departments, Lexington also provides primary care.

Cancer Vaccine Elusive in Appalachia (2007-08-16)
Problems with vaccine's cost and morality makes it hard to find in Kentucky's mountains.

Casino Gambling on Stage at Fancy Farm (2007-08-06)
Gov. Fletcher attacks gambling expansion as his opponent focuses on state hiring scandal.

Mountain Women Wary of Cervical Cancer Vaccine (2007-08-02)
University of Kentucky study says many Appalachian Women want to delay innoculations for pre-teens.

Custom Textbooks Squeeze Out Used Books (2007-07-30)
College students cope with the high cost of text books by purchasing them used. However, now industry forces and academic trends have cut the supply of second hand books.

"At-Risk" Students Focus of EKU Conference (2007-07-30)
Strategies for helping at-risk students were swapped last week when educators met at Eastern Kentucky University.

NTSB Blames Comair Crash on Pilots (2007-07-30)
National Transportation Safety Board concludes flight crew ignored warnings.

East Kentucky Greets Edwards with Curiosity, Skepticism (2007-07-19)
Presidential contender wraps up anti-poverty tour by walking in Bobby Kennedy's footsteps.

Music Stores See Some Revival (2007-07-16)
Computer downloads are fine, but audiophiles still prefer solid media like the compact disc.

New Mine Safety Rule Called Risky (2007-07-12)
New rules could force coal operations across Appalachia to replace existing mine seals.

Union Welcomes Tougher Rules on Mine Seals (2007-07-11)
While the United Mine Workers Union is content, state and industry officials worry over costs.

Lexington OfficialsTold to Worry about Water Supply (2007-07-11)
Louisville's water utility offers to pipe Ohio River water to Lexington.

Relationship Exists between Cancer and Income (2007-07-11)
Researchers at the University of Cincinnati confirm link between health and economic status.

Historic Session Short, Controversial (2007-07-09)
Kentucky House adjourns; leaving energy incentives package untouched.

I-75 Rest Stop Earns National Recognition (2007-07-05)
Some travelers make a special stop, just so they can see the facility.

Need for Pasteurized Milk Called Antiquated (2007-07-02)
Proponents of raw milk sales say pasteurization robs milks of vital nutrients.

Army Reforms Medical Care for Wounded Vets (2007-07-02)
Abuses at Walter Reed Medical Center prompt reforms at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

Va Tech Parents Promised Role on Panel (2007-06-25)
Parents conduct private meeting with Virginia's Governor over their role in the investigation.

Work on 2010 Equestrian Games Well Underway (2007-06-14)
Despite progress, General Assembly still must approve special funding for Kentucky Horse Park projects.

IPODs Can Harm Hearing (2007-06-13)
Early results indicate IPODs and their ear buds hurt the hearing of Kentucky teenagers.

Special Artworks on Display at Gallery Hop (2007-06-13)
Arts program assists special needs students from central Kentucky.

Virginia Primary Could Decide GOP Leadership (2007-06-11)
Legislative races could determine Republican Party's leadership and ideology.

Bike Trail could be Multi-Generational Project (2007-06-08)
Supporters of Lexington to Ashland bike path say financing, laws, and neighbors all offer roadblocks.

Special Summer Session Now in Doubt (2007-06-06)
Kentucky's Democrats now see no need for special legislative session.

A Day in the Life of Louisville's "Belle" (2007-06-04)
Given her social life, "Belle" Captain Mark Doty must put in some long hours.

Officials Worry Over Fate of Lake Cumberland's Wildlife (2007-06-01)
Experts say water temperatures could change dramatically; impacting fish feeding and breeding.

Large Animal Vets Increasingly Rare in Kentucky (2007-06-01)
Shortage of vets is not yet acute, but it could worsen if compensation doesn't improve.

Historians Protect Handmade, Kentucky-made Fabrics (2007-05-30)
The Berea-manufacturer's out of business, but its legacy's now under the protection of historians.

Busy Times for Kentucky's Pool Inspectors (2007-05-25)
A pool can be cool, but it can also be a hazard to health.

"Paducah Businessman" is the 3rd Man in Race for Governor (2007-05-18)
Billy Harper loves learning, books on management and drag racing.

Youth Vote Could Decide Gubernatorial Primary (2007-05-18)
With voter turnout in next Tuesday's primary predicted at 15%, young voters could be decisive.

Congress Explores Inflatable Mine Shelter (2007-05-17)
Proponents say shelter could have saved lives in mine accidents last year in West Virginia and Kentucky.

Gubernatorial Runoff Could be Pricey (2007-05-17)
New law stages runoff if no gubernatorial candidate takes over 40% of primary vote.

Despite Criticism, Governor Stays on Message (2007-05-16)
Democratic and Republican candidates often focus on the Governor's scandals, but, Ernie Fletcher focuses on his accomplishments.

Expanded Gaming Dominates Dem Debate (2007-05-15)
Despite doubts about voter support, some gubernatorial candidates say gaming will provide needed revenue.

If Voters OK Table Games, Casino Promises Expansion (2007-05-15)
With table games, casino says it can attract tourists from across the East Coast.

GOP Challenger Prefers Busy Lifestyle (2007-05-15)
Former Congresswoman Anne Northup entered gubernatorial race hoping to maintain GOP control.

Lexington may Legalize Panhandling (2007-05-15)
Community activists say Lexington's 30 year ban on panhandling is unconstitutional.

One Room Schoolhouse Preserved (2007-05-15)
The preservation of a school that once educated African-Americans is earning national attention.

Early Education Elusive for Some Kentuckians (2007-05-11)
Pre-schooling improves in Kentucky, but some kids slip through the system.

Kentucky Poet Launches Journal on "Affrilachian" Culture (2007-05-10)
Frank X. Walker's "Pluck" focuses on the African-American experience in Appalachia.

Casino Gambling Surfaces as Election Issue (2007-05-10)
The gubernatorial candidates are debating a proposed expansion of gambling at Kentucky horse tracks.

Families Condemn Federal Report on Sago Disaster (2007-05-10)
Relatives angry Kentucky-based mine owner International Coal Group is not punished.

Incumbent Governor's Ethics Criticized (2007-05-08)
GOP opponents target Governor Ernie Fletcher's "official" trips during campaign.

POW's Book Contradicts Her "Official" War Story (2007-05-08)
In her new book, former POW Jessica Lynch says she was never a hero.

The Unintended Consequences of Welfare Reform (2007-05-03)
While increasing employment, a decade later, welfare reform has not strengthened marriage.

Cancer Survivors Celebrate Life in Frankfort (2007-05-01)
Organizers of annual Celebration of Life promise it will continue, until there's a cure.

Nation's Hobos Convene in Mississippi (2007-04-30)
Hobos, who come from all economic backgrounds, say they're preserving a way of life.

Kentucky Quilters Make Paducah Their Mecca (2007-04-27)
Quilt show in far western Kentucky spotlights latest trends in quilt making.

Close Call Prompts Dam Review in West Virginia (2007-04-27)
Private dam leaks and forces emergency evacuation of its downstream neighbors.

EKU Percussionist Puzzles Music's Meaning (2007-04-27)
As music major graduates from college, he ponders music's importance in his life.

Practice Take Years; Bonds Last a Lifetime (2007-04-26)
Riders and their mounts prepare for Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event at Kentucky Horse Park.

New Poet Laureate Teaches at University of Kentucky (2007-04-25)
Native Kentuckian built literary reputation while serving as a professor of english at UK.

Dems Disagree Over Need for Election Reforms (2007-04-20)
Of the 3 Kentucky Democrats seeking the Office of Secretary of State, just 2 say reform is necessary.

Insurance Problems Complicate Life for Jockeys (2007-04-19)
Jockeys struggle to find and fund catastrophic health insurance for themselves and their peers.

Students, Faculty Come Together at Virginia Tech (2007-04-18)
During Convcation, President, Governor and School Officials remember victims of Virginia Tech Massacre.

Health Network Shares Data; Protects Privacy (2007-04-18)
With some state investment, Kentucky officials say, a computer based network would accelerate health care.

Democrats Fight for Attention in Governor's Race (2007-04-17)
7 democrats debate on Kentucky Educational Television's 2nd Gubernatorial forum of 2007.

Richmond Launches Public Transit System (2007-04-16)
Despite small start, transit officials predict high gasoline prices will power quick growth.

Horse Historian Gives Library to Kentucky Museum (2007-04-11)
Gift promises to attract researchers to the International Museum of the Horse.

Mayor's 1st Budget Switches Lexington's Priorities (2007-04-11)
Budget proposal cuts some programs, while expanding police and fire departments.

Hiring Scandal Dominates Gubernatorial Debate (2007-04-10)
The three GOP candidates, including incumbent Governor Ernie Fletcher, debate on Kentucky Educational Television.

Pre-Teen Girls Learn Robotics/Computer Animation (2007-04-09)
Lessons on robotics and computer animation promote math and science among middle schoolers.

On The Road to the NCAA (2007-04-03)
Eastern Kentucky University lost it's first game in the NCAA tourney, but the trip was memorable for many.

New Measuring Stick Given to Kentucky Schools (2007-04-03)
Kentucky school districts can now measure the success of their high school graduates.

Opponents Organize Against Water Pipeline (2007-03-21)
Kentucky American Water says pipeline would have minimal impact, but neighbors worry.

Doctor's Good Memories of Abu Ghraib Prison (2007-03-15)
Physician part of medical team that replaced prison staff after human rights abuses.

Kentucky Soldier Prepares for Another Trip to Iraq (2007-03-15)
Kentucky National Guard trained Iraqis and patrolled war-torn nation's roadways.

CO2 Study Indicates Coal Power Remains Viable (2007-03-15)
MIT study concludes carbon capture technology can be commercially feasible.

Lawmakers Go Home Without Finishing Their Work (2007-03-14)
Among outstanding issues is a rescue plan for the state's pension systems.

International Buffet Spotlights Somerset's Diversity (2007-03-14)
Rotary fundraiser, which features foreign-born chefs, assists overseas projects.

EKU Men Face Tar Heels in NCAA (2007-03-12)
The Eastern Kentucky Colonels make their second trip to the tournament in three years.

Tax Relief for Kentucky's Poor Will Wait (2007-03-08)
For over a decade, lawmaker has argued low-income Kentuckians are over taxed.

National Guard Academy Trains At-Risk Kids (2007-03-07)
Kentucky Academy uses military discipline with potential high school drop-outs.

Kentuckians Testify at Walter Reed Hearing (2007-03-06)
Witnesses say poor conditions extend to Fort Campbell and Fort Knox.

Gender Bias Still Found in Children's Books (2007-03-06)
Professors find economics and ignorance still promote gender bias in modern literature.

Collective Bargaining for State Workers Elusive (2007-03-02)
Lawmakers debate collective bargaining for state workers, but no action is predicted.

Education Reform Requires Parent-Leaders (2007-02-28)
Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence trains parents for local leadership roles.

Richmond Praised for Annual Unity Breakfast (2007-02-27)
During breakfast, Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher said Richmond is an example for state.

Transportation Bill Passes; Legislature Adjourns (2007-02-26)
Bill includes new funding schemes and reforms for the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Emergency Center Promises Early Warnings (2007-02-26)
Even with a nerve gas stored nearby, emergency responders worry most about trucks, trains.

Criminal Justice Dominates Virginia Legislature (2007-02-26)
One proposal allows death penalty for perpetrators other than the "trigger man."

Education Activists Publish Tips for Parents (2007-02-26)
Booklet outlines stategies for working with members of a school's site based council.

State Funding for World Games Debated (2007-02-23)
State must now find funds for promised road and facility improvements at Kentucky Horse Park.

State Payroll Records Now on the Web (2007-02-23)
State salaries, which were always public record, now more accessible to public.

Funds Short for African-American Encyclopedia (2007-02-22)
Universities and colleges endorse 5 year project, but corporate sponsors are scarce.

Louisville Museum Also Avant Garde Hotel (2007-02-20)
Guests at Louisville hotel live alongside modern works of art.

Black-America's Work with Saddlebreds Highlighted (2007-02-20)
African-American owners, breeders, grooms, and riders influential in the breed's development.

Schools Still Vulnerable to Violence (2007-02-20)
Safety expert demonstrates how assault weapons are easily smuggled into classrooms.

Kentucky's Top Artists Honored in Capitol Rotunda (2007-02-15)
Annual awards allow governor to recognize Kentucky's best artists, arts organizations and broadcasters.

MTV Documents Struggles of WV Student Choir (2007-02-14)
Cameras follow students through auditions, practices and will be there when choir competes in New York.

Nazi Death Camps Offer Modern Lessons in Intolerance (2007-02-13)
University of Kentucky students tour Polish concentrations camps and Jewish cemetaries.

Proponents Argue Stockyards Normal in Agrarian Counties (2007-02-13)
Many Woodford County residents welcome Bluegrass Stockyards; calling them an economic opportunity.

Students Work to Balance UK's Environment (2007-02-13)
Green Thumb Club seeks funds for clean energy alternatives, but University of Kentucky's administration says no.

Opposition to Midway Stockyards Organizes (2007-02-12)
Opponents says smell, traffic will destroy quality of life and tourism industry.

Students Demand Lower Tuition, Better Facilities (2007-02-08)
Students from Kentucky's state owned and operated universities rally at state capitol.

Whirling Dervishes Don't Dance, They Pray (2007-02-07)
Dervishes begin limited US tour with stop in Lexington.

Proposal Allows 2nd Term for Virginia Governors (2007-02-02)
49 other states allow their governors to seek a second term.

Renovation Underway at Historic Kentucky Mansion (2007-02-01)
Kentucky's First Lady takes media on tour of renovated Governors' Mansion.

Mayor Warns Lexington Needs Massive Work (2007-01-31)
In his 1st "State of the Merged Government Address," Jim Newberry says infrastrature's crumbling.

Kentucky Sailors Tie-up Outside the Commonwealth (2007-01-30)
New tax on water craft prompts exodus of boats from Kentucky into neighboring states.

Medical Students Rush to Enroll at UK (2007-01-30)
Despites pay, perks and prestige, the number of medical students has been declining.

UK Photo Exhibit Lends Color to Depression (2007-01-29)
Many of the color photographs were taken by artists employed by the federal government.

High Tech Tools Prompt New Legislation (2007-01-29)
One proposal targets teen drivers who also text message.

Filing Deadline Nears for Statewide Candidates (2007-01-26)
While Kentucky Democrats smell opportunity, Republicans challenge their old guard.

Kentucky's Organ Donations Break Record in 2006 (2007-01-25)
More families are agreeing to organ donations when a patient is declared brain dead.

Homeless Vets Find Shelter, New Start at St. James Place (2007-01-23)
Two vets, who live at new homeless shelter, say it's giving them another start on life.

Students Warned Not All Injuries Heal (2007-01-22)
Campaign hopes to teach kids to "think first" before they take unnecessary risks.

Virginia Lawmakers Agree on Transportation Plan (2007-01-19)
Elusive agreement spends $3 Billion on Commonwealth's transportation system.

Christian Night Spot Opens near Marshall University (2007-01-19)
Watering hole offers music, dancing, mingling and drinking.

Success of "Critical Thinking" Relies on Profs, Students (2007-01-18)
Every southern college must implement changes, or the consequences may be serious.

Governor Faces Challenges from Fellow Republicans (2007-01-18)
Former US Rep. Anne Northup faces incumbent Ernie Fletcher in GOP's gubernatorial primary.

"Critical Thinking" Could Change College Cultures (2007-01-18)
Promoters say "critical and creative thinking" must be sold campus-wide.

"Critical Thinking" Not New to Western Education (2007-01-16)
Modern Educators re-discover philosophy's importance to students, society and the economy.

Colleges Push Job Skills, Not "Thinking" Skills (2007-01-16)
Without "thinking" skills, educators say graduates won't prosper in a high tech, global economy.

Eagles Promise Wintertime Revenue at Kentucky Parks (2007-01-11)
State officials hope "Eagle Watch Weekend" will attract tourists during off-season.

Disabled, Elderly Most Vulnerable During Disasters (2007-01-10)
The fatal lessons of Hurricane Katrina prompt special plans by emergency responders.

Kentucky Dems Set 2007 Agenda (2007-01-05)
Agenda proposals include minimum wage hike and limits on governor's pardoning power.