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October 1, 2014
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PRI's The World: 10/01/2014 Halting the spread of Ebola ? Nigeria seems to be getting it right. Also, as China celebrates its National Day, protesters fill the streets of Hong Kong. Plus, the story of a word that is either a source of Cajun pride or an ethnic slur, depending on who you ask.
PRI's The World: 09/30/2014 We take you to the streets of Hong Kong, where the World's Mathew Bell has been talking to protesters. Plus, on the front lines in the battle against Ebola in Liberia and what the US military is up to in the fight against the disease. And the incredible tale of a Monopoly rip-off board game that was an underground hit in East Germany back in the 1960s and 70s.
PRI's The World: 9/29/2014 It's been a summer of upheaval and violence around the world, but Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker argues that deadly violence is decreasing globally and has been for decades. Plus, we get the latest on the student protests in Hong Kong, and as well as the view from Beijing. And we take the pulse of the Indian-American community in New York City as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks at Madison Square Garden.
World Headlines
China warns on 'illegal' HK protests China issues a warning against "illegal acts" in Hong Kong, as protesters there vow to step up their campaign if the chief executive does not resign.
Head of US Secret Service resigns The head of the US Secret Service, tasked with guarding US President Barack Obama, resigns following recent high-profile security lapses.
Ebola: 'Five S Leone cases per hour' Save the Children says healthcare demands are far outstripping supply in Sierra Leone and warns that the Ebola outbreak there is getting worse.
Quiz: What keeps college leaders up at night
Enrollment, enrollment, enrollment. But why?
That's no moon... it's all the money 'Star Wars' made
How how the sci-fi franchise beat expectations and "conquered the universe.?
Nuclear warheads aren't going anywhere because... asteroids
The Wall Street Journal reports on "planetary defense."
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