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Mayor Byron Brown Celebrates 50th Birthday (2008-09-24)
The leader of the Queen City is celebrating a big birthday Wednesday. Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown turns 50.

Unemployment Benefits Probe Results in 45 Arrests (2008-09-24)
The state Labor Department is cracking down on unemployment insurance fraud. Labor Commissioner Patricia Smith appeared in Buffalo Tuesday to announce the arrests of 45 people on charges they attempted to defraud the unemployment insurance program of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

StoryCorps: Richard and Benjamin Lee (2008-09-24)
WBFO presents another story that was recorded at StoryCorps in Buffalo this summer. Dr. Richard Lee says he learned a big secret as he was entering medical school many years ago that his paternal grandfather was Chinese. It was a surprise because Lee does not have any hint of Chinese ancestry in his physical appearance. But that ancestry has had a profound influence on his life and on the lives of his two sons, Matthew and Benjamin.

Restoration Projects Slated for West Side Neighborhood (2008-09-24)
Six abandoned homes on 19th street will be renovated and resold as part of a block-by-block plan to stabilize Buffalo's West Side.

Commentary: Football School (2008-09-23)
Courses that teach women about the intricacies of football are increasingly popular. Listener-Commentator Ed Adamczyk says he took the course he taught recently a step further and actually took his students onto a nearby football field to run some plays.

Buffalo Avenues, Volume 48 (2008-09-23)
In this episode of Buffalo Avenues, correspondent Alex Kelly talks about the pain of the Blues with Dutch, Jason Klinger and Jeremy Carroll.

Blind Broadcast Engineer Inducted into Broadcasting Hall of Fame (2008-09-23)
Tuesday night, local broadcasters will gather to honor their own at the 12th annual Buffalo Broadcasters Hall of Fame Awards. Broadcast engineer Bill Stachowiak is among those to be honored for all his work in keeping various Western New York radio stations operating through the years.

Governor Warns More Cuts May Be Necessary (2008-09-23)
Governor David Paterson says the state's fiscal situation will get worse before it gets better. The Governor made his remarks while appearing in Buffalo Monday. Some city leaders are bracing for possible state cuts.

Buffalo Avenues, Volume 50 (2008-09-23)
On this episode of Buffalo Avenues, interviews with Peanut Brittle Sattelite, BearHunter, Lakeview Effect, and Emil Latimer.

Partnership Assures Buffalo River Clean-up (2008-09-23)
A public-private partnership is funding a detailed study that will lead to the long-awaited clean-up of the Buffalo river. The Buffalo Niagara River Keeper announced the three million dollar study Monday.

Wednesday Night Concert with Roger Bryan (2008-09-23)
Roger Bryan live from WBFO's Allen Hall Theatre on September 17th, 2008.

UB Idol Winner (2008-09-23)
Storming the stage in a white three-piece suit, purple tie and stylish fedora, Tommie Babbs became the winner of the first UB Idol singing contest during the Bulls Backyard Bash in Alumni Arena.

Buffalo Avenues, Volume 49 (2008-09-23)
WBFO's Buffalo Avenues, Volume 48, featuring the Music is Art Festival, KG Price, Burnt Sugar and more.

Higgins Wants Accountability in Bail Out (2008-09-23)
While in Buffalo Monday, United States Congressman Brian Higgins said he would not support a bail out for Wall Street unless it includes protection for taxpayers.

Buffalo Joins Service Nation Day of Action (2008-09-22)
Local service organizations and volunteers will gather on Buffalo's waterfront Saturday to make the case for national service. The Service Nation Day of Action event is one of more than 2,500 happening all over the country on the same day. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with Patrick Metzger from Americorps, the group hosting the event.

Buffalo Public Schools District Adds New Sport (2008-09-22)
The Buffalo public schools District has expanded its sports program by adding a crew team.

Meet the Author: Ginger Strand, Mon 9/22/2008 (2008-09-22)
Ginger Strand, author of Inventing Niagara: Beauty, Power, and Lies

City Schools Superintendent Wants Community Input on Proposed Closings (2008-09-22)
Buffalo Schools Superintendent James Williams says the community is encouraged to offer input on a proposal to close five city schools.

Buffalo Rising: Rockin' at the Knox (2008-09-22)
The biggest fundraiser of the year for the Albright-Knox Art Gallery takes place this weekend. The gallery's director joins our friends from Buffalo Rising to talk about that and his vision for the world-renowned institution.

Curtain Up Kicks Off Buffalo Theatre Season Tonight (2008-09-19)
The Buffalo theatre community is kicking off another big season tonight with the 27th annual Curtain Up celebration. A dozen new productions are on stages throughout the theatre district and beyond. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with Lisa Grisanti, marketing manager for Sheas and chair for this year's Curtain UP. She tells us about what's gone on behind the scenes.

Theatre Talk: Friday, September 19, 2008 (2008-09-19)
Curtain Up! is finally here to officially open a new Buffalo theater season.

Innovative Ventilator for Cystic Fibrosis Patients Showcased (2008-09-19)
New technology for Cystic Firbrosis patients was showcased Thursday at Women and Children's Hospital.

McKinley Principal & School Board Member Appear at Hearing (2008-09-19)
An attempt by McKinley High School principal Crystal Barton to remove Ralph Hernandez from the Buffalo Board of Education has been rejected by state education commissioner Richard Mills on a technicality.

NFTA Considers Rate Hike for Metro Bus and Rail (2008-09-19)
The Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority is considering a 25-cent increase in Metro Bus and Rail fares that would take effect on January 1st.

Collins Suspends Controvesial Apprenticeship Program (2008-09-19)
Erie County Executive Chris Collins kept his campaign promise yesterday by suspending the county's controversial Apprenticeship Law.

Five City Schools Targeted for Closing (2008-09-19)
The Buffalo School District wants to close six city schools to cut costs.

Lackawanna High School Student Killed in Yemen (2008-09-18)
The U-S State Department has confirmed that a young American woman from Lackawanna and her Yemeni husband were killed in a terrorist attack at the U.S. Embassy in Yemen.

UB Launches New Biomedical Engineering Program (2008-09-18)
UB is creating a new department that will train professionals in the growing field of biomedical engineering.

County Comptroller Warns of Financial Troubles (2008-09-17)
Erie County Comptroller Mark Poloncarz is issuing a stern warning about potential financial troubles for the county.

UB Creates New Bioengineering Department (2008-09-17)
The University at Buffalo is creating a department of Biomedical Engineering. The announcement was made Wednesday morning at UB's Center of Excellence for Bioinformatics downtown.

Building Trades says Reign of the Rat Over (2008-09-17)
The Buffalo Building and Construction Trades Council says it is turning a new page in gaining future jobs.

StoryCorps: Andrew Mitchell and Ezekiel Goodwin (2008-09-17)
WBFO resumes its presentation of stories that were recorded at the StoryCorps in Buffalo this summer. Andrew Mitchell was raised by his grandmother on Buffalo's East Side. He's had many life experiences -- some happy, others sad.

Buffalo's African-American Cultural Center Celebrates 50 Years (2008-09-17)
This year the African American Cultural Center is celebrating fifty years of service to the black community in Buffalo. The multi-faceted center has grown and morphed over the years to meet the changing needs of young African Americans. But amidst the changes and challenging financial times, the center has stayed true to its original mission.

Seneca Tribal Council Election Season Stirs Up Questions of Nation Finances (2008-09-16)
The financial condition of the Seneca Nation of Indians has surfaced as a campaign issue for the Seneca's Tribal Council November elections.

Control Board Backs Collins (2008-09-16)
The Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority Monday backed up the County Executive's tough stand on union negotiations. The board rejected a 2005 settlement with AFSME Local 1095.

Gang Expert to Speak in Buffalo (2008-09-16)
Gang activity is prevalent in most big cities, including Buffalo.

Commentary: Improbable Stories, Unimaginable Lives (2008-09-16)
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama oftens talks about his improbable road to his party's nomination. And that has listener-commentator Charles Pierson contemplating the improbable stories of his own life.

State Feeling Effects of Wall Street Problems (2008-09-16)
It's often been said when Wall Street catches a cold, the entire state feels the effects. That's certainly the case with what's happening in the financial markets this week.

Buffalo Rising: The Chippewa Strip and More (2008-09-15)
Chippewa Street has a vibrant nightlife. But during the early morning hours, especially on weekends, things can get nasty. That's one of the topics we explore with Buffalo Rising this week.

Officials Say School Reforms Needed for Tax Cap (2008-09-15)
Educational leaders gathered in Buffalo last week to talk about reforms to improve Western New York schools. But former Assembly Majority Leader Paul Tokasz was listening in to see how those reforms might help enact a property tax cap.

Hurricane Remnants Bring Strong Winds, Little Rain (2008-09-15)
The remnants of Hurricane Ike blew through Western New York late Sunday night. The wind was more of a problem than the rain.

St. Vincent de Paul Serves Record Number of Meals in August (2008-09-15)
It may be a sign of challenging economic times. The St. Vincent de Paul Society served a record-breaking number of meals during the month of August.

Forum Explores Challenges Facing Educators (2008-09-13)
The chancellor for the State Board of Regents was in Buffalo Friday morning for a panel discussion on how to improve schools in Western New York.

Funding for Restoration of Historic Farmhouse in Buffalo (2008-09-13)
The final funding is in place for the restoration of an historic 1850s farmhouse in the city's Hamlin Park neighborhood.

StoryCorps: Joe and Greg Natale (2008-09-12)
The national StoryCorps broadcast on NPR's "Morning Edition" Friday featured the first conversation to come out of this summer's visit of StoryCorps to Buffalo.

Voter Registration Effort Hits Buffalo Schools (2008-09-12)
Buffalo High School students are being encouraged to register to vote for this fall's presidential election. UB, Buffalo Public Schools and Kids Voting Western New York are teaming up to find young eligible voters.

Urban Roots Valued by City Garden Lovers (2008-09-12)
Revitalization is growing on Buffalo's West Side thanks to a grassroots community organization that has put down actual roots there. Urban Roots that is.

Theatre Talk: Friday, September 12, 2008 (2008-09-12)
Excitement is building for Curtain Up!, which happens next Friday.

County Legislature Finally Approves Long Delayed Borrowing (2008-09-12)
A bond was finally approved by the County Legislature Thursday to repair Erie County's crumbling roads and bridges. But it's only a short-term fix.

UB President Responds to South Campus Attacks (2008-09-12)
UB President John Simpson says the University has doubled security patrols at night on the South Campus. Simpson's comments were in response to questions about the two recent sexual attacks on the city campus.

Wednesday Night Concert with Armcannon (2008-09-11)
Armcannon can be described in a very narrow manner as a video-game cover band. However that would only be half the story. Listen to this concert live from Allen Hall on the University at Buffalo South Campus.

NY 26th: Lee v. Kryzan (2008-09-11)
The race for the sprawling 26th Congressional District seat now centers on Republican Chris Lee and the surprise winner of Tuesday's Democratic primary, Alice Kryzan.

Brown & Collins React to Primary Results (2008-09-11)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown and County Executive Chris Collins reacted to results of Tuesday's primaries in two different Assembly races.

New Fitness Challenge for Western New York Kids (2008-09-11)
School children across Western New York are being urged to join a brand new fitness challenge.

UB Physicists Hail Start of Particle Collider (2008-09-11)
Physicists at the University at Buffalo are hailing what's being described as the biggest physics experiment in history. The massive particle collider buried under the France-Switzerland border passed its first key tests Wednesday.

Kryzan Wins Congressional Primary, Hoyt Holds Off Kavanaugh (2008-09-10)
Environmental lawyer Alice Kryzan says the negativity that her two primary opponents used toward each other may have sent voters in her direction. Kryzan won Tuesday's heated Democratic primary in the 26th district seat, currently held by retiring GOP Representative Thomas Reynolds. Democratic party leaders had bet Iraq war veteran Jon Powers would emerge victorious over millionaire Jack Davis on the way to taking the district away from Republicans.

Rainforest Falls Opens at Buffalo Zoo (2008-09-10)
The Buffalo zoo opens its long-anticipated Rainforest Falls exhibit to the public Wednesday. It took four years to raise the money and build the enclosed, $16 million South American zoo paradise. Visitors will get an up-close experience as they journey through the lush vegetation-filled tropical habitat that is home to 25 new species of animals at the zoo. Zoo President Donna Fernandez took WBFO's Joyce Kryszak inside to explore the new exhibit.

New Safeguards Against College Loan Fraud (2008-09-09)
Students at West Seneca East Senior High School received a lesson in the down falls of applying for college loans.

Commentary: Middle Class Morass (2008-09-09)
There's been much debate about tax cuts in the presidential race. Democrat Barack Obama says he'll push for tax relief for middle class Americans. Republican John McCain says all Americans, regardless of their wealth, should benefit. Listener-commentator Anthony Ogorek says the candidates should stop pitting the "middle class" against the "rich" and come up with a solution to the complex tax system.

Food Bank Campaign Raises Record Amount, Thanks to Big Donation (2008-09-09)
It's something that any non-profit agency dreams of. You hold a fundraiser where people drop in fives and tens when someone comes by with a $100,000 check.

26th Congressional District Race Highlights Primary (2008-09-09)
It's primary day in New York, and it's a busy one. There are a number of contested races today -- the biggest in the 26th congressional district.

Jamestown Opens Mental Health Court (2008-09-09)
The city of Jamestown opened a specialized court Monday designed to keep mentally ill people out of jail and in treatment.

Buffalo Creek Casino Violation Due to Expire (2008-09-08)
A violation notice for the Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino is due to expire Monday.

WNY Administrators' Salaries added to School Rankings (2008-09-08)
This week, Business first releases its annual school rankings. Two new categories were added this year, including a look at the 200 highest paid administrators.

Buffalo's Olympic Bronze Medal Winner Home for Visit (2008-09-08)
An Olympic bronze medal winner from Buffalo has return home to visit family and friends.

Buffalo Rising: Music Is Art Festival (2008-09-08)
The Albright-Knox Art Gallery will be the venue for this weekend's Music Is Art festival. WBFO's Mark Scott and our friends from Buffalo Rising sit down with the man who's organizing it all.

"Scholars at Muse " Spark Conversation (2008-09-05)
UB's Humanities Institute is teaming up with Riverrun and the Albright Knox Art Gallery to bring lectures to Buffalo that inspire conversation. "Scholars at Muse" is a new free lecture series that will held one Friday each month at the art Gallery's Muse restaurant. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with one of the series organizers, Carrie Bremen, and anthropologist Anna Mariella Bacigalupo, the first lecturer about the new cultural collaboration.

McCain May Focus on Nat'l Security, Obama on the Economy (2008-09-05)
Republicans will likely focus on national security while Democrats will address economic issues in the presidential campaign.

Buffalo Avenues, Volume 47 (2008-09-05)
This episode of Buffalo Avenues features a visit to the Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts.

Theatre Talk: Friday, September 5, 2008 (2008-09-05)
Jim and Tony tell us about (their?) Star Quality.

Second Sexual Assault on UB South Campus (2008-09-05)
There has been another reported sexual assault on the University at Buffalo South Campus.

Studio Arena Nears Deal with Sheas (2008-09-05)
The firing of artistic director Kathleen Gaffney this week appears to have brought the curtain down on Studio Arena's storied past as a regional theatre producer.

Local Leaders Ready for Disaster (2008-09-05)
Local leaders say Buffalo and Erie County is ready for a disaster.

NY-26: Jon Powers Tackles Jobs and War Issues (2008-09-05)
One of the more visible local races this campaign season is for the 26th Congressional District.

NY-26: Candidate Alice Kryzan Focuses on Issues, Not Politics (2008-09-04)
The race for the 26th Congressional District has turned into a three-way Democratic primary.

Palin Speech Resonates with GOP Base, Collins Addresses Delegates (2008-09-04)
GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is winning high praise from Republican delegates following a rousing speech to them Wednesday night at the party convention in Minnesota.

Monitoring Crime at Buffalo-Cheektowaga Border (2008-09-04)
The City of Buffalo and Cheektowaga are joining forces to fight crime at a troublesome street corner.

The World Is Opening Doors to Higher Educatiion (2008-09-03)
A new crop of students are on UB's campuses as the school year moves into full swing. The diverse student body will include about 1,000 new international students. And there are hundreds more who are studying at UB campuses in other countries. This summer we've explored the growing trend of globalized higher education and its impact. In the final part of our series, WBFO's Joyce Kryszak takes a look at where higher education is headed next.

Mayor Extremely Disheartened by Gun Violence (2008-09-03)
For the second time in a week, children have become innocent bystanders of gun violence in Buffalo.

NY-26: Jack Davis Says His Campaign Is about Saving Jobs, Farms & Industry (2008-09-03)
One of the more visible local races this campaign season is for the 26th Congressional District.

UB's James Campbell Says Palin Speech Key (2008-09-03)
Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin will be in the national spotlight Wednesday night as she accepts her party's nomination. A University at Buffalo political scientist says the speech will be an important one as she tries to introduce herself to the American people.

Buffalo School Leader Touts Renewal, Result & Rewards for New School Year (2008-09-02)
Buffalo Public School students return to the classroom Wednesday.

Collins' Speech at Convention Uncertain (2008-09-02)
Hurricane Gustav is playing havoc at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. Out of respect to victims of the storm, most of Monday's convention activities were suspended. Now going into the convention, Erie County Executive Chris Collins was scheduled to deliver a four minute speech Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention.

Mayor Brown Gets Buffalo on Radar Screen for Obama Campaign (2008-08-29)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is among the local democrats who traveled to Denver to attend the Democratic National Convention.

Local HIV/AIDS Agencies Take Funding Hit (2008-08-29)
During his speech at the convention this week, former President Bill Clinton reaffirmed his commitment to the fight against AIDS and HIV. Local AIDS Community advocates say they will need all the extra help they can get in light of deep state funding cuts.

Cirque Du Soleil to Premier in Buffalo (2008-08-29)
Cirque Du Soleil, the famous circus of arts, music and wild costumes, will take to the stage at HSBC Arena September 10 through the 14th.

Erie County Democratic Party Leader Ready to Work to get Obama in White House (2008-08-29)
The leader of Erie County's Democratic Party says the Democratic National Convention was a blend of history, excitement, emotion and growth for the future.

More than History Riding on Obama's Speech (2008-08-28)
Tonight Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama makes an historic acceptance speech. For many Democrats its a momentous occasion, marking the first time an African American has won a presidential nomination. But for undecided voters it's a chance to audition the man who wants to lead the country.

Wednesday Night Concert with The Skiffle Minstrels (2008-08-28)
With their energetic blend of hillbilly, honky-tonk, and rockabilly, the Skiffle Minstrels have become Western New York favorites.

Buffalo Casino Not Part of Tourism Marketing Plans (2008-08-28)
Local officials made their pitch to about 600 travel planners Wednesday at teh start of the annual Travel Expo that Western New York should be on their list of desirable tourist destinations. But uncertainty over the Buffalo Creek Casino leaves a blank on the itinerary for marketing the region.

McKinley Teacher Still Suspended (2008-08-28)
The Buffalo school board met Wednesday night, and by an eight to nothing vote, denied a bid by suspended McKinley high school teacher and coach James Daye to return to work.

Erie County Property Tax Hike Hinges on Sales Tax Revenues (2008-08-28)
Erie County Executive Chris Collins said Wednesday his administration is busy drafting a budget for next year. But he said there are still some question marks. And that includes whether or not taxes will have to go up.

Buffalo Police Search for Murder Suspect (2008-08-28)
Buffalo Homicide detectives continue searching for the person or persons responsible for the fatal shooting of a young teenage.

Buffalo's Democratic Party Leader says Hillary's Speech was Spectacular (2008-08-27)
The leader of Erie County's Democratic Party says he thought Hillary Clinton's speech at last night's Democratic National Convention was spectacular.

Young Teens Gunned Down on City Street (2008-08-27)
Shots were fired into a crowd of teenagers on Hagen Street near East Delavan Avenue in Buffalo Tuesday night, killing one and wounding another.

Judge Wants National Indian Gaming Commission to Close Casino (2008-08-27)
U-S District Court Judge William Skretny upheld his July ruling that gambling at the temporary Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino is illegal.

Cross-Border Learning Fosters Cultural Exchange (2008-08-27)
Education has always provided an avenue for students to explore other ideas and worlds. Still, what can be learned from books about other cultures is limited. But today higher education is reaching beyond books - and borders - to expand knowledge like never before. This week our series on globalized higher education continues with a look at the cultural impact of off-shore campuses.

Seneca's Halt Construction of Buffalo Casino (2008-08-27)
The Seneca Gaming Corporation has stopped construction on the Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino.

Buffalo Still Tops Poor Cities List (2008-08-27)
The City of Buffalo is the third poorest city in America with populations of over 250,000, according to U.S. Census data from 2007.

Erie County's Democratic Party Boss Predicts Unity at DNC (2008-08-26)
The leader of the Erie County Democratic Party is in Denver to attend the Democratic National Convention.

Judge Wants Gaming Commission to Decide on Shutting Down Buffalo Casino (2008-08-26)
U.S. District Court Judge Williams Skretny is not ordering the shut down of the Buffalo casino.

Celebrity Buzz Stirs Hope for Theatre (2008-08-26)
Nicole Kidman's publicist tells the Buffalo News that the story that Kidman would write a $50,000 check for the Studio Arena Theatre is apparently a hoax. But the buzz over celebrity support for Studio Arena has generated renewed interest in the fate of the troubled theatre.

Police ID Victims of Double Homicide (2008-08-26)
Buffalo Police released the identity of the couple murdered in a North Buffalo apartment Sunday.

UB Libraries Welcoming International Students (2008-08-25)
The State University at Buffalo is making library services more friendly for international students. This fall UB introduces a host of new features that will make services more accessible to foreign language students.

Georgian Professors Return Safely to Buffalo (2008-08-25)
Russia's attacks in Georgia caused unrest throughout the region and the world. But there is a personal toll for Georgians and their families. Two Georgian professors who teach at UB were in Georgia visiting family when the fighting broke out. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with the physicists about their experience and their continued concern.

Mayor Brown Ready to Attend Democratic National Convention (2008-08-25)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is officially supporting Barack Obama.

Buffalo Rising: Revitalizing Amherst Street (2008-08-25)
Amherst Street in Buffalo is the next business district in the city that's on the verge of big things. WBFO's Mark Scott and Buffalo Rising's Newell Nussbaumer talk with an urban activist who is helping to spearhead the revitalization.

Erie County Raised First Flag on Troubled Wireless Network (2008-08-22)
Erie County officials say their decision to pull out of the statewide emergency wireless network is vindicated now that the state is also backing away.

Erie County Seeks Comtrol Board Approval for GPS (2008-08-22)
Erie County officials want to use GPS technology to help the county beat soaring fuel costs.

Preparing to Auction Aud Items (2008-08-22)
Items recovered from the from the former Memorial Auditorium will be auctioned off by late November or early December.

New Office for Local Arts Organization (2008-08-22)
The Ashford Hollow Foundation in Buffalo operates the Griffis sculpture park located near Ellicottville, as well as the Essex Street Arts Center on the City's West Side.

Meet the Author: Gustav Niebuhr, Fri 8/22/08 (2008-08-22)
Gustav Niebuhr, author of Beyond Tolerance: Searching for Interfaith Understanding in America

Theatre Talk: Friday, August 22, 2008 (2008-08-22)
Are Jim and Tony taking part in "speed dating?"

Moog Legacy Lives on in Music (2008-08-21)
Electronic music has been around now for decades and is used by musicians all over the world. But the instrument that popularized the movement got its start right here in Western New York. Bob Moog's company, Moog Music sold tens of thousands of Moog synthesizers manufactured at his plants in Williamsville and Cheektowaga. Friday night musician Erik Norlander will perform on his Minimoog and other Moog instruments at the Tralf at 7:30 pm.

NYSUT Won First Round against School Tax Cap (2008-08-21)
The leader of the New York State United Teachers says his union will continue to fight state cuts in education.

DiNapoli Audit Finds Problems with Statewide Radio Network (2008-08-21)
State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli is recommending that the state not move forward on a $2 billion statewide emergency radio network until the company building it fixes a host of problems.

Lofts Planned in Allentown Where People Can Live and Work (2008-08-21)
Plans were unveiled Thursday for new lofts in Allentown where people will be able to live and work.

Wednesday Night Concert with The Reign of Kindo (2008-08-21)
The Reign of Kindo performed at the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society as part of WBFO On the Border's Wednesday Night Concert series.

Celebrating the Buffalo Chicken Wing (2008-08-20)
A sneak preview of the seventh annual National Buffalo Wing Festival was held in Niagara Square Tuesday. Mayor Byron Brown, County Executive Chris Collins and "Wing King" Drew Cerza were on hand for the celebration.

State Legislature and Governor Agree on Spending Cuts (2008-08-20)
The State Assembly wrapped up their budget-cutting work early Wednesday morning. Their counterparts in the Senate did so shortly before noon.

No Area Schools on State List of Persistently Dangerous Schools (2008-08-20)
The State Education Department is out with its annual list of persistently dangerous schools. None of the 19 schools on the list are located in the Buffalo area.

Andrew Cuomo Weighs in on Obama VP Speculation (2008-08-20)
As the Democratic National Convention approaches, talk continues to surface on who Barack Obama will select to be his running mate.

Five More Internet Service Providers Block Child Porn (2008-08-20)
Five more Internet service providers have jumped on board the effort to block child pornography from Websites.

StoryCorps: Ed Brunner and Susan Mourgas (2008-08-20)
WBFO presents another conversation that was recorded at the StoryCorps booth located outside the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library downtown. Ed Brunner suffers from AIDS. He says he was a substance abuser and was infected with HIV more than 20 years ago. But Ed now has his life together and has a wonderful outlook.

Commentary: Buffalo May Be Old, But It's Not Dying (2008-08-20)
Forbes Magazine ranks Buffalo as one of the nation's fastest dying cities. Listener-Commentator Christina Abt says our area may be getting old, but it's not close to dying.

Not All Off-Shore Campuses a Good Value (2008-08-20)
The growing demand for higher education in rapidly developing countries has American and other foreign universities rushing to fill the need. Singapore is a prime target for the off-shore expansions. The wealthy Asian country welcomes the foreign programs. But just how good are these off-shore programs? And what are the costs for the countries ad schools involved - or more importantly, for the students.

Take Home Car Is in Schools Superintendent Contract (2008-08-19)
The leader of the Buffalo Public School District utilizes a city take-home car and driver.

State Legislature Prepares to Cut Spending (2008-08-19)
The State Legislature returns for a special session in Albany Tuesday at the request of Governor Paterson.

Majority of New York Voters Say State Fiscal Condition Is Bleak (2008-08-19)
A new Siena Research Poll finds New Yorker voters believe the State's financial position is very bleak.

Life Insurance Policies Offered to WNY Low Income Families (2008-08-18)
Life insurance policies are usually one of the last priorities for cash-strapped low income families. But a special program is available through the Buffalo mayor's office that could give some families peace of mind.

Local Congressman says Skillful Negotiating Need in Georgia Conflict (2008-08-18)
Western New York Congressman Brian Higgins says skillful negotiating is needed in dealing with the Russia-Georgia conflict.

StoryCorps: Maria Behm and Angela McLellen-Desai (2008-08-18)
WBFO presents another conversation that was recorded at the StoryCorps booth located outside the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library downtown. In July 1993, Buffalo native Maria Behm, who was 37 at the time, lost her husband. She had three young children and was living in Los Angeles, far from her family. But Maria and her kids not only survived their ordeal but thrived.

Buffalo Rising: Newell and Two Contributors (2008-08-18)
There are many ex-Buffalonians who would jump at the chance to return if they could. That's true even for some people who never lived here. We hear from two such guests in this week's Buffalo Rising Roundtable.

Revitalizing Buffalo's Waterfront (2008-08-18)
Revitalizing Buffalo's Waterfront is no longer just a discussion. It is finally happening.

Theatre Talk: Friday, August 15, 2008 (2008-08-15)
Time is running out for summer theater in the area.

A Couple of Local Leaders Trust Bills Marketing Efforts (2008-08-15)
The Buffalo Bills played their first pre-season game in Toronto Thursday night.

Revitalizing Older Cities Focus of Hearing in Buffalo (2008-08-15)
Last week Buffalo made the Forbes magazine list as one of the 10 fastest dying cities in America. On Friday, the Congressional Task Force on Revitalizing Older Cities is bringing officials together at the history museum to talk about how they can revitalize older cities like Buffalo.

Shoreline Wasteland Transformed to Scenic trail (2008-08-15)
A stretch of Lake Erie's shoreline was transformed into a scenic trail along Buffalo's Outer Harbor.

Officials Inspect Conditions in Scajaquada Creek (2008-08-14)
State and local officials got a close look Wednesday at pollution in Scajaquada creek and Hoyt Lake. New York State Department of Conservation Commissioner Pete Grannis came along for a canoe ride to scout out the best plan to clean up the fouled waterways.

Block Party Promotes Healthy Living (2008-08-14)
The Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus held a block party Wednesday. But it was not your typical summer party with hot dogs, beer and other picnic foods. This one focused on wellness.

Wednesday Night Concert with Maria Sebastian and Rob Falgiano (2008-08-14)
WBFO welcomed Maria Sebastian and Rob Falgiano to the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society as part of its Wednesday Night Concert Series.

Bills in Toronto to Play the Steelers (2008-08-14)
A new era begins for the Buffalo Bills in Toronto Thursday night. The Bills will meet the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first of eight games to be played at the Rogers Center over the next five years.

Buffalo Avenues: Writing Music Every Day (2008-08-14)
Eddy Cain Irvine is on a quest to write one minute of music -- every day -- for one year.

Mayors Say No to Dissolving Village Governments (2008-08-14)
More than a dozen village mayors from across Erie County are speaking out against political activist Kevin Gaughan's call to downsize and dissolve village governments.

Wednesday Night Concert Electronic Night (2008-08-14)
WBFO On the Border welcomed The Mom and Dad Parade, Bev-Beverly, and Fashion Expo 1990 to the Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society for a night of electronic music.

Demo of the Old Aud Expected in October (2008-08-13)
Demolition of the former Memorial Auditorium in downtown Buffalo is expected to begin by early October.

Bracing for State Budget Cuts (2008-08-13)
Now that the Governor has called on the Legislature to cut state spending by one billion dollars, some local leaders are wondering where the budget ax will fall.

Talk of Buffalo: Wed, Aug 13, 2008 (2008-08-13)
William Greiner, UB Law professor and university president emeritus, discusses his book Location, Location, Location... a Special History of the University of/at Buffalo (co-authored with Thomas E. Headrick.)

Judge Holds City in Contempt on Take Home Cars Issue (2008-08-13)
A judge ruled Tuesday the city of Buffalo was in contempt of court in its ongoing dispute with one city union over take-home vehicles.

Global Schoolhouse Brings Worlds Together (2008-08-13)
There aren't too many people still around who remember what it was like to attend classes in a little red school house. The quintessential symbol of Americana faded away as the country grew and education trends changed. But the little red school house is making a comeback - at least philosophically. Higher education has gone global, bringing students and teachers from around the world together sharing ideas.

2008 Inductees Announced for Broadcasting Hall of Fame (2008-08-13)
This year's class of inductees for the Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Fame was announced Tuesday.

StoryCorps: Scott Stickney and Albert Paduano (2008-08-13)
WBFO presents another conversation that was recorded at the StoryCorps booth located outside the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library downtown. Five years ago, Scott Stickney of Pittsburgh donated a kidney to his ailing uncle, Albert Paduano of Niagara Falls -- a story they share here.

Buffalo Avenues Vol. 44- Dave Ruch, DJ Cutler, College Street Block Party (2008-08-12)
Featured performers tonight include Dave Ruch, a Buffalo native, researcher, performer and folkmusicologist. We'll talk about traditional, ol'timey New York State music. Alison Zero meets Buffalo vinyl scratcher, DJ Cutler. Alex Kelly covers last weekend's College Street Block Party, the final ceremony of the Buffalo Infringement Festival.

UNYTS Opens Blood Donation Center at DeGraff Memorial (2008-08-12)
A new community blood donation center opened Monday at DeGraff Memorial Hospital in North Tonawanda.

Commentary: Bored in School (2008-08-12)
Listener-Commentator Keith Frome is a respected Buffalo area educator who was once headmaster of the Elmwood-Franklin School. He's written a book titled "How's My Kid Doing" that answers questions from parents about their child's education.

Paterson Proposes $1 Billion in Cuts (2008-08-12)
Governor David Paterson submitted his proposal to legislative leaders Monday for cutting $1 billion in spending from the current year's state budget. He's called lawmakers for an emergency session in Albany on August 19th.

Bridge Repairs and New Buses Top List of Transportation Needs (2008-08-12)
Transportation needs of the Western New York region was the focus of a hearing in Buffalo Monday.

Don't Flush Old Meds (2008-08-11)
New Yorkers are being urged not to dispose of any prescription drugs in the toilet.

Close Watch on Thruway Authority Spending (2008-08-11)
The State Comptroller's office is vowing to keep a close watch on Thruway Authority spending.

StoryCorps: Leonard Testa and Daughter Joy Testa-Cinquino (2008-08-11)
WBFO presents another conversation that was recorded at the StoryCorps booth located outside the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library downtown. Leonard Testa developed a life-long interest in ventriloquism when he was a boy. He would perform with a dummy he and his mother named "Wilbur Durk."

Graduation Rates Increase Statewide, Decline in Buffalo (2008-08-11)
A new report released by the state Education Department Monday says high school graduation rates continue to improve in New York.

Buffalo Rising: Is Buffalo a Dying City? (2008-08-11)
Is Buffalo a dying city? Our friends from Buffalo Rising say maybe it was ten years ago, but not now.

UB Researchers Still Recruiting for Jaw and Facial Pain Study (2008-08-11)
A landmark study at the University at Buffalo on the causes of facial and jaw pain is in the final stages of recruiting participants.

More Reaction to Forbes' Dying City Listing (2008-08-08)
Reaction continues to the controversial Forbes magazine listing that ranks Buffalo among the nation's ten fastest dying cities.

Erie County Provides Burial for Indigent Veterans (2008-08-08)
Erie County will now provide indigent veterans with a proper burial. Officials announced a new collaboration Thursday that will insure veterans who die without savings or a strong family connection will receive a dignified memorial free of charge.

State Comptroller Talks about Budget Gap (2008-08-08)
The State's top fiscal watchdog weighed in on Governor Paterson's warning about the budget deficit and the need to cut spending now.

UB Keeping Close Eye on State Budget Crisis (2008-08-08)
Administrators at the University at Buffalo are keeping a close eye on the developing budget crisis in New York. A 45-day hiring freeze and a moratorium on major purchases were imposed this week.

"Fowl" Accident at 90/190 Interchange (2008-08-08)
A tractor trailer truck transporting nearly ten thousand live chickens to Canada overturned on the 90 westbound at the 190 interchange Thursday.

Theatre Talk: Friday, August 8, 2008 (2008-08-08)
2008 marks the centenary of the birth of diva Ethel Merman.

New Report Explores Region's Environmental Burden (2008-08-07)
Thirty years after Love Canal, the University at Buffalo's Regional Institute has released a report on the ongoing environmental burden facing Western New York.

UB Orders Hiring Freeze, Moratorium on Major Purchases (2008-08-07)
The University at Buffalo is taking action to trim spending in the wake of Governor David Paterson's mandate on state agencies to cut their budgets by seven percent.

Siena Survery on Rising Gas and Food Prices (2008-08-07)
Gasoline prices have dropped the past couple of weeks. But a new survey finds that just a small number of New Yorkers view the decline as beneficial.

Governor Signs Schools Reconstruction Bill (2008-08-07)
Governor David Paterson has signed the $300 million measure that will allow the fourth phase of the Buffalo schools reconstruction project to continue.

Tim Russert Way (2008-08-07)
Trailblazing signs to honor the memory of South Buffalo native Tim Russert now adorn the street where he grew up.

First Niagara Earmarks $500,000 for Mentoring Programs (2008-08-07)
First Niagara Bank is once again spending $500,000 to promote mentoring in New York State.

Buffalo Avenues: Musician Dave Ruch (2008-08-07)
Keeping the past alive is more than just a hobby for one local musician. Parts historian, entertainer and folklorists, Dave Ruch digs deeply in dusty archives around the state to find material for his gigs.

Mayor Plans to Provide Forbes with New Buffalo Data (2008-08-07)
Forbes magazine says Buffalo is among the top ten-fastest dying cities in the nation.

Mayor's Job Too Demanding to Turn in City Car (2008-08-06)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says he still has no plans to give up his City car.

The Big Business of Global Higher Education (2008-08-06)
If you like to follow the money, there's the the Dow Jones, the NASDAQ, the Nikkie, and plenty of other financial indexes to let you know where the best investments are. But there's one big growth industry that isn't listed on any of those. The expansion of higher education into global markets has exploded over the last few years. It's a multi-billion dollar business.

Major Renovation to South Park in Buffalo (2008-08-06)
A two-mile stretch of South Park Avenue in Buffalo will under go a major renovation.

StoryCorps: The Namaste Family (2008-08-06)
WBFO presents another conversation that was recorded at the StoryCorps booth located outside the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library downtown. Amy Reynolds-Namaste came to StoryCorps to interview her two children, 13-year-old Justice, and Mandella, who turns 11-years-old Thursday.

Golisano Jumps on Campaign to Downsize West Seneca Town Board (2008-08-06)
Billionaire and Buffalo Sabres owner Tom Golisano is jumping on the campaign to downsize the West Seneca Town Board.

County Control Board Chairman Resigns (2008-08-05)
Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority Chairman Anthony Baynes resigned Monday, citing health concerns.

Citizen Action Blames War for High Gas and Food Prices (2008-08-05)
Citizen Action staged a protest at the busy intersection of Main Street and Transit Road in Amherst Monday.

Buffalo Avenues Vol 43- Mary Milne, Brittany Riley and the Almost Acoustic Band, Amungus (2008-08-05)
This week on Buffalo Avenues: Alison Zero interviews Onterio-based singer songwriter Mary Milne. They discuss why harmonicas aren't so useful in making music in Canada. Britney Riley and the almost Acoustic band. It was their first time at sportsmen's tavern and first visit to Buffalo. Finally, new music from the Amungus concert at Stillwater as part of the Buffalo Infringement Festival.

Amherst Town Board Rejects Downsizing Proposal (2008-08-05)
Proposals to downsize local governments continue to get mixed reactions.

AG Cites Local Development Company over Denial of Housing (2008-08-05)
State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has cited a Buffalo area development company for denying housing to potential tenants who receive government assistance.

Commentary: Thank You Joe Gardella (2008-08-05)
In the spirit of a popular movie from the 1980s, who you gonna call when you're dealing with a hazardous materials crisis? In the case of listener-commentator and Orchard Park Town Supervisor Mary Travers Murphy, the call was made to one of this area's most qualified experts on toxic waste.

StoryCorps: Jack and Kevin Johnson (2008-08-04)
WBFO presents another conversation that was recorded at the StoryCorps booth located outside the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library downtown.

Buffalo Rising: Take Home Cars and City Housing Issues (2008-08-04)
Take-home cars and some housing issues are front and center this week as WBFO's Mark Scott sits down with our friends from Buffalo Rising.

Poloncarz Says Sales Tax Revenue Is Dropping (2008-08-01)
Erie County Comptroller Mark Poloncarz says there was a drop off in sales tax revenue during the second quarter.

Former Residents Gather for 30th Anniversary of Love Canal Emergency Declaration (2008-08-01)
Former residents of Love Canal are back in the Niagara Falls neighborhood this weekend, 30 years after fleeing toxic pollution. They expect results of a long-term state health study sometime this year, but are already saying it will be incomplete.

Wednesday Night Concert with Queen City Station (2008-08-01)
Queen City Station consists of six souls capable of obtaining anything they wish. If ever there was a message conveyed by artists and musicians, Queen City Station's moniker is a musical account of the emotions of belief and hope.

Paterson Brings Fiscal Concerns to National Stage (2008-08-01)
Governor David Paterson addressed the National Press Club in Washington Thursday. It was his third address in as many days as he makes his case that action is needed now to avert a fiscal crisis in New York.

Theatre Talk: Friday, August 1, 2008 (2008-08-01)
Jim and Tony are back, and we find out why there were away for so long.

Western New York Lawmakers React to Governor's Plan (2008-07-31)
New York Governor David Paterson said Wednesday that New York is facing "a mammoth collapse in revenues." He said the state needs to slash $1.2 billion from the current budget to meet shortfalls and to blunt a skyrocketing deficit.

Wegman's Sorbet Recalled (2008-07-31)
The manufacturer of Wegmans Sorbet is recalling a limited number of 16 oz. Wegmans Sorbet because they may contain undeclared milk. People who have an allergy to milk run the risk of a serious or possible life-threatening allergic reaction if they consume the affected products listed below.

Cuomo Continues Crackdown on Internet Distribution of Child Porn (2008-07-31)
State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is threatening to take legal action against a Williamsville-based Internet provider if it fails to block access to child pornography. So far, LocalNet has refused to join several other Internet providers which have voluntarily agreed to such blocking.

Hoyt Proposes a Merger of Bridge Authorities (2008-07-31)
State Assemblyman Sam Hoyt is calling on Governor David Paterson to begin the process of merging the two authorities that run the international border crossings in the Buffalo Niagara region.

Man Killed, 23 Arrested in Drug Sweep (2008-07-30)
A man was shot and killed Tuesday during an law enforcement sweep that targeted violent drug gangs.

Story Corps: Sharon and Kenneth Holley (2008-07-30)
WBFO presents another conversation that was recorded at the Story Corps booth located outside the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library downtown. Sharon Holley is a retired librarian who once ran an African-American bookstore on Buffalo's East Side. She developed her love of books while growing up in High Springs, Florida. Sharon was interviewed by her husband, Kenneth Holley.

Singapore: Presence of Foreign Universities (2008-07-30)
UB and many other universities are feeling right at home pretty far away from home these days. Singapore is one hot spot. The tiny country sits at the bottom of Malaysia in south East Asia - it's a full 24 flight hours away from Buffalo. But it's more than the distance that lets you know that you're on the other side of the world.

Governor Calls for Special Legislature Session to Deal with Budget Deficit (2008-07-30)
In a rare televised address, Governor David Paterson Tuesday warned of dire economic times for New York state. He called lawmakers back for an emergency summer session on August 19th to deal with the crisis.

National Air Cargo Once Again Working with Military (2008-07-29)
An Orchard Park air cargo company that paid $28 million in fines for over-billing the military says it is resuming its work with the U.S. government.

Schumer Optimistic about Bills Future in Buffalo (2008-07-29)
US Senator Charles Schumer met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson at Bills training camp at Saint John Fisher College Monday. They discussed the long-term viability of the team in Western New York.

Commentary: Threat to Hospital Report Cards (2008-07-29)
For the past 12 years, the Niagara Health Quality Coalition has issued hospital report cards. It has gained the reputation as an independent voice helping consumers make choices about hospitals and doctors.

Buffalo Avenues 42- Chris Bell, Rhubarb, Buffalo's Christian music scene (2008-07-29)
This week on Buffalo Avenues, Travel way more than 15 miles on the Erie Canal to catch up with Southern Tier musician, Chris Bell touring by way of his canoe. Alex Kelly brings us music from Buffalo funk outfit, Rhubarb. And finally, Alison interivews Mark Weber of ChristianMusicDaily.com to discuss the state of Christian music in Buffalo.

Health Insurer to Provide Full Family Coverage to Lesbian Couple (2008-07-29)
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Western New York will provide a lesbian couple in the Buffalo area with family health insurance benefits.

Governor Plans Televised Address on Economic Crisis (2008-07-29)
Governor David Paterson is planning a televised address Tuesday afternoon to alert state residents of an economic crisis in New York.

Council Members Push Housing Restoration (2008-07-29)
Three Common Council members in Buffalo want the city to focus on restoring the city's aging housing stock rather than demolishing it.

Congress Stalled on Gas Price Fix (2008-07-28)
A progressive issues advocacy group is criticizing United States Congressman Randy Kuhl and other Republicans for voting against an energy relief measure last week.

Roswell Park Researcher Reacts to Controversial Cell Phone Warning (2008-07-28)
A leading cancer researcher in Pittsburgh issued a warning to his employees to limit their cell phone use. He based the warning on the possible risk of cell phone use and cancer.

StoryCorps: Susan and Louise Szimonisz (2008-07-28)
WBFO presents another conversation that was recorded at the StoryCorps booth located outside the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library downtown. Today, we hear from a mother and daughter who share a special bond and prayer.

Murder-Suicide Stuns Wilson High School Community (2008-07-28)
Grief counselors were on hand at Wilson High School over the weekend to help students and teachers affected by the Saturday morning murder-suicide of two recently graduated seniors.

Buffalo Rising: Casino, Bashar Issa, Farmers Markets and More (2008-07-28)
The casino controversy is getting complicated with all the legal maneuvering going on. A once promising developer is giving up on plans for a major downtown office building. And what's with all these Farmer's Markets that are popping up? These are our topics as WBFO's Mark Scott sits down this week with Buffalo Rising's Newell Nussbaumer.

Celebrating the Legacy of Fr. Nelson Baker (2008-07-28)
Fr. Nelson Baker died 72 years ago, but honoring his work is an annual celebration at Our Lady of Victory Basilica in Lackawanna.

Expected Veto Puts Erie County Capital Projects in Limbo (2008-07-25)
State and county elected officials say Governor Paterson's likely veto of legislation that would have weakened two local fiscal stability authorities leaves officials and residents with a bumpy road ahead.

Girls Choir from Poland Performs in Buffalo (2008-07-25)
An award-winning all girls choir and dance group from Poland is visiting the United States for the first time.

State Panel Charges Four Spitzer Officials in Trooper-Gate Scandal (2008-07-25)
The state Public Integrity Commission has charged four former state officials with misusing the state police to discredit former State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno.

Coppola Analyzes Presidential News Coverage (2008-07-25)
There's been some criticism of the major television networks this week for sending their top news anchors overseas to cover Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. Critics say Republican John McCain has not received similar coverage during his foreign trips.

Ontario Street Boat Launch Battered by Neglect (2008-07-25)
A county lawmaker and west side residents say the Ontario Street boat launch has been orphaned by the county and is now unusable.

Meet the Author: William Stolzenburg, Fri 7/25/08 (2008-07-25)
William Stolzenburg, author of Where the Wild Things Were: Life, Death, and Ecological Wreckage in a Land of Vanishing Predators

U.S. Government Wants Casino Lawsuit Returned to Federal Agency (2008-07-24)
The Seneca Nation of Indians and Federal Government want the casino lawsuit transferred to the National Indian Gaming Commission.

Governor Paterson Paints Gloomy Economic Forecast (2008-07-24)
Governor David Paterson spent a good part of his day in Buffalo Wednesday.

New York's Clean Indoor Air Act Is Five Years Old (2008-07-24)
New York's Clean Indoor Air Act is marking its fifth anniversary Thursday. It essentially banned smoking at all restaurants and bars in the state.

Wednesday Night Concert with Juxtaposse (2008-07-24)
Wednesday Night Concert live from Sessions Studio's Musicians' Park, July 23rd, 2008.

Casino Hearing Set for Next Month (2008-07-23)
Casino opponents trying to stop gambling at the Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino will be in court next month.

Skelos Embraces Cap on Property Tax Increases (2008-07-23)
State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos says his house is working on property tax relief.

StoryCorps: Running Partners (2008-07-23)
WBFO presents the first of many conversations that are being recorded in the StoryCorps booth located outside the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library downtown. Donald Houck Jr. is an insurance agent in Buffalo. Bruce Naughton is a physician. They've been running partners for the past 11 years. Both say their runs have made them better persons.

Mayor Reacts to Radio Ad Targeting Buffalo School Leader (2008-07-23)
Buffalo developer Carl Paladino recently blasted City Schools Superintendent James Williams and the Buffalo School board in a radio ad.

Commentary: University Heights (2008-07-22)
Some University Heights residents are voicing their concerns about the escalation of violent crime after an elderly man was shot by two robbers. Listener-Commentator Jenny Hartnett says these troubles should not bring an end to the neighborhood, but instead rekindle civic duty to bring it back to life.

Governor Supports Creation of Low Interest Student Loans (2008-07-22)
Governor David Paterson is supporting a plan to create low-interest student loans for public and private universities in New York.

Family Funeral Business Shares History with StoryCorps (2008-07-22)
Western New Yorkers are getting a chance to tell their special stories to NPR's StoryCorps. StoryCorps arrived in Buffalo late last week.

Reminiscing about past Friendship & Political Gatherings (2008-07-22)
83 year old Gretchen Stringer was transported by wheelchair from the Beechwood nursing home in Amherst to downtown Buffalo

Young Leaving ECMC (2008-07-22)
Erie County Medical Center chief Michael Young is leaving to take over the helm of another troubled hospital. Young announced Monday that he accepted the position of Chief Executive Officer for Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

McCain Raises More Than $1 Million in Brief Buffalo Visit (2008-07-22)
John McCain flew into Buffalo Monday evening and flew out $1 million richer.

McCain Buffalo Bound (2008-07-21)
Republican Presidential candidate John McCain is coming to Buffalo Monday night.

Mayor Defends Cuts in Take-Home Cars for Police (2008-07-21)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is hoping an arbitrator will agree with his plans to cut 20 take home cars from the Police Department.

Buffalo Avenues Vol 41- Blue Eagle String Band, La Cacahouette, The Disco Biscuits (2008-07-21)
Music from the depression with the Blue Eagle String Band's "Whose Names are Unknown" at the Buffalo and Erie county historical society. Alison Zero braves the crowds after Thursday in the Square, fights for a parking spot, and stays up late, and for what? Peanuts! Or in French, La Cacahouette It is Night at the Rothbury with Alex Kelly as she shares her Disco Biscuit experience in one of the biggest summer festivals in the country All that and more coming up this week on Buffalo Avenues

Singapore Branding itself as Education Hub (2008-07-21)
The rush to serve higher education needs around the world is creating marketing challenges for countries trying to fill the void. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak was in Singapore where she found that branding is helping East meet West.

Jamestown Native Killed in Iraq (2008-07-18)
Staff Sergeant David Textor, a native of Randolph in Chautauqua County, is the latest Western New Yorker to die in the line of duty in Iraq.

Well-known Buffalo Civic Leader Dies (2008-07-18)
A well-known civic leader in the Buffalo community has died. Paul Koessler passed away at Sisters Hospital Thursday morning.

Well-known Buffalo Civic Leader Dies (2008-07-18)
A well-known civic leader in the Buffalo community has died. Paul Koessler passed away at Sisters Hospital Thursday morning.

City Hall's Top Floor will get Makeover (2008-07-18)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says City Halls top floor will under go a makeover.

Seven Young Women Head to Nigeria (2008-07-18)
A group of Buffalo high school teens is headed to Nigeria.

Singaporean College Friends Enjoy Shopping & Eating (2008-07-18)
As any college student knows, not all education takes place in the classroom

Sabres Sign Miller for Five More Years (2008-07-18)
The Buffalo Sabres have sealed a deal to keep goalie Ryan Miller for another five years.

Buffalo still Second Poorest City (2008-07-18)
Buffalo remains the second poorest city in America according to a new survey.

U.S. Education Leader Pleased with area Charter Schools (2008-07-17)
A federal education leader appeared in Buffalo Wednesday.

Regents Chancellor Awaits Legal Review on McKinley Matter (2008-07-17)
State Board of Regents Chancellor Robert Bennett told reporters that he is waiting for legal review of the McKinley High School investigation.

Attorney General Probes Owners of Area Wind Farms (2008-07-16)
The State Attorney General's office has launched a probe of two companies that operate wind farms in Western New York and elsewhere in the state.

House Approves Renaming of Highway Stretch in Russert's Memory (2008-07-16)
The renaming of a stretch of highway in memory of the late Tim Russert moved forward Tuesday.

Buffalo Avenues 40- Great Blue Heron- Slo-Mo, Donna the Buffalo, BLE, The Missing Planes (2008-07-16)
This week on Buffalo Avenues, Scenes from the Great Blue Heron Music Festival in Sherman. Talk about music on the border, this is as far west as you can go in New York before things start to get Erie. We'll hear music from Festival Favorites, Donna the Buffalo, Big Leg Emma, Evil City, Slo-Mo and more! Alison Zero joins Kenny in the studio for a look ahead at the coming week's concert schedule. That is what is happening this week on Buffalo Avenues

UB Alum Brings Lessons Learned Here to Singapore Classrooms (2008-07-16)
The small island nation of Singapore is bursting with prosperity and opportunity as multi-national corporations from around the world set up shop there. That rapid expansion of new trade -- and new ideas -- also is leading to a bit of a revolution in higher education in Singapore.

Tip Lines to Report County Waste, Fraud or Abuse (2008-07-16)
Erie County's top watch dog is calling on County employees to report any possible waste, fraud or abuse of tax dollars.

Address Change in Works for Ballpark to Honor Griffin (2008-07-16)
Buffalo lawmakers could be another step closer to renaming the downtown ballpark in honor of former Mayor James Griffin.

State Cracks Down on Energy Services Company (2008-07-15)
The State Attorney General's office has reached a settlement with a private natural gas supplier over its service contracts.

Buffalo Police Union Fights Take-Home Car Cuts (2008-07-15)
Some Buffalo Police officers can keep their City take-home vehicles for now.

WBFO Brings StoryCorps to Buffalo (2008-07-15)
In advance of the arrival of StoryCorps in Buffalo, WBFO presented a call-in show to provide information and answer questions.

Commentary: Forged in Buffalo (2008-07-15)
Summer is a time for barbecues. Listener-commentator Jim Nolan shares his enthusiasm for a made-in-Buffalo grill that he remembers from his childhood in Snyder.

Venceremos Brigade Returns from Cuba (2008-07-15)
Walking across the Peace Bridge, members of the Venceremos Brigade returned from their two week stay in Cuba Monday.

UB Alums in Malaysia Remember Their Alma Mater (2008-07-15)
UB alums from all over Malysia got together Monday night in Kuala Lumpur to reminisce with some old friends about their fond college days in Buffalo.

Anti-Casino Group Seeks Enforcement of Judge's Ruling (2008-07-15)
Attorneys representing an anti-casino group filed papers in US District Court yesterday, asking Judge William Skretny to enforce his ruling that casino gambling is illegal in Buffalo. They're seeking an expedited hearing.

UB Singapore Grads Have Edge in Job Search (2008-07-14)
About one hundred freshly minted UB grads will walk out into the Singapore workplace this week seeking a job. For most of them, the American degree they earned without ever leaving home gives them an edge.

Buffalo Rising: The Casino Controversy (2008-07-14)
A court decision against a Buffalo casino. And Brian Reilly replaces Richard Tobe as Buffalo's new commissioner of Inspections, Permits and Economic Development. These are the topics we explore this morning with our friends from Buffalo Rising.

Mayor & County Executive Observe Casino Battle from Side Lines (2008-07-14)
As the legal battle continues over the fate of the Buffalo Creek Casino, the mayor and county executive continue to observe from the side lines.

Thousands Attended the 25th Annual Taste of Buffalo (2008-07-14)
Taste of Buffalo organizers estimate that 500,000 people attended this year's two day event.

FBI Celebrates 100 Years of Service (2008-07-14)
The FBI is celebrating 100-years of public service this month.

Wednesday Night Concert with The Thermidors (2008-07-14)
The Thermidors are a rock and roll band hailing from Buffalo, New York.

Taste of Buffalo Kick-off Jammed (2008-07-12)
Thousands of Western New Yorkers packed Delaware Avenue in downtown Buffalo for the 25th annual Taste of Buffalo.

Former Charter School Teacher Charged (2008-07-11)
30 year old Cara Dickey, the former South Buffalo Charter School teacher fired last month after an alleged inappropriate relationship with an eighth grade student, turned herself in Buffalo police Thursday.

School Board Member Walks in Shoes of Bus Aide (2008-07-11)
A Buffalo Board of Education member will walk in the shoes of a bus aid today.

Extracurricular Activities for UB Students in Singapore (2008-07-11)
From UB Bulls football games to mud volley ball, UB undergrads can dive right into student life in Buffalo. That's important to help students feel at home and adjust to the stresses of college. But UB's students in Singapore aren't likely to get a Division One sports team or an "Oozefest" any time soon. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak is in Singapore this week where she found the concept of globalized student services put into action.

State Funding Earmarked for Hoyt Lake Improvements (2008-07-11)
The state is providing $250,000 for improvements to Hoyt Lake in Delaware Park.

Konst Gives Up Congressional Race to Run for State Senate (2008-07-11)
Erie County Legislator Kathy Konst is giving up her congressional campaign to run for the State Senate. The move has been anticipated for several weeks.

Aerospace Museum Moves to HSBC Arena (2008-07-11)
The Ira G. Ross Aerospace Museum is moving to HSBC Arena. The move was announced Thursday.

UB's First Full Commencement in Singapore (2008-07-11)
A delegation of UB's top leadership presided over a very special commencement ceremony Friday. More than 100 undergraduates and masters graduates received their UB diplomas half a world away in Singapore.

West Side Woman is Found (2008-07-10)
A West Side woman abducted by a former boyfriend Thursday morning has been found safe.

NYCLU Files Suit over Denial of Benefits to Lesbian Couple (2008-07-10)
A lawsuit has been filed against a local health insurance company for denying benefits to a lesbian couple from Cheektowaga.

Gaughan Proposes Merger of Erie County Villages into Neighboring Towns (2008-07-10)
Regionalism advocate Kevin Gaughan wants to merge each of the 16 Erie County villages into their surrounding towns by the year 2012. He unveiled his proposal Wednesday at the Habour Club Restaurant in HSBC Arena.

Seneca Nation Keeping Buffalo Casino Open (2008-07-10)
The Seneca Nation of Indians says gambling will continue at its Buffalo casino site.

Why Asian Students Choose UB's Singapore Campus (2008-07-10)
Now that summer is here, it's a little quieter these days on UB's three Buffalo campuses. But half a world away, UB's branch campus in Singapore is in full gear.

Everywoman Opportunity Providing Job Training & Life Skills (2008-07-09)
For more than 30 years a local organization has been helping displaced homemakers and single mothers.

Revamping Buffalo's Economic Development Department (2008-07-08)
The City is revamping its Department of Economic Development.

More Crime Fighting Dollars for WNY (2008-07-08)
The Western New York region is getting more crime fighting help.

Commentary: A "Rebate" for Quitting Smoking (2008-07-08)
State health officials say last month's sharp increase in the state's cigarette tax is already working to reduce the number of smokers. They say the number of callers to the state's smokers Quitline quadrupled in the days after the higher tax took effect. Listener-Commentator, Dr. Donald Trump, says he hopes that trend continues.

A Primer on the Globalization of Higher Education (2008-07-08)
This week, WBFO begins an ambitious series of reports that will take an in-depth look at a burgeoning global industry -- off shore higher education. The collaborative effort with the University at Buffalo takes WBFO's Joyce Kryszak to one of UB's international branch campuses in Singapore.

Davis Resigns as Deputy Erie County Executive (2008-07-08)
Deputy Erie County Executive Mark Davis will resign at the end of the month. The former Talking Phone Book executive is leaving after serving just seven months on the job.

Demolition of Abandoned Houses Makes Way for New Development (2008-07-08)
Mayor Byron Brown defended the city's demolition program outside a vacant house that was being torn down Tuesday.

Amherst Mother Accused of Leaving Children in Hot Vehicle (2008-07-08)
Amherst police arrested a mother Monday after responding to a call of four young children inside of a hot mini-van in a department store parking lot on Transit Road.

South Buffalo Man Arrested in Cross Burning Incident (2008-07-08)
A South Buffalo man faces federal hate crime charges in connection with a cross burning on a lawn early Monday morning.

Summer School Begins for Thousands of Buffalo Students (2008-07-08)
Buffalo Schools Superintendent James Williams visited several city schools Monday on the first day of summer school.

Judge Rules against Seneca's Buffalo Creek Casino (2008-07-08)
A federal court judge Tuesday ruled against a Seneca Nation of Indians casino in downtown Buffalo.

Buffalo Rising: New Life for the Livery and Erie Canal Amenities (2008-07-07)
The future of the landmark livery stable and what should be done immediately to keep people coming back to the new Erie Canal Harbor. These are the topics we explore this week with our friends from Buffalo Rising.

Buffalo Avenues Vol 39 Independence Day Edition- Dee Adams' Open Mic Night, John Bertelli, Scenes from the Benefit Barbecue at Soundlab (2008-07-07)
This week on Buffalo Avenues, Some great live music from Dee Adams' Open Mic night at Sportsmens tavern, including Dee herself, Jimmy Meat and the Potatoes, Danny Wilson and Shasti. Alex Kelly hangs out with the John Bertini band at Staples. And finally, scenes Soundlab's Benefit Barbecue concert last Saturday, we'll have dance music from Mom and Dad Parade and Canadian bluesman, Timbre Tamber. all that and your local music calendar this week on Buffalo Avenues

New Weather Tool for Airport Personnel (2008-07-07)
Buffalo airport officials will have one extra tool to help them keep air travel safe when bad weather hits. They'll get a head's up from the National Weather Service.

Three Killed in Weekend Violence in Buffalo (2008-07-07)
Three people are dead following a weekend of violence in Buffalo.

Grand Island Woman's Hillary Doll (2008-07-07)
A very eager Hillary Clinton supporter waited patiently last week at the Senator's Buffalo appearance.

New Majority Leader Pledges Support for WNY (2008-07-03)
In a visit to Buffalo Wednesday, New York's new senate majority leader said Western New York can look forward to his support for revitalizing the region.

Dignitaries Officially Open Erie Canal Slip (2008-07-03)
It's been open since Memorial Day. But the official grand opening of the new Erie Canal Harbor was held Wednesday.

Control Board Approves Contract for City White Collar Workers (2008-07-03)
The Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority approved a new contract with the city's white-collar union Wednesday.

Buffalo Avenues: Blue Heron Music Festival (2008-07-03)
This weekend, the small town of Sherman, New York balloons in population and explodes with live music as it has every year for the past 16 when it hosts the Great Blue Heron Music Festival.

Celebrating the Launch of Rock and Roll at KB (2008-07-03)
It was 50 years ago Friday -- July 4th, 1958 -- that WKBW Radio launched the Top 40 Rock and Roll format that made it one of the nation's legendary radio stations.

Hillary Clinton Happy To Be Back in Buffalo (2008-07-03)
For the first time in more than a year, U-S Senator Hillary Clinton made an appearance in Buffalo Wednesday.

Project Vote Smart Gives Voters the Real Story (2008-07-02)
For more than 15 years now, a group known as Project Vote Smart has been providing voters with the information they need to make intelligent choices in the voting booth. Its leaders have spent the past couple of days in Western New York talking about the realities of present day political campaigns.

Buffalo Lawmaker Urges Parents to Watch their Children (2008-07-02)
A Buffalo lawmaker is urging parents to keep a close eye on their children.

75 years of Ice Cream Making in Akron (2008-07-02)
There is no better time of the year then July to talk about ice cream. July is National Ice Cream month.

Commentary: A Northern View of the Confederate Flag in Tampa (2008-07-01)
As the nation celebrates Independence Day this Friday, listener-commentator Bruce Fisher says it's time for the Confederate flag to be permanently retired from public display in this country.

WNY Historic Hospital Merger Deal Signed (2008-07-01)
State Health Commissioner Richard Daines made it official Monday. He was in Buffalo to announce that the Erie County Medical Center and Kaleida will merge.

Buffalo Avenues Vol 38- Brian Wheat, Silver Apples, Shambu (2008-07-01)
This week on Buffalo Avenues: Brian Wheat and Groggy Darlin' from their recent Party on the Portico concert. We'll also hear Trevor Jones' interview with electronic music pioneer Simeon Coxe of the Silver Apples. Alison Zero brings us proud Buffalo booster band, Shambu.

Millions in State Funding Earmarked for Housing Projects (2008-07-01)
Governor David Paterson says the state is dedicating $137 million to improve and expand affordable housing statewide.

Dennis Donohue Sentenced to Maximum of 25 Years to Life (2008-06-30)
Dennis Donohue was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison Monday for strangling a Buffalo woman in 1993.

Workshops Feature "Lessons from Homicides" (2008-06-30)
A UB professor is using his documentary called "Lessons from Homicides" to launch discussions in the Buffalo community as part of violence prevention and conflict resolution workshops.

Advocates for Domestic Violence Victims win Fair Access (2008-06-30)
Many more victims of domestic violence will have access to protection orders through Family Court with a law passed last week by state lawmakers.

Meet the Author: Donna Jackson Nakazawa, Mon 6/30/2008 (2008-06-30)
Donna Jackson Nakazawa - Autoimmune Epidemic: Bodies Gone Haywire in a World out of Balance - and the Cutting-Edge Science That Promises Hope

Buffalo Science Museum Branches Out (2008-06-30)
The Buffalo Science Museum is "branching out" with more programming by partnering with the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library system.

Hikers Rescued from Zoar Valley (2008-06-30)
Nine hikers and their two dogs stranded overnight in Zoar Valley were rescued Monday morning by the Erie County Air One police helicopter.

Akron businessman Jack Davis Applauds Millionaire's Amendment (2008-06-27)
The U-S Supreme Court voted in favor of the so-called Millionaire's Amendment regarding campaign finance laws.

Community Doctors (2008-06-27)
The landmark agreement that will reform western new york health care is being applauded by those who will be administering the care. Many doctors from UB, as well as from the staffs of Kaleida and the Erie County Medical Center are on the steering committee that helped draft the agreement. But other doctors are happy about the arrangement too.

Marshawn Lynch Apologies for Hit & Run (2008-06-27)
Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch has apologized for the hit and run accident on May 31st.

Jayvonna Kincannon Graduates from McKinley (2008-06-27)
McKinley High School closed out a very controversial year as more than 200 students graduated Thursday.

Buffalo Avenues Vol 37- Allentown Art Fest, Rock the Lot, McCarthyism, Lenny Revell, Scott Celani (2008-06-26)
This week on Buffalo Avenues: Scenes from recent music fests around town. First, we will explore a bit of the Allentown Art Festival, check out what's for sale and catch some live music by Rick Smith. Alson Zero brings us music from Rediscover Amherst days and the brand new Musicans' Park outdoor venue near Sportsmen's Tavern We will also hear from McCarthyism, Lenny Revell Scott Celani and the Buffalo Gay Men's chorus.

Seneca Nation Exploring Energy Market (2008-06-26)
The Seneca Nation of Indians is often criticized for its casino gaming business.

Comptroller Applauds Law Freeing County to do Borrowing (2008-06-26)
State lawmakers passed a law this week that would allow Erie County to do its own borrowing, without permission from the Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority. The Erie County Comptroller said he is hoping the governor will sign the law and clear the way for much needed road work.

No Disciplinary Action Against McKinley Principal (2008-06-26)
There will be no disciplinary action against McKinley High School principal Crystal Barton and other school administrators at this time

Council Leader Fires Back Over Broadway Market Claims (2008-06-26)
The Broadway Market will hold a public meeting Thursday.

Wednesday Night Concert with the Steam Donkeys (2008-06-26)
They're a country band. They're a rock band. They're honky-tonkers. They're swingers (musically, that is). They're The Steam Donkeys, and there's nobody quite like them.

Hospital Closure Threat Over (2008-06-26)
A state supreme court judge Wednesday dismissed the legal proceeding that brought the Erie County Medical Center and Kaleida to the brink before an agreement to merge was finally reached. Approval from the state health commissioner is now the last piece of a complicated merger puzzle.

Commentary: Banko Recalls Chilling Experience with Russert (2008-06-25)
Tim Russert's death continues to bring a flood of memories and stories about the now legendary broadcaster. Some of those stories go back to his roots in South Buffalo, long before his career in broadcasting. Commentator and fellow South Buffalo native Steve Banko tells us about his memories as Russert's first boss.

Roland Wise Paints End of Life Picture with His Daughter (2008-06-25)
Before his death in 2005, Buffalo artist Roland Wise created a half century of important works. The public will have a chance to see his work for the first time in over a decade in an exhibit presented by 20th Century Finest in Buffalo through July 19 at Michael Donnelly Interior Design on Hertel. But for his daughter, Meg Wise, the exhibit holds special meaning.

Fate of Livery Still Undecided (2008-06-25)
The fate of a century-old stable is still undecided. A court hearing Tuesday stalled a total demolition plan. But West Side neighborhood activists who want the building saved say there is little left they can do.

Prison Term Reduction for John & Timothy Rigas (2008-06-25)
Former Adelphia founder John Rigas and his son Timothy have won a small victory from their prison cells.

Mayor Hopes to say Goodbye to Control Board (2008-06-25)
The State Legislature approved a bill that would downgrade the power of the Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority.

Commentary: Held Hostage by Business (2008-06-24)
Many businesses in the Buffalo area have benefited from incentives provided by one of the region's industrial development agencies. But listener-commentator Allison Duwe questions just how effective the IDAs are in creating jobs.

Doctors Pull Together Complex Hospital Merger (2008-06-24)
A year of tense negotiations over western new york hospital consolidation ended in a marathon session Saturday and Sunday. About 60 people involved in the merger and lawsuits met with the judge and managed to hammer out an agreement.

Economic Development Commissioner to Exit City Hall (2008-06-24)
The head of the City's Economic Development, Permits and Inspections says he is being forced to leave his post.

New Downtown Restaurant Opens (2008-06-24)
A new restaurant has opened its doors in downtown Buffalo.

Applied Technologies Students College Bound (2008-06-23)
Next Sunday 65 seniors will be the first class to gradate from the Charter High School for Applied Technologies on Kenmore Avenue in Buffalo.

Buffalo Rising: Commercial Slip Debris and the Gallery of the Undead (2008-06-23)
Heavy rains in recent days have caused raw sewage and debris to float into the city's newly-restored commercial slip on the waterfront. Solving the problem could cost millions of dollars. That's one of the topics we explore this week with Buffalo Rising's Newell Nussbaumer.

Waterfront Elementary Public School #95 Canceling Tuesday's Classes (2008-06-23)
Due to a National Grid power outage classes are cancelled for students at Waterfront Elementary Public School #95 on Tuesday June 24th, 2008.

WNY Book Arts Group Sets up Shop (2008-06-23)
A centuries-old art form will soon get a new leaf on life in downtown Buffalo. The Western New York Book Arts Collaborative is setting up shop in the former Slotkin Department Store on Washington Street.

Environment Report: Endangered Bridge (2008-06-23)
There are few things as aggravating as getting stuck in a traffic jam. But for some drivers crossing a busy bridge from the Unites States to Canada there's aggravation on top of aggravation. Joyce Kryszak reports that's because a plan to build an additional bridge is being blocked by concern for a bird and a little fish that it eats.

Legacy of Liberty Belle Still Flying High (2008-06-20)
A rare piece of World War II history makes a fleeting visit over the skies of Buffalo this weekend. The fully restored, Liberty Belle B-17 bomber is one of the few remaining "flying fortresses" still in the air today. And the public is asked to come out on Saturday to take a flight and help keep the Liberty Belle from being permanently grounded.

Mayor Denies Several Rumors (2008-06-20)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown issued an unexpected written statement late yesterday afternoon.

Agreement Reached to Resolve Lynch Case (2008-06-20)
Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch is expected to appear in court next week.

Suspended South Buffalo Charter School Teacher Is Fired (2008-06-20)
The teacher alleged to have an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old student has been fired.

State Education Department Launches Summer Reading Program in Buffalo (2008-06-20)
Wearing sparkly antlers on their heads, third graders from Buffalo's Enterprise Charter School helped launch the 2008 Statewide Summer Reading Program yesterday at the Central Library downtown.

Truckers Protest High Fuel Prices at State Capitol (2008-06-20)
More than 200 trucks circled the State Capitol Thursday in an effort to pressure the state to suspend the state gasoline tax and lower fuel costs.

Russert's Wife Had Premonition (2008-06-20)
Tim Russert's widow says she had a feeling she wouldn't see him again when he left a family trip in Italy to return to the US last week Thursday.

Livery Stable Safe from Demolition, Stabilization Work Continues (2008-06-20)
The landmark livery stable on Jersey Street in Buffalo is safe from demolition for now. Neighborhood activists appeared with city officials and the building's owner in State Supreme Court Friday morning.

Hospital Merger Talks Stall (2008-06-19)
County and hospital officials met in Albany this week for one final push to resolve the hotly contested hospital consolidation plan. But hopes for that appear dim since a court hearing on the matter is still on for Thursday.

Expansion Spurt at Three Catholic High Schools (2008-06-19)
There is a building boom underway among three area Catholic High Schools.

Wednesday Night Concert with Family FUNKtion and the Sitar Jams (2008-06-19)
From the early days of Kiss and Van Halen to Ravi Shankar and Miles Davis, the band has evolved into its current state of Nirvana.

Erie County and Control Board Race to do Capital Borrowing (2008-06-19)
The Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority and the county are in another tussle over control of capital borrowing. After a year of arm wrestling over who can borrow the money for less, both sides are racing to a showdown Friday.

A Final Goodbye to Tim Russert (2008-06-19)
A nun from Buffalo was in the national spotlight Wednesday during a memorial service for the late Tim Russert. She joined such luminaries as former New York Governor Mario Cuomo and singer Bruce Springsteen in remembering the beloved journalist.

Healthcare Expo Assists People Living with HIV (2008-06-19)
A healthcare services expo called Living Positively was held in Buffalo Wednesday for people in the area who are HIV positive. The event raised awareness and showcased services available for those living with the disease.

Buffalo Avenues: More on Impact of High Gas Prices on Musicians (2008-06-19)
Thursday is Dump the Pump Day in 100 transit systems across the nation, including Buffalo -- a day to encourage the use of mass or alternate transportation. But traveling musicians are pretty much limited in ways to reach the next venue when they are on tour.

Production Director Shares Wizardry Secrets Behind "Wicked" (2008-06-18)
The blockbuster Broadway musical "Wicked" flies into Shea's Wednesday night to cast its spell on Buffalo audiences. The hit Broadway and touring show is one of the most anticipated musicals to come to Shea's Performing Arts Center. Memorable music, spectacular costumes and scenery are some of the reasons why. But how does all that wizardry happen?

Paterson Pushes for Property Tax Cap (2008-06-18)
Governor David Paterson is turning up the pressure on the state Legislature in its waning days in Albany while taking a swipe at the union coalition that opposes his plan for a property tax cap.

Inappropriate Teacher-Student Relationship Investigated (2008-06-18)
A South Buffalo Charter School student and teacher, who disappeared for hours, were found in separate locations Monday.

Commentary: Remembering Tim Russert (2008-06-18)
A private funeral service will be held in Washington Wednesday for Buffalo native and broadcast journalist Tim Russert. Listener-Commentator Christina Abt says Western New Yorkers felt connected to Russert because of his love of home, family and country.

Small Pharmacies Hurt by Delayed Medicare Part D Payments (2008-06-17)
Buffalo area pharmacy owners say they are struggling to make ends meet because of delays in Medicare Part D payments.

Grieving over Tim Russert's Death (2008-06-17)
Many tears have been shed in recent days over the death of broadcast journalist Tim Russert, especially here in Buffalo where he was raised.

Buffalo Avenues Vol 36- The high cost of summer touring, Family Funktion and the Sitar Jams, Off the Cuff, Guido Sanchez (2008-06-17)
This week on Buffalo Avenues: Special Report- How to beat the high cost of touring: how gas prices are affecting summer travel for touring bands. Alex Kelly brings us scenes from the Family Funktion and Sitar Jams CD release party, Sound engineer David Chandler has new live music from Buffalo band, Off the Cuff from their performance at Club W. Falletta Guitar Competition finalist Guido Sanchez, playing at Roswell Park Cancer Research Institute.

Commentary: The Customer Is King (2008-06-17)
American Axle continues to have a presence in the Buffalo area following the recent ratification of a new contract by the company's workers. But listener-commentator Anthony Ogorek says the loss of the Tonawanda forge plant as part of the agreement is yet another example of the changing face of manufacturing.

New Website Details State Spending (2008-06-17)
New York is opening the books of state government through a new website called "Openbook".

Encouraging Citizens to use Public Transportation (2008-06-17)
Citizens are being encouraged to use public transportation to help the environment and respond to the high cost of gasoline.

Wilson Central Closes Out Controversial School Year (2008-06-16)
The Wilson Central School District has dealt with its share of serious problems this last half of the school year.

County Clerk Says Tim Russert Was Mentor, Funeral Arrangements Announced (2008-06-16)
As Buffalo continues to mourn the loss of favorite son, Tim Russert, a prominent local elected leader says Russert was her mentor when she first started in politics 30 years ago.

Buffalo Rising: Fate of Livery Stable and Garbage in Hoyt Lake (2008-06-16)
The landmark livery stable on Jersey Street in Buffalo was temporarily saved from demolition over the weekend. Why it was allowed to deteriorate so much is one of the topics we discuss this morning with our friends from Buffalo Rising.

Hail Hits Parts of Western New York (2008-06-16)
Some sever weather moved into Western New York during the 2'o'clock hour Monday. Large hail fell in parts of Amherst, Clarence and Tonawanda.

UB Regional Institute Crunching Numbers (2008-06-16)
Municipalities are gearing up to comply with stricter new government accounting requirements. The Regional Institute at UB says the numbers that will be reported for employee retirement expenses are likely to be staggering.

Drunk Driver Sentenced to Jail Time for Fatal Accident (2008-06-13)
A drunken driver who struck and killed a bicyclist last summer was sentenced to jail time Thursday.

Tim Russert Discusses "Big Russ and Me" in WBFO News Interview (2008-06-13)
His hometown is reeling from Friday's news of the death of venerable broadcast journalist Tim Russert. The Buffalo native sat down with WBFO's Mark Scott in 2004 to talk about his book, "Big Russ and Me."

Restoring Frank Lloyd Wright's Graycliff Landscape (2008-06-13)
The Graycliff Conservancy has received national recognition for its efforts to restore the landscape of the Graycliff Estate in Derby.

Top BMHA Administrator Faces Federal Charges (2008-06-13)
A public housing official in Buffalo is facing federal charges of bribery, extortion and witness tampering.

Hospital Merger Battle Heats Up (2008-06-13)
Erie County Executive Chris Collins is dipping into his campaign war chest to counter television attack ads by Kaleida.

Cuomo Accuses Chains of Selling Expired Products (2008-06-13)
State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is taking legal action against two drug store chains for selling expired products at their stores.

Buffalo Police Question Bills Players, Grand Jury to Probe Lynch Case (2008-06-13)
Four Buffalo police officers were at Ralph Wilson Stadium Thursday, trying to find out more information about the May 31st hit and run incident in which a pedestrian was struck by an SUV registered to Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch.

Wednesday Night Concert with Terry Sullivan (2008-06-12)
Terry Sullivan performed in WBFO's Allen Hall Theatre on Wednesday, June 11th, 2008.

Guitar Competition Gets Women'sTouch (2008-06-12)
This week some of the top guitarists from around the world are in Buffalo for the third biennual JoAnn Falletta International Guitar Concerto Competition. But the competition stage looks a little different this year. For the first time, the list of semi-finalists included three female guitarists. One of them made it to the finals round.

Registry Proposed for Home Health Aides (2008-06-12)
State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders are proposing a measure to fight Medicaid fraud with a new registry of all home health aides in the state.

Buffalo Avenues: Impact of High Gas Prices on Summer Music Tours (2008-06-12)
You think you have it bad with high gas prices on your ten-mile commute? What if your daily commute was hundreds of miles... from Buffalo to Cleaveland to Chicago to Saint Louis to Austin Texas? Well, that is what it is like for touring musicians this summer.

Prominent Buffalo Family Gives UB $10 Million (2008-06-12)
The University at Buffalo has received an historic gift from a prominent Buffalo family.

School Board Discusses Disciplinary Action in McKinley Case (2008-06-12)
The Buffalo Board of Education took up the issue of possible disciplinary action against McKinley High School administrators Wednesday night, in connection with the extended suspension of Jayvonna Kincannon last December.

Mercy Employees Authorize Strike (2008-06-12)
Employees at Mercy Hospital in Buffalo participated in a strike authorization vote Wednesday.

Killer of Deli Owner Sentenced to 25 Years to Life (2008-06-12)
A Buffalo man was sentenced to the maximum of 25 years to life in prison for a notorious 2006 murder.

Property Tax Cap Proposal Appears May Be Dead (2008-06-11)
A proposed property tax cap supported by Governor David Paterson is unlikely to even reach the floor of the Legislature this session.

Buffalo High School Students Learn about Illiteracy (2008-06-11)
Some Buffalo high school students are helping in the effort to fight illiteracy.

Mayor Says Jobs Could Prevent Some Violence (2008-06-11)
A community organization is declaring an end to street violence in the City's University and Masten District.

Jewish Repertory Theatre Presents Golda's Balcony (2008-06-11)
The Democratic primary race propelled the question of whether or not Americans are ready for a woman leader. But that question has long since been answered in other places around the globe. Golda Meir stands as one of the strongest symbols of women leaders. A production by the Jewish Repertory Theatre gives us an intimate look at the life of Israel's iconic prime minister.

DA Charges Lancaster Man in Fatal Drag Race (2008-06-11)
A Lancaster man was charged yesterday for his alleged role in a deadly drag race with another driver last month.

Governor Supports Plans for Jamestown Power Plant (2008-06-11)
Governor David Paterson says the state will invest up to $6 million for a new coal-fired power plant in Jamestown. He says the plant would be the first of its kind to use new technology that captures carbon dioxide and sends it underground for permanent storage.

Mayor Praises Ratification of White Collar Contract (2008-06-11)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is praising the overwhelming ratification of a new contract with the City's white collar union.

Kaleidoscope Theatre Has Clear Vision (2008-06-11)
For six years now, a small theatre company has been slowly building audiences at the outer edges of Buffalo's bursting theatre community. As its name suggests, Kaleidoscope Theatre Productions offers a little bit of everything to have theatre-goers take a look. Their current musical, "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" also hopes to draw some Studio Arena patrons.

CEO: Consolidation Good for Hospitals, Not HMOs (2008-06-10)
Consolidation of health care in the region moved one step closer last week with a proposed law that would define operations of the merged hospitals. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak has more on why one executive says consolidation is good for hospitals but not necessarily for the HMOs themselves.

Focus on Health of Great Lakes (2008-06-10)
Raising awareness about the importance of the Great Lakes is the focus of a 13 city tour.

Commentary: EduNation's Founding Fathers Answering Ishmael Beah's Call (2008-06-10)
Some local fathers are answering a call to help children in need a half-world away. Listener-Commentator Peter Ciotta tells us about the group EduNation's, which was inspired by a former child soldier.

Buffalo Avenues 35 June 6th - Artists and Models, LondonVsNewYork, Eric Crittenden, Pole Dancing, Shapes of States (2008-06-10)
Buffalo Avenues 35 June 6th - A visit to the Artists and Models party at the Central Terminal with new music from LondonVsNewYork and Eric Crittenden. We also have pole dancing, the Shapes of States.

Nothing Resolved in Short Meeting in Lynch Case (2008-06-10)
Prosecutors in the District Attorney's office met for a short time Monday with the attorney representing Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch.

Meet the Author: Louis P. Masur, Tue 6/10/2008 (2008-06-10)
Louis P. Masur - The Soiling of Old Glory: The Story of a Photograph That Shocked America

No Quick Fix to High Gas Prices (2008-06-10)
One federal lawmaker says don't expect much relief at the pumps when it comes to the rising cost of gasoline.

City Thinking Green for Future Projects (2008-06-09)
The City of Buffalo is thinking "green" as it moves ahead with future reconstruction projects.

City-County Parks Merger Undergoing Review (2008-06-09)
The City-County Parks merger is undergoing a reevaluation.

Buffalo Rising: Green Industry and More (2008-06-09)
Construction of a new Buffalo casino is going on around the clock. The labor movement says Buffalo is primed to take advantage of the "green" economy. And increasing activity downtown on weekend afternoons.

WNY Healthcare Collaborative Receives Grant (2008-06-06)
A western new york agency working to improve health care in the region is getting a one million dollar shot in the arm from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Jayvonna Kincannon will Graduate with McKinley Class (2008-06-06)
Buffalo Schools Superintendent James Williams says Jayvonna Kincannon will be allowed to participate in the McKinley High School graduation.

New Math Method Improves Buffalo Pre-Schoolers Skills (2008-06-06)
A new Math teaching method for local pre-schoolers is improving math skills.

UB Honors Business Partners (2008-06-06)
The University at Buffalo will honor its business partners Friday. Workshops and a luncheon will be held at the Hyatt Regency downtown, focusing on UB's role in revitalizing the regional economy.

Theatre Talk: Friday, June 6, 2008 (2008-06-06)
Jim and Tony recap Artvoice's 2008 Artie Awards.

Wilmers Will Lead Empire Development Corporation (2008-06-06)
Buffalo banker Robert Wilmers was appointed by Governor David Paterson Thursday as the new chairman of the Empire State Development Corporation.

Kathy Konst Announces Candidacy in 26th District (2008-06-05)
There is now a fourth candidate seeking the Democratic party nomination in the 26th congressional district. Erie County Legislator Kathy Konst of Lancaster officially announced Wednesday.

Wednesday Night Concert with Gretchen Schulz and The Morvells (2008-06-05)
WBFO's Wednesday Night Concert from June 4th, 2008.

Clinton's Candidacy Will Pay Dividends for Other Female Candidates (2008-06-05)
Now that Barack Obama is the presumptive presidential nominee of the Democratic party, supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton are waiting to find out what she will do. One local follower of women and politics says whatever happens, Clinton has paved the way for other women to follow in future elections.

Hospital Consolidation Law Proposed (2008-06-05)
The State Health Commissioner has submitted the long-awaited proposed legislation that, if approved, would give the new joint hospital board authority over the Erie County Medical Center.

SmartPill Manufacturing will Shift from L.A. to Buffalo (2008-06-05)
A downtown company is receiving a big financial boost.

Buffalo Avenues: Popularity of Pole Dancing (2008-06-05)
Where it all started is debatable. The recent explosion in pole dance popularity of as an exercise regimen is not. Buffalo Avenues Reporter Kenny Macdonald visited Buffalo's first pole dance studio and brings back this report.

Buffalo Mayor Moves Support to Obama (2008-06-05)
Buffalo's top Democrat said he is ready to reach out to presidential candidate Barack Obama now that Hillary Clinton appears out of the running.

Taste of Buffalo Serving Up 25 Years of Good Eats (2008-06-05)
Rev up your appetite and get your taste buds ready. Buffalo's mega-eat-a-thon, "Taste of Buffalo," is back next month bigger than ever for its 25th year.

Buffalo Police Waiting to Talk with Marshawn Lynch (2008-06-04)
Buffalo Police say they are waiting for Buffalo Bills Running back Marshawn Lynch to come forward.

Governor to Present Legislation Capping Property Tax Increases (2008-06-04)
Governor David Paterson officially received the report of the New York State Commission on Property Tax Relief Tuesday. And he's accepting most of its recommendations.

Sabres Welcome Hometown Player (2008-06-04)
The Buffalo Sabres officially welcomed their newest hometown player to the hockey club.

Commentary: Coffee with a Conscience (2008-06-03)
As you listen to the pleasant sound of that songbird outside your window this morning, listener-commentator Christopher Hollister says your choice of coffee may have an impact on that bird's ultimate survival.

Buffalo ReUse Building Local and National Reputation (2008-06-03)
Buffalo ReUse is taking its idea of reverse construction to a national audience. The Sundance Channel will showcase Buffalo ReUse Tuesday night on the cable program, "Big Ideas for a Small Planet."

Smoky Fire on Niagara Street Finally Under Control (2008-06-03)
Fire crews remained on the scene Tuesday of a smoky three alarm fire at a Niagara Street pool supply company.

Buffalo Avenues Vol 33- Ibis, The Brown-Ham Duo, Wayne the Train Hancock (2008-06-03)
Fresh out of its shell, Ibis bursts on the stage with 150 kids dancing in the aisles, usually you don't get that kind of crowd your first time out. Alex Kelly interviews The Brown-Ham duo, a Buffalo jam band who don't sound appetizing, but make some great tunes. Finally, we'll hear music from Austin Texas. The King of Juke Joint Swing, Wayne "The Train" Hancock at Sportsmen's tavern last Monday. All that and your local music calendar with Alison and me, this week on Buffalo Avenues!

Amherst Town Board Approves Rezoning for New Development (2008-06-03)
The Amherst Town Board Monday night approved the rezoning of a stretch of Maple Road for a controversial plan for a mixed use development.

Buffalo's Gay Community Fighting for Equality (2008-06-03)
As members of Buffalo's gay community gear up for a weekend of Pride celebrations, they are applauding Governor David Paterson on his efforts to recognize same-sex marriages.

Buffalo Avenues Vol 34- Colour Revolt, Crooked Letter, Silent Film Composer Al Kryszak, The New Deal (2008-06-03)
This week on Buffalo Avenues: An up-and-coming rock group from Mississippi the Colour Revolt. Buffalo's own Crooked Letter and Silent film music with Allen Kryszak, your local music calendar and Toronto's The New Deal at Thursday night in the Square.

Higher Cigarette Tax Takes Effect (2008-06-03)
A pack of cigarettes will cost New Yorkers more starting Tuesday.

History Museum Stumping for Visitors with Presidential Campaign Exhibit (2008-06-02)
From "Saturday Night Live" to "You Tube," the candidates are pulling out all the stops in this year's presidential campaign. But history was filled with colorful campaigns, long before the media played a role. In a new exhibit, the Buffalo History Society takes a look back at "Shaking Hands and Kissing Babies."

New Hospice House to Serve Inner City (2008-06-02)
Buffalo has a brand new Hospice House designed to serve the inner-city.

Buffalo Rising: Jimmy Griffin, Panos Restaurant and More (2008-06-02)
Some final comments about the death of former Mayor James Griffin. Pano's Restaurant begins its expansion project on Elmwood Avenue. And a new waterfront beach in Buffalo is proving to be popular with kids.

FBI's Paul Moskal Retires (2008-05-31)
Friday marked the end of an era at the Buffalo office of the FBI. Special agent Paul Moskal retired after a 29 year career.

ECMC Files Suit to Stop Millard Fillmore Closing (2008-05-31)
Erie County Medical Center has filed a legal motion requesting that the State Supreme Court prevent Kaleida Health from transferring 91 beds from Millard Fillmore Hospital as part of the plan for closing that facility.

Prinicipal Seeks Disciplinary Action against School Board Member (2008-05-31)
Buffalo School Board member Ralph Hernandez has earned the wrath of McKinley High School principal Crystal Barton.

"Buffalo Gals" Reunite for Dance Performance (2008-05-30)
A group of Buffalo-trained dancers will gather this weekend for a reunion performance.

More Progress Ahead for Buffalo's Waterfront (2008-05-30)
The next big changes for Buffalo's waterfront are on the horizon with actions approved Thursday by the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation.

Theatre Talk: Fri. May 30, 2008 (2008-05-30)
Theatre critics Jim Santella and Anthony Chase preview Monday's "Artie" Awards to honor the best of Buffalo theater.

Wednesday Night Concert with Edreys Wajed (2008-05-29)
Edreys is a siren in a sea of white noise, raiding the scene without introduction and armed with incredible talents and accomplishments as an award-winning writer and emcee, noted producer, and inspiring live performer.

Teachers Aide Charged in Abuse Case (2008-05-29)
An Erie County Grand Jury has indicted a teacher's aide from the Discovery School in Buffalo on sexual abuse charges.

Chinese Club of WNY to Raise Earthquake Relief Funds (2008-05-29)
The Chinese Club of Western New York will be working to raise funds for China's earthquake relief efforts.

Governor Orders State Agencies to Recognize Gay Marriages (2008-05-29)
Governor David Paterson says New York will recognize gay marriages legally performed in other states and countries.

Mayor Griffin Audio Archives (2008-05-29)
Former Buffalo Mayor James Griffin will be laid to rest Thursday afternoon.

Buffalo Avenues: Thursday at the Square (2008-05-29)
It's the season's first Thursday in the Square Concert. In its 22nd year, organizers say this Buffalo tradition will be bigger, safer and cleaner than ever.

A Farewell to Jimmy Griffin (2008-05-29)
It was standing room only inside Our Lady of Victory Basilica in Lackawanna Thursday to say good bye to former Buffalo Mayor James Griffin. An estimated 1,100 people gathered to pay their final respects to the city's longest serving mayor.

Paterson Plans to Deal with Deficits Sooner Rather Than Later (2008-05-29)
Governor David Paterson says the state needs to start dealing now with future budget deficits.

Politicians and Average Citizens Pay Respects to Late Mayor (2008-05-28)
It is perhaps the biggest Irish Wake that South Buffalo has ever seen. Mourners were waiting in line for the doors to open Tuesday for the wake of former Buffalo Mayor James Griffin. Both the famous and average citizen alike were on hand to pay their respects to Griffin, who died Sunday at the age of 78.

Suspended Buffalo Cop Running for Senate (2008-05-28)
Suspended Buffalo Police detective Dennis Delano has launched his first ever political campaign.

Federal Government Approves Enhanced Drivers Licenses in New York (2008-05-28)
The federal government has formally approved the state's "enhanced" driver's license. It will allow travelers to enter the United States without a passport when strict border crossing requirement take effect a year from now.

The Delano-Griffin Connection (2008-05-28)
Suspended Buffalo Police detective Dennis Delano joined the Buffalo Police Department in 1985.

Schumer Calls on Saudis to Increase Oil Production (2008-05-28)
Gasoline prices continue to rise, setting new records on a daily basis. During an appearance in Buffalo Tuesday, US Senator Charles Schumer said the oil producing nations are primarily to blame.

Buffalo Rising: City Parks and More (2008-05-27)
The "unofficial" start of the summer season in Buffalo means many of us will be flocking to city parks. At least one popular park is in bad shape while some city residents are trying to create a park-like setting in their neighborhood.

Reporter Reminisces about Former Mayor Griffin (2008-05-27)
Many Buffalo reporters are reminiscing about the long political career of former Mayor James Griffin who died on Sunday.

WBFO News Exclusive: Jimmy Griffin in His Own Words (2008-05-25)
Former Buffalo Mayor James Griffin died early Sunday at the age of 78. A statement from the Catholic Health System says Griffin died peacefully with his family at his side at Father Baker Manor in Orchard Park.

Former Buffalo Mayor James Griffin Dies (2008-05-25)
Former Buffalo Mayor James Griffin died early Sunday at the age of 78. A statement from the Catholic Health System says Griffin died peacefully with his family at his side at Father Baker Manor in Orchard Park.

Former Buffalo Mayor James Griffin Dies (2008-05-25)
Former Buffalo Mayor James Griffin died Sunday. He was 78. Griffin died at Father Baker Manor in Orchard Park after a brief illness. Some friends who are close to Griffin tell WBFO News he recently suffered a stroke.

McKinley Student Suspended Again (2008-05-23)
As fallout and reaction continue from the McKinley High School report, the student at the center of the controversy has been suspended again. Jayvonna Kincannon is said to have struck a teacher during a basketball game at the high school on Wednesday.

Mayor Kicks Off Summer Reading Challenge (2008-05-23)
Mayor Byron Brown has issued his annual summer reading challenge to students across the Buffalo area. Brown appeared at the city's Waterfront School Thursday to kick off the program.

Superintendent at St. Mary's School for the Deaf to Leave (2008-05-23)
Turmoil at St. Mary's School for the Deaf could be ending. WBFO News learned Friday afternoon that embattled Superintendent Bill Johnson will leave his post at the end of the current school year.

American Axle Employees Ratify Contract (2008-05-23)
Union members will be back at work next week at two Buffalo area American Axle factories.

Mayor Seeks Power to Appoint Some School Board Members (2008-05-23)
Buffalo Mayor Byron says he would like have mayoral appointments on the city school board. Brown offered his views while being asked to weigh in on the controversy surrounding McKinley High School, its principal and the city schools superintendent.

Preservationists Say New Plaza Design Must be Found (2008-05-23)
The National Trust for Historic Preservation is throwing its weight behind the fight to halt the proposed peace bridge plaza expansion.

Theatre Talk: Friday, May 23, 2008 (2008-05-23)
Jim offers belated birthday greetings to Tony, as they discuss the theater awards season.

Lucy's Personal Secretary Remembers the Famous Comedienne (2008-05-23)
It's become a Memorial Day weekend tradition -- Lucy-Desi Days in Jamestown. A number of activities are planned this weekend, including appearances by people who worked with the legendary Lucille Ball.

Falletta to Receive ASCAP Award (2008-05-22)
Locally loved and nationally known conductor JoAnn Falletta is getting yet another honor. The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers will present Falletta with a prestigious ASCAP award Thursday in New York.

Twenty Wishes Author Making A Reader's Wish Come True (2008-05-22)
Author Debbie Macomber has been selling millions of books and touching hearts for years with her popular and inspiring novels. The best-selling author has more than 100 works of fiction, including the Blossom Street and Cedar Cove series. Macomber is in town Thursday and Friday. And she's offering a chance to make a reader's wish come true.

Buffalo Avenues: Music Man and Tavern Owner Duane Hall (2008-05-22)
You may not realize it, but a lot of the great Americana music produced in Buffalo comes from one studio in the Black Rock area. Buffalo Avenues Producer Kenny Macdonald has this profile of Duane Hall, a music man, tavern owner and ambitious producer.

School Board Member Calls for Suspension of Superintendent and Other Administrators (2008-05-22)
The Buffalo School Board met Wednesday night, reviewing the recently released McKinley High School report regarding the excessive suspension of student Jayvonna Kincannon.

Roswell Park Honored for Quality of Care in Treating Complex and Rare Cancers (2008-05-22)
The Roswell Park Cancer Institute is being recognized for the quality of its care in treating complex and rare cancers.

Wednesday Night Concert with the Jony James Band (2008-05-22)
Jony James plays live in WBFO's Allen Hall Theatre on May 21st, 2008.

Governor Paterson Treated for Acute Glaucoma in Left Eye (2008-05-21)
Governor David Paterson was diagnosed with acute glaucoma in his left eye Tuesday and underwent an outpatient laser procedure.

County Democrats Endorse Sedita for DA (2008-05-21)
The announcement that Frank Clark would not seek reelection to a fourth term as Erie County District Attorney has suddenly made the campaign a wide open race.

Attorney General Cracks Down on Fraudulent Windshield Repair Company (2008-05-21)
The State Attorney General put the brakes on a former operator of an auto glass repair company in Amherst from collecting on past claims.

Oishei Rolls Out New Strategy for Strengthening WNY (2008-05-21)
The region's largest philanthropic organization is taking a more activist role in the community. The John R. Oishei Foundation Tuesday rolled out its new mission, and the strategic plan it hopes will accomplish its goal of creating a more stable community.

Local American Axle Workers Vote to Ratify New Contract (2008-05-21)
More than 80 percent of union members who work at American Axle plants in the Buffalo area have voted to ratify a new contract that would end a three month strike.

Voters Approve Vast Majority of School Budgets (2008-05-21)
Record levels of state aid are being credited with the approval of nearly all local school district budgets in voting Tuesday.

Teacher Sentenced for Sexual Relations with Student (2008-05-21)
A former Sacred Heart Academy High School teacher will serve three to nine years in prison for having sex with a 16-year-old student.

Joint Hospital Board Waits for Help from Albany (2008-05-21)
The joint board overseeing hospital consolidation in western new york could get some additional authority soon from Albany lawmakers. A pending law would take away the Erie County Medical Center's say over its own fate.

Commentary: Godfather Fred (2008-05-20)
We often hear stories in these listener-commentary segments where the writer shares a pleasant memory of a loved one. But this morning, Listener-Commentator John Kolaga tells us about a not-so-loved relative.

Siena Poll Finds Gas Prices are Sucking up Family Finances (2008-05-20)
Most New Yorkers surveyed reported that soaring gas prices are hitting their family finances pretty hard. That is according to a new poll released yesterday by the Siena Research Institute.

Many American Axle Workers Not Pleased with Contract (2008-05-20)
Many local striking American Axle workers said they were not happy with a tentative contract deal.

School Budget Voting Tuesday (2008-05-20)
Record levels of state aid for New York schools should translate into lots of yes votes on school district budgets Tuesday. But there are some potential negatives that could effect voting as well.

UAW Region 9 Leader Discusses American Axle Deal (2008-05-20)
One of the leaders of the United Auto Workers Region 9 in Amherst talked to reporters about the proposed American Axle contract.

Buffalo Behind in Green Jobs (2008-05-19)
Buffalo still lags behind most cities in pulling out of its blue collar industrial past. And now local wind energy advocates say the region is falling behind in the race for so-called green collar jobs.

Wednesday Night Concert with Here Come the Comets (2008-05-19)
Here Come the Comets plays live in Allen Hall for WBFO's Wednesday Night Free Concert Series.

Buffalo Avenues Vol 32: Mamapalooza, Casperious Vine, The Innocent Bystanders (2008-05-19)
In this episode of our exciting adventures: Alex Kelly goes to the mother of all rock concerts: Mamapalooza Alison Zero meets with Casperious Vine, a Kaleidoscopic acoustic quartet at Nietzsche's Kenny interviews Buffalo pop sensation, The Innocent Bystanders. Kevin Sampson reveals the source of the name and who the girl is in the video. All that, your local music calendar and more, this week on Buffalo Avenues

Elbaneh Back in Yemen Jail (2008-05-19)
Officials with the United States Attorney's office in Buffalo are not commenting on the arrest of suspected terrorist Jaber Elbaneh. According to the Washington Post, the at-large member of the Lackawanna Six was jailed Sunday in Yemeni.

Meet the Author: David Hajdu, Mon 5/19/2008 (2008-05-19)
David Hajdu - The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic-Book Scare and How It Changed America

Theatre Talk: Friday, May 16, 2008 (2008-05-16)
Was Jim really there for the 1892 setting for Charlie's Aunt?

Buffalo Actor Begins Sketching Van Gogh (2008-05-16)
A Buffalo actor sets out for Holland next week on a creative journey to uncover the man behind the canvas of Vincent Van Gogh. Earlier this year, performer David Oliver received the Fendrick Theatre award to research and produce a one-man show about the colorful artist. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with Oliver and will follow his creative process to discover theatre art in the making.

Bishop Kmiec Talks about New Committees (2008-05-16)
The Buffalo Catholic Diocese has established two separate committees, one to deal with vacant church properties, the other with parish finances.

Erie County Four-Year Plan Rejected (2008-05-16)
The Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority Thursday rejected Erie County Executive Chris Collin's first four year plan.

Erie County Four-Year Plan Rejected (2008-05-16)
The Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority Thursday rejected Erie County Executive Chris Collin's first four year plan.

Erie County Four-Year Plan Rejected (2008-05-16)
The Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority Thursday rejected Erie County Executive Chris Collin's first four year plan.

New Fire House Under Construction (2008-05-15)
Construction is underway for a brand new fire house in the Bailey-Genesee neighborhood.

Governor Signs Bill that Cracks Down on Internet Predators (2008-05-15)
Governor David Paterson signed a bill into law Wednesday aimed at keeping children safe on the Internet.

Western New York Working to Halt Human Trafficking (2008-05-15)
Western New Yorkers were shocked in December when a police sting closed down several massage parlors operating a sex slavery business. But members of the local human trafficking task force say no one should be surprised. Members of the task force and others gathered Wednesday to begin educating the public on who is being victimized and what is being done to stop it.

Governor Paterson Addresses Economic Development Upstate (2008-05-15)
It appears more and more likely that Governor David Paterson will reunite the Empire State Development Corporation under a single leader. He addressed the issue during a news conference in Albany Wednesday.

New City Surveillance Camera Nabs Suspects (2008-05-15)
A new city surveillance camera led to the arrests of five burglary suspects just hours after it was installed.

Burmese Refugees in Buffalo Talk about Cyclone in Myanmar (2008-05-14)
Burmese refugees living in Buffalo are organizing a fundraiser to help aid family, friends and victims of the cyclone that hit Myanmar.

Mayor Plants Tree with Second Graders (2008-05-14)
Second graders at Nardin Academy in Buffalo welcomed Mayor Byron Brown to their school Tuesday.

The Potential of Wind Energy in Western New York (2008-05-14)
Hundreds of energy and environment stakeholders from across the Great Lakes region, including Canada, were in Buffalo recently for the first annual Great Lakes wind collaborative. The two-day conference brought policy-makers and advocates together to talk about ways to promote the wind power industry as a sustainable energy alternative.

Suspect in Armed Standoff Faces Several Charges (2008-05-14)
The man involved in Monday night's armed standoff with police on the Niagara section of the Thruway is facing a laundry list of charges.

UB Asian Studies Director Follows Earthquake Aftermath (2008-05-14)
The director of the Asian Studies program at the University at Buffalo is closely monitoring the recovery from Monday's earthquake in China. Kristen Stapleton specializes in Chinese urban history and is most familiar with the city of Chengdu, the quake's epicenter.

Play Brings Memory Loss into Joyful Focus (2008-05-13)
Spending time at her grandmother's home in South Buffalo created lasting memories for Buffalo native Kali Quinn. But Quinn slowly watched the grandmother she once knew fade away as her own memories faded from Alzheimer's disease. Now, the Vermont based artist brings that poignant story to the stage in a one person show, called "Vamping." It opens tonight at Road Less Traveled Theatre.

Donohue Found Guilty of Murder (2008-05-13)
Dennis Donohue has been convicted of killing a Buffalo woman 15 years ago.

Commentary: Will Spring Bring Renewal This Year? (2008-05-13)
Spring is a time for renewal and optimism. Listener-Commentator Bernadette Ruof says she won't let the troubles we face this spring deter her spirit of renewal.

Clark Will Not Seek Re-Election as DA (2008-05-13)
Erie County District Attorney Frank Clark says he will not run for re-election. The three-term incumbent made the announcement during a news conference late Monday afternoon.

Intense Stand Off on 190 Ends without Incident (2008-05-13)
A stand off along the Niagara Section of the Thruway ended peacefully Monday night in Buffalo.

Regents Chancellor Received Prestigious UB Award (2008-05-12)
New York State Regents Chancellor Robert Bennett received one of UB's most prestigious awards Sunday.

Mike Wallace is now 90: Former Buffalo Broadcaster remembers his early years (2008-05-12)
Last Friday retired CBS newsman Mike Wallace celebrated his 90th birthday.

Buffalo Rising: A New Waterfront Attraction and More (2008-05-12)
The opening of a new waterfront attraction is a couple of weeks away. Some UB architectural students buy a Niagara Street home for one dollar. And a conversation about race with our friends from Buffalo Rising.

State Comptroller Proposes Fund for Future Retiree Health Care Costs (2008-05-12)
New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli said governments need to act now to make sure there is enough money for the health care costs of future retirees. He is proposing an investment fund.

Buffalo Avenues 31- Jackson Rohm, The Homophones, Caribou, Thought (2008-05-10)
This week on a very scolarly Buffalo Avenues: Alison Zero interviews Dundas Ontario indi-rocker, Doctor Daniel Snaith, otherwise known as Caribou. Jamestown native Jackson Rohm, Thought and bi-costal band, the Homophones.

Police Officer Fired, Attorneys Plan Appeal (2008-05-09)
A suspended Buffalo police officer was fired Thursday.

Erie County Lawmakers Reject Capital Borrowing (2008-05-09)
Erie county residents still will be facing some bumpy and broken roads for awhile. The Erie County Legislature Thursday rejected a capital bond package to pay for the much-needed work.

Dancing Romeo and Juliet (2008-05-09)
One of Shakespeare's most enduring love stories will be performed Saturday night.

Alumnus Donates $5 Million for New Pharmacy School Building (2008-05-09)
UB's new pharmacy building on the South Campus got a $5 million boost Friday from a loyal graduate of the Pharmacy School.

Williams Discusses Candidacy for Memphis Job (2008-05-09)
Buffalo Schools Superintendent James Williams held a news conference Thursday afternoon to talk about becoming a finalist for a job in the Memphis City School District.

Local Leaders Learn What It's Like to Live in Poverty (2008-05-09)
Advocates for the homeless gathered in Buffalo Thursday to challenge local elected leaders to do something about the city's high rate of poverty.

Theatre Talk: Friday, May 9, 2007 (2008-05-09)
Jim sees a moving performance of Verdi's Requiem at Kleinhans Music Hall.

Bloch Rodwin Confirmed as Erie County Court Judge (2008-05-08)
Lisa Bloch Rodwin received unanimous State Senate confirmation to serve as an Erie County Family Court Judge.

Buffalo Schools Superintendent in Line for Memphis Job (2008-05-08)
Buffalo Schools Superintendent James Williams is under consideration for a new job.

Transportation Services Cooperating to Limit Gas Impact (2008-05-08)
Soaring gas prices are driving local transportation services together. Dozens of officials, private and not for profit agencies gathered in Buffalo Thursday to talk about more efficient ways to provide transportation to the elderly and disabled.

Wednesday Night Concerts at WBFO with Joseph Mulhollen and Rebecca Ryskalczyk (2008-05-08)
This is the two-artist premier for WBFO's Wednesday Night Concert Series featuring: Joseph Mulhollen is a self-taught singer and gutarist, originally from Alfred, NY who now calls Buffalo home. He ahs released two records independently- Polar in 2002 and From Underneath a Nightcap in 2006. Also tonight, Folk wunderkind Rebecca Ryskalczyk, a precocious 19-year-old who writes and sings with wisdom and emotional depth well beyond her years.

Missing Newfane Girl Found (2008-05-08)
A missing toddler from Newfane has been found safe and sound.

Subversive Theatre Tackles Social Change with Nickel and Dimed (2008-05-07)
In her shocking book about life as a low income worker, Barbara Ehrenreich told what it was like to be Nickel and Dimed in America. Although riveting, her undercover experiment living as a member of the working poor was far from a fun read. The play adaptation doesn't offer much entertainment either. But the revealing and hard hitting tale was exactly the subject matter that Buffalo's Subversive Theatre strives to bring to its audiences.

Cummins Incorporated Leader to Speak in Buffalo (2008-05-07)
As some auto manufactures in the Western New York region struggle to keep up with the global economy, one area facility is actually doing very well.

Students Hold Vocabulary Parade (2008-05-07)
Some students at a local charter school brought their vocabulary lesson to the streets.

Architecture Professor Says Peace Bridge Objections Not Trivial (2008-05-07)
A leading professor of architecture at the University at Buffalo says the objections raised by federal and state agencies about the impact of an expanded Peace Bridge are not trivial.

Home Contractor Jailed for Violating Court Order (2008-05-07)
A Buffalo area contractor who defied a court order barring him from the home construction business is now in jail.

One of Lackawanna Six Out of Jail (2008-05-06)
Fasal Galab is the first of the so-called Lackawanna Six to be released from federal prison. A Federal Bureau of Prisons spokesperson confirmed that Galab was transferred on April 29th to a half way house in Detroit.

Mayor Wants to Create Police Auxiliary (2008-05-06)
Public safety continues to be a top priority of the Brown Administration.

Erie County Republican Lawmakers Want New Parks Deal (2008-05-06)
Erie County Republican lawmakers say county parks are suffering because the parks agreement with Buffalo is spreading resources too thin. The minority caucus Monday called for the parks contract to be renegotiated or terminated all together.

Poloncarz says Gasoline Tax Caps Benefit Oil Companies, Not Consumers (2008-05-06)
There are proposals at the county, state and federal levels to cap or temporarily eliminate taxes on gasoline. But Erie County Comptroller Mark Poloncarz says such efforts provide little relief to drivers and end up boosting oil company profits.

Media Mistakes Mount in Presidential Campaign (2008-05-06)
The media will be out in force Tuesday covering the Indiana and North Carolina presidential primaries. But just how well are they doing in what's turned out to be a marathon primary season.

Amherst Town Board Postpones Development Vote (2008-05-06)
The Amherst Town Board Monday night postponed its scheduled vote on a proposal for a controversial business development on Maple Road.

Commentary: In Praise of Cancer Care Nurses (2008-05-06)
Nurses across Western New York are celebrating their profession this week. Listener-Commentator Marcia Gruber has used past Nurses Week observances to talk about the important role of the nurse in health care. Today, she tells us about nurses who specialize in the care and treatment of cancer patients.

Book Sale Offers Bargains and Scholarships (2008-05-05)
For the past 54 years, used books have helped countless women and girls in Western new York pay for college. UB's branch of the American Association of University Women provides scholarships every year with money raised from its annual used book sale.

Warrant Squad Rounding up Housing Code Violators (2008-05-05)
Erie County officials say some housing violators in Buffalo are scurrying to make repairs and pay fines now that the county's warrant squad is back on the beat. Last week, housing court judge Henry Nowak and Sheriff Timothy Howard reported to the legislature on the surprising success of the squad.

Buffalo Rising: City Budget and Peace Bridge (2008-05-05)
The new city budget and the latest Peace Bridge controversy are our topics this morning as WBFO's Mark Scott sits down with our friends from Buffalo Rising.

Wilson High Parents Seek Answers in Hazing Incident (2008-05-02)
A meeting to discuss the recent allegations of hazing sexual abuse among Wilson high school baseball players was held at the school Thursday night. More than 600 people were in attendance.

Funeral Services for Jonathon Cote (2008-05-02)
A memorial Mass was held at a Clarence church Friday morning for a security contractor who was kidnapped and killed in Iraq.

Buffalo Avenues Volume 30 (2008-05-02)
In this episode, we catch up with Jayhawks frontman Mark Olson and the Stone Hearts.

Theatre Talk: Friday, May 2, 2008 (2008-05-02)
Can you tell me how to get to Avenue Q?

American Axle's Tonawanda Forge Plant May Be Closed (2008-05-02)
A deal that could end the American Axle strike would reportedly shut down the Tonawanda Plant.

Benderson Revises Plans for Former Gun Club (2008-05-02)
Benderson Development hopes its new plans for the old Buffalo shooting Club in Amherst will finally meet the town's approval. But residents say it is still the wrong development, at the wrong time and in the wrong place.

ECMC, County Sue State Health Department (2008-05-01)
The Erie County Medical Center and the county itself have filed suit against the State Health Department over the proposed merger between ECMC and Kaleida.

Artspace Settles in with First Exhibit (2008-05-01)
Artspace residents have unpacked the boxes, hung the paintings on the walls, and are ready for company. The public is invited to come see their first resident art show, "Unpacking Artspace," Friday night at the Artspace Gallery. It features the work of more than 35 artists from the Artspace Buffalo community.

State Republicans Push Gas Tax Suspension (2008-05-01)
Republicans in the State Legislature unveiled a bill Wednesday that would suspend the state tax on a gallon of gas to give New Yorkers a much-needed break at the pumps.

County Republicans Now Supporting Christopher Lee for Congress (2008-05-01)
Republicans don't like primaries. That was clearly evident yesterday when the top brass of the Erie County GOP helped Amherst businessman Christopher Lee officially launch his candidacy less than 48 hours after they were supporting someone else.

Bike Path Rapist Task Force Honored (2008-05-01)
The members of the Bike Path Rapist Task Force were honored Wednesday at the annual Law Day Luncheon in downtown Buffalo.

Wednesday Night Concert Series with Love Parade (2008-05-01)
Love Parade started out in Fredonia, NY just over six years ago when singer/guitarist Jason Sallese began recording pop songs in his bedroom. Their sound is psychedelic but their compassionate lyrics & sonic grit keep them tethered to the earth.

Time Warner Considers Spin Off of Cable Unit (2008-05-01)
Time Warner executives are planning to spin off the company's cable television unit. Time Warner provides cable TV service to much of the region.

None of the Congressional Hopefuls in 26th District Holds Elective Office (2008-05-01)
The race for the 26th congressional district seat being vacated by Republican Tom Reynolds could be unlike any other in recent history. None of the current candidates holds elective office.

Massachusetts Avenue Project to Create Food Center (2008-05-01)
A West Side community project is offering solutions to the rising cost of food and energy.

Opening Arguments in Donohue Trial (2008-04-30)
Opening argument were heard in Erie County Court Tuesday in the trial of Dennis Donohue. He was charged last fall with the 1993 strangulation death of Joan Giambra after investigators said they matched his DNA to old crime scene evidence.

Wilson High Baseball Coaches Arrested in Hazing Incident (2008-04-30)
The varsity and junior varsity baseball coaches at Wilson High School were arrested Tuesday and charged with endangering the welfare of a child, in connection with a recent alleged sexual abuse of some players on the team bus.

Congressional Report Links Cigarette Smuggling to Terrorist Funding (2008-04-30)
A congressional report released Tuesday suggests that cigarette smuggling on Indian reservations rakes in tens of millions of dollars a year, with some of that money being transferred to Middle East terror groups.

BPO Chorus Presents Tribute to Schaechter's Defiant Requiem (2008-04-30)
This Sunday, the Buffalo Philharmonic Chorus and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra join to present an emotional musical remembrance of the holocaust. They will perform Verdi's Defiant Requiem in tribute to Rafael Schaechter and his brave concerts at Terezin.

Maria Sebastian Interview (2008-04-30)
Buffalo native and singer/songwriter Maria Sebastian joins Kenny Macdonald in the WBFO studios, chats about her musical career and plays some of her latest, unreleased tunes.

Commentary: The Orwell Awards (2008-04-29)
Hello. It's time again to honor the political hypocrites in our midst with this year's George Orwell Awards, inspired by Animal Farm and 1984. Even as we speak the golden piglets wallow in the mud in the ceremonial pig pen, just waiting to sully the hands of the eminently deserving.

FBI Busts National Gang with Buffalo Area Ties (2008-04-29)
The FBI's Safe Streets Task Force busted up a violent national gang operating in the Buffalo area Tuesday.

Republican Leaders Pick Lee for Congress, Corwin Announces for Assembly (2008-04-29)
Regional Republican leaders have voted to support Christopher Lee's candidacy for the congressional seat being vacated by the retirement of Thomas Reynolds.

Restaurants Welcome New Customers to Dine Out for Life (2008-04-29)
Rather than warm up leftovers tonight, area restaurateurs are hoping people will join them for "Dining Out for Life." The annual event raises money for AIDS Community and AIDS Family Services. And there are benefits for the restaurants too.

Southwest Airlines Adds Some New Buffalo Flights (2008-04-29)
Southwest Airlines is adding some more flights out of the Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

UB Finance Professor Lewis Mandell Expects People Will Spend Rebate Checks (2008-04-29)
Federal tax rebates began arriving yesterday for those taxpayers who opted for direct deposit. President Bush is hoping these rebates will stimulate a struggling economy.

Three Wilson High School Students Charged in Hazing Incident (2008-04-29)
State Police continue to investigate an alleged hazing incident involving students from Wilson High School.

City Denies "Red Tape" in Children's Hospital Expansion (2008-04-28)
Recently Local 1199 of the Service Employees International Union launched a radio ad campaign that said City Hall red tape and bureaucracy was delaying reconstruction of Women's and Children's Hospital.

Buffalo Rising: Living in Buffalo by Choice (2008-04-28)
Marti Gorman is a free-lance journalist who once reported from Columbia. She's lived in a number of other cities. But Marti says she's now a "Buffalonian by Choice."

Buffalo Avenues Vol 29- Mike Meldrum, 12/8 Path Band/ Maria Sebastian (2008-04-28)
In this episode of our exciting adventures: Alison Zero meets with buffalo music institution, Michael Meldrum, host of the longest running open mic night in Buffalo. Alex Kelly interviews the 12/8 path band...we'll find out what 12, 8 and path all mean. I chat with our featured performer tonight, Buffalo west side native Maria Sebastian. She plays some previously unrecorded tunes and a few favorites. All that, your local music calendar, and more coming this week on Buffalo Avenues.

Kaleida Investing Millions at Hospital Slated for Closure (2008-04-28)
Kaleida is getting millions of dollars of state aid to shutter Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital. But over the last several months, Kaleida has spent nearly two million dollars on aesthetic improvements at the fated hospital.

Thruway Authority Board Approves Toll Increase (2008-04-25)
The New York State Thruway Authority Board has approved another toll increase that will raise about $375 million over the next three years.

Erie County Joins NY-ALERT System (2008-04-25)
Erie County will become a part of statewide hazard notification system. County residents will now be able to subscribe, free of charge, to a web-based system that provides emergency information.

Theatre Talk: Friday, April 25, 2008 (2008-04-25)
Jim and Tony were away this week, so there is no Theatre Talk.

Jonathon Cote's Family Suspects He Was Tortured (2008-04-25)
The family of Jonathon Cote of Amherst is determined to find out who is responsible for their son's death.

Bogosian Takes the Road Less Traveled (2008-04-25)
Award-winning actor and playwright Eric Bogosian was in Buffalo this week giving a boost to one of his plays and to the theatre producing it. Bogosian was named the first Theatre Master for Road Less Traveled Productions', American Theatre Masters series. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak sat down with Bogosian at the theatre and talked with him about his dual careers.

Millard Filllmore Suburban Hospital Expansion Nearly Complete (2008-04-25)
Kaleida Thursday provided a sneak preview of its $65 million plus expansion of Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital. The expansion comes even while the debate over consolidating health care in Western New York rages on.

Buffalo Avenues: Musician Mike Meldrum (2008-04-24)
Almost every Monday night for more than a quarter of a century, some of the region's most seasoned and nascent musicians, alike, have had a place to call home under the spotlight.

Wednesday Night Concert with Creek Bend, April 23, 2008 (2008-04-24)
Creek Bend is a Buffalo-based bluegrass band that's been together for over 25 years. Creek Bend is the lead local voice of bluegrass - they're ambassadors of the genre here in Western New York. They're top-notch musicians with exceptional technique and style.

Impact of Campaign Humor on Our Democracy (2008-04-24)
The late night comics are relentless when it comes to making fun of the presidential candidates. But is this constant ribbing tainting the way Americans view their politicians.

No Disciplinary Action following McKinley High Probe (2008-04-24)
There is no need for disciplinary action against any teachers or administrators at McKinley High School.

Roswell Park Addresses Disparities in Cancer Rates among Minorities (2008-04-24)
Officials at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute are addressing what they say are disparities in cancer rates among racial and ethnic minority groups.

Peace Corps Recruiting Older Americans (2008-04-24)
Representatives of the Peace Corps are in the Buffalo area recruiting people who are at the end of their careers than at the beginning.

Jonathon Cote's Body Identified (2008-04-23)
The body of Jonathon Cote has been identified. The Cote family of Amherst was notified by U-S officials Wednesday.

Buffalo Avenues Vol 28: April 18, 2008- The Genuflektors, Family FUNKtion and Sitar Jamz, West of Odessa (2008-04-23)
On this week's Buffalo Avenues...three totally unique acts in Buffalo. We'll head down to Nietzsche's to catch regular tuesday night minstrals, The Genuflektors. We'll discover the source of their being and their number one asked question. Alex Kelly interviews the three brothers who make up Family FUNKtion and Sitar Jamz. I'll talk to husband and wife klezmer duo West of Odessa. a Buffalo Chips update and your local music calendar up next on Buffalo Avenues.

Public Gets Second Swing at UB's Proposed Master Plan (2008-04-23)
UB invited people to come critique the emerging master plan. And they came. The giant atrium of the Center for the Arts was almost not large enough to hold them all. The day-long event was the second open forum on planning for all three campuses.

Astronaut Gene Cernan Reflects on Moon Walk during Earth Day Appearance in Buffalo (2008-04-23)
The last man to walk on the moon, retired Astronaut Eugene Cernan, spent Earth Day in Buffalo, where he talked to students about the importance of preserving the planet.

Cameras as Crime Fighting Tool (2008-04-23)
City leaders say high tech surveillance cameras are helping to fight crime.

Kurtz Hails Judge's Ruling a Victory for all Americans (2008-04-23)
For the first time in four years, UB art professor Steven Kurtz is not planning how to prove his innocence. Unites States District Judge Richard Arcara this week dismissed all federal charges against the man once accused of being a bio-terrorist. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with Kurtz about his ordeal, and about what the court victory means for him and other Americans.

Buffalo Avenues Vol 28: April 18, 2008- The Genuflektors, Family FUNKtion and Sitar Jamz, West of Odessa (2008-04-23)
On this week's Buffalo Avenues...three totally unique acts in Buffalo. We'll head down to Nietzsche's to catch regular tuesday night minstrals, The Genuflektors. We'll discover the source of their being and their number one asked question. Alex Kelly interviews the three brothers who make up Family FUNKtion and Sitar Jamz. I'll talk to husband and wife klezmer duo West of Odessa. a Buffalo Chips update and your local music calendar up next on Buffalo Avenues.

Best of Buffalo Avenues 6: April 23, 2008- Joseph Mulhollen, The Genuflektors, A Hotel Nourishing (2008-04-23)
In this best of show we'll hear great local music from local artists featuring Joseph Mulhollen, the Genuflektors and A Hotel Nourishing.

Federal Judge Dismisses Charges against Kurtz (2008-04-22)
A four-year long war between the art community and the government could be over. A federal judge Monday dismissed all charges of mail and wire fraud against UB art professor Steven Kurtz.

Commentary: Tired (2008-04-22)
Tuesday is the presidential primary in Pennsylvania. The outcome may be very important to the Democratic candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. But listener-commentator Paul Wieland says he's opting out of the presidential campaign and the war in Iraq.

Wednesday Night Concert with Flatbed (2008-04-22)
Flatbed played live in Allen Hall for WBFO's Wednesday Night Free Concert Series.

Meet the Author: Scott E. Casper, Tue 4/22/2008 (2008-04-22)
Scott E. Casper - Sarah Johnson's Mount Vernon: The Forgotten History of an American Shrine

Thousands Carpool, Bike or Take the Bus on This Earth Day (2008-04-22)
Many people are observing this Earth Day by carpooling, biking or using public transportation. But the bigger question is whether they will be doing the same thing tomorrow.

Mayor Brown & Senator Schumer Rooting for Hillary (2008-04-22)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown and U-S Senator Charles Schumer are keeping a close watch on today's Pennsylvania primary against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Regents Chancellor Explores Removal of Buffalo School Board Members (2008-04-22)
New York State Board of Regents Chancellor Robert Bennett is considering intervention into Buffalo school operations, including the possibility of replacing all nine members of the Buffalo Board of Education.

Addressing High Rate of Uemployment Among African American Men (2008-04-22)
U-S Senator Schumer issued a call to action to deal with the high rate of unemployment among African American men in Buffalo and across the nation.

"Aqua Kids" Visits Buffalo Zoo's River Otters (2008-04-22)
The Buffalo Zoo's river otters are getting their fifteen minutes of fame. Actually, about 24 minutes. The national, children's environmental TV show, "Aqua Kids" filmed the otters Monday for a future episode.

Foresters Cool on Silver Maples (2008-04-21)
The Silver Maple might not only be an endangered species on three streets in Amherst. Some urban foresters have Silver Maples on a so-called "hit list" of trees to eliminate from the urban and suburban landscape.

Buffalo Rising: Washington Market and CPO Club (2008-04-21)
A downtown market has a new owner. And a waterfront landmark is in danger of being torn down. It's Monday and that means it's time for our Buffalo Rising roundtable.

Tree Removal Resumes in Amherst (2008-04-19)
A controversial tree cutting plan in Amherst resumed Friday afternoon. A judge lifted the injunction issued earlier this week that halted the removal of trees along Burroughs Drive, Burbank and Audubon in Amherst.

Theatre Talk: Fri. April 18, 2008 (2008-04-18)
Theatre Critics Jim Santella and Anthony Chase share their thoughts about the Buffalo area theater scene.

UB March Increases Awareness of Threat Women Face (2008-04-18)
A group of male students at the University at Buffalo donned women's shoes Thursday for the third annual "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" march at UB.

Attorney General Waiting for Facts in School Board Ethics Matter (2008-04-18)
An alleged ethics violations on the Buffalo Board of Education could be reviewed by New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. The Board President is calling for a state investigation into the leaking of sensitive information from a closed executive session of the board last January.

Batavia VA Advances Progressive Women's PTSD Program (2008-04-18)
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has been a part of war for as long as history has recorded war. Over the centuries, PTSD was known by many names, from "Battle Fatigue" to "Soldier's Heart." In part two of our series on the local VA's approach to the problem, WBFO takes a look at one of the only women's residential PTSD programs. The house in Batavia is where women vets find healing for their distinctive soldier's heart.

WNY Home Health Care Industry being Probed (2008-04-18)
A statewide probe into the home health care industry is reaching into the Buffalo region. At his Buffalo office Thursday, State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced that subpoenas were issued to seven local home healthcare providers.

Local Nun Travels to See Pope (2008-04-18)
Many Western New York faithful are heading to New York City for the visit of Pope Benedict.

UB Creates Institute for Jewish Thought, Heritage and Culture (2008-04-17)
The University at Buffalo hopes to become one of the world's leading academic centers for Jewish thought and culture.

Buffalo Honored for Tree Effort, Judge Stops Amherst Cutting (2008-04-17)
The National Arbor Day Foundation is recognizing the City of Buffalo and a local group for their efforts to replant trees following a devastating storm in October 2006.

Board of Education May Seek State Probe of Executive Session Leak (2008-04-17)
The Buffalo Board of Education is expected to seek a state investigation into the leaking of sensitive information from a closed executive session of the board last January.

WNY VA Residential Programs Target PTSD Surge (2008-04-17)
There is a surge of a different kind associated with the Iraq War. Cases of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are skyrocketing. Thursday and Friday, WBFO will go behind the doors of two unique residential treatment programs for male and female veterans, run by the Buffalo VA Medical Center in Batavia.

NEWCO Heart Center on the Drawing Board (2008-04-17)
The Erie County Medical Center is still sitting out of the process. But plans are moving forward anyhow to build a world class heart center at the Buffalo Medical campus.

Immigration Smuggling Uncovered in WNY (2008-04-17)
Federal agents smashed an immigration smuggling ring in Western New York and four other states Wednesday.

Laptop Computer with Sensitive Information Stolen from Buffalo State (2008-04-17)
Buffalo State administrators say a lap-top computer containing sensitive information from current and former students has been stolen.

Disparity between Awareness and Action in Advance Health Care Planning (2008-04-16)
Univera Healthcare is releasing a survey of upstate residents Wednesday about their level of advance health care planning.

New Hospital Board Moves Ahead with Plans for Downtown Heart Center (2008-04-16)
The state appointed board overseeing the collaboration of Kaleida and ECMC said Wednesday it's moving forward with controversial plans for a world class heart center.

A Call for More History at Erie Canal Terminus (2008-04-16)
Phase one of construction at the historic Erie Canal Terminus in downtown Buffalo is almost complete.

Bellavia Files Papers for Congressional Race Amidst Controversy over Remarks (2008-04-16)
There were a couple of developments Tuesday in the race to succeed Tom Reynolds in the 26th congressional district. They include a Republican hopeful who took the first step toward a possible run despite making some controversial comments last week.

Bills 2008 Schedule Includes Toronto as Site of Miami Game (2008-04-16)
Some Buffalo Bills fans who were hoping to watch the team "Squish the Fish" in Orchard Park this year will have to travel to Canada.

Hochul Decides against Congressional Run (2008-04-15)
Erie County Clerk Kathy Hochul announced Monday night that she will not be a candidate for the 26th Congressional District.

Brush Up Buffalo will Focuse on Lovejoy Neighborhood (2008-04-15)
A volunteer program that helps spruce up some homes in the City is returning for a brand new season.

Buffalo Zoo Elephants Moved to Ohio for Summer (2008-04-15)
You might say the Buffalo Zoo's three female Asian elephants are on vacation.

Commentary: Waterboarding (2008-04-15)
Anyone who has ever accidentally inhaled a bit of water at the beach or in the backyard swimming pool knows that waterboarding is torture. I find it stunning that anyone could think otherwise.

Foreclosures in Erie County Decline in 2007 (2008-04-15)
It appears Erie County is escaping the foreclosure crisis sweeping the rest of the nation.

Fair Housing Highlighted in April (2008-04-14)
Last year, more than 200 people in Western New York were rejected as tenants because of discrimination. April is National Fair Housing Awareness Month. And local housing advocates say people should know their rights and responsibilities under the law.

Buffalo Avenues Volume 27- Ramforinkus, Kimya Dawson, Robbie Takac and Alex Kelly (2008-04-14)
In this episode of our exciting adventures, Alex Kelly visits with buffalo rock band Ramforinkus at a benefit event for Alt Theater Alison Zero meets Olympian Kimya Dawson, an anti-folky singer songwriter. Alex Kelly returns in the third half of the show and lets a special guest take over the interview.

Buffalo Rising: Cultural Walk of Fame, Plus Carl Paladino's Latest Building Purchases (2008-04-14)
A Buffalo lover of the arts has started a "cultural walk of fame." And is Carl Paladino a revered entrepreneur or villain? These are the topics we'll explore with our friends from Buffalo Rising.

Jump Starting More Economic Development in Buffalo (2008-04-14)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says the City did well in the newly approved State budget.

Theatre Talk: Friday, April 11, 2008 (2008-04-11)
The University at Buffalo is presenting Evita this weekend.

Support for Downtown Heart Center, Mercy Hospital Has Fewest Deaths from Angioplasty (2008-04-11)
The board overseeing the state-mandated merger of Kaleida Health and the Erie County Medical Center Thursday announced its support of merger-related plans for a new cardiac and vascular care center downtown.

Transformation of Former Dulski Building (2008-04-11)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown toured the former Dulski federal building on Delaware Avenue Thursday afternoon.

Rath Hopes to Pass Torch to Ranzenhofer (2008-04-11)
New York State Senator Mary Lou Rath was on hand Thursday to give her would-be successor a boost. Erie County lawmaker Mike Ranzenhofer formally announced his candidacy.

Sabres Management Looks to Improve Young Team (2008-04-11)
Buffalo Sabres management met with reporters at HSBC Arena Thursday.

New Book Promotes Sister Karen's Peace Message (2008-04-11)
It has been two years since Sister Karen Klimczak was murdered by a parolee at the Bissonnette House in Buffalo -- a place where the nun devoted herself to promoting non-violence.

American Axle Rejects UAW Proposal (2008-04-11)
American Axle has rejected the latest proposal from the United Auto Workers. The company issued a statement Friday saying the union's proposed deal was not cost competitive.

Author Charles Halpern Talks About Making Waves (2008-04-10)
Buffalo native, attorney and author Charles Halpern returns to his hometown tonight to share what he's learned about melding activism and meditation. The author of Making Waves and Riding the Currents speaks at Talking Leaves Books Thursday night at 7:00 PM.

Wednesday Night Concert with Lazlo Hollyfeld (2008-04-10)
The four-piece jam band, Lazlo Hollyfeld, rocked Allen Hall on Wednesday, April 9th.

Angry Discovery School Parents Confront School Board Members (2008-04-10)
Several parents of students at Discovery School 67 were at Wednesday night's Board of Education meeting in City Hall to find out more about the alleged fondling of an autistic child by a teacher's aide last November.

Bishop Kmiec to Attend Papal Events during Benedict's US Visit (2008-04-10)
Buffalo's Catholic Bishop Edward Kmiec will attend two events associated with next week's visit to the United States by Pope Benedict.

City Launches Aggressive Smoke Detector Campaign (2008-04-10)
Every resident and business owner in the City of Buffalo is being asked to make sure they have smoke detectors.

Senecas Cooperate with ATF in Probe of Black Market Cigarette Sales (2008-04-10)
The Seneca Nation of Indians cooperated with federal agents in the investigation of illegal cigarette smuggling in the New York City area.

Buffalo Avenues: Maestro Henri Muhammad (2008-04-10)
The next generation of classical music students are gearing up for a free concert at the Buffalo and Erie County Library's Central Branch next weekend.

UB Keeps Its Eye on the Future (2008-04-09)
UB President John Simpson told about 2,300 university employees yesterday that the shake-up in Albany will not halt the university's long range plans.

Student Reporter Attacked in City Violence 40 Years Ago Shares His Story (2008-04-09)
Forty years ago today, Buffalo was gripped by violence, just like many other cities following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. And a student reporter at that time literally carries the scar from that violence.

State Budget Finally Approved (2008-04-09)
The State Senate and Assembly passed a $121.7 billion state budget Wednesday.

Buffalo Ranks at Top of List as Arts Destination (2008-04-09)
Buffalo is back on top as one of the nation's best places for the arts.

Gasoline Prices Hit Record Levels in Western New York (2008-04-08)
The average price of a gallon of gasoline has set a new record in the Buffalo area.

Buffalo Teachers Union Leader Not Buying Latest Allegations at McKinley (2008-04-08)
The head of the Buffalo teachers union says he doesn't believe the recent round of allegations against McKinley High School are true.

Dealing with Financial Worries and Stress (2008-04-08)
The deadline for completing your 2007 tax returns is a week from Tuesday. For some people, the tax deadline is just one of the factors making this one of the most stressful times of the year.

Commentary: Good Things Come to Those Who Wait (2008-04-08)
It's always nice to be vindicated, something that Listener-Commentator Christina Abt she experienced years after she criticized an American corporate icon.

Members of Local Construction Union Arrested (2008-04-08)
A dozen members of a local union are facing federal extortion and racketeering charges.

Sabres Packed up Gear Ending a Disappointing Season (2008-04-08)
The Buffalo Sabres packed up their gear at HSBC Arena Monday.

Buffalo Avenues Vol 26 -Trimania, Sitar Jamz, A Hotel Nourishing, Sleeping Kings of Iona, Brian Wheat (2008-04-07)
On this week's Buffalo Avenues scenes from trimania: Tango Lessons, DJ Sessions, Sitar Jamz, and indi-bands, art is flouishing I interview A hotel Nourishing Alex Kelly discusses the motivation behind Sleeping Kings of Iona... Buffalo Singer/songwriter Brian Wheat talks about his final show as resident musician at Mode resturant. Your local music calendar, plus Alison and I read your comments from the community page. All that and more this week on Buffalo Avenues.

Buffalo Rising: Are You Moving into the City? (2008-04-07)
If you're planning to move from the suburbs into the city of Buffalo, Buffalo Rising would like to find out why.

Lockport Man Inspired by Mom's Cancer Battle (2008-04-07)
A Lockport man inspired by his mother's battle with breast cancer is ready to hike one of the longest trails in the world.

Capozzi's Attorney Files $41 Million Lawsuit for Wrongful Imprisonment (2008-04-04)
A Buffalo man who spent two decades in prison for rapes he didn't commit is suing the state of New York for more than $40 million.

Jack Davis Sets Date to Launch Candidacy (2008-04-04)
Businessman Jack Davis of Akron says he has set a date to announce his run for Congress.

State Budget Delay Continues, Hoyt Says State Aid to Buffalo Will Increase (2008-04-04)
There's still no state budget in place, and lawmakers will likely work into next week in an effort to pass the $124 billion spending plan that was supposed to be approved by April 1st.

"Roadtrip Nation" Visits UB (2008-04-04)
An RV from the PBS series "Roadtrip Nation" visited the University at Buffalo campus Thursday. They were looking for students who are interested in becoming involved in what its organizers describe as a "movement."

Fire Claims Another Life in Buffalo (2008-04-04)
Buffalo recorded its second fatal fire this week. A 50-year-old man died when fire swept his home at 379 Herman Street near Best Street late Thursday night. The victim was identified as Michael Bryant.

UB Creates Archaeological Institute (2008-04-04)
The University at Buffalo is launching its new Institute for European and Mediterranean Archaeology this weekend. Archaeologists from around the world who specialize in the prehistory of Europe and the Mediterranean region have come to UB to participate.

Theatre Talk: Friday, April 4, 2008 (2008-04-04)
Good Morning Baltimore! Or, at least a hello from Jim and Tony as they talk about Hairspray coming to Shea's.

Clinical Trial Patient from Roswell Park (2008-04-04)
Roswell Park Cancer Institute has opened one of the nation's first oncology-specific clinical research centers.

County Union Leader Critical of Collins' Actions (2008-04-04)
Erie County Executive Chris Collins went public in his state of the county address about his plan to start union negotiations from scratch. But union leaders say Collins should be talking to them.

BTF Wants Parents to Pay Attention to their Kids (2008-04-03)
The head of the Buffalo Teachers Union is calling on parents to pay attention to their children.

Erie County Executive Address Tackles Status Quo (2008-04-03)
Erie County Executive Chris Collins gave his first state of the county address Wedday before a packed auditorium at the Albright Knox Art Gallery. Collins said there has been real progress during his first three months in office. But he said there needs to be much more.

Senecas Rally Against State Taxes (2008-04-03)
The Seneca Nation of Indians staged an anti-tax rally in downtown Buffalo yesterday.

Buffalo Avenues Volume 25- Jaye Bartel, Turkish Celebration, Dyngus Day, Wanda Jackson (2008-04-03)
In this edition of Buffalo Avenues, Kenny Macdonald talks to Jaye Bartel...the opening act at the Electric City Spectacular...the nightcap of music after the Small Press Book Fair earlier in the day. Alison Zero attends a celebration of Turkish culture. A special report on the Dyngus Day party at the Central Terminal. Wanda Jackson, Future of Music Coalition and more.

Buffalo Avenues: Future of Music Coalition (2008-04-03)
Usually, it is musicians up on stage providing entertainment. But Wednesday, musicians were in the audience as musician-advocates. The Future of Music Coalition brought their artists education road show to Kleinhans Music Hall.

Wednesday Night Concert with Floozie (2008-04-03)
Their most recent release, She Wants to Be Somebody, is full of highly melodic, well-written tunes that draw equally from British guitar pop and the fury of mid-Seventies rock and roll. We'll hear many of those songs - along with some unreleased tracks and Floozie favorites - tonight live in the Allen Hall Theatre with special guest host Anita West.

State Legislature Keeps Troopers in Schools, Critics Pan Secrecy (2008-04-03)
The painstaking process of approving a new state budget continued Wednesday in Albany.

Three Die in Early Morning House Fire (2008-04-02)
Three people died in an early morning house fire Wednesday in the city's Bailey-Kensington neighborhood.

Russian Ballet Troop at Center for the Arts (2008-04-02)
The St. Petersburg Ballet will perform Giselle Wednesday night at UB'S Center for the Arts.

City Control Board Deals with Opened Meeting Rules (2008-04-02)
The Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority is trying to hash out a dispute over open meeting laws.

Erie County Executive Gives First State of County Address (2008-04-02)
Erie County Executive Chris Collins will deliver his first state of the county address at 11:00 AM Wednesday morning. Collins says not to expect any startling or shocking announcements or pronouncements.

Accident Kills Tow Truck Driver (2008-04-02)
A tow truck operator is dead, and the driver of an SUV is facing charges after a fatal accident on the southbound I-190 in Tonawanda early Wednesday morning.

Holocaust Resource Center Turns 25 (2008-04-02)
Educating students about the horrific realities of the holocaust is essential to virtually every school curriculum. But there was a time when teachers in Western New York had few places to turn for the materials to help them convey the painful lesson. That's until a group of educators and holocaust experts founded the Holocaust Resource Center.

Collins Sees Real Progress in First Three Months (2008-04-02)
Erie County Executive Chris Collins gave his first state of the county address Wednesday morning before a packed auditorium at the Albright Knox Art Gallery.

Erie County Cuts Cell Phone Use (2008-04-02)
Hundreds of Erie County employees are getting disconnected from their cell phones. Erie County Executive Chris Collins Tuesday announced a 36 percent cut in cell phone use. But some of the projected savings is being questioned.

Pending State Budget Could Cost Erie County $1 Million (2008-04-01)
Despite much agreement on a proposed budget, state lawmakers missed the April 1 budget deadline. Some county officials see it as a chance to renegotiate a better formula for welfare funding. But Erie County Executive Chris Collins said, he would just as soon leave well enough alone.

Mayor Brown Still Not Weighing in on Delano Case (2008-04-01)
Buffalo Police detective Dennis Delano is now on administrative leave with pay.

Pay Raises Approved for City Firefighters (2008-04-01)
Buffalo Firefighters are another step closer to seeing their first pay raise in seven years.

Mayor Says City Might Not Lose State Aid (2008-04-01)
Buffalo Mayor Brown says there is a chance the city won't loss any state aid.

No State Budget Yet (2008-04-01)
The state budget was not passed by Tuesday morning's midnight deadline. Assembly officials say that chamber isn't likely to have all the budget bills passed until Wednesday. And a Senate official says final passage there won't happen until Thursday or Friday.

Why We Blog (2008-04-01)
Blogging on the Internet is prevalent these days. People have always written for their personal diaries and journals. But now they're doing that writing in blogs for all to see.

Commentary: Labeling Voting Groups (2008-04-01)
Throughout this presidential campaign, political pundits have proclaimed that the working class supports Hillary Rodham Clinton or that young, college educated people are backing Barack Obama. But listener-commentator Carole McNall cautions against making such broad generalizations.

Money Could Replace Name Recognition in Congressional Race (2008-04-01)
There is a growing "who's who list" in the bid to succeed Thomas Reynolds for the 26th congressional seat. But the list also includes some names many people have never heard of.

City Worker Thrilled to Meet New Governor (2008-03-31)
With the recent scandal that swirled around former Governor Eliot Spitzer, you wouldn't expect anyone to get too excited about a politician.

Buffalo Rising: Buffalo Micro-Park Project (2008-03-31)
They're called Micro-Parks -- a series of small parks that will be placed in abandoned areas of Buffalo's waterfront. One is already operating in LaSalle Park where dogs are allowed to roam free. And there's an ambitious proposal to locate a skate park under the Skyway.

Tops Markets Plans to Buy More from Local Growers (2008-03-31)
The news last week that Tops Markets will return its headquarters to Amherst means more jobs for Western New York. But Tops says it will also mean a more truly "homegrown" operation.

Gundersons Admits He's Received Job Offers (2008-03-31)
Buffalo's hopes for revitalization rest in large part on the shoulders of New York's upstate development czar. But other communities would also like to benefit from Dan Gunderson's talents.

Seasonal Jobs with Buffalo Olmsted Parks (2008-03-31)
The Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy is getting ready for the Spring-Summer season.

Albany DA Says Spitzer Involved in "Troopergate" (2008-03-29)
A report released on Friday by the Albany County District Attorney directly ties former Governor Eliot Spitzer to a plot intended to discredit State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno.

Governor says City needs to Prepare for Less State Aid (2008-03-28)
David Paterson appeared in Buffalo for the first time Thursday since becoming Governor.

Dueling Blood Donations (2008-03-28)
There are now more options for hospitals when it comes to buying blood.

DeJac Sues, Delano Placed on Paid Leave (2008-03-28)
Lynn DeJac is suing New York State for wrongful imprisonment. A lawsuit was filed Friday that seeks $14.5 million.

Theatre Talk: Friday, March 28, 2008 (2008-03-28)
Tony comes back to town after seeing three New York City productions.

Suburban Buffalo Drug Ring Dismantled (2008-03-28)
A year-long investigation by 300 hundred law enforcement officers has broken up a major suburban drug ring.

Buffalo City Mission Names New Director (2008-03-28)
Buffalo City Mission has a new director. He is Stuart Harper, who was a member of the Mission's board of directors.

Patterson Calms Concerns over Committment to Upstate (2008-03-28)
David Patterson's first trip to Buffalo Thursday as governor of the state began with applause and ended with apprehension.

Governor, Legislative Leaders Reach Broad Agreement on Budget (2008-03-28)
Governor Paterson and legislative leaders in Albany have reached a general agreement on a new budget. They hope to get the spending plan in place by the April 1st deadline next Tuesday, by working through the weekend.

Officials Continue to Track Reports of MS-13 in Buffalo (2008-03-28)
Federal law enforcement officials Thursday said they don't have any confirmed intelligence that a violent national gang could be setting up shop in Buffalo.

26th Congressional District: Davis In, Postles Out (2008-03-27)
Akron businessman Jack Davis will make a third run for Congress in the 26th district. An official announcement is expected at a later date.

Buffalo Avenues: A Happening Music Scene this Weekend (2008-03-27)
It will be a busy few days ahead for event planners, Buffalo Avenues reporters and live music buffs alike this weekend with lots happening on the Buffalo music scene.

Jonathon Cote Not Among Bodies Found in Iraq (2008-03-27)
The family of Jonathon Cote, the Williamsville man captured in Iraq in November 2006, is still holding out hope that he is okay.

Schumer Sees Little Progress in Iraq, Calls on Presidential Candidates to Stop Attacks (2008-03-27)
The Iraq War and Democratic politics get no confidence votes from US Senator Charles Schumer. The Senator was in Buffalo Wednesday and weighed in on the deteriorating national and international theaters.

Hauptman Woodward Names New CEO (2008-03-27)
The Hauptman Woodward Medical Research Institute has successfully recruited a new CEO from one of the nation's leading research institutions.

DOT Leader Declines to Weigh in on Grand Island Tolls (2008-03-27)
The leader of the State Department of Transportation appeared in Buffalo Wednesday.

Outer Harbor Parkway to Create Waterfront Access (2008-03-27)
Local leaders say they are another step closer to transforming Buffalo's Outer Harbor into a waterfront parkway.

Schumer Sees Need for Increased Services for Female Veterans (2008-03-27)
US Senator Charles Schumer was at the Buffalo VA hospital Wednesday warning of an explosive need for specialized healthcare for women veterans.

Three Dozen People Arrested in Major Drug Bust (2008-03-27)
Three dozen people are under arrest after authorities launched drug raids in several Western New York locations Thursday morning.

Warning of Gang Activity Issued, No Incidents Reported (2008-03-27)
Warnings of a street gang initiation rite were issued Wednesday by Buffalo police, based on what they say is credible information.

Wednesday Night Concert with Daughters of Creative Sound (2008-03-27)
This live concert featuring Daughters of Creative Sound was held at WBFO's Allen Hall March 27, 2008

Paterson Announces Tops Grant, Less State Aid for Buffalo (2008-03-27)
David Patterson's first visit to Buffalo as governor Thursday held both good news and bad news for the region.

Hayes Declines Run for Congress, Republicans Talk with Postles (2008-03-26)
Another high profile Republican has withdrawn his name from further consideration for the congressional seat being vacated by Thomas Reynolds. State Assemblyman Jim Hayes says he will not run.

Erie County Comptroller Pushes for Centralized Property Assessments (2008-03-26)
A statewide push to consolidate property assessments is getting some steam from a new report released yesterday by Erie County Comptroller Mark Poloncarz.

WNY Thruway Authority Board Member Opposes Toll Hikes (2008-03-26)
The Thruway Authority held a public hearing in Buffalo Tues night regarding proposed toll hikes.

Paterson Revelations Could Begin Taking a Toll (2008-03-26)
There has been a steady stream of revelations surrounding Governor David Paterson in the past week. Despite a statewide poll released Monday that shows Paterson with significant public support, one political analyst says these revelations, if they continue, could take a toll.

City's 48-Hour Pothole Repair Guarantee (2008-03-26)
The City says its 48-hour pothole repair guarantee program is working.

Buffalo Police Issuing Alert to Motorists (2008-03-26)
Buffalo Police are issuing a serious warning for citizens Monday evening.

Governor Appoints New State Police Superintendent (2008-03-25)
Governor David Paterson nominated a new State Police superintendent Monday. He is Harry Corbitt, who retired from the State Police in 2004 after achieving the rank of deputy superintendent. He succeeds Acting Superintendent Preston Felton, who announced his own retirement last week.

Buffalo Police Team with State Police (2008-03-25)
The State Police will be lending their expertise to the Buffalo Police Department.

Maziarz Opts Out of Congressional Race (2008-03-25)
State Senator George Maziarz says he will not run for Congress. The Republican lawmaker was considered the frontrunner for the GOP nomination to succeed Tom Reynolds in the 26th congressional district.

Buffalo Avenues Vol 24- Joseph Mulhollan, Shane Fry, Zoe Scruggs (2008-03-25)
In this edition: Alison Zero meets with singer songwriter Joseph Mulhollen. He's been on the show with part-time band Needle Up, but also creates strong solo projects. Kenny Macdonald chats with Shane Fry, a local break dance instructor about his school, the history of break and his monthly breaking competition. Kenny also meets with Zoe Scruggs, a 16 year-old star in Buffalo's Academy for the Visual and Performing arts.

Legendary Top 40 DJ Jack Armstrong Dies (2008-03-25)
A legend of Top 40 radio in Buffalo has died. Jack Armstrong, whose real name was John Larsh, died Saturday at his home in North Carolina.

Two Youth Programs Win Brighter Future Grants (2008-03-25)
The first round of Erie County's Brighter Future Fund Grants will benefit city youth.

Shooting at Thruway Lanes Leaves Three People Wounded (2008-03-24)
Police are looking for a man who shot and wounded three people at the entrance to a Cheektowaga bowling alley.

Grand Island Toll Fight in Full Swing (2008-03-24)
The fight to tear down the Grand Island Tolls is in full swing.

Buffalo Rising: Developer Rocco Termini (2008-03-24)
It's the Dyngus Day edition of our Buffalo Rising roundtable.

Senator Maziarz Mulling over Congressional (2008-03-21)
Two potential republican names have already surfaced as possible candidates for Reynolds Congressional district.

Congressman Reynolds Ready to Retire (2008-03-21)
Western New York Republican Congressman Tom Reynolds will be calling it quits at the end of his term.

Buying up Butter Lambs, Sausage and Pierogis (2008-03-21)
Many Western New Yorkers are flocking to the Broadway Market in Buffalo.

Way of Cross Marks Good Friday (2008-03-21)
Good Friday marks one of the most solemn days of the year, the death of Jesus.

Theatre Talk: Friday, March 21, 2008 (2008-03-21)
Too MUCH theater in Western New York? Jim and Tony react to last Sunday's Buffalo News story.

UB Tibetan Students Protest Violence (2008-03-21)
Students for a Free Tibet rallied at UB's North campus Thursday. They are urging students and the public to speak out to help end China's violent attacks on Tibetan protesters.

UB's Jeanette Ludwig on Tibetan Violence (2008-03-21)
The growing violence in Tibet is attracting worldwide attention. But Western New Yorkers have been increasingly conscious of Tibet since the Dalia Lama's visit to UB in 2006. For some in the UB community, raising awareness of Tibet, its culture and its religion is an ongoing commitment.

Western New York Peace Center to Host Rally & Event (2008-03-20)
Anti-war rallies were held around the nation yesterday to mark the fifth anniversary of the Iraq war.

Best of Buffalo Avenues 5 (2008-03-20)
In this special best-of edition we'll revisit some of the best segments we've had on Buffalo Avenues: Bob Berkman, Music Director at QRS Music Technologies Incorporated discovers the equation pianola+klezmer=Kezmerola. Alison Zero interviews retro-videogame-tune-rock-band, ARMCANNON. Juxtaposse, a Buffalo reggae band, returns from a very early Buffalo Avenues.

Sunshine Week Focuses on Government Openness (2008-03-20)
This is Sunshine Week, a national observance designed to create awareness about government openness.

Heated Exchange between School Board Member and Superintendent (2008-03-20)
The Buffalo Board of Education met in executive session Wednesday night to discuss the situation involving alleged sexual abuse of a five year old autistic student at School 67 last fall.

Best of Buffalo Avenues 5 (2008-03-20)
In this special best-of edition we'll revisit some of the best segments we've had on Buffalo Avenues: Bob Berkman, Music Director at QRS Music Technologies Incorporated discovers the equation pianola+klezmer=Kezmerola. Alison Zero interviews retro-videogame-tune-rock-band, ARMCANNON. Juxtaposse, a Buffalo reggae band, returns from a very early Buffalo Avenues.

Detective Delano Nominated to All-Star List (2008-03-20)
Suspended Buffalo Police Detective Dennis Delano has been nominated to America's Most Wanted All-Star law enforcement list.

Best of Buffalo Avenues 5 (2008-03-20)
In this special best-of edition we'll revisit some of the best segments we've had on Buffalo Avenues: Bob Berkman, Music Director at QRS Music Technologies Incorporated discovers the equation pianola+klezmer=Kezmerola. Alison Zero interviews retro-videogame-tune-rock-band, ARMCANNON. Juxtaposse, a Buffalo reggae band, returns from a very early Buffalo Avenues.

Best of Buffalo Avenues 5 (2008-03-20)
In this special best-of edition we'll revisit some of the best segments we've had on Buffalo Avenues: Bob Berkman, Music Director at QRS Music Technologies Incorporated discovers the equation pianola+klezmer=Kezmerola. Alison Zero interviews retro-videogame-tune-rock-band, ARMCANNON. Juxtaposse, a Buffalo reggae band, returns from a very early Buffalo Avenues.

Best of Buffalo Avenues 5 (2008-03-20)
In this special best-of edition we'll revisit some of the best segments we've had on Buffalo Avenues: Bob Berkman, Music Director at QRS Music Technologies Incorporated discovers the equation pianola+klezmer=Kezmerola. Alison Zero interviews retro-videogame-tune-rock-band, ARMCANNON. Juxtaposse, a Buffalo reggae band, returns from a very early Buffalo Avenues.

Best of Buffalo Avenues 5 (2008-03-20)
In this special best-of edition we'll revisit some of the best segments we've had on Buffalo Avenues: Bob Berkman, Music Director at QRS Music Technologies Incorporated discovers the equation pianola+klezmer=Kezmerola. Alison Zero interviews retro-videogame-tune-rock-band, ARMCANNON. Juxtaposse, a Buffalo reggae band, returns from a very early Buffalo Avenues.

Best of Buffalo Avenues 5 (2008-03-20)
In this special best-of edition we'll revisit some of the best segments we've had on Buffalo Avenues: Bob Berkman, Music Director at QRS Music Technologies Incorporated discovers the equation pianola+klezmer=Kezmerola. Alison Zero interviews retro-videogame-tune-rock-band, ARMCANNON. Juxtaposse, a Buffalo reggae band, returns from a very early Buffalo Avenues.

Buffalo Avenues 23- UB Faculty Recital, Super Furry Animals and Gruvology (2008-03-20)
In this edition of Buffalo Avenues: We'll go to the University at Buffalo for a Faculty Recital. Their March 3rd concert is a mix of jazz and modern-classical music. Special correspondent, Trevor Jones meets Welsh rockers Super Furry Animals at the Tralf. Alex Kelly studies Gruvology.

Best of Buffalo Avenues 5 (2008-03-20)
In this special best-of edition we'll revisit some of the best segments we've had on Buffalo Avenues: Bob Berkman, Music Director at QRS Music Technologies Incorporated discovers the equation pianola+klezmer=Kezmerola. Alison Zero interviews retro-videogame-tune-rock-band, ARMCANNON. Juxtaposse, a Buffalo reggae band, returns from a very early Buffalo Avenues.

Buffalo Avenues 23- UB Faculty Recital, Super Furry Animals and Gruvology (2008-03-20)
In this edition of Buffalo Avenues: We'll go to the Univeristy at Buffalo for a Faculty Recital. Their March 3rd concert is a mix of jazz and modern-classical music. Special corrispondent, Trevor Jones meets Welsh rockers Super Furry Animals at the Tralf. Alex Kelly studies Gruvology.

Saint Mary's Students Demand Change (2008-03-20)
The protest Wednesday in front of Saint Mary's School for the Deaf was not loud. But angry students, parents, alums and teachers are hoping the school board heard their message loud and clear.

Buffalo Avenues 22- ARMCANNON, Keller Williams, Jason Pfaff (2008-03-20)
You could call Buffalo band ARMCANNON e-ficionados of classic video game sound tracks. The fabulously talented musicians just released an album containing eight rockin' covers from the 8-bit video game generation. Jam artist Keller Williams came to town recently. Kenny Macdonald caught up with him before his gig at Town Ballroom. Alex Kelly interviews local electronic pop artist, Jason Pfaff. His latest project is an album/live performance called Battle Battle.

Best of Buffalo Avenues 5 (2008-03-20)
In this special best-of edition we'll revisit some of the best segments we've had on Buffalo Avenues: Bob Berkman, Music Director at QRS Music Technologies Incorporated discovers the equation pianola+klezmer=Kezmerola. Alison Zero interviews retro-videogame-tune-rock-band, ARMCANNON. Juxtaposse, a Buffalo reggae band, returns from a very early Buffalo Avenues.

Best of Buffalo Avenues 5 (2008-03-20)
In this special best-of edition we'll revisit some of the best segments we've had on Buffalo Avenues: Bob Berkman, Music Director at QRS Music Technologies Incorporated discovers the equation pianola+klezmer=Kezmerola. Alison Zero interviews retro-videogame-tune-rock-band, ARMCANNON. Juxtaposse, a Buffalo reggae band, returns from a very early Buffalo Avenues.

Best of Buffalo Avenues 5 (2008-03-20)
In this special best-of edition we'll revisit some of the best segments we've had on Buffalo Avenues: Bob Berkman, Music Director at QRS Music Technologies Incorporated discovers the equation pianola+klezmer=Kezmerola. Alison Zero interviews retro-videogame-tune-rock-band, ARMCANNON. Juxtaposse, a Buffalo reggae band, returns from a very early Buffalo Avenues.

Congressman Reynolds Will Not Seek Re-election (2008-03-20)
Incumbent Clarence congressman Thomas Reynolds will not seek reelection to a sixth term this November.

Stimulus Payments have Surprise Loopholes (2008-03-19)
Thanks to the promise of hundreds of dollars in stimulus payments, this year many people are actually looking forward to filing their taxes. But, because of a few loopholes, some might be surprised to find out they are not getting the bonus they had hoped.

Analysis of Iraq War on Its Fifth Anniversary (2008-03-19)
Wednesday marks the fifth anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq.

Paterson Deals with Personal Matter, New State Budget (2008-03-19)
Governor David Paterson spent his first full day on the job Tuesday discussing a personal matter and meeting with legislative leaders about the new state budget.

Live in Allen Hall with Big Leg Emma (2008-03-19)
Jamestown, NY's favorite bluegrass band, Big Leg Emma performed Live in Allen Hall March 12, 2008.

Live in Allen Hall with Big Leg Emma (2008-03-19)
Jamestown, NY's favorite bluegrass band, Big Leg Emma performed Live in Allen Hall March 12, 2008.

Live in Allen Hall with Big Leg Emma (2008-03-19)
Jamestown, NY's favorite bluegrass band, Big Leg Emma performed Live in Allen Hall March 12, 2008.

Slaughter Critical of War on Fifth Anniversary (2008-03-19)
Western New York Congresswoman Louise Slaughter is voicing her outrage as the US marks the fifth anniversary of the War in Iraq.

Slaughter Says Nation Is in a Recession (2008-03-19)
As expected, the Federal Reserve cut a key interest rate Tuesday. It is an attempt by the Fed to contain a credit crisis that could push the US into a serious recession. While appearing in Buffalo, Western New York Congresswoman Louise Slaughter said she believes the country is already in a big recession.

Mayor Met One on One with New Governor (2008-03-18)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown was there for Governor Paterson's historic inauguration.

Paterson Marks New Course (2008-03-18)
Culminating one of the most historic periods in the state, David Paterson took the oath of office Monday becoming the 55th governor of New York.

Paterson Marks New Course (2008-03-18)
Culminating one of the most historic periods in the state, David Paterson took the oath of office Monday becoming the 55th governor of New York.

Father of Jonathan Cote Talks about Son's Ordeal (2008-03-18)
The family of hostage Jonathan Cote of Getzville received some very unsettling news last week.

Paterson Marks New Course (2008-03-18)
Culminating one of the most historic periods in the state, David Paterson took the oath of office Monday becoming the 55th governor of New York.

Commentary: Private Contractors in Iraq (2008-03-18)
This week marks the fifth anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq. Listener-Commentator Paul Reitan has offered a number of commentaries on the war since it began. Today, he expresses his concern about the use of private contractors in Iraq and just who they're accountable to.

State Arts Agency Optimistic about New Governor (2008-03-17)
Eliot Spitzer came into office promising everything would change on day one. But many are hoping new governor David Paterson will take a more circumspect approach. That includes Spitzer appointees who were just getting their feet wet.

Paterson Takes Oath of Office, Promises to Restore Trust (2008-03-17)
David Paterson took the oath of office Monday, becoming the 55th governor of New York State. The ceremony capped off a tumultuous week of sex scandal, disgrace and the resignation of Eliot Spitzer.

Buffalo Rising: Will David Paterson Be Good for Buffalo? (2008-03-17)
A new governor will take the oath of office in New York Monday afternoon. But will David Paterson be good for Buffalo? That's under discussion this morning with our friends from Buffalo Rising.

Buffalo Niagara Partnership Leader Hopes Paterson will Deliver to WNY (2008-03-17)
The leader of region's largest business organization is anxious to deliver a wish-list of reforms to the new Governor.

DWI Patrols Stepped Up For Saint Patrick's Day Weekend (2008-03-14)
Anyone planning on celebrating Saint Patty's Day early over the weekend with a wee bit of alcohol had better leave their car parked.

Arts Council Honors Outstanding Artists and Arts Supporters (2008-03-14)
The Arts Council in Buffalo and Erie County honored some of the most outstanding artists and arts supporters from the community Friday.

Sheehan Nurses Ratify New Contract (2008-03-14)
Registered nurses at Sheehan Health Network in Buffalo unanimously ratified a new contract Friday afternoon.

Paterson Says He's Prepared to Become Governor (2008-03-14)
New York's incoming governor, David Paterson, says his first priority is working with the State Legislature on the new state budget due April 1st. He'll take the oath of office on Monday, succeeding Eliot Spitzer, who announced his resignation Wednesday.

Erie County Executive Optimistic About New Governor (2008-03-14)
Erie County Executive Chris Collins expects a smooth transition when David Paterson takes over as governor. And Collins said he is optimistic that the new administration could even be better.

Raising Awareness about Kidney Disease (2008-03-14)
Thursday marked World Kidney Day, but the National Kidney Foundation of Western New York is always working to raise awareness.

Theatre Talk: Friday, March 14, 2008 (2008-03-14)
Catching the flu was not too Glorious for Jim, but was it Tony's fault?

Four-Year-Old Child Dies from Influenza (2008-03-14)
Erie County Health Commissioner Anthony Billittier says a four-year-old child apparently died Tuesday from influenza.

UB President Hopes State Leaders Remain Committed to Public Higher Education (2008-03-13)
It was one month ago Thursday -- February 13th -- that Governor Eliot Spitzer visited the University at Buffalo to promote his plan for a major investment in public higher education. That same day, while in Niagara Falls, Spitzer allegedly made a phone call to arrange a meeting with a high-end prostitute. Spitzer was caught by a federal wire tap. Wednesday, he announced his resignation.

Feeling Betrayed by Spitzer (2008-03-13)
Some citizens say they feel betrayed by Eliot Spitzer.

New York Lawmakers Weigh in on Spitzer Scandal (2008-03-13)
The state's top lawmakers broke their silence Wednesday and spoke out about what the Spitzer scandal means for the immediate future of state governance.

UB President Hopes State Leaders Remain Committed to Public Higher Education (2008-03-13)
It was one month ago today on February 13th that Governor Eliot Spitzer visited the University at Buffalo to promote his plan for a major investment in higher education. That same day, while in Niagara Falls, Spitzer allegedly made a phone call to arrange a meeting that night with a high-priced prostitute.

Advocates Hope New Governor will Bring Disability Awareness (2008-03-13)
Apart from the scandal, the ascension of David Paterson to the Governor's post is making history of a different kind. He becomes the state's first African American chief executive. But he will also be the first legally blind governor. Some advocates are looking to the high profile office to raise disability awareness.

New York Lawmakers Weigh in on Spitzer Scandal (2008-03-13)
The state's top lawmakers broke their silence Wednesday and spoke out about what the Spitzer scandal means for the immediate future of state governance.

UB President Hopes State Leaders Remain Committed to Public Higher Education (2008-03-13)
It was one month ago Thursday -- February 13th -- that Governor Eliot Spitzer visited the University at Buffalo to promote his plan for a major investment in public higher education. That same day, while in Niagara Falls, Spitzer allegedly made a phone call to arrange a meeting with a high-end prostitute. Spitzer was caught by a federal wire tap. Wednesday, he announced his resignation.

New York Lawmakers Weigh in on Spitzer Scandal (2008-03-13)
The state's top lawmakers broke their silence Wednesday and spoke out about what the Spitzer scandal means for the immediate future of state governance.

UB President Hopes State Leaders Remain Committed to Public Higher Education (2008-03-13)
It was one month ago Thursday -- February 13th -- that Governor Eliot Spitzer visited the University at Buffalo to promote his plan for a major investment in public higher education. That same day, while in Niagara Falls, Spitzer allegedly made a phone call to arrange a meeting with a high-end prostitute. Spitzer was caught by a federal wire tap. Wednesday, he announced his resignation.

UB President Hopes State Leaders Remain Committed to Public Higher Education (2008-03-13)
It was one month ago Thursday -- February 13th -- that Governor Eliot Spitzer visited the University at Buffalo to promote his plan for a major investment in public higher education. That same day, while in Niagara Falls, Spitzer allegedly made a phone call to arrange a meeting with a high-end prostitute. Spitzer was caught by a federal wire tap. Wednesday, he announced his resignation.

New York Lawmakers Weigh in on Spitzer Scandal (2008-03-13)
The state's top lawmakers broke their silence Wednesday and spoke out about what the Spitzer scandal means for the immediate future of state governance.

Mayor Brown Believes Spitzer Will Do What Is Right for State (2008-03-12)
While many local democrats were still issuing written statements Tuesday on the Spitzer scandal, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown was willing to talk publicly.

Political Reporter Weighs in on Spitzer Sex Scandal (2008-03-12)
Long time Buffalo News political reporter Robert McCarthy says he is shocked and dumbfounded by the Spitzer scandal.

Spitzer Scandal Puts Upstate Agenda in Question (2008-03-12)
As the ripple effects of the Spitzer scandal spread, some are wondering what it will mean for Spitzer's agenda to revive upstate cities.

Senator Rath Says Spitzer Must Resign (2008-03-12)
There's increasing pressure for Sptizer to step down.

Three UB Faculty Members Added to Prestigious List (2008-03-12)
The State University of New York has added five faculty members to its roster of "Distinguished Professors."

Spitzer to Resign, Effective Monday, No Plea Deal with Federal Prosecutors (2008-03-12)
Governor Eliot Spitzer has announced that he is resigning amid a prostitution scandal, completing a spectacular fall from power.

Assembly Minority Leader Threatens Impeachment if Spitzer Refuses to Resign (2008-03-11)
A top Republican state lawmaker is threatening to push for impeachment proceedings against Governor Eliot Spitzer if he doesn't resign in the next 48 hours because of a sex scandal.

Commentary: Student Test Scores in Buffalo (2008-03-11)
Buffalo school students continue to struggle on standardized tests measuring their achievement levels. Listener-Commentator Lisa Hagen says it's time for Schools Superintendent James Williams and the Board of Education to step up and help city children learn.

Stunned by Spitzer's Links to Prostitution Ring (2008-03-11)
There was plenty of reaction to the starling allegations about Governor Spitzer.

Spitzer Linked to Prostitution Ring (2008-03-10)
A law enforcement official is confirming that Governor Eliot Spitzer is linked to a prostitution ring.

Commissioner Gipson Says Informal Hearing May Be Delano's Best Chance of Returning to Work (2008-03-10)
The investigation of suspended Buffalo detective Dennis Delano remains in the hands of the Professional Standards Division.

Buffalo Schools Closed because of Snow Clogged Streets (2008-03-10)
Buffalo public schools were closed Monday after a weekend of record-breaking March snow.

Catholic Charities Well Short of Goal (2008-03-10)
The 2008 Catholic Charities appeal began Sunday. Organizers say $6.6 million was raised, nearly 59 percent of the $11.2 million goal.

Buffalo Rising: Buffalo Homecoming and More (2008-03-09)
Calling all ex-Buffalonians. And the latest loft apartments are ready for occupancy in downtown Buffalo. Those are the topics as our friends from Buffalo Rising sit down this week with WBFO's Mark Scott.

Storm Over, Clean-Up Begins (2008-03-09)
The winter storm that has blanketed Western New York this weekend appears to have subsided.

Travel Advisories in Buffalo & Niagara Falls (2008-03-08)
As Western New York remains under a Winter Storm Warning, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is calling for travel advisory in the City.

Thousands of Eggs Arrived at Food Bank (2008-03-07)
A huge donation of eggs was delivered to the Food Bank of Western New York in Buffalo Thursday.

Theatre Talk: Friday, March 7, 2008 (2008-03-07)
It's $pring fundrai$er $ea$on at WBFO, and Jim and Tony urge you to make a financial contribution to WBFO.

A Conversation with the New Library Director (2008-03-07)
The Buffalo and Erie County Public Library System's new director makes her public debut Friday at the Albright Knox Art Gallery.

Winter Storm Warning for All of Western New York (2008-03-07)
Another winter storm has arrived. A winter storm warning is in effect until 8:00 Sunday morning for all of Western New York.

Community Foundation Launches Lead Poisoing Prevention Campaign (2008-03-07)
A massive lead poisoning prevention campaign was launched Friday morning at the Buffalo Science Museum.

Wednesday Night Concert with Lemuria (2008-03-07)
Lemuria rocks live in Allen Hall on March 5th, 2008.

Local Criminal Justice Expert Weighs in on Delano Suspension (2008-03-06)
A local criminal justice expert weighs in on the suspension of Buffalo Police detective Dennis Delano.

Buffalo Old Home Week Becomes Buffalo Homecoming (2008-03-06)
Buffalo's Old Home Week has a new name. Organizers of the annual summer event that invites former residents to come home are now calling it Buffalo Homecoming.

Bracing for Next Winter Storm (2008-03-06)
Another winter storm is heading toward the region.

Construction of Martin House Visitors Center Underway (2008-03-06)
The Darwin Martin House Restoration Corporation held a ceremony Wednesday, marking the start of construction on the new visitors center for the landmark complex.

Joint Hospital Board Blasts ECMC (2008-03-06)
The state appointed joint hospital board yesterday said The Erie County Medical Center's attempts to block the consolidation plan could cost the region a new cardio-vascular center.

Suspended Police Detective will Appear for Informal Hearing (2008-03-05)
Suspended Buffalo Police detective Dennis Delano appeared at Police Headquarters for more than an hour Tuesday.

Storm Brings Ice But Not Much Pain (2008-03-05)
A number of schools, including all Buffalo Public Schools, closed Wednesday because of overnight ice accumulations on area roadways.

County Executive Explores Issues with Local Elected Leaders (2008-03-05)
Erie County Executive Chris Collins met with local mayors and town supervisors at the University at Buffalo Tuesday in the first of what he says will be a series of regularly scheduled meetings.

Assembly Speaker Silver Faces Primary Challenge (2008-03-05)
For the first time in 22 years, State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is facing a Democratic primary. Not one, but two, political newcomers are challenging one of the state's most powerful office-holders.

UB Political Scientist Expects Clinton to Stay in Race (2008-03-04)
It's Super Tuesday, part two. Presidential primaries are being held in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Buffalo Police Commissioner Defends Delano Suspension (2008-03-04)
Buffalo Police Commissioner McCarthy Gipson is defending his decision to suspend police detective Dennis Delano.

Ice Storm Predicted (2008-03-04)
The National Weather Service has posted a Winter Storm Warning for the region.

ECMC Suspends Participation in Joint Hospital Board (2008-03-04)
The Erie County Medical Center informed the state health commissioner Monday that it is "suspending" its participation with the combined ECMC and Kaleida board.

Commentary: Presidential Oratory (2008-03-04)
Presidential primaries are being held Tuesday in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island and Vermont. There's been a lot of talk in recent days about the words of the candidates and the speeches they deliver. Listener-Commentator Bruce Fisher looks back at some masterful orators.

Erie County Lawmakers to Debate Union Pay Hike (2008-03-03)
A battle is brewing in the legislature over proposed raises for one of Erie County's largest unions. The legislature's Government Affairs Committee meets Monday to discuss the long-stalled contract for AFSME Local 1095.

Students Weigh in on Presidential Primary Race. (2008-03-03)
Some media communications students weigh-in with their views on the Presidential primary race.

Buffalo Rising: Mayor Sues Banks, Downtown Retailing (2008-03-03)
Why is Mayor Byron Brown suing some banks? And will a new downtown retailer be able to succeed where others have failed? Those questions are explored this week by our friends from Buffalo Rising.

Flood Watch and Winter Storm Watch Posted (2008-03-03)
The National Weather Service in Buffalo has issued a Flood Watch for Erie and Chautauqua Counties Monday afternoon and evening. In addition, there is a Winter Storm Watch for the entire region from Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday morning.

Buffalo Avenues Vol 21- Bob Berkman's Klezmerola, Alison Pipitone, Stand, your comments from the community page (2008-03-03)
Bob Berkman's Klezmerola, Buffalo Rocker Alison Pipitone and Dublin's own Stand

Celebrating Achievements of African Americans (2008-02-29)
As Black History Month closes out today, a celebration was held at City Hall yesterday.

Theatre Talk: Friday, February 29, 2008 (2008-02-29)
From screwball musical to deep drama to a sweet comedy, there are a lot of new theater offerings in Buffalo.

Buffalo's Black History Celebration (2008-02-29)
A Black History Month Celebration was sponsored by Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown Thursday at City Hall.

Delano Suspended for Insubordination (2008-02-29)
The Buffalo Police detective who worked to clear Lynn DeJac has been suspended. Dennis Delano -- a member of the cold-case squad -- was suspended Thursday, with pay, for insubordination.

UB Edition: Friday, February 29, 2008 (2008-02-29)
University researchers have found a popular arthritis drug may cause an irregular beating of the heart thorough a novel pathway. the transition from high school though the first year of college can be dangerous for young women depending on their drinking habits.

Ticket Exchange for Studio Arena Patrons (2008-02-29)
A ticket exchange has been established for Studio Arena Theater subscribers and paid ticket holders.

Vatican Upholds Diocesan Decision to Close St. Adalbert Church (2008-02-28)
The Catholic Diocese of Buffalo says the Vatican has denied an appeal from parishioners from Buffalo's St. Adalbert Church who are trying to prevent the closing of the historic church.

Niagara Falls Teacher Charged (2008-02-28)
A Niagara Falls High School teacher turned himself Wednesday after he was accused of having inappropriate sexual contact with a student.

State Comptroller Issues Critical Report on IDAs in New York (2008-02-28)
State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli says local industrial development agencies need to be more accountable.

Buffalo Avenues Volume 15- Buffalo Gay Men's Chorus, Jennifer O'connor, Rebecca Ryskalczyk and Todd Kniazuk (2008-02-28)
My Make-Good session...apparently this podcast never made it out...my apologies for the technical error (it was probably my fault, but it is just better for everyone if I just blame the computer!)

Judge Dismisses All Charges against Lynn DeJac (2008-02-28)
The legal cloud hanging over Lynn DeJac was lifted Thurday when a judge officially dismissed all the charges lodged against her for the 1993 death of her daughter.

Teaching Tennis to Autistic Children (2008-02-28)
Two tennis tournaments will be played simultaneously in Williamsville Friday, February 28th.

Buffalo Firefighters Could Get Pay Raise Soon (2008-02-28)
Buffalo Firefighters might be getting a pay raise soon.

Wednesday Night Concert with Noa Bursie (2008-02-28)
Noa Bursie is an Acoustic Soul Storyteller, with jazz, folk & blues roots. She's the youngest of nine children and was born and raised right here in Buffalo, NY. An accomplished writer and skilled, self-taught guitarist, Bursie follows in the footsteps of her grandfather. He traveled throughout the South in the 30s and 40s, playing and living the blues. Her many travels have led to a unique, eclectic sound - a blend that Bursie likens to a nice marsala .

Critics and Supporters of Garcia Speak Out at Council Hearing (2008-02-27)
Some Buffalo Common Council members say it was one of the most contentious hearings they ever participated in. Supporters and critics of the man chosen to head the city's civil rights commission appeared before the Council's Legislation Committee Tuesday.

Sabres Trade Campbell to Sharks (2008-02-27)
Sabres defenseman Brian Campbell was traded to the San Jose Sharks yesterday.

DeJac Dismissal Hearing Delayed, Donohue Denied Bail (2008-02-27)
The defendants in two separate court cases that have an intriguing link appeared in downtown courtrooms Tuesday.

Brian Campbell Traded (2008-02-26)
Sabres All-Star defenseman Brian Campbell has been traded to the San Jose Sharks in exchange for right wing Steve Bernier and a first-round pick in this year's draft.

School Board Members Meet with Special Investigator (2008-02-26)
The Buffalo Board of Education met Monday with attorney David Edmunds Jr., who was named by the board last week to investigate the circumstances regarding the seven week suspension of a McKinley High School senior earlier this school year.

Kevin Everett Will Appear at Book Signing (2008-02-26)
A planned book signing by former Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett was initially postponed, but now is back on track at the Barnes and Noble in Amherst.

American Axle Workers on Strike (2008-02-26)
The United Auto Workers union has gone on strike against American Axle, after their current contract expired at midnight.

Super Delegates Could Impact Democratic Presidential Nomination (2008-02-26)
The role of "super delegates" at this summer's Democratic National Convention has been hotly debated in recent weeks. If the race between Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton is not decided during the remaining primaries, the "super delegates" could very well determine the nominee at the convention.

Studio Arena Theatre Unveils Collabortion with Shea's and Buffalo State, Will File for Bankruptcy (2008-02-26)
The Studio Arena Theater will remain open. But the financially-struggling theater is filing for bankruptcy protection and will reorganize as a smaller professional production company.

Commentary: Honor the Peacemakers (2008-02-26)
A new federal courthouse is being built in downtown Buffalo. Some are saying it should be named after such Buffalo area war heroes as "Wild Bill" Donovan or Matt Urban. But listener-commentator Steve Banko suggests naming the courthouse after someone who was devoted to peace.

Winter Storm Warning (2008-02-26)
Snow which began falling before daybreak Tuesday morning will continue at varying intensities throughout the day and tonight.

Another Winter Storm Headed Our Way (2008-02-25)
Another blast of winter weather is headed for Western New York.

Buffalo Avenues Volume 20- Gregg Juke and the Mighty No-Stars, Erin McKeown, Nevil Francis (2008-02-25)
Buffalo blues band Gregg Juke and the Mighty No-Stars, Virginian Erin McKeown opens Babeville's 9th Ward, Nevil Francis and his reggae sound

Performing Arts School Gets Trio Lesson (2008-02-25)
The Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts is gearing up for concert event on March 1st.

Downtown Casino Construction is Running Concurrently (2008-02-25)
Construction to expand downtown Buffalo's temporary casino is now running concurrently with construction for a permanent casino.

Upbeat State of the City (2008-02-22)
Mayor Byron Brown says he is confident Buffalo is well on its way back.

UB Edition: Friday, February 22, 2008 (2008-02-22)
Tina Brown, author of The Diana Chronicles has made a big impact in the media and will speak at UB

Proposed Legislation to Lift Grand Island Tolls (2008-02-22)
Efforts to remove the Grand Island tolls kick into high gear Friday.

Studio Arena Turmoil Continues (2008-02-22)
Financial trouble is not the only threat to the survival of Studio Arena Theatre. The board and long-time supporters are locked in a battle over what to do about the failing flagship theatre.

Theatre Talk: Friday, February 22, 2008 (2008-02-22)
Tony was not feeling well, so there is no Theatre Talk this week.

Buffalo Student Hospitalized with MRSA (2008-02-22)
A student at the Stanley Makwoski Early Childhood Center has been hospitalized with a confirmed case MRSA.

Castellani Exhibit Highlights Native American Children's Book Illustrators (2008-02-22)
Many winters ago, Native Americans preserved their culture with the oral tradition of storytelling. Today, authors and illustrators have created a visual tradition, recreating those legends and stories in books. A new exhibit at the Castellani Art Museum - entitled "Many Winter Ago" - highlights the artwork of some of the most acclaimed Native American children's book illustrators. And the exhibit is helping to reconnect Native American children with their heritage.

Babeville's Newest Music Venue (2008-02-21)
Babeville's newest music venue, the Ninth Ward, staged its first show last weekend.

Major Drug Round Up in Buffalo (2008-02-21)
64 suspects, mainly in South Buffalo, have been arrested over the past three days on drug charges.

A Call for more Female Firefighters in Buffalo (2008-02-21)
The Buffalo Fire Department is working to recruit potential firefighters today.

Mayor Brown's State of City Address (2008-02-21)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown delivered his annual State of the City Address before a sold out crowd the Adam's Mark Hotel.

Buffalo School Board Hires Attorney for Suspension Investigation (2008-02-21)
By a unanimous seven to nothing vote, the Buffalo School Board Wednesday night agreed to hire Buffalo attorney David Edmunds Junior to look into the Jayvonna Kincannon suspension at McKinley High School.

Wednesday Night Concert with John and Mary and the Valkyries (2008-02-21)
John & Mary and the Valkyries, a band that continues its long-standing tradition of creating jangly, folkish pop gems, play Live in Allen Hall.

Voters Give Governor Low Job Rating (2008-02-21)
Many New York voters are giving Governor Eliott Spitzer a negative job performance rating.

Alliance Francaise Keeps French Alive in WNY (2008-02-21)
One of the region's oldest cultural groups is bringing a little bit of France to Buffalo this weekend. The Alliance Francaise is sponsoring a french musical event with five musicians touring from France.

Ready to Challenge District Attorney (2008-02-21)
A former employee of the Erie County district attorney's office will challenge his former boss for the DA's job.

Local Woman with Cuban Roots Reacts to Castro's Departure (2008-02-20)
A local woman with Cuban roots reacted to news that Fidel Castro is stepping down after 49 years in power.

Canadian Shoppers Give Erie County a Sales Tax Bonanza (2008-02-20)
Erie County Comptroller Mark Poloncarz Tuesday released the final sales tax data for 2007 that shows a surplus. He has ideas about what should be done with it, and about what the Erie County Medical Center should do with its reported surplus.

Budwey's Supermarkets Stops Cigarettes Sales (2008-02-20)
Another area grocery store has decided to pull all tobacco products from its store shelves.

Assessing Needed Repairs to Elmwood Avenue Building (2008-02-19)
A contractor will begin assessing needed repairs to the facade of the Karpeles Manuscript Museum on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo.

Meet the Author: Garrett M. Graff, Tue 2/19/2008 (2008-02-19)
Garrett M. Graff, author of The First Campaign: Globalization, the Web and the Race for the White House

Plans to Create Winter Waterfront Activity (2008-02-19)
U.S. Congressman Brian Higgins and Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown want the City's waterfront to become a winter destination.

SUNY Buffalo Professor Examines Violence in American Culture (2008-02-19)
The Northern Illinois University shooting once again has Americans asking why violence seems to be escalating in this country. But a professor at SUNY Buffalo said violence is and always has been an intimate part of our culture.

Buffalo Avenues Vol. 19- Pollock, Mick Hayes and Babik. Kenny and Alison read from your comments (2008-02-19)
Buffalo's only 6-peice-progressive-metal-bongo-sometimes-cello-band Pollock, Mick Hayes- blues/soul guitarist and gypsy jazz in our studio with Babik. Kenny and Alison read from your comments at wbfo.org/community

Commentary: A Very Special Teacher (2008-02-19)
Many of us have that special teacher we remember from our youth. Listener-Commentator Amy Ludwig VanDerwater said her sixth-grade teacher continues to influence her life in many ways.

TV News Executive Av Westin Explores Evolution of Television News (2008-02-18)
He was once a copyboy for Edward R. Murrow and went on to become one of television's top news executives. Av Westin will be appearing in Buffalo Wednesday night to talk about the evolution of TV news.

Former City Hall Commissioner No Longer Seeks Control Board Job (2008-02-18)
A former financial leader from City Hall says he has decided NOT to seek a control board job.

Buffalo Architecture Lectures Open to Public (2008-02-18)
Buffalo Tours is offering the public a chance to learn everything the group's docents know about the region's architectural gems.

Wind Topples some Bricks at Karpeles Museum at Allen & North (2008-02-18)
Strong gusty winds toppled a section of bricks from the Karpeles Manuscript Museum on Elmwood Avenue to tumbled to the ground.

Buffalo Rising: AM&As Building "For Sale" Again (2008-02-18)
A "for sale" sign is up once again at the old AM&As building downtown. A judge dismisses a lawsuit to stop the Gates Circle condo project. And there's an indoor winter market for those who miss the fun of summertime farmers markets.

Babik Bonus Download (2008-02-15)
Babik's encore from Live in Allen Hall on February 13th, 2008.

Pond Hockey Tournament Moves Downtown (2008-02-15)
Organizers of tomorrow's Labatt Blue Pond Hockey Tournament have changed locations due to unsafe ice conditions.

Pond Hockey Tournament Moves Downtown (2008-02-15)
Organizers of tomorrow's Labatt Blue Pond Hockey Tournament have changed locations due to unsafe ice conditions.

Buffalo Detective Believes Girard was Killed (2008-02-15)
Pathologists agree strangulation was not the cause of Crystallynn Girard's death. But at least one police detective joins her mother, Lynn Dejac, saying that doesn't add up.

UB Edition: Friday, February 15, 2008 (2008-02-15)
UB's Center for the Arts launches a Arts in Healthcare Program and a UB researcher explores preterm labor

United Way Falling Short by $900,000 (2008-02-15)
With a month-and-a-half left in its fiscal year, the United Way says its Community Care campaign is falling behind last year's pace.

Studio Arena Cuts Staff (2008-02-15)
It was only a year ago when Studio Arena slashed 15 positions trying to halt its fiscal bleeding. But facing an estimated more than one million dollar deficit and no money to finish the season, the theatre has even let go more of its bare-bones staff.

Pond Hockey Tournament Moves Downtown (2008-02-15)
Organizers of tomorrow's Labatt Blue Pond Hockey Tournament have changed locations due to unsafe ice conditions.

Pond Hockey Tournament Moves Downtown (2008-02-15)
Organizers of Saturday's Labatt Blue Pond Hockey Tournament have changed locations due to unsafe ice conditions.

Research Spending Reaches Record Level at UB (2008-02-15)
Research spending at the University at Buffalo is at record high levels.

Theatre Talk: Friday, February 15, 2007 (2008-02-15)
Tony piles up more frequent flyer miles, as he tells us about his most recent trip to New York.

Two Teens Arrested in Arson Fire that Critically Injured Firefighter (2008-02-15)
Two teenage boys in Buffalo are in custody after being accused of starting the fire that critically injured a firefighter last June.

UB President Offers Condolences to University of Northern Illinois (2008-02-15)
University at Buffalo president John Simpson is expressing condolences to the University of Northern Illinois in DeKalb after the shootings there yesterday.

Spitzer Promotes Higher Education Endowment Fund (2008-02-14)
Governor Eliot Spitzer was in Buffalo Wednesday to promote his plan for higher education.

Questions Linger Following Startling Turn in Dejac Case (2008-02-14)
The bizarre murder case that jailed Lynn Dejac for nearly fourteen years is no longer being called a murder. Erie County District Attorney Frank Clark yesterday said he's dropping all charges against Dejac in light of new pathology findings.

Governor Wants Bills to Remain in Buffalo (2008-02-14)
Governor Eliot Spitzer says he is also involved in efforts to make sure the Buffalo Bills remain in Western New York's future.

Wednesday Night Concert with Babik (2008-02-14)
Babik is a quartet that performs a unique brand of jazz called gypsy jazz . It's a blend of big band swing and European gypsy music. They played a packed house here at the WBFO studio theater for Live in Allen Hall on February 13, 2008.

Cuomo's Top Environmental Aide Visits Buffalo (2008-02-13)
It was one year ago that state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo named a leading environmental attorney as his special deputy for environmental protection. In announcing her appointment, Cuomo said Kit Kennedy has a passion for protecting the environment.

Charges Against DeJac Dropped (2008-02-13)
All charges against Lynn DeJac are being dropped.

Senator Schumer to Meet with NFL Leader (2008-02-13)
U.S. Senator Charles Schumer says he plans to meet in Washington today with the NFL Commissioner to discuss the future of the Buffalo Bills.

Local GM Workers Review Buyouts (2008-02-13)
Local General Motors workers are trying to figure out if buyouts are right for them.

Zednik in Good Condition, Moved to Private Room (2008-02-13)
Injured Florida Panthers player, Richard Zednik moved into a private room at Buffalo General Tuesday and could be discharged from the hospital in just a couple of days.

Hepatitis Clinic Continues at ECC North (2008-02-12)
A mass vaccination clinic will be held once again Tuesday at the Erie Community College North Campus for residents who ate produce that was handled by a Wegmans employee with Hepatitis A. Hours are 10am - 8pm. The clinic is unprecedented in the history of the County's Health Department. But it's something that Health Commissioner Anthony Billittier says they're prepared for.

Injured Florida Player Continues Recovery (2008-02-12)
The Florida Panthers player who suffered a life-threatening gash to the neck at HSBC Arena Sunday night continues his recovery at Buffalo General Hospital. Richard Zednik was struck by a teammate's skate during the game against the Sabres.

High School Hockey Players Reacting to Zednik's Horrifying Injury (2008-02-12)
Florida Panthers forward Richard Zednik continues his recovery at Buffalo General Hospital after he suffered a life-threatening injury in Sunday night's game with the Sabres.

Commentary: It's the Fed, Stupid! (2008-02-12)
Presidential candidate and Republican Congressman Ron Paul believes the Federal Reserve needs to be abolished. Listener-Commentator Tom Mullen has been paying attention to Paul's Federal Reserve message and offers a "call to action" to Americans.

Tackling Lower West Side Illiteracy (2008-02-11)
A pilot project kicks off today on the City's lower West Side to tackle illiteracy.

Buffalo Avenues Volume 18- The Buffalo Chips, The Whigs, Kryszt, Jann Klose and listener comments (2008-02-11)
The Buffalo Chips, UB's premier male, student a cappella group perform in our sub-control studio; German-born, Bronx resident, singer-songwriter Jann Klose performs for us in Studio B. I cover the Whigs, a Athens, Georgia-based rock-power trio back in Buffalo for the third time; Alison interviews the members of electronic-metal band Kryzst. All that and comments from you, the listener on our community pages.

Buffalo Rising: Ralph Wilson's Controversial Remarks and More (2008-02-11)
The future of the Buffalo Bills is once again the subject of much controversy and debate. There's news about a bridge connecting Buffalo with Fort Erie and it has nothing to do with the Peace Bridge. And what to do with an ugly, old barge moored along Buffalo's outer-harbor. WBFO's Mark Scott has more on all these topics with perspective from our friends at Buffalo Rising.

Professor Fined $500 in Bio-Art Case (2008-02-11)
The University of Pittsburgh scientist who mailed bio-materials to UB art professor Steven Kurtz was sentenced Monday in Buffalo's federal court.

Florida Forward Richard Zednik Recovers from Gash to Neck (2008-02-11)
Florida Panthers forward Richard Zednik sustained a deep gash across his neck during the third period of a 5-3 loss at Buffalo.

Theatre Talk: Friday, February 8, 2008 (2008-02-08)
Murder and mayhem seem to prevail on area stages this theater season.

UB Edition: Friday, February 8, 2008 (2008-02-08)
University researcher look at PTSDs affect on the brain and according to research by a UB economist, paying a donor for their organs could increase organ availability.

Mayor Brown Offended By Wilson Remarks (2008-02-08)
Mayor Byron Brown says he was "offended" by the remarks Bills owner Ralph Wilson made about the City of Buffalo.

Wegmans Sheridan Employee Diagnosed with Hepatitis, Treatment Urged for Customers (2008-02-08)
Erie County health officials say a produce handler at a Williamsville grocery store has been diagnosed with Hepatitis A and they're advising people who might have been exposed to get treatment.

Erie County Lawmakers Criticize Statewide Wireless Network (2008-02-08)
Some Erie County lawmakers are calling for the state comptroller to audit what lawmakers say is the state's failed public safety, wireless network in Erie County.

Collins on New Bills Stadium, Higgins Seeks Community Ownership (2008-02-08)
Erie County Executive Chris Collins said Friday that it's too early to know if a new stadium would be part of negotiations to keep the Bills in Buffalo.

Niagara Health Quality Coalition Receives National Distinction (2008-02-08)
A Buffalo area organization has received national distinction for improving the quality and value in health care.

Local Conservatives Supportive of McCain (2008-02-07)
Right-wing talk show hosts led by Rush Limbaugh continue to attack the conservative credentials of Republican presidential frontrunner John McCain. But rank-and-file conservatives are not as critical of McCain.

Documentary Puts Faces on Immigration Laws (2008-02-07)
Immigration has become one of the hot button issues of the tightly contested presidential campaign. Some citizens want a candidate who will chase illegal immigrants out of the country. But a film and discussion being presented Thursday night by Hallwalls and the Volunteer Lawyers Project will show a different side of the argument.

Fans Uncertain of Bills Future (2008-02-07)
Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson says playing eight games in Toronto is an effort to regionalize his team.

School Board Approves Appointment of Special Investigator in Kincannon Case (2008-02-07)
The Buffalo Board of Education Wednesday night approved the appointment of a special investigator into the case of recently suspended McKinley High School student Jayvonna Kincannon, and the dismissal of volunteer basketball coach Michelle Stiles.

Two City Schools on State's Phase Out List (2008-02-07)
New York education officials say they will close 13-poor performing schools across the state.

Labatt Holds Annual Meeting in Buffalo (2008-02-06)
Some 500-key wholesalers and business leaders from across the U-S will be converging on Buffalo today and tomorrow thanks to Labatt beer.

Local Leaders and Voters Weigh in on Primary Contest (2008-02-06)
Hillary Rodham Clinton won New York's Democratic presidential primary Tuesday. But Barack Obama did well enough to capture a healthy share of the state's delegates.

Best of Live in Allen Hall 4- Crittenden, Hussalonia and Standard of Living (2008-02-06)
Welcome to Live in Allen Hall, WBFO's local music concert series. In this best-of edition we feature the modern jazz sounds of Eric Crittenden, the experimental pop of Hussalonia and rock with Standard of Living.

Dejac's Attorney Wants Former Prosecutor Muffled (2008-02-05)
The man who prosecuted Lynn Dejac 14-years ago could be told by the court to back-off the current investigation and trial.

Controversy Swirls around McKinley Suspension (2008-02-05)
A Buffalo school board member is calling for an independent investigation into the suspension of a McKinley High School student.

Mayor Brown Conducts Final Get Out the Vote (2008-02-05)
Buffalo Mayor Brown will be working to get out the vote on this Super Tuesday.

Record Month for City's Mobile Response Unit (2008-02-05)
The City's Mobile Response Unit has set a record amount of arrests for January.

Flood Warnings for Cazenovia & Buffalo Creeks (2008-02-05)
The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for Cazenovia Creek near the hamlet of Ebenezer, and Buffalo Creek near Gardenville.

Super Tuesday Primary Analysis (2008-02-05)
Two dozen states, including New York, are holding presidential primaries Tuesday. Polls show the state's "favorite daughter" Hillary Rodham Clinton winning the Democratic primary here. With Rudy Giuliani out of the race, John McCain is expected to be the choice of New York Republicans.

Obama Supporters Gear Up for New York Primary (2008-02-04)
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton has the support of many mainstream Democratic leaders in New York. Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is among them. But her opponent in the Super Tuesday primaries, Barack Obama, has a growing number of loyal supporters here.

Buffalo Avenues Vol. 17- Kilissa Cissoko, This is an Empire, Chae Hawk's Team Radio , Lemuria and Ice Cream Social (2008-02-04)
Buffalo Avenues Vol. 17- Kilissa Cissoko at the Ujima Theaterloft. The Nickle City Noise Party: This is an Empire and Chae Hawk's Team Radio at Extreme Wheels Skate Park. Lemuria and Ice Cream Social talk about their respective CD release parties.

Commentary: A Better Way of Selecting Our Presidents (2008-02-04)
It's Super Tuesday. Primaries are being held in two dozen states, including New York. But listener-commentator Gary Earl Ross says there has to be a better way to elect our presidents.

Buffalo Rising: Great Lakes Urban Exchange (2008-02-04)
A group of young leaders from cities across the Great Lakes region gathered in Buffalo this weekend to discuss economic revitalization. That's our topic this week as we sit down with our friends from Buffalo Rising.

Former Head of Buffalo's Iraqi House Aiding his Homeland (2008-02-04)
Iraqi-American Steve Shariff continues his work in Baghdad with the U-S Department of Defense. Shariff was living in the Buffalo area.

Hayes Rules Out State Senate Run (2008-02-02)
State Assemblyman Jim Hayes has ruled out a run for the vacant State Senate seat in the 61st District.

McKinley Controversy Surrounding Fired Coach and Suspended Student Deepens (2008-02-02)
The six week suspension that was added to a five day reprimand for Buffalo School student Jayvonna Kincannon is raising legal questions.

Elected Officials Seek Removal of Ugly Barge (2008-02-02)
Local elected officials braved Friday's mixed precipitation to tour an eyesore on Buffalo's outer-harbor.

NFL Commissioner Confirms Toronto Schedule of Bills Games (2008-02-02)
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell officially announced plans Friday for the Buffalo Bills to play one regular season game in Toronto in each of the next five years.

City Hopes to Salvage More Aud Seats (2008-02-01)
The City is not pleased to learn that there are fewer Aud seats up for grabs.

Living Wage for Seasonal City Workers (2008-02-01)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says he wants to give pay raises to the lowest paid City employees.

UB Edition: Friday, February 1, 2008 (2008-02-01)
In an encore presentation we look at "Course casting" at the university-- helps the students here and in Singapore and it also helps local non-profits.

Theatre Talk: Friday, February 1, 2007 (2008-02-01)
Is Waiting for Lefty the "right" thing to review this week?

Former Buffalo Radio Host Tom Campbell on Success of New England Sports Teams (2008-02-01)
For pro sports fans who live in New England, these are the best of times. The Patriots are hoping to go undefeated by winning Sunday's Super Bowl. The Red Sox are the reigning World Series champions. And the Boston Celtics are in first place. Here in Buffalo, the Sabres are in a struggle to make the playoffs while the Bills missed out on the post-season for the eighth straight year.

A Messy Friday in Buffalo (2008-02-01)
It was a messy Friday throughout Western New York. Mixed precipitation began falling during the pre-dawn hours. The mix of sleet, freezing rain and snow fouled up the Friday morning commute and resulted in many rural school districts closing for the day.

Most Primary Debates Available Only to Voters with Cable TV (2008-01-31)
If you're one of the millions of Americans who does not have access to cable television then you've probably missed almost every one of the nearly two dozen primary debates.

Wednesday Night Concert with Besnyo (2008-01-31)
Besnyo's ethereal, avant-guard creations have landed the band gigs with OK Go, We are Scientists and She Wants Revenge. They play just for us here at the WBFO studios, Live in Allen Hall

UB Study Finds People Invest in Stocks of Super Bowl Advertisers (2008-01-31)
A study by researchers at the University at Buffalo and Cornell University finds a company's stock tends to rise in the days after the Super Bowl if viewers liked their ads.

Angelina Project Premieres at Alleyway (2008-01-31)
A play premiering Thursday night about a sensational murder that happened nearly one hundred years ago shows that the past is never really over. The Angelina Project, written by Buffalo playwright Frank Canino, is a story of abuse across generations and society. It's based on the true story of an Italian woman who axed her abusive husband to death. The play opens tonight at the Alleyway Theatre. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with the playwright about the many dynamics of abuse.

Assessing Flooding in City's First Ward (2008-01-31)
City officials say yesterday's flooding in Buffalo's first ward neighborhood was caused by wind, not ice jams or run off.

No School Thursday for Pre-K through 8th in City (2008-01-30)
There will be no school once again Thursday for some Buffalo Public School students.

Wind Storm Strikes Western New York (2008-01-30)
Strong gusty winds buffeted the Buffalo area Wednesday. Most area schools were closed. Power was out for tens of thousands of area residents.

Commentary: What Is Real Art? (2008-01-29)
Works of art, music and literature associated with mainstream religious groups are often dismissed as inferior by the literati. But listener-commentator Alex Livingston says he'll try to have a more open mind when he comes across such faith-affirming works.

State Senator Mary Lou Rath Declines to Seek Re-Election (2008-01-29)
State Senator Mary Lou Rath will not seek re-election to another term. Rath represents the Senate's 61st district. She was elected to the seat in 1993.

Judge Questions Basis for Charges Against Art Professor (2008-01-29)
U.S. District Judge Richard Arcara Monday moved closer to a decision on whether or not federal charges should be dismissed against UB art professor Steven Kurtz. This was the second pre-trial hearing on the defense's motion to dismiss the charges. But the judge still had plenty of questions - most of them directed at the government.

Contract Approved for City Crossing Guards (2008-01-29)
For the first time in seven years crossing guards in the City of Buffalo will be getting pay raises.

A Musical Feast Serves up Stravinsky (2008-01-29)
The chamber orchestra "A Musical Feast" offers up its next generous helping of classical music Tuesday night at the Kavonoky Theatre. The ensemble presents a concert featuring Bach, Messiaen, and a rarely performed piece by Stravinsky.

Disagreeing on When to End Hard Control Board (2008-01-29)
Top leaders of the Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority disagree that it is time to end a hard control board in the City.

Buffalo Rising: Saving Columbus Park and Paper, Platic or Cloth (2008-01-28)
Buffalo's Columbus Park neighborhood receives an important designation. Where are all those recycled computers going? And will it be paper, plastic or cloth? These are the topics our friends from Buffalo Rising explore in this week's roundtable discussion.

Buffalo Foundations Sharing Staff (2008-01-28)
As any not-for-profit group knows, collaboration has become the buzz word in the grant community. Now, two of Buffalo's leading philanthropic organizations are practicing what they preach. The John R. Oishei Foundation and the Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo are sharing three new positions.

Scientist Steps Forward to Defend Art Professor (2008-01-28)
SUNY at Buffalo Art Professor Steven Kurtz heads back to federal court Monday for more pre-trial arguments in the case the government initially called bio-terrorism. When the case goes to trial, Kurtz might get some expert help. A scientific expert on bacteria has offered to witness on behalf of Kurtz and Pittsburgh researcher Robert Ferrell.

Buffalo Avenues Vol 16- Artvoice Battle of Original Music feat. Fresh Guac, London Vs. New York, Constant Climax and Dali's Ghost (2008-01-28)
On Saturday, January 19, the Tralf downtown hosted Artvoice first Battle of Original Music Finals. The Boom competition was the culmination of a year and a half of weekly Internet and live music show popularity duels between hundreds of area bands.

Love Canal Nearing 30 Year Anniversary (2008-01-28)
The woman who led the fight to uncover toxic chemicals at Love Canal in Niagara Falls is still hard at work.

Theatre Talk: Friday, January 25, 2008 (2008-01-25)
Before Suzanne Pleshette became a well-known television star, she made her name on stage. Jim and Tony pay tribute to her, after her death last week.

UB Edition: Friday, January 25, 2008 (2008-01-25)
A trial study at UB involving the affect of low dose aspirin and pregnancy and UB's Research institute on Addictions is looking at the role impulsivity plays in alcohol dependence and its treatment.

UB Edition: Friday, January 25, 2008 (2008-01-25)
A trial study at UB involving the affect of low dose aspirin and pregnancy and UB's Research institute on Addictions is looking at the role impulsivity plays in alcohol dependence and its treatment.

New Rules at the Borders (2008-01-25)
New security measures at the region's border crossings go into effect next Thursday.

UB Edition: Friday, January 25, 2008 (2008-01-25)
A trial study at UB involving the affect of low dose aspirin and pregnancy and UB's Research institute on Addictions is looking at the role impulsivity plays in alcohol dependence and its treatment.

UB Edition: Friday, January 25, 2008 (2008-01-25)
A trial study at UB involving the affect of low dose aspirin and pregnancy and UB's Research institute on Addictions is looking at the role impulsivity plays in alcohol dependence and its treatment.

Buffalo Avenues Episode 15 (2008-01-25)
Today on Buffalo Avenues, Alison Zero interviews Rebecca Ryskalczyk, a 19-year-old indie-folk artist from Buffalo. Alison also interviews Jennifer O'Connor, a Matador Records artist who comes to us from Brooklyn.

UB Edition: Friday, January 25, 2008 (2008-01-25)
A trial study at UB involving the affect of low dose aspirin and pregnancy and UB's Research institute on Addictions is looking at the role impulsivity plays in alcohol dependence and its treatment.

More Federal Money Infuses Buffalo Medical Corridor (2008-01-25)
Buffalo's bio-medical corridor got another shot in the arm Thursday with the second federal grant announced in two weeks. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak reports.

State Elections Board Approves Voting Machines for Use by Disabled (2008-01-25)
The state Board of Elections Thursday approved new voting machines for use by disabled voters in this Fall's election.

Buffalo Avenues Episode 15 (2008-01-25)
This week on Buffalo Avenues: Gay Man's Chorus - what does it take to be a member? Kenny talks with 'The Exit Strategy' Alison Zero meets with Jennifer O'Connor. We talk with Buffalo's 'Music is Art' Todd Kniazuk.

Wednesday Night Concert with Standard of Living (2008-01-25)
Standard Of Living has come blazing out of the Buffalo, NY rock scene and been hailed as one of the best new bands in the Northeast.

United Way Presents State of the Community (2008-01-24)
There are State of the Union and State of the State addresses. But to let people know how things are going even closer to home, the United Way Wednesday held its first State of the Community Address.

United Way Presents State of the Community (2008-01-24)
There are State of the Union and State of the State addresses. But to let people know how things are going even closer to home, the United Way Wednesday held its first State of the Community Address.

West Side Neighborhood on Seven to Save List (2008-01-24)
The Preservation League of New York State has added a West Side neighborhood to its most endangered places in 2008.

Buffalo Avenue: Big Easy Finale (2008-01-24)
The Town Ballroom will be the scene of Bacchanalian frivolity next week, when Buffalo and New Orleans jazz-funk bands light the fuse on six hours of music.

United Way Presents State of the Community (2008-01-24)
There are State of the Union and State of the State addresses. But to let people know how things are going even closer to home, the United Way Wednesday held its first State of the Community Address.

More Calls for Diversity in the Common Council (2008-01-23)
There are more calls for diversity within the Buffalo Common Council. Two lawmakers voiced their latest concerns over committee appointments.

Story Corps: Jesse and Kyle (2008-01-23)
WBFO continues a series of local conversations from Story Corps. You've been hearing Story Corps segments on Friday mornings for the past couple of years. Now, the Western New York Mentoring Coalition is partnering with Story Corps to record the stories of mentors and the people they help.

Spitzer Rolls Out Budget Proposal for 2008-2009 (2008-01-23)
Governor Eliot Spitzer Tuesday rolled out his 2008-2009 budget proposal that closes a $4.4 billion deficit while maintaining what he called the top priorities with no new taxes. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak reports on mixed reaction to the $124 billion dollar plan.

Commentary: Spend Some Time Outdoors This Winter (2008-01-23)
At this time of year, many of us spend most of our days indoors. But listener-commentator Robert Reeves suggests we all would benefit, especially children, with some outdoor activity.

UB Report Explores University's Impact on Global Warming (2008-01-23)
A new study by the University at Buffalo finds that UB's impact on global warming is similar to that of a small city. A 160-page report put together by the UB Green office has a number of recommendations to reduce that impact.

Governor Spitzer's $124 Billion Budget (2008-01-22)
Governor Spitzer is proposing a reduction in the growth rate of state spending by cutting the increase in funding for various state agencies.

Both Your Hands Reaching Out to Kenya (2008-01-22)
For three years now, a small charitable organization based in Alden has been making a big difference for women and their families in third world countries. But the organization's mission of economic empowerment suddenly turned into a relief mission when violence broke out in Kenya. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with the Debbie Naybor, the founder of "Both Your Hands" about how they're reaching out to help during this time of crisis.

Benefit to help those Serving in Iraq (2008-01-22)
A special benefit will be held in Buffalo this Sunday for the men and women serving in Iraq.

Buffalo Rising: New World Record and More (2008-01-21)
New World Record is closing its store on Hertel and Delaware Avenues in Buffalo, shortly after moving from its longtime location on Elmwood Avenue.

UB Edition: Friday, January 18, 2008 (2008-01-18)
in an encore presentation, a university researcher looks at the nursing shortage and suggests Older nurses could help solve it. and we visit another UB Believer.

Theatre Talk: Friday, January 18, 2008 (2008-01-18)
Jim and Tony get out to see some local productions, although Jim is intractable (or, was that in traction?) for a day or two.

Two WNY Hospitals Spared in Revised Closure Plan (2008-01-18)
The long-fought battle to save St. Joseph Hospital from closure has been won. The State Health Department Thursday announced that Millard Fillmore Gates will close. But St. Joseph hospital in Cheektowaga and DeGraff hospital in North Tonawanda will stay open as emergency facilities. The state also awarded more than $70 million to both Kaleida and the Catholic Health systems to assist with restructuring.

Hussalonia Bonus Download (2008-01-18)
After the radio broadcast ended, the tape kept rolling and Hussalonia treated the audience to an encore!

Prosecutors Seek Most Serious Charges Against Lynn Dejac (2008-01-17)
Lynn Dejac served 13 years before her conviction for the "depraved indifference" murder of her daughter was overturned. And her attorney thought the prosecution was left with only manslaughter charges for the new trial. But if prosecutors are successful, Dejac could be trying to save more than her reputation.

Hussalonia Live in Allen Hall 01-16-08 (2008-01-17)
Hussalonia is not quite a band but, as Jesse Mank likes to call it, a pop music cult. A cult in the sense that Hussalonia's credo extends beyond the message of its music, and incorporates environmentally friendly, economically prudent and socially conscious ideas into its unique ideology.

Hussalonia Live in Allen Hall 01-16-08 (2008-01-17)
Hussalonia is not quite a band but, as Jesse Mank likes to call it, a pop music cult. A cult in the sense that Hussalonia's credo extends beyond the message of its music, and incorporates environmentally friendly, economically prudent and socially conscious ideas into its unique ideology.

Wednesday Night Concert with Hussalonia (2008-01-17)
Hussalonia is not quite a band but, as Jesse Mank likes to call it, a pop music cult. A cult in the sense that Hussalonia's credo extends beyond the message of its music, and incorporates environmentally friendly, economically prudent and socially conscious ideas into its unique ideology.

Supreme Court Upholds Process for Selecting Trial Judges in New York (2008-01-17)
The U.S. Supreme Court issued a key ruling Wednesday on the way New York chooses judges for the State Supreme Court.

St. Joseph and DeGraff Hospitals Stay Open, Kaleida to Begin Closing Millard Fillmore Gates Circle (2008-01-17)
There are new developments in the ongoing process to close and consolidate hospitals in the Buffalo area. Kaledia Health and the Catholic Health System are each receiving much anticipated grants from the State Health Department to implement changes.

Police Commissioner's Half-Brother Charged with Murder in Pennsylvania (2008-01-17)
Buffalo Police Commissioner McCarthy Gipson's half-brother, Donald Gipson, has been arrested in a long-unsolved stabbing murder in northwestern Pennsylvania.

Buffalo Avenue: Buffalo Gay Men's Chorus (2008-01-17)
The Buffalo Gay Men's Chorus is showing its Pride and Passion in two performances on January 25th and 26th.

Fire Kills Four in Orleans County (2008-01-17)
A fire in a rural Orleans County home has killed three generations of the same family -- a grandmother, her daughter and the daughter's two young children.

Preparing for Bass Pro (2008-01-16)
Preparation work continues for future demolition of the former Memorial Auditorium site in downtown Buffalo.

Story Corps: Mike and Kalilah (2008-01-16)
WBFO continues a series of local conversations from Story Corps. The Western New York Mentoring Coalition is partnering with Story Corps to record the stories of mentors and the people they help. Today, we hear from Mike and Khalilah.

Community Mural Project Targets Blight (2008-01-16)
WBFO told you recently about Buffalo ReUse, the group that is changing how the city approaches the demolition of abandoned houses. The not-for-profit group takes them down and then recycles them. Now, Buffalo ReUse is hoping to recycle hope in the city by making some vacant houses beacons of peace, with the Neighborhood Peace Mural Project.

Governor Details $1 Billion Revitalization Plan for Upstate Cities (2008-01-16)
Governor Eliot Spitzer delivered the first-ever "State of Upstate" address in Buffalo Wednesday. He appeared before a standing-room only crowd at Buffalo State College.

Community Mural Project Targets Blight (2008-01-16)
WBFO told you recently about Buffalo ReUse, the group that is changing how the city approaches the demolition of abandoned houses. The not-for-profit group takes them down and then recycles them. Now, Buffalo ReUse is hoping to recycle hope in the city by making some vacant houses beacons of peace, with the Neighborhood Peace Mural Project.

Community Mural Project Targets Blight (2008-01-16)
WBFO told you recently about Buffalo ReUse, the group that is changing how the city approaches the demolition of abandoned houses. The not-for-profit group takes them down and then recycles them. Now, Buffalo ReUse is hoping to recycle hope in the city by making some vacant houses beacons of peace, with the Neighborhood Peace Mural Project.

Buffalo's Board of Ed Reassess Enterprise Charter School (2008-01-15)
The Buffalo Board of Education is trying to avoid a shut-down of the Enterprise Charter School in downtown Buffalo.

Grover Cleveland High's International Population (2008-01-15)
Grover Cleveland High School on the City's West Side is gearing up for its annual International dinner Wednesday night.

MySpace Agrees to Combat Sexual Predators on Internet Site (2008-01-15)
MySpace.com has agreed with 49 states, including New York, to add extensive measures to combat sexual predators who use the popular online site.

DMV Clerk Charged with Making Faking IDs (2008-01-15)
An Erie County motor vehicles clerk from Buffalo has been arrested for selling fake Identification documents to teenagers. Latasha Colbert was arraigned Saturday in Buffalo City Court and faces seven years if convicted.

Commentary: Test of Memory (2008-01-15)
As the U-S population ages, the number of people we encounter who are suffering from Alzheimer's Disease increases. Listener-Commentator Lisa Forrest, a college librarian, shares the story of her recent encounter with a woman who wanted help for her "memory test."

Buffalo Mayor Says Primaries Are Not About Race or Gender (2008-01-14)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says he believes an African American or a woman could become the next President of the United States.

Schools Superintendent Weighs in on Control Board Issues (2008-01-14)
Should the City and the Buffalo School District be separated when it comes to oversight by the control board?

Buffalo Rising: Control Board, UB Downtown and Artspace (2008-01-14)
Phasing out the city's control board, UB as an economic engine for the city and success for Artspace in Buffalo -- these are the topics in this morning's conversation with our friends from Buffalo Rising.

Meet the Author: Ben Ratliff, Mon 1/14/08 (2008-01-14)
Ben Ratliff, author of Coltrane: The Story of a Sound

ECC to Open New Downtown Programs (2008-01-14)
Erie Community College is rolling out some high-tech, high demand programs to attract new students to its expanded campus downtown. The college begins classes January 22 in its newly acquired and renovated building at 45 Oak Street.

Theatre Talk: Friday, January 11, 2008 (2008-01-11)
Nine, count 'em, nine, shows get the Theatre Talk treatment this week.

UB Edition: Friday, January 11, 2008 (2008-01-11)
The Distinguished Speaker Series loses James Earl Jones and we'll tell you who the replacement is, and we visit another UB Believer

Cheektowaga Firm Shows Off Wares at Consumer Electronics Show (2008-01-11)
The Consumer Electronics Show is a chance for some of the major players like Panasonic to showcase their new products. But it's also the place to be for smaller companies, such as Norraza, a Cheektowaga-based firm that sells accessories for consumer electronics.

Slaughter Questions Tight Primary Calendar (2008-01-11)
Everyone from elected officials to celebrities and former candidates is weighing in on the hotly contested presidential primary. Endorsements and criticisms of every nuance in the race dominate the news. But Congresswoman Louis Slaughter cautions that the fevered pitch could burn out everybody.

Buffalo Avenues- ELVIS!!! The Failures Union, Ellen West and Eric Lindell (2008-01-11)
This week on Buffalo Avenues: Kenny Macdonald interviews tribute artist Terry Buchwald (tcbtribute.com) at the fairgrounds in Hamburg to find out what really helps make a good Elvis. Alex Kelly interviews the Buffalo Alt-Rock band The Failures' Union in their practice room above Mohawk Place downtown. Alison Zero reports on solo musician, Ellen West who played New World Record's Thursday night performance.

Buffalo Avenues- ELVIS!!! The Failures Union, Ellen West and Eric Lindell (2008-01-11)
This week on Buffalo Avenues: Kenny Macdonald interviews tribute artist Terry Buchwald (tcbtribute.com) at the fairgrounds in Hamburg to find out what really helps make a good Elvis. Alex Kelly interviews the Buffalo Alt-Rock band The Failures' Union in their practice room above Mohawk Place downtown. Alison Zero reports on solo musician, Ellen West who played New World Record's Thursday night performance.

Buffalo Avenues- ELVIS!!! The Failures Union, Ellen West and Eric Lindell (2008-01-11)
This week on Buffalo Avenues: Kenny Macdonald interviews tribute artist Terry Buchwald (tcbtribute.com) at the fairgrounds in Hamburg to find out what really helps make a good Elvis. Alex Kelly interviews the Buffalo Alt-Rock band The Failures' Union in their practice room above Mohawk Place downtown. Alison Zero reports on solo musician, Ellen West who played New World Record's Thursday night performance.

Mayor Brown Reacts to Plans for New FBI Building (2008-01-11)
Mayor Byron Brown says he was not surprised to learn that the Buffalo F-B-I already needs a new headquarters.

UB Named as Centerpiece in Spitzer's Address (2008-01-10)
Governor Eliot Spitzer Wednesday said he has big plans for UB, calling it a future, world-class flagship university. But exactly what that means for UB, its 2020 plan and the region is not yet known.

UB Named as Centerpiece in Spitzer's Address (2008-01-10)
Governor Eliot Spitzer Wednesday said he has big plans for UB, calling it a future, world-class flagship university. But exactly what that means for UB, its 2020 plan and the region is not yet known.

Hauptman Woodward Awarded $3 Million Research Grant (2008-01-10)
The Hauptman Woodward Institute is getting a $3 million federal grant to help the military combat the mutation of deadly diseases.

Slain Diplomat Remembered by Family, Friends and Colleagues (2008-01-10)
An American diplomat from South Buffalo was laid to rest Wednesday with full military honors.

Governor Proposes $1 Billion Upstate Revitalization Fund (2008-01-10)
Governor Eliot Spitzer is proposing the creation of a $1 billion upstate revitalization fund to boost the economy of New York's struggling cities, including Buffalo.

Mayor Appoints Second Deputy Mayor (2008-01-10)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown has hired a new deputy mayor.

Buffalo Avenues: Elvis Tribute Artist Terry Buckwald (2008-01-10)
Elvis' 73rd birthday was earlier this week. His memory is kept alive, not only through a vast catalogue of music, but also by tribute artists.

UB Named as Centerpiece in Spitzer's Address (2008-01-10)
Governor Eliot Spitzer Wednesday said he has big plans for UB, calling it a future, world-class flagship university. But exactly what that means for UB, its 2020 plan and the region is not yet known.

Erie County Lawmakers Divided on Marinelli Leadership (2008-01-09)
A cry for change is shaking up politics beyond primary voting. Erie County Legislature chairwoman Lynn Marinelli narrowly won re-election to a third year.

Wednesday Night Concert with Crittenden (2008-01-09)
Eric had introduced his band by saying "they're so good I don't even have to show up." But the reality is that this great band flourishes on the creative canvas of its leader.

Governor Spitzer Touts UB as Economic Engine in State of the State Address (2008-01-09)
The future of the University at Buffalo received prominent play in Governor Eliot Spitzer's State of the State address Wednesday.

Story Corps: Big Brother Laguan and Little Brother Zaire (2008-01-09)
WBFO is presenting a series of local conversations from Story Corps. You've been hearing Story Corps segments on Friday morning for the past couple of years. Now, the Western New York Mentoring Coalition is partnering with Story Corps to record the stories of mentors and the people they help.

Senator Schumer says Diabetes Serious Problem (2008-01-09)
US Senator Charles Schumer is concerned about a big spike in diabetes cases across Western New York.

Local High School Students Discuss Racism & Diversity Issues (2008-01-09)
More than 200 local high school students gathered together to discuss racism and homophobia Tuesday.

UB Honors First Chancellor Millard Fillmore (2008-01-08)
On January 7th, 1800, Nathaniel and Phoebe Fillmore welcomed the second of what would be nine children -- a son born in a log cabin in Summerhill, New York. At Forest Lawn cemetery Monday, the annual commemoration ceremony was held to celebrate the life of Millard Fillmore. WBFO's Gabe DiMaio reports.

County Comptroller Issues Harsh Audit of ECMC (2008-01-08)
The county's top fiscal watchdog is coming down hard on the Erie County Medical Center Corporation.

Mayor Seeks End to Hard Control Period in Buffalo (2008-01-08)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says is time to bid farewell to the hard Control Board.

What's Happened to Hillary (2008-01-08)
Tuesday could very well determine the fate of Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign. It's the New Hampshire primary. Polls show Barrack Obama winning in a state where Clinton once held a huge lead.

Commentary: Keeping Those New Years Resolutions (2008-01-08)
The new year is already a week old. And for many of you, your New Year's resolutions have already been broken. For those of you still holding on to them, listener-commentator Tony Billoni has some advice.

Rules for Voting in New York's Presidential Primary (2008-01-07)
The Erie County Board of Elections is expecting a flurry of registrations as interest mounts in the hotly contested Super-Duper Tuesday primary next month. But some eager voters will be disappointed.

State Senate, Assembly Outline Legislative Goals (2008-01-07)
The 2008 State Legislature session begins in Albany this week. Governor Spitzer will present his vision for the coming year in his annual State of the State address on Wednesday. But the leaders of both houses have already introduced their priorities for the upcoming session.

Wednesday Night Concert with LondonVsNewYork (2008-01-07)
I never really listened to that much Punk. I can talk about the Ramones (a little) and I'm familiar enough with the high water marks of the genre to follow a discussion (loosely). Yet I probably wouldn't have much to contribute (certainly). That said, last night's Live in Allen Hall show was a new experience for me - an hour of Punk, which turned out to be a great hour, from the talented Buffalo based band, London vs. New York. -Host Bert Gambini

Buffalo Rising: Hidden Architecture and More (2008-01-07)
The NHL's Winter Classic. Hidden architecture. Memories of Kaisertown. And where is the best place in Buffalo to -- make out! These are the topics in this morning's conversation with our friends from Buffalo Rising.

Erie County Chief Retreats from Anti-Casino Legal Battle (2008-01-04)
Erie County Executive Chris Collins Thursday announced he is pulling the county out of the lawsuits trying to block the downtown casino. And he is already looking forward to revenues from the multi-million facility.

Erie County Chief Retreats from Anti-Casino Legal Battle (2008-01-04)
Erie County Executive Chris Collins Thursday announced he is pulling the county out of the lawsuits trying to block the downtown casino. And he is already looking forward to revenues from the multi-million facility.

Two Arrests in Heist of a DHL Truck in Cheektowaga (2008-01-04)
Cheektowaga Police arrested two suspects accused in last month's heist of a DHL delivery truck filled with controlled substances.

State Attorney General Sues Buffalo Heating Contractor (2008-01-04)
The State Attorney General's office is suing a Buffalo heating and cooling contractor for allegedly defrauding consumers out of thousands of dollars.

Erie County Chief Retreats from Anti-Casino Legal Battle (2008-01-04)
Erie County Executive Chris Collins Thursday announced he is pulling the county out of the lawsuits trying to block the downtown casino. And he is already looking forward to revenues from the multi-million facility.

Theatre Talk: Friday, January 4, 2008 (2008-01-04)
With the New Year, there are new productions on Buffalo stages.

Caffeine Boost for Blood Donors (2008-01-04)
The American Red Cross is offering a little caffeine boost for blood donors this month.

Buffalo Avenues- Chris Squier, Babik and Pete Worden (2008-01-04)
Rockin' Chris Squier, swingin' Babik and rockabillying Pete Worden and the Hardtimers.

UB Edition: Friday, January 4, 2008 (2008-01-04)
The Research Institute on Addictions is looking relationship between the therapist and the client in alcoholism treatment (call 887-2387 to participate in the study), and we visit another UB Believer

Buffalo Ended Year with Fewer Homicides (2008-01-03)
Buffalo ended the year with fewer homicides than in 2006.

GM Drops Plans for V-8 Engine at Tonawanda Powertrain Plant (2008-01-03)
General Motors is dropping plans to manufacture a V-8 engine for its luxury cars.

Charges of Racism in Council Chambers (2008-01-03)
Charges of racism were flying at the City's Common Council reorganizational meeting yesterday.

Collins Names Two More Commissioners (2008-01-03)
Erie County Executive Chris Collins spent his first day on the job Wednesday. He held a news conference to announce additional appointments to his administration.

Commentary: Chris Collins Era Begins (2008-01-02)
Wednesday is the first day on the job for new Erie County Executive Chris Collins. Listener-Commentator Anthony Ogorek assesses Collins' recent election and his prospects for turning around county government.

Looking for Consensus for a Route 5 Boulevard (2008-01-02)
A Buffalo Common Council member is looking for consensus on how to create a new boulevard like roadway along the elevated section of Route 5 and the waterfront.

Buffalo Avenues Vol 11 (2008-01-02)
Kenny discovers a hidden enclave of the Skiffle Minstrels in Blackrock. Alison Zero meets Jax Deluca at Nietzsche's. We are invited into the Colored Musician's club to meet local jazz institution Van Taylor

Best of Buffalo Avenues Volume 2 (2008-01-02)
Reaching back all the way to our first ever Buffalo Avenues, musician Andrew Bird performs at Babeville. Tracy Morrow plays his stripped down sound at Mohawk. Spyro Gyra founding member and keyboardist Tom Schuman plays for us in Allen Hall.

US Diplomat Killed in Sudan from South Buffalo (2008-01-01)
A former Buffalo man working as an American diplomat and his driver were shot to death Tuesday in the Sudanese capital.

Buffalo Sabres Lose Winter Classic in Shootout (2008-01-01)
The Buffalo Sabres lost the NHL's Winter Classic at Ralph Wilson Stadium Tuesday 2 to 1 in an overtime shootout with the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Recalling the Big Stories of 2007 (2007-12-31)
As we look back on 2007 to recall some of the big stories of the year, WBFO'S Eileen Buckley scrolled through her reporter notebooks to highlight some of the top stories she covered .

Collins Takes Oath of Office as County Executive (2007-12-31)
Erie County Executive-elect Chris Collins will officially drop the "elect" from his title Tuesday, although his swearing in ceremonies took place Sunday at the University at Buffalo's Center for the Arts.

Buffalo Rising: Looking Back at 2007 (2007-12-31)
As 2007 draws to a close, our friends from Buffalo Rising join WBFO's Mark Scott to talk about the year gone by and what's in store for the city in the coming year.

Bills GM Marv Levy Informs Players of His Resignation (2007-12-31)
Buffalo Bills General Manager Marv Levy told Buffalo Bills players Monday morning that he is resigning.

Players to Test Outdoor Ice at the Ralph (2007-12-31)
The Buffalo Sabres and Pittsburgh Penguins are scheduled to skate on the new ice at Ralph Wilson Stadium Monday afternoon for practice sessions, and to get acclimated to outdoor conditions.

Preparations for Ice Bowl on Schedule (2007-12-29)
National Hockey League officials say they're right on schedule in their ongoing preparations for Tuesday's outdoor game between the Buffalo Sabres and Pittsburgh Penguins at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Surveillance Camera to Monitor New Year's Eve Ball Drop (2007-12-29)
A solar-powered surveillance camera will beam images of New Years Eve revelers to a police command center in Buffalo next week.

Former Company Employee Admits to Providing Gifts to City Officials (2007-12-29)
A former employee of a company doing business with the City of Buffalo admitted Friday to furnishing dinners and trips to two officials in the city's Public Works Department.

Theatre Talk: Friday, December 28, 2007 (2007-12-28)
Jim and Tony are away for the holidays, so there is no Theatre Talk this week.

Tim Tielman's Vision for Richardson Park (2007-12-28)
Much attention has been paid to the restoration of the H.H. Richardson complex on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo. But a leading preservationist in the area says restoring the grounds as designed by Frederick Law Olmsted is just as important.

Giambra Exits Projecting Surplus (2007-12-28)
In just a few days, Erie County Executive Joel Giambra will end his eight year reign at the Rath Building.

UB Edition: Friday, December 28, 2007 (2007-12-28)
UB Edition is on holiday break this week.

Giambra Wishes his Best to New County Executive (2007-12-28)
With just a few final days left as the leader of Erie County, Joel Giambra held an exit news conference at the Rath Building Thursday.

Agreement Reached on County Borrowing (2007-12-28)
County Comptroller Mark Poloncarz has reached an agreement with the control board over the county's long-delayed 2007 borrowing.

Thousands of Out-of-Towners Expected for Ice Bowl (2007-12-27)
The Buffalo Niagara Convention and Visitors Bureau is expecting thousands of out-of-town visitors for next week's AMP Energy N-H-L Winter Classic.

Preparing Concessions for Outdoor Hockey Game (2007-12-27)
Thousands of hot dogs, pretzels, hamburgers and slices of pizza will be served up at the AMP Energy-NHL Winter Classic New Year's Day.

Common Council Approves Aud Transfer to Canal Corporation (2007-12-27)
The Buffalo Common Council Wednesday approved the transfer of the long-vacant Memorial Auditorium to the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation, for $1.

Elderly Man Killed, Wife Critically Injured after Vehicle Plunges into Niagara River (2007-12-27)
Buffalo firefighters and rescue divers pulled two people out of the water Monday after the Ford Explorer they were in plunged into the Niagara River at the foot of Ferry Street.

Commentary: What's It All About? (2007-12-27)
It's been many years since Listener-Commentator Cheryl Fisher was in Law School. She recently returned to speak to students in her role as president of the Bar Association of Erie County -- an experience that she says reminded her about what the law is all about.

Sisters Hospital Holiday Decorating Contest Brings Smiles to Troops Overseas (2007-12-27)
The winning entry in a decorating contest at Sister of Charity Hospital transformed a door into a meaningful masterpiece for our troops.

Mayor Brown Looks Ahead to '08 (2007-12-26)
As 2007 winds down, Mayor Byron Brown reflects on his accomplishments and hopes for 2008 for the City of Buffalo.

Collins Set to Roll Out Six Sigma (2007-12-26)
It will be all business next week when Erie County Executive-elect Chris Collins takes over the reins of county government. At the core of his private sector approach is a program called "Six Sigma." But many residents are unsure what that means.

Former French Connection Legend Shares Aud Memories (2007-12-26)
Later today the Buffalo Common Council is expected to vote on the transfer of the former Memorial Auditorium to the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation.

Crews Spend Holiday Converting Stadium Field into Ice Rink (2007-12-25)
Fighting heavy wind and blowing snow, NHL work crews are spending the Christmas holiday converting Ralph Wilson Stadium into a hockey rink for next week's Winter Classic outdoor game.

Lakes Snows Easing (2007-12-24)
The National Weather Service has lifted its snow and blowing snow advisory through for northern Erie, Niagara, Orleans and Genesee Counties.

Buffalo Rising: What Happens to the Churches (2007-12-24)
The closings have already started. The last Masses have been held at a number of Catholic churches in Buffalo. The question we explore in our weekly visit with our friends from Buffalo Rising is what will happen to these majestic structures.

Severe Weather for Buffalo through Christmas Eve (2007-12-23)
High winds and lake effect snow are forecast to buffet the Buffalo area through Christmas Eve.

Kevin Everett Returns to Ralph Wilson Stadium (2007-12-23)
Bills tight end Kevin Everett arrived at Ralph Wilson Stadium on Sunday morning to watch Buffalo's home season finale, less than four months since sustaining a severe spinal cord injury on the same turf.

Shelter Worker Faces Cruelty Charge for Dog Stabbing (2007-12-21)
A misdemeanor animal cruelty charge is being filed against a worker at the Buffalo Animal Shelter.

UB Edition: Friday, December 21, 2006 (2007-12-21)
UB's honors program becomes the University Honors College

Collins Announces Key Administration Appointments (2007-12-21)
Erie County Executive-elect Chris Collins announced several key appointments Friday.

Theatre Talk: Friday, December 21, 2007 (2007-12-21)
Happy Holidays from Jim and Tony, with a review of some holiday presentations! Also, a remembrance of a beloved Buffalo arts supporter.

Advocacy Group Seeks More Input in Efforts to Improve Schools (2007-12-21)
The Alliance for Quality Education Thursday released its first report card on the State Education Department's oversight of the "Contracts for Excellence" to help improve the worst-performing schools.

Free Parking at City Meters on Christmas Eve (2007-12-21)
There will be free parking at all city meters this Monday, Christmas Eve.

Milton Rogovin Celebrates 98th Birthday (2007-12-21)
Internationally acclaimed photographer, Milton Rogovin, celebrates his 98th birthday at the end of this month. Rogovin will attend a birthday party Saturday at the Buffalo Historical Society being thrown in his honor.

Judge Chastises Elections Officials for Voting Machine Delays (2007-12-21)
New York state has until January 4th to develop a timeline for how it will comply with the federal election law that requires states to purchase more reliable and accessible voting machines.

Transfer of Memorial Auditorium to Harbor Development Group (2007-12-20)
Mayor Byron Brown met with reporters inside the dank and deteriorating Memorial Auditorium Wednesday to announce that the building will be transferred to the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation.

Calendar Pays Tribute to Women Suffering from Breast Cancer (2007-12-20)
A group of women in Allegany, NY came up with a unique way of supporting those diagnosed with breast cancer.

Thruway Authority Passes Budget that Includes Toll Increases (2007-12-20)
The State Thruway Authority's board of directors approved a financial plan Wednesday that would require it to raise tolls in 2009 and 2010. However, a final vote on the increases won't be taken until next Spring, following a series of public hearings statewide.

Judge Dismisses Ethanol Plant Lawsuit (2007-12-19)
A judge's ruling has cleared the way for what could be Western New York's newest ethanol plant.

LondonvsNewYork - December 19, 2007 (2007-12-19)
LondonVsNewYork is the product of four frustrated Buffalo progeny sick of their city's unwarranted feelings of inferiority, the general ennui that surrounds the local music scene, and their fear of the future and their inevitable settling into their positions as adults in a subjugated society.

Mayor Says Buffalo Will Serve as Homeland Security Model (2007-12-19)
Mayor Byron Brown returned from a national security conference in Washington Tuesday. The mayor says the Department of Homeland Security will provide $4 million to Buffalo for a variety of purposes.

Buffalo Avenues Volume 10 (2007-12-19)
Alex Kelly's exclusive interview with the Hanson brothers all grown up, they talk about transitions in their music, and aid to Africa. Alison Zero interviews Buffalo instrumentalists, Lazlo Hollyfeld. Kenny Macdonald chats with indie-rocker Jonathan Rice after his show at the Mohawk.

Slaughter Expects Presidential Signature on Bill Delaying Passport Requirement (2007-12-19)
Western New York Congresswoman Louise Slaughter says President Bush is expected to sign a bill that would delay passport requirements.

Family of Missing Contractor Remains Hopeful of his Return (2007-12-19)
More than a year ago Jonathan Cote of Getzville was kidnapped in Iraq while working with other private contractors for Crescent Security.

UB Art Professor "Strange Culture" Case Goes to Court (2007-12-19)
The attorney for UB Professor Steven Kurtz argued in Buffalo's Unites States District court Tuesday that charges should be dismissed against the man originally suspected of bio-terrorism.

Commentary: The Yule Log (2007-12-18)
Light and warmth are important parts of the Christmas holiday. Listener-Commentator Thomas Asklar shares the history of the yule log and how his family and friends carry on the tradition.

Commentary: The Yule Log (2007-12-18)
Light and warmth are important parts of the Christmas holiday. Listener-Commentator Thomas Asklar shares the history of the yule log and how his family and friends carry on the tradition.

Sabres Goalie Offers Outdoor Hockey Advise (2007-12-18)
The Buffalo Sabres are ramping up for their big outdoor hockey game New Year's day at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Erie County Control Board Entertains Office Space Options (2007-12-18)
The Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority Monday received some good news and some bad news from a long-awaited space efficiency study.

Higher Education Recommendations Delivered to Governor (2007-12-18)
The state Commission on Higher Education presented its recommendations to Governor Spitzer on Monday in Albany.

Treatment Available to Curb Holiday Drinking (2007-12-17)
Getting in the holiday spirit holds a completely different meaning for people battling against addictions. But experts say there is help for substance abusers and their families to get through the holidays to a healthy New Year.

Winter Storm Warning Ends (2007-12-17)
Yesterday's heavy snowfall resulted in several inches of accumulation, and closed several area schools.

Trends of Local Consumers (2007-12-17)
An area retailer weighs in on the shopping habits and trends of local consumers compared to other parts of the United States.

Lake Erie Windmills Idle (2007-12-14)
Major repairs are underway to the giant windmills that stand along the Lake Erie shore in Lackawanna.

Erie County Legislature Wraps Up Year (2007-12-14)
An extension of Erie County's extra penny of sales tax was squeezed in during the last legislative session of the year Thursday. There was no controversy, with only two lawmakers opposing the first procedural vote to extend the tax.

Erie County Legislature Wraps Up Year (2007-12-14)
An extension of Erie County's extra penny of sales tax was squeezed in during the last legislative session of the year Thursday. There was no controversy, with only two lawmakers opposing the first procedural vote to extend the tax.

Erie County Legislature Wraps Up Year (2007-12-14)
An extension of Erie County's extra penny of sales tax was squeezed in during the last legislative session of the year Thursday. There was no controversy, with only two lawmakers opposing the first procedural vote to extend the tax.

Unshackle Upstate '08 Agenda (2007-12-14)
The organization known as Unshackle Upstate released its 2008 policy agenda.

Theatre Talk: Friday, December 14, 2007 (2007-12-14)
Jim and Tony remember actor J. Brian Hayes, a native Buffalonian who died recently.

UB Edition: Friday, December 14, 2007 (2007-12-14)
A task group calls for internationalizing UB. and we visit another UB Believer.

CVB Gives Buffalo Niagara Film Commission One More Take (2007-12-14)
The Buffalo Niagara Film Commission will keep rolling for at least one more year. The board of the Buffalo Niagara Convention and Visitors Bureau voted Thursday to fund the Commission from the CVB budget for one year.

Winter Storm Watch Upgraded to Warning (2007-12-14)
A major snow storm is heading toward Western New York this weekend.

Trial Date Set for Dejac (2007-12-13)
State Supreme Court Justice Russell Buscaglia set April 28 for jury selection in the new trial date for Lynn Dejac. The woman who served thirteen years for murdering her daughter, Crystalynn Girard, returned to the courtroom Wednesday for the first time since her conviction was overturned.

WNY Health Insurer Adopts State Doctor Ranking System (2007-12-13)
Finding the best doctor won't just mean finding the cheapest doctor under a new ranking system developed by state attorney general Andrew Cuomo. Independent Health on Wednesday became the latest health to adopt the ranking system.

Heavy Snow Warning & Snow Advisory (2007-12-13)
The National Weather Service says a heavy snow warning will remain in effect until 7'o'clock Thursday evening for Southern Erie, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus and Allegany Counties.

Message to Governor to "Tear Down Wall" (2007-12-13)
The Buffalo Waterfront Coalition is calling Governor Elliott Spitzer to tear down the wall along Route 5's elevated highway that blocks out the City's waterfront.

Heavy Snows Spur Evening Cancellations (2007-12-13)
A number of school districts across the region have canceled afternoon and evening activities and events

Erie County Capital Borrowing Deal Near (2007-12-12)
Erie County Comptroller Mark Poloncarz said Tuesday that he is close to wrapping up a compromise on capital borrowing for 2007, hopefully before the holidays are over.

Wednesday Night Concert with Dee and the Housecats (2007-12-12)
Dee and the Housecats perform in Allen Hall on December 12th.

Control Board Rejects Pay Raises for City Crossing Guards (2007-12-12)
There will be no pay raises anytime soon for Buffalo's crossing guards.

Tough Chinese Trade Barriers (2007-12-11)
Tough Chinese trade barriers are blocking the sale of American-made Harley-Davidson motorcycles that carry some locally made tires.

Schumer Fighting for WNY Homeland Security Funding (2007-12-11)
U-S Senator Charles Schumer says he will continue to fight for Homeland Security funding for Western New York.

Group Home Worker Accused of Running Escort Ring on State Time (2007-12-11)
A state employee is accused of making calls for an escort service while working at a group home for disabled children in Buffalo.

Commentary: The Ballad of the Flintrock Pistol (2007-12-11)
The National Intelligence Estimate released last week concluded that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003. But President Bush maintains that Iran continues to pose a danger to world security. It seems that these security concerns aren't just a 21st century development. This morning, listener-commentator -- and storyteller -- Gary Earl Ross spins this tale of a long-ago weapons dispute.

Poll Finds Majority of New Yorkers View Spitzer Unfavorably (2007-12-11)
Governor Eliot Spitzer has reached a new low in the eyes of voters, drawing a 51 percent unfavorable rating in a new poll.

Buffalo Group Recycles Houses (2007-12-10)
Every year, cities across the country spend millions of dollars tearing down condemned houses and hauling away tons of debris to landfills. But progressive engineers and community activists have found a way to reverse that wasteful process.

Buffalo Rising: Removing the 190 and Skyway Park (2007-12-10)
It's been long argued that the 190 separates the city from its waterfront. This morning, we explore the feasibility of a four lane boulevard to replace the 190 as well as an innovative proposal for the Skyway with our friends from Buffalo Rising.

Tips to Prevent Break-ins (2007-12-10)
A special police detail has nabbed a crew of six teenagers suspected in burglarizing a number of homes in Buffalo's Parkside neighborhood.

Buffalo Group Recycles Houses (2007-12-10)
Every year, cities across the country spend millions of dollars tearing down condemned houses and hauling away tons of debris to landfills. But progressive engineers and community activists have found a way to reverse that wasteful process.

Buffalo Group Recycles Houses (2007-12-10)
Every year, cities across the country spend millions of dollars tearing down condemned houses and hauling away tons of debris to landfills. But progressive engineers and community activists have found a way to reverse that wasteful process.

Buffalo Avenues Volume 9 (2007-12-09)
Infinity Performing Arts Program Students Jonah Hathaway and Kate Furman. Buffalo Music Awards, holiday organ music, plus your local calendar.

Kevin Everett Walking, Bills-Miami Game Sells Out (2007-12-07)
Injured Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett is walking on his own at his Houston home.

Chautauqua Airport to Offer Daily Flights to Washington Dulles (2007-12-07)
The Chautauqua County Airport in Jamestown will begin direct passenger service to Dulles International Airport in Washington after the first of the year.

A Conversation with Playwright-Actress Catherine Eaton about "Corsetless" (2007-12-07)
A world premiere play opening this weekend in Buffalo gives Shakespeare lovers a new twist on the old bard's works. Or, some might just say a twisted version of his texts.

Governor Weighs in on Proposed Toll Debate (2007-12-07)
Governor Eliot Spitzer says the State Thruway Authority needs to justify spending before it can increase tolls.

Building Trades Calls for Clean Coal Plant Construction to Begin (2007-12-07)
A local union rallied outside the Huntley Generating Station in Tonawanda Thursday calling for construction to begin on a new clean coal power plant.

Theatre Talk: Friday, December 7, 2007 (2007-12-07)
Tony will join playwright Ariel Dorfman in a reading of Dorfman's Death and the Maiden tonight.

UB Edition: Friday, December 7, 2007 (2007-12-07)
A conversation with the director of The Center for Geohazards Studies at the University at Buffalo, and he and other UB researchers will be on the history channel this weekend

Police Academy to Begin Training New Officers (2007-12-07)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is keeping his promise to hire more police officers in an effort to curb crime.

Wednesday Night Concert with Johnny Nobody (2007-12-06)
Fuzzy and feed-back friendly band from Lockport, Johnny Nobody

Spitzer Announces Universal Broadband, Seeks Answers on Thruway Toll Increases (2007-12-06)
Governor Eliot Spitzer appeared in Niagara Falls Thursday morning. He delivered a speech to the New York State Farm Bureau at their annual meeting, where he fulfilled a campaign promise by announcing plans for universal broadband service.

Remains from 19th Century Discovered at City Honors School (2007-12-06)
The remains of people buried in the 1800s were unearthed outside a Buffalo school this week. The discovery was as part of preparations for future reconstruction work at City Honors school.

History Tour Visits Buffalo Tavern (2007-12-06)
More than 40 Buffalo history enthusiasts will gather at an historic tavern tonight for a ceremonial toast. They'll be marking the 74th anniversary of the end of prohibition, as part of a tour.

Buffalo Avenues: BPO's Holiday Pops (2007-12-06)
A holiday pops tradition returns to Buffalo this weekend at Kleinhans Music Hall.

Collins Unveils Plans for Transparent Hiring Process (2007-12-05)
Erie County Executive-elect Chris Collins Wednesday unrolled what he called a transparent hiring process for his new administration.

UB Holds Forum on Plan for Growing the University's Physical Presence (2007-12-05)
UB held a public forum in downtown Buffalo Tuesday for people to comment on the University at Buffalo's physical master plan for growth. The goal is a transparent, inclusive and comprehensive physical planning process to transform the university campuses in Amherst, on Main Street and downtown.

Brian Moorman Donates $50,000 to Carly's Club (2007-12-05)
For the second time in as many weeks, a Buffalo sports player is making a significant contribution to Carly's Club for Kids and Cancer Research at Roswell Park. Bills Punter Brian Moorman's P.U.N.T. Foundation is making a $50,000 contribution for the creation of "Brian's Locker" at Carly's Club.

Overwhelming Opposition to Thruway Toll Hike (2007-12-05)
Citizens, business and political leaders had a chance to speak out against a proposed Thruway toll increase Wednesday.

Erie County Lawmakers Adopt a $1.4 Billion Dollar Budget (2007-12-05)
Erie County lawmakers Tuesday adopted a one point four Billion dollar budget for 2008 that boosted funding in several departments and held the line on taxes. But not everyone is happy.

A Lesson from Outer Space (2007-12-05)
Students at Campus West school in Buffalo received a special lesson about outer space.

Single Engine Plane Bound for Buffalo Crashes in Ohio (2007-12-05)
Investigators will look into the weather as a possible factor in this morning's deadly crash of a Buffalo-bound single-engine plane crash in central Ohio.

Commentary: Restoring Homes (2007-12-04)
Volunteers have transformed dozens of houses in the city, giving them new life. Listener-Commentator Darren Kempner shares his experience this fall restoring a home on East Utica.

Buffalo Avenues Vol. 8 (2007-12-04)
In the eighth installment of Buffalo Avenues, reporter Alex Kelly attends the Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts official grand opening spectacular. Talent Producer, Alison Zero, raps with Buffalo's best underground hip-hop artists. Producer Kenny Macdonald investigates industrial metal band DisplaceD (<-- capitalization not a mistake) at Showplace Theater.

Local Researcher Helps to Set the Record Straight on Tulsa Race Riot (2007-12-04)
The 1921 Tulsa Race Riots is one of the many painful reminders of America's troubled race history. But a local researcher has helped to at least clear up one injustice from the bloody event. Barbara Seals Nevergold from UB"s Uncrowned Queens Institute uncovered information that will soon exonerate a former Buffalo African American newspaper editor. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with Seals Nevergold about how she helped close a wound from the 86-year old case.

Plans Scrapped for Sex Offenders Housing (2007-12-04)
A proposal to establish housing for sex offenders in the City of Buffalo is being scrapped.

One More Day of Lake Effect Snow South and East of Buffalo (2007-12-04)
Lake effect snow warnings continue until 5pm Tuesday afternoon for Southern Erie, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Genesee, Wyoming, Orleans and Allegany Counties.

Tops Markets Has New Owner (2007-12-04)
The new owner of Tops Markets is promising to pump some local life back into the area supermarkets.

WNY Congresswoman Does Not Expect Oil Prices to Drop (2007-12-03)
Gasoline prices continue to rise well above the three dollar a gallon mark.

City School Leader Wants Teachers at Bargaining Table (2007-12-03)
The leader of the Buffalo Public Schools denies that he is using fear tactics to push teachers into negotiations .

Collins Defends Transition Process (2007-12-03)
Erie County Executive-elect Chris Collins is fending off criticism that politics-as-usual is creeping into his administration even before he takes office.

Collins Defends Transition Process (2007-12-03)
Erie County Executive-elect Chris Collins is fending off criticism that politics-as-usual is creeping into his administration even before he takes office.

Collins Defends Transition Process (2007-12-03)
Erie County Executive-elect Chris Collins is fending off criticism that politics-as-usual is creeping into his administration even before he takes office.

Lakeshore Schools Bus Driver Killed in Accident (2007-12-03)
The Lakeshore School District closed Monday because of a fatal accident involving a district school bus driver.

Buffalo Rising: West Side Residents Oppose Peace Bridge Plaza (2007-12-03)
Residents who live near the Peace Bridge are speaking out, trying to prevent their homes from being demolished for a new bridge plaza.

Renaissance of Delaware Avenue in Kenmore (2007-11-30)
The Village of Kenmore has completed a $1.6 million renovation project along Delaware Avenue.

Mayor Brown Ready to Work with New County Leader (2007-11-30)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown say he is looking forward to working with County Executive-elect Christopher Collins.

City Honors Ranked as One of Nation's Top High Schools (2007-11-30)
A Buffalo high school has been named one of the top 100 high schools in the United States. City Honors ranks at number 50 by "US News and World Report."

Theatre Talk: Friday, November 30, 2007 (2007-11-30)
Theatre Critics Jim Santella and Anthony Chase review the local and national theater scenes.

Lake Snows in South and East through Tuesday (2007-11-30)
Lake effect snow is primarily targeting ski country well south of Buffalo and areas east of the city off Lake Ontario. A lake effect snow warning continues through 5 Tuesday afternoon for Southern Erie, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, Wyoming and Allegany Counties. A snow and blowing snow advisory was issued for Orleans and Genesee Counties through 1:00pm Tuesday.

UB Edition: Friday, November 30, 2007 (2007-11-30)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo.

Erie County Lawmakers and Control Board in Stand-Off (2007-11-30)
The stalemate over capital borrowing continues. Erie County lawmakers on Thursday rejected a request, once again, to have the Fiscal Stability Authority borrow on the county's behalf.

New York and Other States Sue EPA over New Disclosure Rules (2007-11-29)
New York is among a dozen states that are suing the Bush administration to force greater disclosure of public data on toxic chemicals in communities.

School Board Briefed on Costly Court Ruling (2007-11-29)
The Buffalo Board of Education was briefed Wednesday evening on a recent court decision that requires the district to place all employees at the salary steps they lost while the city's wage freeze was in effect.

Wednesday Night Concert with Brian Wheat (2007-11-29)
Singer, songwriter and Gasport native Brian Wheat and band Groggy Darlin' play Live in the WBFO studios.

State Audit Critical of Enterprise Charter School (2007-11-29)
State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli released a critical audit Wednesday of the Enterprise Charter School in Buffalo.

Buffalo Avenues: Displaced (2007-11-29)
Thought the metal industry in Buffalo is all but gone? Displaced abroad? Buffalo Music Project producer Kenny Macdonald profiles one factory of noise still in full production.

Lynn DeJac Released, Judge Orders New Trial (2007-11-28)
Lynn DeJac is a free woman. DeJac who was convicted of killing her daughter 14 years ago was released Wednesday afternoon following a bail hearing.

Update on Richardson Complex Restoration (2007-11-28)
The public received an update Tuesday night on the ongoing efforts by the Richardson Center Corporation to restore the historic H.H. Richardson complex on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo.

Best of Live In Allen Hall 2 (2007-11-28)
Sleeping Kings of Iona and Off the Cuff are part of this Thanksgiving encore special.

Best of Live In Allen Hall 2 (2007-11-28)
Sleeping Kings of Iona and Off the Cuff are part of this Thanksgiving encore special.

Legislature Committee Approves Aud Demolition Funding (2007-11-28)
The Erie County Legislature's Economic Development Committee has approved $7 million to assist with demolition of the old Memorial Auditorium. Lawmakers will vote on the recommendation Thursday that would allow asbestos abatement of the building to begin.

Admitted Killer Cannot Withdraw Guilty Plea, Sentenced to 20 Years (2007-11-27)
A man who became entangled in a lovers' triangle over the Internet was sentenced Tuesday for killing a co-worker outside the Clarence factory where they worked last year.

Buffalo Zoo Officials Defend Against Claims of Neglect (2007-11-27)
Buffalo Zoo President Donna Fernandez Monday called reports of neglect surrounding the death of four polar bears at the zoo "an ambush."

Council Member Proposes Bills Stadium for Perry Projects Site (2007-11-27)
The Buffalo Common Council voted Tuesday to begin discussions on a proposal that could lead to construction of a new stadium downtown for the Buffalo Bills.

Control Board Makes Pitch to do Borrowing for Erie County (2007-11-27)
Members of the Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority Monday presented county lawmakers with estimates on how much the Control Board could save on capital borrowing.

Mayor Meets with Residents about Peace Bridge Plans (2007-11-27)
Mayor Byron Brown met with residents who live near the Peace Bridge Monday afternoon to discuss the impact of bridge expansion on their neighborhood.

Buffalo Zoo Officials Defend Against Claims of Neglect (2007-11-27)
Buffalo Zoo President Donna Fernandez Monday called reports of neglect surrounding the death of four polar bears at the zoo "an ambush."

State Commission Orders Removal of Niagara Falls Judge (2007-11-27)
A judge was removed from the bench Tuesday for jailing 46 people after none would admit to having a cell phone that began ringing during his court session.

Kreuz Sentenced to Community Service, Given Conditional Discharge (2007-11-27)
The charges against a former city official for accepting gifts from companies he did business with will be dropped if he remains out of trouble.

Strong Winds Forecast, Snow South of Buffalo (2007-11-27)
The National Weather Service has posted a wind advisory for Northern Erie, Niagara, Orleans and Genesee Counties from 3 this (Tuesday) afternoon until 10 this evening.

Commentary: An Open Book (2007-11-27)
It used to be the diary of a teenage girl was kept securely hidden to be shared only with a trusted friend or two. But in 2007, the lives of young people are open books -- shared with people in blogs, My Space or You Tube. Listener-Commentator Emily-Rose Maher says today's twenty-somethings are obsessed with showing the world what it means to be "me."

Buffalo Rising: Holiday Shopping in the City (2007-11-26)
The holiday shopping season is officially underway. Suburban malls and plazas were jam packed with shoppers this past weekend. But there are stores within the city that offer a wide selection of holiday gifts in a less stressful atmosphere than the malls.

U.S. Lawamkers Work to Protect Enlistment Bonuses for Wounded Soldiers (2007-11-26)
United States Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Congressman Thomas Reynolds are calling on the Defense Department to stop demanding wounded soldiers return their enlistment bonuses.

Rising Canadian Dollar Raising Questions (2007-11-26)
The surging Canadian dollar is bringing an influx of shoppers from across the border to the Buffalo Niagara region. Local retailers have had many questions about how to deal with Canadian currency.

Tom Schuman in Allen Hall (2007-11-21)
Buffalo native and Spyro Gyra keyboardist, Tom Schuman talks to WBFO's Kenny Macdonald and plays with his old friend Bud Fadale in Allen Hall.

County Legislature Must Make Cuts or Raise Taxes to Balance 2008 Budget (2007-11-21)
The Erie County Legislature is now in the home stretch regarding the 2008 budget. Lawmakers held a public hearing Tuesday night. Representatives from various groups which receive county funding made their last minute pitches for more aid.

Cale Hawkins (2007-11-21)
15-year-old Cale Hawkins talks to WBFO's Kenny Macdonald and plays in the studio theater.

NYPIRG Survey Finds Choking and Lead Hazards in Toys (2007-11-21)
There have been a number of toy recalls in recent months. But just because a toy is still on a store shelf doesn't mean it's safe. The New York Public Interest Research Group revealed yesterday what its staffers discovered at toy stores just ahead of the holiday rush.

Ryan Miller Donates $50,000 to Carly's Club (2007-11-21)
Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller is partnering with Carly's Club for Kids and Cancer Research at Roswell Park on a program that will address the emotional needs of pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Buffalo Avenues Volume 7 (2007-11-21)
Cale Hawkins, They Might Be Giants, Tom Schuman and your weekly music calendar

Hearing on New Trial for Lynn DeJac (2007-11-20)
Lynn DeJac will find out next week if the Erie County judge who sentenced her thirteen years ago will grant her a new trial.

Commentary: Nuclear Power (2007-11-20)
The Bush Administration claims new technology has made nuclear power safer than ever. But listener-commentator Judy Einach argues that nuclear power is neither safe nor green.

Spitzer Touts Contracts for Excellence to Boost Student Achievement (2007-11-20)
Fifty-five school districts in New York, including Buffalo's, have signed Contracts for Excellence that will bring them increased state aid in return for more accountability. More than $425 million is going to 1,500 of the state's neediest schools to improve student performance.

Slaughter Asks Mattel CEO to Return Fisher Price Manufacturing to WNY (2007-11-19)
Congresswoman Louise Slaughter has reached out to a top executive at Mattel to return manufacturing operations for Fisher Price toys to Western New York.

Niagara Falls Native Killed in Iraq (2007-11-19)
Department of Defense officials say a Niagara Falls native died Friday, the fourth local member of the military to die overseas this month.

Buffalo Avenues Vol. 6 (2007-11-19)
drums, Drums, DRUMS!!! Alison Zero interviews the UB Korean Folk Arts Club Poonmgul performers, Kenny Macdonald interviews Zakir Hussain, Master of the Talba. Alex Kelly finds The Found

The New Cyberworld of Ticket Scalping (2007-11-19)
Fans of the Boss were poised over their computer keyboards Monday morning ready to secure a seat at HSBC Arena for the Bruce Springsteen concert in March. But they could be left out in the cold in this new cyberworld of ticket scalping.

Shooter of Two Police Officers Sentenced to 30 Years to Life (2007-11-19)
State Supreme Court Justice Penny Wolfgang has sentenced Varner Harris to serve 30 years to life for the attempted murder of two Buffalo Police officers.

Buffalo Rising: More on Route 5 (2007-11-19)
There's a robust debate going on in Buffalo's blogosphere over the future of Route 5. Buffalo Rising is siding with Common Council members and others who want the State Transportation Department to consider a boulevard-style road that would connect downtown with Hamburg.

DiNapoli Orders Audit of State Thruway Authority (2007-11-16)
State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli says his office will conduct an audit of the State Thruway Authority to determine if proposed toll hikes are justified.

Health Care System Does Not Have Capacity to Handle Aging Population (2007-11-16)
The future of health care in our region was under discussion at a forum in Buffalo Thursdday. Experts on geriatric care were on hand to offer their input on how best to handle this area's increasingly aging population.

UB Edition: Friday, November 16, 2007 (2007-11-16)
The UB Bulls Football Team has a chance to make it to post season play, and UB Believers-- who they are and why they think the university is important.

Grant to Fund UB Multi-disciplinary Environmental Program (2007-11-16)
UB on Thursday announced it has received a $3.1 million grant to train a new kind of environmental experts.

BPO and Sheas Bring Nutcracker to Life (2007-11-16)
The music of Tchaikovsky's beloved Nutcracker comes to life this holiday season in a beautiful collaboration between the two of the region's leading arts groups. The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra will perform the score live with the Ballet Met at Sheas Performing Arts Center the weekend of November 24 and 25.

Theatre Talk: Friday, November 16, 2007 (2007-11-16)
West Side Story celebrates its golden anniversary, and a stagehands strike is hampering Broadway.

Spitzer Could Lose Clout over Failed License Plan (2007-11-15)
New York Governor Eliot Spitzer said fear-mongering and politics led to the demise of his plan to grant drivers licenses to illegal immigrants. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked about the fallout with political science professor Michael Haselswerdt of Canisius College.

Buffalo Avenues: They Might Be Giants (2007-11-15)
You've probably heard them. Even if you're not a fan, their music is subtle but pervasive in pop culture. It's hard to avoid hearing ...and then loving a little band from Brooklyn called They Might Be Giants.

Wednesday Night Concert with Off the Cuff (2007-11-15)
Off the Cuff are unique among the numerous new Buffalo bands, click here to hear why

City Partners with Banks in Offering Small Business Loans (2007-11-15)
The City of Buffalo is partnering with five local banks on a project that would provide financing to small- and medium-sized businesses in the city.

Judge Sides with City Unions in Pay Dispute (2007-11-15)
A judge ruled Wednesday that city and school district employees must be placed on the salary steps they would have achieved if there had not been a wage freeze the past three years.

Businessmen Named to Shape Erie County Administration (2007-11-15)
Two leading Western New York businessmen will head up the transition team for the future Erie County Executive.

Giambra and Collins Meet on Transition (2007-11-14)
County Executive Joel Giambra showed his successor around the 16th floor of the Rath Building Tuesday. County Executive-elect Chris Collins got an up-close look at his future digs. He also got some background information on county finances and departments, as well as details on the proposed budget that he'll have to manage.

Spitzer Drops Plan to Provide Drivers Licenses to Illegal Immigrants (2007-11-14)
Governor Spitzer is dropping his plan to issue drivers licenses to illegal immigrants.

Athlete and Author Explores Spirituality and Sports (2007-11-14)
An athletics coach and inspirational author will talk about spirituality and sports at St. Bonaventure University today. Susan Saint Sing overcame a life-threatening gymnastics injury and continued to compete.

Niagara Falls Bathed in Blue Light to Raise Diabetes Awareness (2007-11-14)
The United Nations this year is joining the International Diabetes Foundation today to help raise awareness of the debilitating disease that afflicts people around the globe.

UB Ranks at the Top among Public Research Universities in Enrollment of International Students (2007-11-14)
The annual "Open Door" report by the Institute of International Education places the University at Buffalo at the top among public research universities for the percentage of international students enrolled.

Meet the Author: Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, Tue 11/13/07 (2007-11-13)
Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, author of Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History

Prospects for an All New York Presidential Campaign (2007-11-13)
The presidential election is still a year away. But many New Yorkers are salivating at the possibility that two of their own will be going head to head.

Commentary: The Shrinking Presbyterian Church (2007-11-13)
The Catholic Diocese of Buffalo has seen a lot of criticism directed its way for closing churches throughout the eight counties of Western New York. But Listener-Commentator John McClester says the Catholics are not alone when it comes to closing churches.

Reynolds Weighs in on Toll Hike (2007-11-13)
New York congressman demanding justification for the proposed toll hike. But another local congressman, Thomas Reynolds (R) of Clarence said Monday it is a problem for state officials.

WNY Congressman Pledges Support for Veterans (2007-11-13)
United States Congressman Thomas Reynolds (R) of Clarence joined veterans in Western New York Monday to talk about the need to increase support for veterans.

Buffalo Rising Roundtable: New Convention Center Prospects and Citizens Journalism (2007-11-12)
Prospects for a new convention center downtown and the growing role of citizens journalism are under discussion this morning with writers from Buffalo Rising.

Gates Circle Attacks in Buffalo Spur Self-Defense Classes for Women (2007-11-12)
So, you want to fight like a girl, huh? Well, that's exactly what some local community supporters are urging women to do. Free self-defense classes for women are being offered at Medaille College on Tuesday.

Helicopter Crash Kills Air Force Sergeant from Clarence (2007-11-12)
A Clarence resident was among six people killed when an Army helicopter crashed in northern Italy last week.

Genesee County Crash Kills Family of Four (2007-11-12)
A family of four from Batavia was killed instantly when their minivan hit a tractor-trailer head on along Route 63 in the Genesee County town of Bethany Sunday.

Hopes for a New Downtown Convention Center (2007-11-12)
The Buffalo Convention and Visitors Bureau is hoping last week's election of Chris Collins as county executive will renew talk of building a new convention center downtown.

Buffalo Avenues (2007-11-10)
A Saturday podcast? Kenny, don't you just come in on Monday and upload the show? Yes, I do. But today is different. I decided I did not want to be cold and miserable hunting steelhead in crowded streams, so I came in to work and uploaded the show...for you...the listener.

Spitzer Might Back Off on Drivers License for Illegal Immigrants (2007-11-10)
Facing growing pressure from his own party, Governor Eliot Spitzer indicated he had not ruled out rescinding a heavily criticized plan to issue driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.

DA will Fight Attempts to Win New Trial for Dejac (2007-11-09)
Defense attorney Andrew LoTempio will have an uphill battle winning the freedom of a woman jailed nearly fourteen years for killing her daughter. Erie County District Attorney Frank Clark Thursday said he is opposing the motion filed by Lynn Dejac's attorneys asking for a new trial.

UB Edition: Friday, November 9, 2007 (2007-11-09)
When folks are working at the university, the UB child care center is taking care of their kids, and in an encore presentation, UB dental students counsel their clinical patients to quit smoking with a good measure of success.

DA will Fight Attempts to Win New Trial for Dejac (2007-11-09)
Defense attorney Andrew LoTempio will have an uphill battle winning the freedom of a woman jailed nearly fourteen years for killing her daughter. Erie County District Attorney Frank Clark Thursday said he is opposing the motion filed by Lynn Dejac's attorneys asking for a new trial.

DA will Fight Attempts to Win New Trial for Dejac (2007-11-09)
Defense attorney Andrew LoTempio will have an uphill battle winning the freedom of a woman jailed nearly fourteen years for killing her daughter. Erie County District Attorney Frank Clark Thursday said he is opposing the motion filed by Lynn Dejac's attorneys asking for a new trial.

DA will Fight Attempts to Win New Trial for Dejac (2007-11-09)
Defense attorney Andrew LoTempio will have an uphill battle winning the freedom of a woman jailed nearly fourteen years for killing her daughter. Erie County District Attorney Frank Clark Thursday said he is opposing the motion filed by Lynn Dejac's attorneys asking for a new trial.

Theatre Talk: Friday, November 9, 2007 (2007-11-09)
Jim and Tony almost sing (thankfully they don't get very far) as they review Camelot at Shea's.

Collins Must Sell Business Model to Unions (2007-11-08)
Newly elected Erie County Executive Chris Collins promises a business approach to running government. But Collins now has to test that business model with some pretty tough customers - the labor unions.

Enterprise Charter School Receives Five Year Extension (2007-11-08)
Enterprise Charter School in Buffalo has been granted permission by the Buffalo School Board to operate its elementary and middle schools for another five years.

Collins Begins Transition (2007-11-08)
Erie County Executive-elect Chris Collins is beginning his transition to public official.

Wednesday Night Concert with Sleeping Kings of Iona (2007-11-08)
One of Buffalo's best bands, Sleeping Kings of Iona, performed Live in Allen Hall, November 7th, 2007.

Buffalo Avenues: Juxtaposse (2007-11-08)
What are syncopated rhythms and reggae-style themes doing in a rust belt city? Gaining a lot of popularity.

Collins Must Sell Business Model to Unions (2007-11-08)
Newly elected Erie County Executive Chris Collins promises a business approach to running government. But Collins now has to test that business model with some pretty tough customers - the labor unions.

Third Generation of the Rath Family Elected to Government Post (2007-11-08)
With all the election night excitement centered around the Erie County Executive race, another new Republican candidate emerged a big winner Tuesday night. He has familiar name and is following in the political footsteps of his mother.

Dyster Wins Niagara Falls Mayor's Race (2007-11-07)
Democrat Paul Dyster will be the next mayor of Niagara Falls. He won in a landslide against city council woman Candra Thomason.

Chris Collins Wins County Executive's Race (2007-11-07)
Voters have picked a new Erie County Executive. He is Chris Collins -- a Republican businessman from Clarence. Collins overwhelming defeated Democratic challenger James Keane.

Two Republicans, One Democrat Elected to Amherst Town Board (2007-11-07)
The Amherst Town Board will have a new look in January. Three new board members were elected Tuesday -- two Republicans and one Democrat.

Hochul Elected County Clerk, Other Races of Note (2007-11-07)
Incumbent Kathy Hochul was a clear winner Tuesday night in the race for Erie County Clerk, defeating Republican challenger Bill O'Loughlin by a 67 to 33 percent margin.

Keane Concedes, Says Collins Has Much Work Ahead (2007-11-07)
Despite many wins Tuesday night, Democrats were reeling from Chris Collin's stunning victory over James Keane. His once confident campaign for county executive ended with not one, but two concession speeches.

Army Private from Tonawanda Killed in Iraq (2007-11-06)
The Defense Department has informed a Tonawanda family of the death of their husband and son in Iraq.

Commentary: Serving Time (2007-11-06)
There are many different ways for community organizations to raise money. Listener-Commentator Christina Abt describes her involvement in a fundraiser that requires her to literally serving time.

Schumer Says Medicare Shortchanging Ambulance Companies (2007-11-06)
Ambulance companies in Buffalo and elsewhere in New York say low Medicare reimbursements are affecting their bottom lines. Monday, US Senator Charles Schumer appeared at Rural Metro Ambulance in Buffalo to say he plans to do something about that.

Is Chris Collins Poised for Win in Today's County Executive's Race? (2007-11-06)
Democrat James Keane and Republican Chris Collins got in some last minute campaigning Monday in the race for Erie County Executive. Their contest is attracting the most interest in today's election. A Zogby International poll conducted for the Buffalo News and WGRZ-Television shows Collins with a 46 to 33 percent lead over Keane.

It's Election Day! Results After 9pm (2007-11-06)
Check here after 9pm for election results from Erie, Niagara, Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Counties.

Schumer's Support Paves Way for Mukasey's Confirmation (2007-11-06)
US Senator Charles Schumer of New York played a key role in Tuesday morning's vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee to send the nomination of Michael Mukasey as attorney general to the full Senate.

Best of Live in Allen Hall (2007-11-05)
The Best of Allen Hall is the best of the live music we bring you each week as part of the Buffalo Music Project.

Q: Is it too early to have a Best of Buffalo Avenues Show?

Erie County Officials Rail Against Control Board (2007-11-05)
Erie County officials last week called the Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority the Fiscal "In-stability" Authority after the board's wholesale rejection of several financial plans.

Groundbreaking Research Solved Structure of a Protein (2007-11-05)
Recent groundbreaking research by a scientist at Buffalo's Hauptman-Woodward Institute will be key in targeting therapies for diseases ranging from cancer to AIDS.

Buffalo Rising Roundtable: Erie County Executive's Race and a Demolition Threat (2007-11-05)
The campaign for Erie County Executive and a threat to tear down an historic building are under discussion on this Monday with writers from Buffalo Rising.

Buffalo Avenues Volume 4 (2007-11-05)
Buffalo Avenues presents scenes from the Mohawk, Tracy Morrow and Handsome Jack perform. Plus, interviews with Robby Takac and Dweezil Zappa.

UB Edition: Friday, November 2, 2007 (2007-11-02)
UB Edition was pre-empted this week.

Motion Filed to Free Dejac (2007-11-02)
The fate of a woman jailed for killing her daughter fourteen years ago could be decided in a few weeks. Attorneys for Lynn Dejac filed a motion Thursday in court to have her conviction overturned.

ECFSA Set to Vote on County Financial Plans (2007-11-02)
The Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority Friday will give its opinion of the administration's 2008 proposed budget and four-year plan. And there could finally be a decision on the long-debated issue of capital borrowing too.

Grand Jury will Review Statutory Rape Case (2007-11-02)
The man who is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 16 year old student Sacred Heart Academy was back in Amherst Town Court yesterday.

Ira G. Ross Eye Institute Celebrates Grand Opening (2007-11-02)
The University at Buffalo's Department of Ophthalmology has a new home. The Ira G. Ross Eye Institute opened Thursday at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

Control Board Rejects 2008 County Budget Proposal (2007-11-02)
The Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority Friday made a clean sweep, rejecting the county's proposed 2008 budget, the four-year plan, and a request to let the county do its own borrowing.

Theatre Talk: Friday, November 2, 2007 (2007-11-02)
A tribute to Robert Goulet, who died this week, plus a trip through the tabloids for Bat Boy.

Graffiti Vandal Ordered to Clean up Tagging (2007-11-01)
A young Clarence man who is responsible for defacing dozens of City properties has been ordered to serve long hours cleaning up graffiti.

Best of Live in Allen Hall (2007-11-01)
This is the Halloween editon of Live in Allen Hall. It's the best of the best local Buffalo music

New Mission for 107th Air Refueling Wing at Niagara Falls (2007-11-01)
The New York Air National Guard's 107th Air Refueling Wing based at the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station is changing its mission. It was announced Wednesday that the 107th will become an airlift unit, joining the 914th Airlift Wing that is already based at Niagara Falls.

Unions Await Wage Freeze Lawsuit Decision (2007-11-01)
Several City unions are demanding back pay.

Buffalo Lands Two "Green" Conferences (2007-11-01)
The Buffalo Convention and Visitors Bureau has booked two major environmental conferences that will each bring hundreds of guests to Buffalo.

Buffalo Avenues: Singer/Songwriter Tracy Morrow (2007-11-01)
Bill Nehill. Would a musician by any other name smell as sweet? He thinks so. Bill actually performs under the moniker "Tracy Morrow."

Environment Report: Snakes in Suburbia (2007-11-01)
Scientists are worried that snakes living in sprawling areas could be affected by new development. In one region, researchers have implanted dozens of snakes with radio transmitters.

Cuomo Initiative Breaks Up Niagara Falls Drug Ring (2007-10-31)
Authorities say they have cracked opened a major drug distribution ring in Niagara Falls.

Governor Delays Sales Tax Collections from Native American Retailers (2007-10-31)
Governor Spitzer is delaying plans to collect taxes on sales by Native American retailers to non-Indians.

Univera Reports on Prevalence of Hospital Infections (2007-10-31)
Univera Healthcare released a report Tuesday on the prevalence of hospital-acquired infections in New York. The report comes amid increased publicity surrounding the resistant strain of staph known as MRSA.

Strong Canadian Dollar Results in Increased Sales Tax Revenues (2007-10-31)
Erie County budget hearings are underway in County Hall. Budget Director James Hartman updated county legislators Tuesday on the proposed budget for 2008.

"Vampire Electronics" Sucking Electricity (2007-10-31)
It's Halloween, everybody's favorite scary time of year. But there are some pretty scary vampires lurking in houses all year long. Energy experts say homeowners should protect themselves from "vampire electronics."

Controversy Continues to Swirl Around Spitzer's Plan for Drivers Licenses (2007-10-31)
The back-and-forth continues over Governor Spitzer's controversial proposal to provide drivers licenses to illegal aliens. State Assembly Republicans held a hearing in downtown Buffalo Tuesday where they were harshly critical of the Governor's plan. Top officials of his administration, meantime, made themselves available to local media outlets, offering their support.

Amherst Company Sues Gatorade over Bills Sponsorship (2007-10-31)
Amherst-based Enlyten Incorporated is suing Gatorade, accusing the sports drink maker of squashing a marketing deal between Enlyten and the Buffalo Bills.

Brownfields Funding Held Up in Albany (2007-10-30)
Advocates for revitalizing brownfields in New York say a 2003 law passed by the State Legislature has had a minimal impact. They say million of dollars appropriated by state legislators remain bottled up in Albany.

Commentary: Halloween Is Big in Kenmore (2007-10-30)
Wednesday is Halloween. Listener-commentator Ed Adamczyk says no community celebrates the holiday like his hometown of Kenmore.

MRSA in Buffalo and UB Research on Skin Infection (2007-10-30)
The Buffalo Public School District has had seven reported cases of MRSA.

Head of Amnesty International Outlines Mission for SUNY Buffalo students (2007-10-30)
The Secretary General for Amnesty International, Irene Khan, was in Buffalo last week. She spoke with UB students about the organization's latest efforts to halt human rights abuses. As the first woman to lead Amnesty International, Khan is shining a brighter light on women's human rights violations. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with her about some of the challenges and the victories.

Head of Amnesty International Outlines Mission for SUNY Buffalo students (2007-10-30)
The Secretary General for Amnesty International, Irene Khan, was in Buffalo last week. She spoke with UB students about the organization's latest efforts to halt human rights abuses. As the first woman to lead Amnesty International, Khan is shining a brighter light on women's human rights violations. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with her about some of the challenges and the victories.

Diane Raeke Farrell Discusses Kurtz Case, Husband's Plea Deal (2007-10-29)
Tuesday, a pre-trail hearing continues the bizarre federal case against a local art professor. Steven Kurtz's attorney will argue before a US District Judge that charges of mail charge be dismissed against Kurtz. He's accused of mail fraud stemming from the use of biological materials used in his art exhibits.

Buffalo Avenues Vol. 3 (2007-10-29)
This week: Older gentlemen with guitars! Also, an update from the Southern Tier

Ready to Train New Police Recruits (2007-10-29)
By next summer some new Buffalo Police recruits could be ready to hit the streets.

Buffalo Rising Roundtable: Pieces of an Old Church and the Future of Route 5 (2007-10-29)
WBFO News begins a new weekly feature -- a conversation with the editors of Buffalo Rising on some of the week's key issues in the news in Buffalo.

Region's Three Health Insurers in Top 50 of Magazine Ranking (2007-10-29)
All three of the region's health insurance companies are in the top 50 in the latest "US News & World Report" ranking of the nation's top health insurance plans. The magazine is available at newsstands this morning.

Sacred Heart Teacher Arrested on Rape Charges (2007-10-27)
A 42-year-old man who taught social studies at Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart in Eggertsville was arrested Friday night on charges of raping a student of the all-girls school.

Spitzer, Federal Government Reach Deal on Drivers Licenses (2007-10-27)
Homeland Security has struck a deal with New York to create a more secure driver's license for U.S. citizens, that also allows illegal immigrants to get a version.

New Bio Lab Opens Downtown (2007-10-26)
Another new bio-tech company has opened within the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus downtown.

City Awaits Full FEMA Reimbursements (2007-10-26)
A team from the Federal Emergency Management Agency returned to the Buffalo area yesterday one year after the October surprise storm.

Theatre Talk: Friday, October 26, 2007 (2007-10-26)
Remembering Deborah Kerr, who left behind an impressive list of Hollywood and Broadway appearances.

Probe into Whereabouts of Surplus County Computers (2007-10-26)
An investigation into allegations of election law violations by former Erie County Executive candidate Paul Clark has now widened into County Hall.

UB Edition: Friday, October 26, 2007 (2007-10-26)
Course casting at the university-- helps the students here and in Singapore and it also helps local non-profits.

New Attorney Presses Ahead with Casino Lawsuit (2007-10-26)
The group Citizens for a Better Buffalo sat down with their new attorney yesterday to discuss their ongoing legal challenge of a downtown casino. Albany attorney Cornelius Murray was recently appointed lead counsel. He's proceeding with a lawsuit filed by his predecessor that argues the Seneca Nation of Indians do not have a right to operate a casino at their nine acre site in the Cobblestone District.

Buffalo Avenues: Musician Peter Case (2007-10-25)
Success in life is relative, perhaps even more-so for musicians. As part of the Buffalomusic project, WBFO's Kenny Macdonald talks to one modest musician content with simply living a musical career with great respect among fans and peers.

Wednesday Night Concert with The Stay Lows (2007-10-25)
The Stay Lows performed live in Allen Hall, October 24th, 2008.

Child Soldier Shares His Experiences Fighting in Civil War (2007-10-25)
Former child soldier Ishmael Beah shared his remarkable life story with an audience at the University at Buffalo Wednesday night. His book, "A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier," was published earlier this year.

Local Red Cross Volunteer Heads to Southern California (2007-10-25)
A local volunteer from the Buffalo Red Cross left forSouthern California to assist those in need from the wildfires.

Kaleida and ECMC Leadership Named (2007-10-25)
The new joint board for Kaleida and the Erie County Medical Center Wednesday announced leadership for the merged organization.

Commentary: Re-Examining Our Democracy (2007-10-24)
Our way of government has worked for more than two centuries now. But listener-commentator Gavin MacFadyen says a self-examination may be in order to see if we as a nation can make things better.

Buffalo Zoo Welcomes New Tiger Cubs (2007-10-24)
The Buffalo Zoo is celebrating the birth of two endangered Amur tiger cubs. They were born earlier this month.

Man Wrongfully Convicted Shares His Story (2007-10-24)
Attention to wrongful convictions is growing locally in the wake of some high profile cases, including the exoneration of Anthony Capozzi. But advocates say that such injustices are an epidemic nationally. And they say New York state is the top offender, with more wrongful convictions than even Texas.

Buffalo School District Reports Record Fund Balance (2007-10-24)
The Buffalo School District says it has achieved a record fund balance.

High Court Overturns Death Penalty (2007-10-24)
The State Court of Appeals issued a ruling Tuesday in the case of the last man on New York's death row.

Police Officer Parete is Back Home (2007-10-24)
Wounded Buffalo Police Officer Patty Parete is back at home.

Goo Goo Doll Robby Takac Honored for Music in Action (2007-10-23)
Buffalo's own Goo Goo Doll Robby Takac (Ta-kac) was honored for a program he co-authored called Music in Action.

Buffalo Bills Go with Trent (2007-10-23)
Buffalo Bills head coach Dick Jauron says Trent Edwards has been selected as the starting quarterback.

Erie County Control Board Waiting for Lawmakers to Act (2007-10-23)
The Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority is taking a wait-and-see approach to some big ticket items facing county finances.

Buffalo Avenues Vol 2 (2007-10-22)
This week on Buffalo Avenues...Scenes from the Tralf!

Bennett High School Celebrates Renovations (2007-10-22)
Buffalo school administrators showed off a newly-renovated Bennett High School Sunday.

Environment Report: Watching Artificial Wetlands (2007-10-22)
More than half of US wetlands have been drained for development, farmland, and other purposes. That's 100-million acres now dried up. The Bush Administration has continued a "no net loss" policy of any more wetlands. So, when someone wants to drain a marsh or a swamp for, say, a new housing development, they've got to build a man-made wetland to replace it.

DMV Leader Supports Driver's Licenses for Illegal Immigrants (2007-10-22)
There has been a swirl of controversy surrounding Governor Elliot Spitzer's proposed plan to issue driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.

Gasoline Prices Near $3 Per Gallon Again (2007-10-22)
The average price for a gallon of gasoline in Western New York is once again approaching the three dollar mark.

Stop Work Order on Canal Displays (2007-10-22)
The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation place a "stop work order" on construction of some historical exhibits near the new canal museum.

Great Lakes Water Levels Are Falling (2007-10-22)
Water levels in the Great Lakes are falling. The "New York Times" reports Monday that water levels in all five Great Lakes are below long-term averages and are likely to stay that way until at least March.

Esteban to Perform in Buffalo (2007-10-19)
Guitar sensation Esteban gives his first live performance in Buffalo tonight at Rockwell Hall. The classical guitarist is known the world over for his virtuosity and eclectic style. He created an industry from his talent, with chart topping CDs, instructional videos and guitar sales. But the talent and skills that made it all possible were nearly taken away forever in a horrible accident. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with Esteban in our studios.

Theatre Talk: Friday, October 19, 2007 (2007-10-19)
We hear about the presentation of Legally Blonde... on MTV.

UB Edition: Friday, October 19, 2007 (2007-10-19)
UB Edition was off this week doe to the WBFO Fundraiser. Your membership is welcomed online, or at (888)829-6000.

Bills Eye Games in Canada (2007-10-18)
The Buffalo Bills want to play some of their future home games in Canada.

Hickory Woods Settlement (2007-10-18)
There is finally a settlement for Hickory Woods residents in Buffalo.

Local UAW Leader Explains Benefits of New GM Contract (2007-10-18)
Now that the United Auto Workers ratified a new deal with General Motors what is ahead for the local workforce?

Wednesday Night Concert with Colors in the Air (2007-10-18)
Buffalo indie band Colors in the Air performs LIVE in Allen Hall.

Cold Case DNA Report Delayed (2007-10-18)
The long-awaited DNA report in the 1993 cold case murder of a thirteen year-old girl has still not been released. The report was due October 15. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak has an update on the story.

Commentary: Chickens Are New Labrador Retrievers (2007-10-18)
Dogs and cats remain the most popular household pets. But in some rural areas of Western New York, chickens are becoming common. Listener-Commentator Amy Ludwig vanDerwater, who lives in Holland, says she came around reluctantly to the unorthodox pets.

Authorities Bust Drug Ring (2007-10-18)
Seventeen people are under arrest in a major drug bust. Several law enforcement agencies in the region worked together to bust a cocaine and crack ring that stretched from Buffalo to Salamanca.

Opera Star Returns to UB (2007-10-17)
Soprano Laura Aiken's repertoire spans everything from baroque to Boulez. The opera star has performed more than 300 times and is a regular guest at the world's leading opera houses, including the Metropolitan Opera and La Scala. Aiken has even sung for the Pope. But at one time, the Clarence native and UB graduate was reluctant to leave home.

A Message from Kevin Everett (2007-10-17)
I am deeply humbled by all of your support, your thoughts, and your prayers during this trying period in my life.

UB Project Honors "Uncrowned Kings" (2007-10-17)
This Friday, the "Uncrowned Queens" project at UB will honor the other half of the African American community. The local and national web site formally unveils its "Uncrowned Kings" initiative. The expanded project will recognize African American men from the past and present who have been integral to the fabric of the community. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak brings us a sample of some of the Uncrowned Kings stories that the project will preserve.

Uncrowned King Honoree Recounts Civil Rights Work in Buffalo (2007-10-17)
There was no crown for Luther when he was born in 1927 to Minnie and Ellis Burnette. He was the youngest of six children born to the couple on a small farm in rural Arkansas. They lost the farm when the depression came. Then, when Luther was barely three, his father died. Still, Burnette says his mother taught him that being poor didn't mean living without dignity.

Brown says Buffalo Teachers should Live in City (2007-10-17)
Mayor Byron Brown says city school teachers should live in Buffalo.

County Executive Candidate will Forego Pay (2007-10-17)
The two candidates for Erie County Executive appear to be in a race to turn down compensation for the job.

Awaiting Bass Pro Vote (2007-10-17)
The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation says it will be voting Thursday on a Bass Pro agreement.

Giambra Delivered his 8th & Final Budget (2007-10-16)
Joel Giambra delivered his final proposed budget as Erie County Executive yesterday. He appeared at County Hall inside the Legislature chambers.

Buffalo Avenues Vol. 1 (2007-10-15)
Consider yourself lucky...you are about to hear the first ever Buffalo Avenues Podcast. Strap on your headset and get ready for music made right here in the Queen City.

Spitzer Delivers Endorsements, Defends Drivers License Proposal (2007-10-15)
Governor Eliot Spitzer came to Buffalo and Niagara Falls Sunday, to announce his endorsement of James Keane for Erie County Executive, and Paul Dyster for Niagara Falls mayor.

Report Finds Public Defenders Overworked (2007-10-15)
Legal aid advocates are pushing for a bill that would shift the costs for public defenders in New York from the counties to the state.

Junior League Assists Literacy Volunteers (2007-10-15)
The Junior League of Buffalo recently selected Literacy Volunteers of Buffalo and Erie County as its new community project.

Women Band Together to Raise Awareness (2007-10-15)
A sexual predator who terrorized several women in the Gates Circle neighborhood has one group of women walking the sidewalks to raise awareness. A mass walk and rally was held at Bidwell and Elmwood Sunday night by a new group called "Walking Eyes."

Thomas Back as Buffalo's Go To Guy (2007-10-15)
Buffalo Bills fans have proudly watched many of their favorite players from the team's glory days welcomed into the Football Hall of Fame. The most recent is star running back, Thurman Thomas. Now, Thomas also joins some of his former team mates, returning to Buffalo to become a new kind of star - a community star. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak caught up with Thomas at County Hall recently where he was honored for his achievements.

Junior League Partners with Literacy Volunteers to Combat Illiteracy (2007-10-15)
The Junior League of Buffalo recently selected Literacy Volunteers of Buffalo and Erie County as its new community project.

Catholic Diocese to Close Eleven Niagara County Churches (2007-10-14)
The Catholic Diocese of Buffalo will close 11 Catholic churches in Niagara County, including six in Niagara Falls. The latest round of church closings in a process the diocese is calling the "Journey in Faith and Grace" was announced by Bishop Edward Kmiec Sunday afternoon.

County Legislature Delays Action on Borrowing Proposal (2007-10-12)
Erie County lawmakers took no action Thursday on a measure needed to guarantee crucial revenues that will be included in the the administration's proposed 2008 budget next week.

Documentary Producer to Explore Over Consumption (2007-10-12)
The World on Your Plate Coalition is set to host a day of learning, community and food. The fourth annual "World on Your Plate" food forum takes place Saturday at the First Presbyterian Church at Symphony Circle in Buffalo.

Theatre Talk: Friday, October 12, 2007 (2007-10-12)
Jim and Tony score a 10 (at least when they're standing together), and they remember a notable Broadway and television actor.

UB Edition: Friday, October 12, 2007 (2007-10-12)
A UB researcher looks at the nursing shortage and suggests Older nurses could help solve it, and a former child soldier from Sierra Leone's civil war will speak at UB. A civic engagement fair',is scheduled around the lecture so students and community members can explore humanitarian opportunities.

Wednesday Night Concert with Roger Bryan (2007-10-12)
Roger Bryan is a singer songwriter from Buffalo, NY. Over the last few years he has been a part of the Old Sweethearts, a band of five that has become known for its smart song writing and sonic branching out. While the Sweethearts sound was growing larger and more electrified, Bryan had been writing songs more intimate and folk based.

October Snowstorm: The First 24 Hours (2007-10-12)
Friday marks the first anniversary of a snowstorm that like the Blizzard of 77 will be long remembered by those who experienced it. What's become known as the October Surprise paralyzed the region.

Buffalo Avenues: Singer/Songwriter Brian Wheat (2007-10-11)
Brian Wheat is a singer-songwriter who has been honored by one local publication for his solo performances. As part of WBFO's new local music showcase, "Buffalo Avenues," Kenny Macdonald talks with Wheat about his music.

Giambra Budget Will Include More Funding for DNA Lab (2007-10-11)
Erie County Executive Joel Giambra wants to add two new positions to the county's forensic lab to help deal with the explosion of DNA investigations.

Governor Confirms Bass Pro to Locate on Aud Site (2007-10-11)
Governor Eliot Spitzer joined development officials Wednesday in Buffalo to unveil what they say is a bigger and better Bass Pro deal. The latest plan, which has not yet been signed, calls for a mega-store to be built on the old Memorial Auditorium site.

Ahold Sells Tops Markets to Morgan Stanley Private Equity (2007-10-11)
The Tops Supermarket chain has been sold. Parent company Ahold announced Thursday morning that Tops will be acquired by Morgan Stanley Private Equity for $310 million.

Erie County Executive Candidates Spar at Debate (2007-10-11)
The candidates running for Erie County Executive appeared for a Thursday morning debate at St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute in Kenmore.

SEIU Launches Campaign against Reynolds and Kuhl over SCHIP (2007-10-11)
The Service Employees International Union 1199 is calling on two local GOP Congressmen to override President Bush's veto a bill for the Children's Health Insurance program.

Neglia Ballet Artists Performance of "Baba Yaga" (2007-10-11)
new Halloween tradition is growing in Buffalo. It is the annual presentation of a classic Russian fairytale -- Baba Yaga. Neglia Ballet Artists performs at Buffalo State's Rockwell Hall Saturday night.

Storm Anxiety One Year Later (2007-10-10)
This week marks the first anniversary of last year's October snowstorm that paralyzed the Buffalo area. With the wounds of the experience so fresh, Dr. Nancy Smyth, the dean of UB's School of Social Work, says some of us may feel slight anxiety as we remember the events of one year ago.

UB Moves Fundraising Offices Downtown, Wende Hall New Home of Nursing School (2007-10-10)
The University at Buffalo is moving its key fundraising functions downtown to free up space for its nursing program.

New Endorsements for both County Executive Candidates (2007-10-10)
Both candidates vying for Erie County Executive picked up new endorsements yesterday.

Meet the Author: Woody Holton, Tue 10/9/07 (2007-10-10)
Woody Holton, author of Unruly Americans and the Origins of the Constitution

Uncertainty Once Again Colors Erie County Budget Season (2007-10-10)
Shades of red and green from the 2004 budget crisis are beginning to color the Erie County Executive's pending financial plan.

Advocates Angry over Description of Abuse in Girard Case (2007-10-09)
The characterization of new evidence uncovered in the 1993 murder of Crystalynn Girard has rape victims' advocates crying for justice.

Griffin Endorses Collins for County Executive (2007-10-09)
After a democratic primary defeat last month, James Griffin says he is now endorsing Republican Chris Collins for County Executive.

Ground Breaking for Buffalo's New Courthouse (2007-10-09)
A ground breaking was held Tuesday for a new federal courthouse in downtown Buffalo is being called historic.

Commentary: The Sublime (2007-10-09)
There's much in our lives that is out of our control. Listener-Commentator Keith Frome says when he's feeling especially helpless, he reflects on the writings of an 18th century philosopher and on a conversation he once had with a friend to put things in perspective.

Local GM Workers Ratify New Contract (2007-10-09)
Local General Motors workers at the Powertrain Plant in Tonawanda voted Monday to ratify the tentative contract reached with the automaker last month. Specific vote totals were not released. But a union official said it passed with 64 percent of the vote.

Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital Unveils Expanded Space (2007-10-09)
Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital will hold a grand opening Tuesday morning for its new lobby, surgical waiting room and admissions area.

Mayor Brown Says Never Say Never to Senate Consideration (2007-10-08)
uffalo Mayor Byron Brown is being mentioned as a possible replacement if U-S Senator Hillary Clinton were to win the 2008-presidential election

Kids Pressure Parents to Go Green (2007-10-08)
Environmental activists seem to be targeting children more and more, with the goal of having them pressure their parents to act responsibly to protect the environment.

Former Disney Exec Sketches Out Ideas for Science Museum (2007-10-08)
After a year of transition, the Buffalo Museum of Science is settling in with its new president. But there will be no dust settling at the Museum if Mark Mortenson has anything to do with it. The former Disney executive is bringing some fresh ideas - and perhaps a few experiments of his own - to try out. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak sat down and talked with Mortenson about his vision for the complete science experience.

Looking to Return Ice Skating to Hoyt Lake (2007-10-08)
A Buffalo lawmaker wants to see if it is possible to return ice skating to Hoyt Lake at Delaware Park.

Late Late Show Host Comes to Buffalo (2007-10-05)
If you're an insomniac with a sense of humor, chances are you're a fan of one of Scotland's most famous exports. Comedian Craig Ferguson came a long way across the ocean, and over his career, to find success as the host of CBS's Late, Late Show. Ferguson brings his "cheeky monkey" brand of Scottish humor to UB's Center for the Arts Friday at 8:00 PM. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with Ferguson by phone from his home in California and has this wee bit of insight into his zany personality.

Erie County Chief Backs Control Board (2007-10-05)
Erie County Executive Joel Giambra did an abrupt about-face Thursday, asking that the Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority be allowed to do the county's borrowing for 2007. But the county legislature must also sign off.

Clark Withdraws from County Executive's Race, Supports Keane (2007-10-05)
West Seneca Town Supervisor Paul Clark has pulled out of the race for Erie County Executive. He announced his support of fellow Democrat James Keane at a late afternoon news conference Thursday.

Falls Air Base Improvement Moved Up (2007-10-05)
U-S Congresswoman Louise Slaughter says a key piece of construction of at the Niagara Falls Air Base has been moved up by several years.

Theatre Talk: Friday, October 5, 2007 (2007-10-05)
A movie and a play allow Jim to celebrate his Italian heritage in Buffalo.

Future City Economic Development Reaches More than $4 Billion (2007-10-05)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says the amount of future economic development projects in the City now totals over four-Billion dollars -- that's Billion with a "B".

UB Edition: Friday, October 5, 2007 (2007-10-05)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition-- a UB researcher looks at new nurses and finds reasons why they may be leaving the profession, and in an encore presentation UB microbiologists discover the pro and cons of a molecule called IL17

ECMC and Sheehan to Collaborate (2007-10-04)
The Erie County Medical Center and Sheehan Memorial Hospital have agreed to collaborate on substance abuse treatment. It is one step being taken locally to comply with the Berger Commission report.

Peace Activists Denied Entry into Canada (2007-10-04)
Two peace activists who were trying to enter Canada Wednesday were detained for several hours by Canadian Customs before they were sent back to the US.

OSHA Investigates Fatal Construction Accident in Niagara Falls (2007-10-04)
The US Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating a construction accident Wednesday that killed one worker and injured another in Niagara Falls.

Union Ends Seven Year Boycott (2007-10-04)
A seven year boycott by a local union against the Adam's Mark Hotel in downtown Buffalo has finally ended.

Senecas Promise to Build Landmark Buffalo Casino (2007-10-04)
The Seneca Nation of Indians is promising to build a landmark casino in downtown Buffalo.

Common Council Unanimously Approve Police Pay Raises (2007-10-03)
The Buffalo Common Council said yes to pay raises for City cops.

Four Area Schools Honored as Blue Ribbon Schools (2007-10-03)
Sixteen public schools in New York have been named federal Blue Ribbon Schools.

UB Athletics Official Wins Sexual Harrassment Suit Filed Against Former Employer (2007-10-03)
The University at Buffalo's associate athletic director has scored a successful win in her sexual harassment lawsuit against New York Knicks head coach Isiah Thomas and Madison Square Garden.

Health Insurance Hearing, ECMC and Sheehan Collaborate on Detox Project (2007-10-03)
State Health Commissioner Richard Daines appeared at a public hearing in downtown Buffalo Wednesday on ways to expand health insurance coverage in the state.

Elmwood Village One of Nation's Ten Great Neighborhoods (2007-10-03)
Buffalo's Elmwood Village is one of the ten "Great Neighborhoods in America." The American Planning Association awarded the designation Tuesday in recognition of the Elmwood strip's "broad spectrum of cultural and social assets."

BNE Reports $1.9 Billion in Private Investment in Past Year (2007-10-03)
The Buffalo Niagara Enterprise is reporting this morning that its efforts to boost the regional economy resulted in more than $1 billion in new private sector investments in the past year.

Study Credits Smoke-Free Law for Fewer Heart Attacks (2007-10-02)
A new study from the State Health Department says New York's Clean Indoor Air Act has contributed to a reduction in the number of heart attacks.

Suspects in East Delavan Shooting Charged with First Degree Murder (2007-10-02)
A second suspect is now under arrest in the murders of two teenagers on East Delavan Avenue last month.

State Legislators Seek Sales Tax-Free Zone Downtown (2007-10-02)
Several Western New York state lawmakers want to give a boost to downtown retail in upstate cities by creating a sales tax-free zone.

Jump Starting Outer Harbor Development (2007-10-02)
A place that was once a hotspot for nightlife along Buffalo's waterfront in the 1990's is coming down.

Commentary: Can't Live Without Books (2007-10-02)
Listener-commentator Chris Mackowski shares with us the importance of books in his life. He just wishes more people shared his passion.

Spitzer Joins Other States in Suing Bush Administration over Children's Health Insurance (2007-10-02)
New York and seven other states have filed separate lawsuits against the Bush administration's proposed changes to federal rules that the states say will force poor children to lose health coverage.

DNA Cases Straining Erie County Resources (2007-10-01)
The Erie County District Attorney's office is basking in the success of some high-profile cases that were solved through DNA. But that success comes at a price.

Spitzer Pushes Legislators to Pass Healthy Schools Act (2007-10-01)
Governor Spitzer is putting pressure on state lawmakers to pass his healthy schools act. The legislation would help combat childhood obesity and promote healthy lifestyles.

Buffalo Neuro-imaging Analysis Center Expands (2007-10-01)
The Buffalo Neuro-imaging Analysis Center at Buffalo General Hospital has expanded.

DNA Could Bring New Trial for Dejac (2007-09-28)
Initial DNA test results in the re-opened murder case of Crystallynn Girard are pointing more suspicion at Dennis Donohue. Crystallynn's mother, Lynn Dejac, was convicted and jailed for the 1993 murder of the thirteen-year-old girl.

Donohue Arraigned on Murder Charges in Joan Giambra's Death (2007-09-28)
The man accused of killing a South Buffalo woman 14 years ago was arraigned Friday morning on second degree murder charges.

Mayor Submits Police Pay Raise for Common Council Approval (2007-09-28)
Mayor Byron Brown is asking the Common Council to approve a budget modification that will provide city police officers with an immediate three-point-four percent salary increase.

Theatre Talk: Friday, September 28, 2007 (2007-09-28)
Longtime University at Buffalo professor and Western New York theater veteran Saul Elkin has announced his retirement.

Six Women Attacked in Gates Circle Area (2007-09-28)
Buffalo Police are investigating a series of attacks on women in the Gates Circle area.

Niagara Falls Hospitals End Merger Talks (2007-09-28)
Mount Saint Mary's Hospital and Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center will not be merging. The presidents for the two hospitals announced Thursday that they failed to reach agreement.

Buffalo Women Asked to be Vigilant (2007-09-28)
Buffalo Police continue investigating at least six robberies and sexual assaults on women in and around the City's Gates Circle area.

Erie County Ordered to Reduce Jail Population (2007-09-28)
The New York State Commission of Corrections has ordered Erie County to immediately reduce its inmate population at the correctional facility in Alden.

UB Edition: Friday, September 28, 2007 (2007-09-28)
Today on UB Edition-- the university hosts mini vet school for those interested in our four legged friends and a UB study reports there may be a relationship between Morning Sickness and breast cancer risk

Police Investigate Series of Attacks on Women in Buffalo (2007-09-27)
Six women have reported that they have been attacked by an assailant in the Gates Circle area.

Start-Up Company Is Region's First Vodka Distiller (2007-09-27)
A start-up company in Niagara County is planning to become this area's first distiller of liquor.

Two Day Conference in Buffalo Explores Economic Justice (2007-09-27)
Social justice advocates have gathered in Buffalo for a two-day conference that will explore ways of promoting economic justice at the local level.

Two Niagara County Hospitals Fail to Reach Merger Agreement (2007-09-27)
Mount Saint Mary's Hospital and Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center have failed to reach agreement on a merger.

Kids Book Author and Artist Discusses Work (2007-09-27)
A Western New York artist has taken the plunge into authoring books for children.

Speaker Silver talks about Control Boards (2007-09-26)
New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver believes both the City and County control boards should be phased out if prudent fiscal measures are being followed.

New Building Now Part of Downtown's Skyline (2007-09-26)
A new building with a historic facade now lines downtown Buffalo's landscape.

Poloncarz Concerned about Lack of County Representation on New Hospital Board (2007-09-26)
A top county official says Erie County should have a seat at the table in the discussions that will lead to a merger between Kaleida Health and the Erie County Medical Center.

New Building Now Part of Downtown's Skyline (2007-09-26)
A new building with a historic facade now lines downtown Buffalo's landscape.

New Building Now Part of Downtown's Skyline (2007-09-26)
A new building with a historic facade now lines downtown Buffalo's landscape.

Buffalo is Wright Place for Boathouse (2007-09-26)
Buffalo is one of the cities fortunate enough to have buildings designed under the watchful eye of architect Frank Lloyd Wright. But on Friday, another Wright masterpiece will be unveiled on the Buffalo waterfront - nearly half a century after his death.

GM Strike Over (2007-09-26)
Workers at General Motor's Tonawanda Powertrain plant are returning to their shifts. GM and the UAW announced that a tentative agreement was reached early Wednesday morning.

Olmsted Parks Leader is Leaving (2007-09-25)
Western New York is losing one of its highly-regarded cultural leaders. The Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy announced the departure of Chief Executive Officer Johnathan Holifield. He leaves in November to lead the Urban League of Greater Cleveland.

Canisius College Launches $90 Million Capital Campaign (2007-09-25)
Canisius College has launched the largest fundraising campaign in its 137-year history.

Silver Opposes Thruway Toll Increase (2007-09-25)
It could get more expensive to drive the Thruway. The state Thruway Authority is considering raising tolls to offset slower-than-expected traffic growth due to high fuel costs.

Commentary: The Class of 2016 (2007-09-25)
There's a significant amount of attention being paid to next year's presidential election. Listener-commentator Charles Pierson says he has a personal reason for his interest in the campaign.

Buffalo Police Wait for Wage Proposal (2007-09-25)
The leader of Buffalo's police union left Tuesday's control board meeting scratching his head.

Schumer Blasts Proposed Healthcare Cut (2007-09-25)
United States Senator Charles Schumer said Monday that a pending new Medicare law could hurt seniors recovering from surgery and close rehabilitation units.

GM Employees Strike, Tonawanda Powertrain Plant Affected (2007-09-24)
Workers at the General Motors Powertrain plant in Tonawanda are on strike.

Program Trains Young Documentary Film Makers (2007-09-24)
Attention aspiring young film makers. If Michael Moore and Ken Burns are your heroes, Squeaky Wheel invites you to apply for the third year of the "Buffalo Youth Media Institute."

Preparing the Linda Yalem Safety Run (2007-09-24)
For the first time in the 17 year history of the Linda Yalem run, her killer is finally behind bars.

Grocery Retailers Not Affected by "Cherrypickers" (2007-09-24)
An expert in marketing at the University at Buffalo says shoppers who search out only sale items and nothing else do not significantly affect the profits of grocery retailers.

Theatre Review: "Don't Talk to the Actors" (2007-09-22)
Theatre Critic Grant Golden reviews the Studio Arena production of "Don't Talk to the Actors."

Man Sentenced to Prison for Marital Rape (2007-09-22)
A Buffalo man was sentenced Friday morning in Supreme Court to 50 years in jail for the first case of marital rape tried in the county since 1983.

UB Edition: Friday, September 21, 2007 (2007-09-21)
Today on UB Edition--UB Law School is making September affordable housing month and there are a number of events in celebration, including Greener Affordable Housing: Fighting Poverty and Pollution, and The High Road Runs Through the City Conference.

New Hospital Board Holds First Meeting Behind Closed Doors (2007-09-21)
A closed-door session Thursday marked the first official meeting of the state appointed board of Kaleida and the Erie County Medical Center.

Kevin Everett Goes Home, Mother Grateful for Community Support (2007-09-21)
Injured Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett was released from Millard Fillmore Gates Circle Hospital Friday morning, and was flown on a private jet to Houston.

UB and Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Purchase Downtown Buildings (2007-09-21)
The University at Buffalo and the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus are acquiring two buildings downtown. The two entities emerged as the successful bidders in US Bankruptcy Court Thursday for the M. Wile building and the former Trico Products building at Goodell and Ellicott Streets.

Theatre Talk: Friday, September 21, 2007 (2007-09-21)
Jim is charmed after meeing Tony's parents at Curtain Up! last week.

Planning Continues for Permanent Buffalo Casino (2007-09-21)
Plans continue to move forward to build a permanent casino in downtown Buffalo. The Seneca Gaming Corporation says it expects to have the final design plans for the Buffalo Seneca Creek Casino by the end of this month.

Attorney Sees Vindication in New Lackawanna Six Book (2007-09-20)
This month marks the fifth anniversary of the arrests of the Lackawanna Six. The six young Yemeni-American men agreed to plea deals in which they admitted to attending an al Qaeda training camp.

Elmwood Village Association's Tour of Kitchens (2007-09-20)
The Elmwood Village Association takes KP duty to beautiful new heights with its third annual Tour of Kitchens on Sunday. This year, some rather unique art is being stirred into the architectural mix. The tour will feature more than fifteen kitchens and some back-splashes that do double duty as one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork.

Buffalo Lawmaker Wants Help from Special Police (2007-09-20)
A Buffalo lawmaker says the City should have more help in dealing with quality of life issues.

Dina Temple-Raston: "The Jihad Next Door" (2007-09-20)
President Bush has often referred to the terrorist cell that was discovered in Lackawanna as evidence of the threat terrorism poses to the nation. But a new book by NPR's FBI correspondent Dina Temple-Raston dispels the notion that the six young Yemeni-American men from Lackawanna were bent on destroying America.

Sheriff's Deputies Uncover Tree Cutting Scam (2007-09-20)
The Erie County Sheriff's Department has uncovered a scam involving two people who were trying to defraud the Federal Emergency Management Agency following last October's snowstorm.

Former Public Works Commissioner Sentenced to Probation, Community Service (2007-09-19)
Buffalo's former Public Works Commissioner was sentenced to probation and community service Tuesday for accepting gratuities from companies doing business with the city.

Griffin Declares County Executive Run As Last Hurrah (2007-09-19)
Former Buffalo Mayor James Griffin was the clear spoiler for Paul Clark last night.

Meet the Author: Scott Weidensaul, Tue 9/18/07 (2007-09-19)
Scott Weidensaul, author of Of A Feather: A Brief History of American Birding

Keane Wins County Executive's Primary (2007-09-19)
A bruising primary campaign for Erie County Executive ended in resounding victory Tuesday night for political veteran Jim Keane.

Fourteen Year Old Murder Solved with Man's Arrest (2007-09-18)
Buffalo Police have made an arrest in a 14-year-old cold case.

Democratic Primary for County Executive Has No Clear Frontrunner (2007-09-18)
It's primary day here in Western New York. The top local race is for the Democratic nomination for Erie County Executive.

Sabres to Host Penguins in Outdoor Game on New Year's Day (2007-09-18)
It's official -- after weeks of rumors, the National Hockey League and Buffalo Sabres confirmed Monday that an outdoor hockey game will be played in Western New York. The game against the Pittsburgh Penguins will be played at Ralph Wilson Stadium on New Year's Day.

VA Suicide Prevention Hotline Flooded with Calls (2007-09-17)
Thousands of distressed veterans have flooded the the Veterans Affairs new suicide prevention hotline.

Varner Harris Accepts Plea Deal in Shooting of Two Police Officers (2007-09-17)
A Buffalo teenager accused of shooting two Buffalo police officers last year has taken a plea deal.

Acoustic Improvements at "Babeville" Noted (2007-09-17)
Last week Ani DiFranco played for the first time at Asbury Hall in "Babeville," formerly known as the Church on Delaware Avenue. Scot Fisher, DiFranco's long-time business partner and president of Righteous Babe Records, says the concert was the first big test of the acoustic improvements made to the landmark structure.

Klein Steel Ready for Business in Tonawanda (2007-09-17)
Some new business is being pumped into the former Gibraltar Industries warehouse in town of Tonawanda on Military Road.

Arrest Made in East Delavan Avenue Shootings (2007-09-14)
Police say they've arrested a suspect in the drive-by shooting that killed two teenagers last week.

Candidates Trade Charges over Hiring Family and Friends (2007-09-14)
The Democratic candidates for Erie County Executive traded charges over the hiring of family and friends during a one hour debate Thursday night sponsored by Time Warner Cable and broadcast by WBFO.

Curtain Goes Up on Another Buffalo Theatre Season (2007-09-14)
Once again, Buffalo's theatre community is strutting its stuff as the curtain goes up tonight on another spectacular season. Nearly a thousand performances will be staged over the next several months. But it's nothing short of a Herculean effort lifting that curtain for many cash-strapped theatres. Downsizing has become the watchword for some already small and medium-sized theatres. But one theatre company is throwing caution to the wind and is opening with a block-buster.

Theatre Talk: Friday, September 14, 2007 (2007-09-14)
Let the celebration begin...it's Curtain Up! time in Buffalo.

UB Edition: Friday, September 14, 2007 (2007-09-14)
Today on UB Edition--a look at what the future study body might look like and what they might be doing as the university prepares to grow, and a certificate program to help leaders manage organizational change.

NFL Commissioner Visits Everett, Coach Hopes to Keep Players Focused (2007-09-14)
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell made a quick trip to Buffalo Thursday to visit injured Bills tight end Kevin Everett.

Cleary Brings Big Easy to Buffalo (2007-09-14)
New Orleans is known for spinning out musicians who put their own mark on the eclectic mix that is the Big Easy sound. For Jon Cleary and his band, the Absolute Monster Gentlemen that sound is funk. The keyboardist and singer also tours with Bonnie Raitt. But Thursday night Cleary and his band perform at the Tralf as part of the Big Easy in Buffalo series.

Gypsy Jazz Takes Center Stage at Tralf (2007-09-14)
An old music form is getting plenty of new attention. Gypsy jazz was created and made famous by guitarist Django Reinhardt. And today, musicians, such as the local jazz quartet, Babik are giving rebirth to the popular sound. But the music isn't just popular in Buffalo. Guitarist Kruno Spisic and his ensemble have been busy spreading gypsy jazz all over the world. And, Friday night, Kruno will join Babik on stage at the Tralf for an international evening of gypsy jazz.

Doctors Update Everett's Condition, Pleased with Progress (2007-09-12)
Doctors confirmed Wednesday that Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett has shown signs of improvement. They met with reporters at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Health Commissioner Appoints Board to Oversee Merged Kaleida and ECMC (2007-09-12)
State Health Commissioner Richard Daines has created a board of trustees to oversee a combined Kaleida Health System and Erie County Medical Center. Daines has charged the board with finalizing a unified governance system by the end of the year.

Steps Toward Tearing down Aud (2007-09-12)
Steps to remove the former Memorial Auditorium and Donovan Building in downtown Buffalo have been approved.

Kevin Everett Showing Substantial Improvement (2007-09-12)
The condition of injured Buffalo Bills player Kevin Everett is substantially improved.

Football Injuries Are Inevitable (2007-09-12)
Sunday's devastating injury to Buffalo Bills Tight End Kevin Everett shows just how dangerous football can be. When large, strong young men engage in bodily contact, injuries are inevitable.

Severe Storm Knocks Out Power, Ushers in Cooler Temperatures (2007-09-12)
Cooler autumn-like weather will spread across the area Wednesday in wake of a cold front, heralded by strong thunderstorms Tuesday night.

Grants Will Fund Programs to Improve Reading Skills in Young Children (2007-09-12)
Efforts to improve literacy rates in Buffalo received another boost Tuesday.

Sheriff's Deputy Acquitted of Rape Charge (2007-09-12)
A judge Wednesday found Erie County Sheriff's Deputy George Avery not guilty of sexual assaulting a prisoner he had arrested last January.

First Niagara Acquires Greater Buffalo Savings Bank (2007-09-11)
There is a major deal involving two Buffalo area banks. First Niagara announced Monday that it is acquiring Greater Buffalo Savings Bank. The deal is valued at $153 million.

Doctors Say Chances of Full Recovery for Everett Are Small (2007-09-11)
Doctors say Buffalo Bills tight end Kevin Everett suffered a "potentially catastrophic injury" during Sunday's game against Denver, and that the chances are small that he will make a full recovery.

Commentary: Give Peace A Chance (2007-09-11)
There are many ways to resolve conflict. Listener-commentator Linda Chodos explores an innovative program she's involved in that minimizes bitterness and maximizes harmony.

"Ode to Peace" a Tribute to 9/11 Victims (2007-09-11)
Today is the sixth anniversary of 9/11. The tragedy so moved a then 12-year-old local boy that he wrote a piano composition dedicated to the victims that he called "Ode to Peace."

Local Celebrity Placed in Handcuffs for Failing to Pay Parking Tickets (2007-09-10)
You might want to attend to those unpaid parking tickets stuffed in your car glove box. A woman driving in Cheektowaga was arrested, handcuffed and thrown in jail for a registration suspension resulting from five unpaid parking tickets.

Buffalo Bills Deal with Difficult Player Injury (2007-09-10)
The Buffalo Bills are dealing with one of the most difficult situations that a football organization could endure -- an injury that could leave a player paralyzed.

Parking Shortage along Hertel Avenue (2007-09-10)
Delaware District Council Member Michael LoCurto has created a task force to study the shortage of parking along the thriving Hertel Avenue commercial strip.

Two Teens Killed in East Delavan Avenue Shooting (2007-09-09)
Two teenagers are dead and a 35-year-old woman was injured in a flurry of gunfire outside a Buffalo food market.

Bills Lose Season Opener (2007-09-09)
The Buffalo Bills suffered a devastating loss to the Denver Broncos Sunday, 15 to 14.

Bio-Art Activist Steve Kurtz Stands by Work (2007-09-07)
In 2004, UB art Professor Steven Kurtz was arrested for suspected bio-terrorism. Today, the case has largely faded from the public spotlight. But for Kurtz and Ferrell the bizarre case has left them in limbo as they wait for the government to bring the matter to trial. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak recently sat down for an in-depth talk with Kurtz. He shared his thoughts on what the ongoing experience has meant to his life and his work.

Bio-Art Case Magnified in "Strange Culture" (2007-09-07)
Local art professor Steven Kurtz made national headlines thee years ago when he was arrested for the biological materials used in his exhibits. Opening Friday night in Buffalo is a documentary capturing his story as it continues to unfold.

Theatre Talk: Friday, September 7, 2007 (2007-09-07)
Were Jim and Tony in the audience for the first-ever theater musical?

ECMC Cleared of Negligence in Capozzi Case (2007-09-07)
The State Commission of Investigation has found there was no wrongdoing on the part of the Erie County Medical Center in the Anthony Capozzi case.

Bass Pro Eyes Demolished Aud Site for New Store (2007-09-07)
The long-running, ever-changing Bass Pro development project for downtown Buffalo is changing yet again.

Governor Tours School Benefiting from State Aid Increase (2007-09-07)
Governor Eliot Spitzer toured Union East Elementary School in Cheektowaga Thursday to tout the historic increase in state aid local school districts received for the new year.

UB Edition: Friday, September 7, 2007 (2007-09-07)
Today on UB Edition-- The university at Buffalo's Center for Children and Families studies an ADHD drug called Straterra

The University at Buffalo is offering a new life sciences certificate program with the goal of developing a workforce in the growing biomedical industry.

Lillian Ledbetter on Pay Discrimination (2007-09-06)
The subject of a landmark case on equality is coming to Buffalo next week to talk about her nine year court battle. Lillian Ledbetter was thrust into the national spotlight when the Supreme Court ruled against her in the pay discrimination case, "Ledbetter v. Goodyear."

Niagara Falls Mother Kills Son (2007-09-06)
A Niagara Falls woman called police Wednesday afternooon to say she had killed her year-and-a-half old son.

Genesee Street Reconstruction Complete, Mayor Hopes It Will Attract New Business (2007-09-06)
Mayor Byron Brown and community activists alike are hoping that a newly-completed reconstruction of Genesee Street in Buffalo will spark an economic revitalization.

Bishop Approves $17 Million Administrative Budget for Catholic Diocese (2007-09-06)
Bishop Edward Kmiec has approved a more than $17 million administrative budget for the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo for the coming coming year.

State Education Commissioner Touts Importance of Pre-K Programs (2007-09-06)
State Education Commissioner Richard Mills spent the first day of school noting the progress of two Western New York schools.

Crash Kills NFTA Police Lieutenant and his Wife (2007-09-05)
A veteran NFTA police officer and his wife were killed in a town of Wheatfield traffic accident Tuesday.

Poloncarz Launches ECMC Audit, Issues Report on Sales Tax Sharing (2007-09-05)
Erie County Comptroller Marl Poloncarz says he will look at possible conflicts of interest as part of an audit he's begun of the Erie County Medical Center.

Schools Being Held More Accountable as New Year Begins (2007-09-05)
Wednesday is the first day of school for most students in Western New York. A handful of districts will begin the school year Thursday.

The Challenge of Meeting the Needs of an Aging Population (2007-09-05)
Aging baby boomers in upstate New York are expected to place the biggest stress for services in cities and older suburbs already facing financial challenges.

Group Home Counselor Arrested on Rape Charges (2007-09-04)
A counselor at a Buffalo area group home for troubled youth faces multiple sex charges involving a former resident of the facility.

Commentary: Apologizing (2007-09-04)
The U-S government has no problem asking other nations to apologize for their transgressions. But listener-commentator Gary Earl Ross says the government doesn't hold itself to the same standards, especially when it comes to slavery.

Just Buffalo Literary Center Introduces Babel (2007-09-04)
The Just Buffalo Literary Center is getting the word out about its ambitious new lecture series. Babel is a year-long reading series that will bring some of the most acclaimed writers from around the world to Buffalo's doorstep. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with Just Buffalo's artistic director Mike Kelleher about the literary voices who will be stirring conversation.

Project Healing Waters Targets Wounded Iraq War Vets (2007-09-04)
A national program that delivers therapeutic recovery to wounded American war veterans is now in Buffalo.

Students Crossing Counties for Community Colleges (2007-09-04)
The increased popularity of community colleges is creating an education arms race with counties vying for students. According to one Erie Community College official, it is a competition that is costing both ECC and the county.<

Just Buffalo Literary Center Introduces Babel (2007-09-04)
The Just Buffalo Literary Center is getting the word out about its ambitious new lecture series. Babel is a year-long reading series that will bring some of the most acclaimed writers from around the world to Buffalo's doorstep. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with Just Buffalo's artistic director Mike Kelleher about the literary voices who will be stirring conversation.

Fire Kills Two, Firefighters Injured (2007-09-02)
Two people are dead and two firefighters have been injured in a fire Sunday morning in Buffalo.

Mayor Fires City Engineer, Launches Integrity Plan (2007-09-01)
City Engineer Daniel Kreuz was fired Friday by Mayor Byron Brown. The firing comes a week after Kreuz pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges that he accepted trips and other gifts from companies doing business with the city.

Coast Guard Patrols Area Waterways to Promote Safe Boating (2007-09-01)
Even though there are several more weeks of summer left, Labor Day weekend is often considered the "unofficial" end of the season. With this weekend's weather forecast promising nothing but sunny skies and warm temperatures, area waterways are expected to be filled with boaters.

Theatre Talk: Friday, August 31, 2007 (2007-08-31)
Catch up on the local theater scene with the latest edition of Theatre Talk.

ECMC Doctors Say They Are Not Backing Any Merger Plan (2007-08-31)
Doctors at the Erie County Medical Center are speaking out on the proposed merger of ECMC with Kaleida Health. They say they support "a fair and equitable negotiated arrangement" with Kaleida Health that "puts patient care first, not corporate dominance."

Reunion Party for Disco Era Nightclub (2007-08-31)
Buffalonians who danced and partied the night away in the 70's and 80's at a well-known North Buffalo bar will be reuniting Sunday night.

Schumer Wants Ethics Committee to Decide on Senator Craig (2007-08-31)
U-S Senator Charles Schumer was asked for his reaction to the controversy surrounding Idaho Republican Senator Larry Craig should resign.

Control Board Puts Conditions on Erie County Capital Borrowing (2007-08-31)
The construction season is winding down and Erie County still does not have a green light to borrow $52 million for a host of infrastructure improvements. The Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority Thursday put conditions on the borrowing.

UB Edition: Friday, August 31, 2007 (2007-08-31)
On this week's UB Edition, Gabe DiMaio explores the UB READS program at the University.

Downtown Dwellers (2007-08-30)
It is not just the younger generation who is interested in living in downtown Buffalo.

Appeals Court Refuses to Hear Holt's Case (2007-08-29)
Former Erie County Legislator George Holt remains off the Democratic primary ballot after the State Court of Appeals refused to hear his case.

Hospital Merger Plan Rejected by Kaleida (2007-08-29)
It appears that the fate of health care delivery in Western New York will be left up to the state. Kaleida officials Tuesday took a pass on a compromise merger plan with the Erie County Medical Center. It was proposed by the Erie County Executive as a last-ditch effort to head off a state deadline.

New Buffalo Police Website Under Construction (2007-08-29)
Citizens will soon be able to log onto a brand new Buffalo Police Website.

Former President Clinton Raises Money for Hillary's Presidential Campaign (2007-08-28)
Former President Clinton was in Buffalo Monday campaigning on behalf of a possible future President Clinton.

Reaction to Attorney General's Resignation (2007-08-28)
Congresswoman Louise Slaughter says Attorney General Alberto Gonzales' resignation comes amid a "cloud of scandal and suspicion."

Local Traffic Reporter Gets Bit Part in Batman Movie (2007-08-28)
A local radio broadcaster got a chance of a life time. He filmed a small role in the upcoming Batman movie, "The Dark Knight."

Fricano Cleared of Driving While Impaired Charge (2007-08-28)
A local judge who was accused of driving while her ability was impaired by drugs was acquitted on most charges at a non-jury trial Monday.

NFTA Commissioners Approve Demolition of The Pier (2007-08-28)
A waterfront nightspot that held so much promise when it first opened 18 years ago will be torn down.

Former Co-worker of Altemio Sanchez Speaks Candidly (2007-08-27)
A former co-worker of convicted serial killer Altemio Sanchez speaks candidly about the bike path rapist he once considered a friend.

Buffalo Audubon Offers Fast-Growing Trees (2007-08-27)
Thousands of trees across the region were stripped away by the ravages of the October storm. And that has left many homeowners sadly mourning their once shade-covered yards. But the Buffalo Audubon Society is selling some special trees that could bring back the shade a lot faster than anyone imagined possible.

Buffalo Woman to Serve Six Months for Fatal Crash (2007-08-24)
A 26-year old Buffalo woman was sentenced to six months in prison for a fatal car crash that killed a Tonawanda man.

Akron Man Sentenced on Pornography Charge, Faces State Charges (2007-08-24)
Federal and state prosecutors were able to put a child molester behind bars - with his help. Sixty-year old Akron resident, Lloyd Thomas was sentenced in Buffalo federal court Thursday on two felony counts of child pornography. He faces another 20 years in state court Friday for molesting the girl he photographed.

Zoo Birthday Bash for Buki (2007-08-24)
The Buffalo Zoo will be throwing a big birthday bash this Sunday for one of its long-time residents.

Corruption Probe Widens (2007-08-24)
A corruption probe into the City's Public Works Department will now shift into the corporate arena.

A portrait of Buffalo's 57th Mayor Unveiled (2007-08-23)
A portrait of Buffalo's 57th Mayor was unveiled at City Hall Wednesday afternoon. Former Mayor Anthony Masiello was surrounded by a huge crowd of family, friends and former members of his administration for the event.

GOP Lawamkers Propose Shifting Shared Tax to Road Fund (2007-08-23)
Erie County Republican legislators want municipalities to give back their share of the one penny of sales tax to be used instead for county road repair.

Kenan Center Celebrates Fortieth Anniversary (2007-08-23)
The historic Kenan Center is throwing a birthday party tonight. But the institution isn't celebrating the nearly 150 year old rose brick house on Locust Street in Lockport. The center is celebrating forty years of serving the Western New York community as a vibrant, multi-use art and performance space.

Congress Higgins says not fair for Bush to compare Iraq with Vietnam. (2007-08-23)
Western New York Congressman Brian Higgins says the political process in Iraq is not working.

Extending School Day (2007-08-23)
The Buffalo School District is getting ready to extend the school day for some of its students when classes resume in September.

Pension Fund Offers Boost for WNY companies (2007-08-22)
The state has hundreds of millions of dollars to invest in private businesses. And New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli was in Buffalo Tuesday urging Western New York companies to get in line.

UB Gets Fund to Promote Life Science Careers (2007-08-22)
The University at Buffalo has received a big gift from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation.

Two Western New York Soldiers to Return from Iraq (2007-08-22)
Two Western New York soldiers are scheduled to return home later today after serving in Iraq.

Gearing up for the National Chicken Wing Fest (2007-08-22)
The City of Buffalo is gearing up for the National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival.

Listener Commentary: "Once a Squirrel, Always a Squirrel" (2007-08-21)
You're seen me in your grocery store. I'm that lady with sixteen cans of mushroom soup. Seven boxes of Kleenex. Twenty pounds of rice. You thought that I just like soup, but really I'm a stockpiler.

Buffalo Man Pleads Not Guilty to Baby Death (2007-08-21)
A Buffalo man was arraigned Monday on murder charges in connection with the death of his two year old daughter.

West Nile Virus Resurfacing (2007-08-21)
Another crow and four mosquito pools in Erie County have tested positive for the West Nile virus.

Listener Commentary: "Once a Squirrel, Always a Squirrel" (2007-08-21)
You're seen me in your grocery store. I'm that lady with sixteen cans of mushroom soup. Seven boxes of Kleenex. Twenty pounds of rice. You thought that I just like soup, but really I'm a stockpiler.

No Harassment Found in Incident with Bishop (2007-08-21)
The Chautuaqua County District Attorney has concluded that nothing criminal happened between a Fredonia man and the Bishop of the Buffalo Catholic Diocese.

Wooden Statues Carved from October Storm Tree Trunks (2007-08-21)
A local artist continues carving wooden statues from the thousands of trees destroyed in last October's storm.

Listener Commentary: "Once a Squirrel, Always a Squirrel" (2007-08-21)
You're seen me in your grocery store. I'm that lady with sixteen cans of mushroom soup. Seven boxes of Kleenex. Twenty pounds of rice. You thought that I just like soup, but really I'm a stockpiler.

Missing Priest's Body Recovered (2007-08-21)
The body of a missing Cattaraugus County priest was found Monday night.

Spitzer Moves to Remove Dangerous Toys from New York Stores (2007-08-17)
Days after Mattel announced a recall of millions of toys, Governor Spitzer said New York is taking extra steps to get the dangerous items off of store shelves.

New Vaccination Requirements for 6th Graders (2007-08-17)
ALL 6th grade Buffalo Public School students must receive some new vaccines before they start school next month.

UB Edition: Friday, August 17, 2007 (2007-08-17)
Today on UB Edition-- A student from Zimbabwe comes to UB to learn learning laboratory research protocols and technology so he can take them back home to fight HIV/AIDS, and a UB researcher looks at the affect of primate tourism on a monkey called a Tibetan macaque (muh CAK)

Judge Allows City Wage Suit to Proceed (2007-08-17)
Unions representing city employees will be able to continue their legal challenge against the city over pay raises.

America's Cup Style Racing Comes to Buffalo (2007-08-17)
The Buffalo Yacht Club is sponsoring an America's Cup style race on Lake Erie this weekend.

Theatre Talk: Friday, August 17, 2007 (2007-08-17)
Aida at Artpark... is it theater on the highest scale?

Political Action Group Criticizes Cost of War (2007-08-17)
A political action group staged a protest in Buffalo Thursday against the war in Iraq.

UB Ranks among Best National Universities (2007-08-17)
The "US News and World Report" rankings of top national universities has the University at Buffalo at number 118.

Mayor Brown Is Ready to Deal (2007-08-16)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says he is waiting to hear from the City's police union on his latest contract offer.

Giambra Seeks Consolidation of 911 Services at Public Safety Campus (2007-08-16)
Erie County has consolidated three emergency dispatch operations inside its new Public Safety Campus Center downtown.

Mayor Wants to Reexamine City-County Parks Deal (2007-08-16)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says he is ready to reexamine a three year old City-County parks deal.

Convicted Bike Path Rapist Sentenced to Life in Prison (2007-08-15)
The bike path killer apologized to the family members of his victims.

American Axle Offers Buyout and Early Retirement to Buffalo Employees (2007-08-15)
American Axle & Manufacturing will offer buyout and early retirement packages to the 653 hourly workers at its soon-to-be-closed Buffalo plant.

15th Annual Day of Caring (2007-08-15)
Nearly 4,000 volunteers are gathering this morning for the 15th annual Day of Caring in the Buffalo-Niagara region. They'll be helping out at more than 100 area non-profit agencies.

Gibraltar Industries Celebrates 35 Years in Business (2007-08-14)
One of the region's most successful corporations recently celebrated its 35th anniversary.

Reynolds Hails Williamsville High-Tech Company (2007-08-14)
Congressman Thomas Reynolds visited Harvest Precision in Williamville yesterday to check out the high-tech company's product line.

Audio Recording of Sanchez Sentecing (2007-08-14)
Convicted Bike Path Killer Altemio Sanchez was sentenced Tuesday morning to 75 years to life in prison.

Listener Commentary: Celebrating the Area's Religious Diversity (2007-08-14)
If only the nations of the world could reach a consensus like some local religious leaders did at their annual picnic this summer. Listener-Commentator David Smith says he'll never eat a veggie burger. But he respects those who do.

Fredonia Man Alleges Physical Confrontation with Bishop (2007-08-14)
A Fredonia man says an argument he had with Bishop Edward Kmiec over church closings over the weekend became physical.

No Charges for Mother Who Left Infant in Hot Car to Die (2007-08-13)
The Wyoming County District Attorney says he will not pursue criminal charges against a mother who left her infant child inside a hot vehicle for nine hours. Gerald Stout said the determination was made after a comprehensive investigation by his office and the Arcade Police Department.

UB Study: Region Needs to Settle on One Name (2007-08-13)
A study of regional identity suggests that the Buffalo area may have too many names.

Rigases Report to North Carolina Prison (2007-08-13)
Former Adelphia Communications executives John and Timothy Rigas reported to the federal prison in North Carolina Monday.

Glaser Fills Leadership Void on ECFSA (2007-08-13)
The Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority will meet Tuesday for the first time under the leadership of its new vice chair.

Buffalo Police Exam Results Expected Soon (2007-08-10)
Police recruit hopefuls should know by the end of August if they made the grade to become one of Buffalo's finest.

UB Edition: Friday, August 10, 2007 (2007-08-10)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition--A visit with Graham Stewart, the new person who leads UB's Alumni relations, and UB scientist ID a indicator of pre-diabetes

Watchful Eyes Placed Around Buffalo (2007-08-10)
The city of Buffalo Thursday installed the first of five surveillance cameras for a test of the high-tech policing equipment. Eventually, there will be at least 50 of the cameras installed throughout the city. Officials answered questions Thursday about where and who the cameras will be watching.

Bike Path Killer Altemio Sanchez Admits to Dozen Rapes (2007-08-10)
The attorney for Altemio Sanchez, the so-called "Bike Path Rapist and killer," says Sanchez has admitted to raping between 12 and 15 women since 1979.

Allentown Website Details History of Hundreds of Parcels (2007-08-10)
The Allentown Association has launched an expanded web site that includes photos and detailed information about every house and building -- about one thousand in all -- in Buffalo's Allentown neighborhood.

Niagara Square Memorial to Remember Homicide Victims (2007-08-10)
An observance in memory of homicide victims in Buffalo will be held in Niagara Square Friday afternoon. Organizers are calling it "We Miss Their Footsteops: A Silent March."

Theatre Talk: Friday, August 10, 2007 (2007-08-10)
Jim and Tony are away, so Grant Golden joins Mark Scott to talk about Shaw and Shakespeare.

United Healthcare to Add 130 Jobs in Tonawanda (2007-08-09)
A private health insurance company is expanding its Tonawanda office.

Shorthanded Buffalo Control Board Still Conducting Business (2007-08-09)
Despite two recent resignations, the Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority mustered a quorum Wednesday to vote on crucial city financial business.

Spitzer Blames Voter Rejection of Borrowing Proposal for Lack of Bridge Repair Funding (2007-08-09)
Governor Spitzer met with top transportation officials Wednesday about the state's bridge inspection procedures. He admits the state must do a better job of funding repairs to New York's aging infrastructure.

Shorthanded Buffalo Control Board Still Conducting Business (2007-08-09)
Despite two recent resignations, the Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority mustered a quorum Wednesday to vote on crucial city financial business.

First of Surveillance Cameras Installed in Buffalo (2007-08-09)
Buffalo unveiled the first of its neighborhood surveillance cameras Thursday morning at the corner of Busti and Porter Avenues. Four more cameras will be installed in the coming days as part of a pilot project.

Rally against Media Exploitation of Women (2007-08-08)
Local elected and community leaders gathered for a rally in downtown Buffalo Tuesday to protest offensive language toward women in movies, TV shows and music videos.

Spitzer Joins National Night Out Observance, Addresses Fallout from Scandal (2007-08-08)
Governor Eliot Spitzer wrapped up a day-long trip to Western New York Tuesday by joining Mayor Byron Brown for National Night Out observances. Brown said the governor was touring the city to find out how the state can help improve city conditions.

UB Recruiting Believers (2007-08-08)
The University at Buffalo is enlisting some powerful allies in its mission to grow UB into a powerful economic engine for the region. The university Tuesday kicked-off its "UB Believers" campaign, a coalition of business and community leaders committed to promoting UB.

UB Launches Advocacy Program to Increase Awareness of University Impact (2007-08-07)
Some of Western New York's most prominent leaders gathered at the Center for Bioinformatics Tuesday to launch a new advocacy campaign for UB.

Top Cabinet Officer Reviews Food Safety Inspections at Peace Bridge (2007-08-07)
Health and Human Services Secretary Michael Leavitt toured the Peace Bridge Tuesday as part of his ongoing study of the safety of food and drug imports.

Commentary: We Can Play Every Sport at Once (2007-08-07)
The lives of today's kids are filled with organized sports activities. But listener-commentator Ed Adamczyk says he's pleased to see kids in his neighbor still know how to have some fun playing spontaneous games.

Erie County Executive Proposes Extra Money to Fix Roads and Bridges (2007-08-07)
Although there is no need for panic, Erie County Executive Joel Giambra said Monday that the Minnesota bridge disaster is a grim reminder that the county needs to spend more on local infrastructure.

Fancher Chair Celebrates 200 Years in Business (2007-08-06)
The oldest company in Western New York is celebrating its bicentennial this month. Fancher Chair in the Chautauqua County village of Falconer has been operating continuously since the company was founded in 1807.

Schumer Calls for More Funding for Bridge Repairs (2007-08-06)
US Senator Charles Schumer says the bridge collapse in Minneapolis underscores a need for urgent maintenance to the nation's aging bridges.

Preparing for National Night Out (2007-08-06)
Western New Yorkers are being urged to ignore conservation for one night and burn a little extra electricity. Communities will be keeping their lights on Tuesday night for National Night Out Against Crime.

Baby Dies Left in Car Dies (2007-08-03)
A five month old baby died after being accidentally left in a closed car in the village of Arcade while his mother went to work.

UB Edition: Friday, August 3, 2007 (2007-08-03)
Today on UB Edition-- UB researcher link chronic gum disease with tongue cancer and a university clinical trail to test whether aspirin can improve a woman's chances of becoming pregnant and maintaining a pregnancy to term (call 829-3128 for more information)

Roswell Unveils Third Bio-tech Company (2007-08-03)
Another new biotech company is springing up in Buffalo's medical corridor. Roswell Park Cancer Institute Thursday announced the launch of its third spin-off research company this year.

Bridge Collapse Raises Concerns in New York (2007-08-03)
Wednesday's collapse of the interstate bridge in Minneapolis is raising concerns about bridges elsewhere.

Theatre Talk: Friday, August 3, 2007 (2007-08-03)
Buffalo holds its third annual Infringement Festival.

Injured Firefighter Mark Reed Leaves ECMC (2007-08-02)
A Buffalo firefighter who was not expected to survive after being critically injured in a fire walked out of the Erie County Medical Center Wednesday.

Rare Partnership Seeks Clean Air (2007-08-02)
Environmental advocates and government agencies often clash over how to control pollution. Advocates seek clean air and water free from deadly toxins. Government agencies worry about how to do that without placing a huge burden on public resources and the economy. But a rare collaboration that overcame that divide is being announced Thursday in Tonawanda.

Parishioners Move to Keep St. Adalbert Open (2007-08-02)
Parishioners from St. Adalbert Church say they are moving ahead with plans to keep their historic church open as a worship site.

County May Hire New Workers to Collect Back Taxes (2007-08-01)
The Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority's opposition to a plan to sell county tax liens to a private company may result in the resumption of the county tax collection office.

Time Warner Completes Challenging First Year in Buffalo (2007-08-01)
One year ago, a once cherished, but tarnished corporate name, began to fade away when Adelphia Communications was replaced by Time Warner Cable.

Power Outages in Eggertsville (2007-08-01)
High consumer demand and hot weather are being blamed for the failure of an electric substation in Eggertsville that knocked out power to over 4,000 customers late Tuesday afternoon.

Republican Legislators Seek Dedicated Funding Source for Road Repairs (2007-08-01)
Republicans in the Erie County Legislature are calling for a dedicated source of funding for road and bridge repair in the county.

Upstate Lags in Attracting Educated People from Other States (2007-08-01)
It's known as "brain drain" -- the exodus of educated young people from upstate New York to other states. But a report out Tuesday says New York leaders should be more worried about the opposite problem -- "brain gain."

Commentary: Resolving the Crisis in Iraq (2007-07-31)
Questions abound about the future of Iraq. Listener-Commentator Paul Reitan says the US needs to reach out to other countries to help restore order in Iraq.

Carbon Emissions Would Drop with New Technology (2007-07-31)
Carbon emissions at coal-fired power plants would be markedly reduced under new technology unveiled Tuesday at Praxair in Tonawanda.

Erie County's Fiscal Outlook Mixed (2007-07-31)
Erie County's fiscal outlook is mixed as the county enters the final six months of 2007.

Pending Law Would Ease Passport Backlog (2007-07-31)
Delays in processing passports have created a backlog of nearly three million applications. But United States Senator Charles Schumer was in Buffalo Monday telling anxious travelers that help is on the way.

Niagara Falls Heritage Area in Sight (2007-07-31)
The American side of Niagara Falls is in line to get a much needed make-over.

Building Trades Seek Role in Bass Pro Project (2007-07-30)
The local building trades union is hoping to be part of any construction of the proposed Bass Pro store downtown on the waterfront.

New York to Help Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure (2007-07-30)
New York has created a $100 million program to help borrowers facing foreclosure or other financial strain because of risky adjustable rate and interest-only home loans.

Buffalo Responds to Wild Animals Complaints (2007-07-30)
Buffalo is trying to deal with growing complaints of wild animals.

Federal Judge Says Lawyer Advertising Rules Impinge on Free Speech Rights (2007-07-30)
A court ruling issued last week says new restrictions in New York regulating advertising by lawyers may violate the First Amendment.

American Axle CEO Confirms Closing of Buffalo Plant (2007-07-28)
American Axle and Manufacturing Chief Executive Richard Dauch says the company will idle its Buffalo plant.

Garden Walk Buffalo Extends to West Side Neighborhoods (2007-07-27)
Garden junkies will get their annual fix of flowers this weekend at the 13th annual Garden Walk Buffalo. More than 260 urban gardens are featured. But this year, Garden Walk has widened its scope to some West Side neighborhoods that might not be associated with beauty.

County Legislature Approves "Green" Laws (2007-07-27)
The Erie County Legislature approved two measures Thursday that lawmakers describe as environmentally friendly.

BlueCross BlueShield Says Goodbye to Main Street Headquarters (2007-07-27)
The employees of BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York bid farewell Thursday to their office building at 1901 Main Street, the company's headquarters for the past 20 years. The health insurance company will be moving its offices downtown to West Genesee Street early next month.

UB Edition: Friday, July 27, 2007 (2007-07-27)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition-- UB Research shows that moderate drinking lowers women's risk of heart attack.

A university researcher has identified molecules to target an RNA that causes a type of muscular dystrophy

Theatre Talk: Friday, July 27, 2007 (2007-07-27)
Is Tony changing WBFO's format to Magic 80's pop hits? Be our guest this week, on Theatre Talk.

Activists to Protest Cuba Travel Ban (2007-07-27)
The Peace Bridge will once again become a symbol this Saturday for the 38th return of the Venceremos Brigade.

Police Now Required to Accept Reports from ID Theft Victims (2007-07-26)
There's now a new law on the books in New York that requires local police agencies to take official reports from identity theft victims.

Niagara Region Tourism Officials Launch Campaign to Attract US Visitors (2007-07-26)
Tourism officials in the Niagara region of Southern Ontario are targeting markets within a day's drive to correct what they say are some misconceptions about the local border crossing.

Ford Stamping Plant Honors Workers for Edge Success (2007-07-26)
The Ford Stamping Plant in Woodlawn honored its workers Wednesday for their role in the manufacture of Ford's newest model, the Edge.

Everything You Wanted to Know about Flowers (2007-07-26)
For most of us, flowers are filled with romantic notions. One lingering scent can paint longing images of colorful fields and luxurious meadows. But today's flower industry plucks its products from surprisingly unromantic origins.

Man Is Dead, Woman Wounded in Grand Island Shooting (2007-07-26)
A man is dead, and his former girlfriend wounded, after a shooting incident on Grand Island.

ECFSA Chair Anthony Baynes Collapses at Meeting (2007-07-26)
The chairman of the Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority, Anthony Baynes, collapsed Thursday morning as a board meeting was getting underway.

Spitzer Aides Admit to an "Appearance of Impropriety" (2007-07-25)
Two top aides to Governor Eliot Spitzer who refused to be interviewed in the attorney general's probe of misuse of state police to track a Republican opponent did make a sworn statement.

Former Soup Kitchen Director Sentenced for Theft (2007-07-25)
Former "Friends of the Night People" director Darren Strickland was sentenced to six months in jail Tuesday for stealing money from the shelter he once ran.

DNA Links Sanchez to Eight Rapes (2007-07-25)
More DNA testing links bike path killer and rapist Altemio Sanchez to more sexual attacks.

Albright-Knox Uses State Grant for Energy Efficiency Initiative (2007-07-25)
The Albright-Knox Art Gallery has received $24,000 in state funding for an energy efficiency project at the gallery.

Spitzer Appoints Two New Members to City Harbor Development Board (2007-07-25)
Governor Spitzer appointed two local business leaders today to serve on the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation.

BFSA Chair Brian Lipke Resigns (2007-07-25)
The chairman of the Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority is stepping down, effective immediately.

Lt. Gov. David Paterson Hospitalized in Buffalo (2007-07-24)
Lieutenant Governor David Paterson was taken to the Erie County Medical Center Tuesday morning after the plane he was on landed at Buffalo-Niagara International Airport.

Local Leaders Demand New Peace Bridge & Plaza (2007-07-24)
No more debate, no more studies -- just build a new Peace Bridge.

Revered Al Sharpton Brings Nation Action Network to Buffalo (2007-07-24)
Some Buffalo leaders brought in a heavy-hitter to launch the new chapter of the Western New York National Action Network.

Commentary: Confusing Medical Bill (2007-07-24)
Michael Moore's new movie "Sicko" has brought a lot of attention to problems in the nation's health care industry. This morning, listener-commentator Carole McNall shares some of her own frustrations, especially with the providers of health care.

Mayor Wants Police Union Back at Table (2007-07-24)
Contract talks between the City and Buffalo Police union appear to be at a stand-still. But Mayor Byron Brown says he is waiting to return to talks.

Spitzer Suspends Communications Director (2007-07-23)
Governor Eliot Spitzer suspended his top spokesman and reassigned another senior member of his administration Monday.

Higgins, Brown Push for Peace Bridge Construction (2007-07-23)
US Congressman Brian Higgins and Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown say the time is right to get construction underway for a new Peace Bridge plaza and "signature" bridge.

Control Board Leader says City Still Needs Spending Watch (2007-07-23)
The leader of the Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority says in order for the City to stay on the right spending track, the control board must remain in place.

Sharpton Brings National Action Network to Buffalo (2007-07-23)
Several African-American leaders brought in a heavy-hitter Monday to launch the Western New York chapter of the National Action Network.

Theatre Talk: Friday, July 20, 2007 (2007-07-20)
It's a new movie, based on a musical, which is based on a movie.

UB Edition: Friday, July 20, 2007 (2007-07-20)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition-- UB dental students counsel their clinical patients to quit smoking with a good measure of success and we revisit a UB business professor who went behind the scenes in the fast food industry

Hospitals Competing, Not Merging, for Consolidation Funds (2007-07-20)
Kaleida and the Erie County Medical Center are moving on separate tracks in the race for state hospital consolidation funds. And neither plan moves the the two sides closer to a state mandated merger.

Regional Beer Sales Bring Labatt Headquarters to Buffalo (2007-07-20)
Buffalo recently welcomed a brand new company to its downtown corridor.

Buffalo Zoo's Vulture Chick (2007-07-20)
The Buffalo Zoo showed off a new addition to its wildlife Thursday, a vulture chick.

D'Youville College Professor Accused of Receiving Child Porn (2007-07-20)
A D'Youville College professor has been accused of receiving child pornography on his work compute.

Decisions on County Finances in Flux (2007-07-20)
The war over county finances continues. But Erie county officials are ready to try again to secure millions of dollars from a tax lien sale. Proposals are due today for the revised sale that was rejected in May by the Fiscal Stability Authority.

Giambra Proposes County Planning Board (2007-07-19)
In the waning months of his rein as Erie County chief, Joel Giambra is once again waving the regionalism banner high. On Wednesday, Giambra sent the legislature a proposal for a local law to enact a county planning board.

Debate Over Funding County Road Work Lags On (2007-07-19)
The clock is ticking on the summer construction season as county officials continue to haggle over details of financing some much needed road repair.

Top Bass Anglers in Buffalo (2007-07-19)
You might say Buffalo has "reeled" in a big one. The E-S-P-N Bassmasters Elite Series opened in Buffalo late yesterday afternoon.

Buffalo Attorney Moonlighting As Ballerina (2007-07-19)
The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra is once again teaming up with the Neglia Ballet at Artpark.

Buffalo Fire Fighter Continues Reovery (2007-07-18)
Buffalo firefighter Mark Reed continues to recover from injuries he suffered in an arson blaze in early June.

UB On the Green (2007-07-18)
A new event designed to bring U-B and the Buffalo community together was held last night.

Homeowners Urged to Register for Rebates (2007-07-18)
Property owners are being urged to sign up for their share of the Governor's $1.3 billion dollar tax rebate. The roll-out began Tuesday for the much-touted tax rebate program.

Feisty Former Mayor Resurfaces (2007-07-18)
Former Buffalo Mayor James Griffin is not giving up on politics.

Federal Money Pending for Spaulding Fiber Demolition (2007-07-17)
The federal government might soon be chipping in to help tear down the former Spaulding Fiber plant. The United States Senate Appropriations Committee has voted to chip in $1.5 million toward the long-awaited demolition.

Western New York Communities Ranked High for Affordable Housing (2007-07-17)
A steady housing market brought top national honors for five Western New York communities. Money magazine Monday released its top 25 list of best places to find affordable housing.

National Consultant says Bass Pro Doesn't Need Government Money (2007-07-17)
With Bass Pro poised to receive 25-million dollars in state funds to set up a its Outdoor World store along Buffalo's waterfront, a national consultant comes to town with a warning.

Hotel Fire in Niagara Falls (2007-07-17)
An overnight fire at the Castle Motor Inn in Niagara Falls forced the evacuation of several guests.

Listener Commentary: Taking it Slow (2007-07-17)
Many of us are in a hurry to get where we're going. It's not uncommon to see some people on the Thruway traveling at 75 to 80 miles per hour. But Listener-Commentator Gary Schindler won't be among them.

Elma Celebrates 150 years (2007-07-16)
The Town of Elma is celebrating its sesquicentennial this week. The town, which was officially incorporated in April 1857, sits squarely in the middle of Erie County.

Erie County Government Patch Job needed to get Road Work Done (2007-07-16)
Lawmakers say that Erie County is crumbling while officials squabble and money continues to be wasted.

Audit Blasts Erie County Jail Operations (2007-07-13)
Erie County Comptroller Mark Polonacarz Thursday blasted the sheriff, the county executive, and the Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority for wasting roughly $10 million of taxpayer money. The details were in a new audit of jail operations released by the comptroller.

Slaughter Critical of President's Iraq Strategy (2007-07-13)
Congresswoman Louise Slaughter remains harshly critical of President Bush's Iraq strategy. She says the President must be living in a "dream world" if he thinks the strategy is working.

Kopp Sent to Federal Prison in Pennsylvania (2007-07-13)
Convicted killer James Kopp has been sent to a high-security federal prison in Pennsylvania.

Theatre Talk: Friday, July 13, 2007 (2007-07-13)
Buffalo United Artists celebrates its 15th anniversary.

UB Edition: Friday, July 13, 2007 (2007-07-13)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition-- UB on the Green . In an encore presentation and interview with a fertility expert at the university about her reseaarch

Empire Genomics Opens at Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus (2007-07-13)
A new private sector company has emerged from the research consortium at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

Workers Compensation Costs Drop 20 Percent in New York (2007-07-12)
Workers Compensation costs in New York will drop by more than 20 percent in the coming year.

Springville Arts Center Plans New Home (2007-07-12)
The Springville Center for the Arts announced Wednesday it will move into a new, much larger facility.

Opposition to National Fuel's Rate Hike Request (2007-07-12)
A request by National Fuel Gas to increase its natural gas rates was met with stiff opposition Wednesday during a public hearing in Buffalo City Hall.

Teens Admit to Risky Driving Habits (2007-07-12)
A Triple A survey of teen drivers finds that a majority of them engage in some form of risky driving behavior.

Amherst Republican Doubting War Strategy (2007-07-11)
United States Congressman Thomas Reynolds said Tuesday that he is about out of patience with the Iraq war.

New Troopers Graduate from State Police Academy (2007-07-11)
It was graduation day in Albany Tuesday for 74 new state troopers in New York. Grim references were made to the deadly shootings of two troopers in the past year. But some of the newly minted troopers say they're unfazed by the potential danger of their new jobs.

Kane Honored by Mayor for Hockey Achievement (2007-07-11)
South Buffalo native Patrick Kane was honored Tuesday by Mayor Byron Brown for being the top pick in this year's NHL draft. He'll be playing for the Chicago Blackhawks next season.

NY Lawmakers Push for Federal Standards in Infant Screening (2007-07-11)
United States Congressman Thomas Reynolds joined doctors Tuesday at Women's and Children's Hospital to announce his support for a nationwide infant screening program.

Grand Island Toll Fight Gains Momentum (2007-07-10)
The Breckenridge and Ogden Street toll barriers are nearly history. And now pressure is mounting to have the Grand Island tolls removed. A public-private partnership was announced last night to strengthen the effort.

Mental Health Rally Set to Raise Awareness (2007-07-09)
For centuries, hiding away people with mental illness was accepted. But care for the mentally ill has changing. And now, advocates say it is time for attitudes to also change. A mental health empowerment rally will be held Saturday in Buffalo.

United Steel Workers hear from Presidential Hopefuls (2007-07-09)
The United Steel Workers International held a Presidential forum in Cleveland, Ohio late last week.

Special Screening of "SICKO" in Buffalo (2007-07-09)
A special screening of Michael Moore's latest movie "Sicko" will be held tonight at the Amherst Dipson Theatres.

Future of Delphi Lockport may be in Jeopardy (2007-07-06)
Senior management at Delphi Thermal Systems says the future of the Lockport plant may be in jeopardy.

More Suspected Arson Fires in City (2007-07-06)
Buffalo firefighter had a busy night on the City's East Side.

Buffalo Waterfront Progress Emerging (2007-07-06)
United States Representative Brian Higgins Thursday raised the possibility that Bass Pro could still opt to locate in the old Memorial Auditorium.

Police Officer Andolina Recovering from Crash (2007-07-06)
Buffalo police officer Carl Andolina continues his recovery from a motorcycle accident.

Western New York Welcomes Rain (2007-07-06)
Heavy rains over the last couple of days offered the region a respite from near drought-like conditions.

UB Edition: Friday, July 6, 2007 (2007-07-06)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today in an encore presentation of the show... clinics at UB law school offer unique opportunities for students while at the same time helping the the community

Theatre Talk: Friday, July 6, 2007 (2007-07-06)
Jim and Tony were away this week, so there is no Theatre Talk.

Beaver Meadow May Soon Go Solar (2007-07-05)
At the Beaver Meadow Audubon Center the sky is the limit when it comes to conservation.

Will a City Casino Spur Economic Growth? (2007-07-05)
Now that the temporary Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino is open for business, some citizens believe it will help jump start a rebirth of downtown Buffalo.

Police Officer Andolina Injured in Crash (2007-07-04)
Buffalo police officer Carl Andolina is recovering at ECMC from a motorcycle accident in the town of Amherst early yesterday morning.

Sabres Could Not Afford Drury & Briere (2007-07-03)
Buffalo Sabres managing partner Larry Quinn says the hockey club could not afford to keep Chris Drury and Daniel Brier.

Erie County Surpluses Eyed to Fill Gaps (2007-07-03)
Erie County lawmakers say the 2007 budget is tight but remains structurally balanced. But there could be debate among county officials about how to keep it that way.

Zoo Needs to Upgrade Vet Hospital (2007-07-03)
The Buffalo Zoo needs to upgrade its veterinary hospital.

Senecas Open Downtown Buffalo Casino (2007-07-03)
The Seneca Nation of Indians has opened its downtown Buffalo casino.

Congressman Reynolds Supports Bush on Libby (2007-07-03)
U-S Congressman Tom Reynolds said that President Bush's decision in the Scooter Libby case was a good compromise.

21 More Church Buildings to Close (2007-07-02)
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo has officially announced plans to close 21 church buildings.

Buffalo "Old Home Week" Begins (2007-07-02)
Buffalo Old Home week kicked off Sunday with a community celebration at the Central Terminal. The 100 year-old event continues all this week with activities to lure native Buffalonians back home. And to give residents a better appreciation of why they stay. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with Jessica Biegaj, one of the organizers.

Olmsted Parks Hunt for More Green (2007-07-02)
Erie County lawmakers Monday will present their findings from a series of mid-year budget hearings held last week. Lawmakers are looking for any early problems areas in the 2008 budget.

Theatre Talk: Friday, June 29, 2007 (2007-06-29)
Jim and Tony remember William Hutt, a longtime Shakespearian actor at the Stratford Festival, who passed away at age 87.

Community Foundation Focusing on Critical Needs (2007-06-29)
The Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo Thursday said it will grant money in the future based on the critical needs of the community.

UB Edition: Friday, June 29, 2007 (2007-06-29)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition-- a university researcher working with very small things called nanomaterials and in an encore presentation University researchers improve athletic endurance going against conventional wisdom

Former Public Works Commissioner Admits to Taking Vacations at Vendors' Expense (2007-06-29)
Retired Buffalo Public Works Commissioner Joseph Giambra admitted Thursday that he took vacations paid for by companies doing business with the city. He pleaded guilty to three counts of receiving unlawful gratuities.

Lockport Delphi Workers Overwhelmingly Rejected Deal (2007-06-29)
Delphi workers in Lockport overwhelmingly rejected a tentative contract agreement designed to help the bankrupt company.

Quality of Life Complaints Rise in City (2007-06-29)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says there has been an increase in quality of life complaints in the City.

Aspiring Scientists Map Careers at UB Workshop (2007-06-27)
Eleven area teens are putting the beach and summer fun on hold for a couple weeks. The high school students from six public and private schools first will spend some time mapping DNA.

Rigases Ordered to Report to Prison on August 13th (2007-06-27)
The founder of Adelphia Communications and his son have been ordered to report to prison on August 13th for their fraud convictions.

Hochul Says Federal Dollars Needed for Secure Drivers Licenses (2007-06-27)
Erie County Clerk Kathy Hochul is pledging her full cooperation with the state and federal governments if plans move forward to allow a secure drivers license to cross the US-Canadian border.

Five Young Women Killed in Fiery Rochester Crash (2007-06-27)
Five high school girls who graduated together less than a week ago have died in a fiery head-on collision near Rochester.

Fire Claims Life of Cheektowaga Woman (2007-06-26)
A woman died in a Cheektowaga house fire Tuesday morning.

Security Chief Considering Passport Alternative (2007-06-26)
Local leaders gained some ground Monday in their struggle to bridge differences with Homeland Security over a tougher border crossing policy.

Waterfront Taps Potential of California Creative Team (2007-06-25)
The California company that pimps rides for Universal Studios and Disney will help design attractions coming soon to a waterfront near you.

Summer Reading for Kids (2007-06-25)
A top state educational official says the state's free summer reading program available at thousands of libraries can help avoid the "fall back" in achievement many students suffer each fall.

Homeland Security Chief Tours Peace Bridge (2007-06-25)
The Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security was in Buffalo Monday to soothe concerns over future passport requirements.

UB Edition: Friday, June 22, 2007 (2007-06-22)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition-- UB microbiologists discover the pro and cons of a molecule called IL 17 and in an encore presentation , an research that tests a nasal spray to helps dentists do their work

Erie County Lawmakers Review Finances (2007-06-22)
County lawmakers are getting a head start on their budget work for 2008. Lawmakers have scheduled a series of mid-year budget hearings next week to assess county finances.

Theatre Talk: Friday, June 22, 2007 (2007-06-22)
After a week away, Jim and Tony finally review the 2007 Tony awards.

Arts Proclaimed Big Business (2007-06-21)
A new study says that the arts are a major industry in the region worthy of government investment.

Local Nurses say ER's are in Crisis (2007-06-21)
Some local emergency room nurses say shutting down three area hospitals would spell big troubles for ER care.

Day Care Defends Response to Heroin Incident (2007-06-20)
Officials at the YWCA Day Care Center on Grant Street, where six children ate heroin last week, today said the staff acted promptly to ensure the safety of the children.

Buffalo Fire Union says Radio Host Promoted Arson (2007-06-20)
The Buffalo Fire fighters union is accusing a local radio talk show host of promoting arson.

Martin House Installs Victory (2007-06-20)
Victory has returned to the Darwin D. Martin House. The Restoration Corporation Tuesday unveiled a replica statue of Nike - the Winged Victory of Samothrace.

Kopp Sentenced to Life without Parole on Federal Charges in Slepian Killing (2007-06-19)
Anti-abortion extremist James Kopp has been sentenced to life in prison plus an additional ten years on federal charges.

Severe Thunderstorms Hit Western New York (2007-06-19)
Severe thunderstorms affected nearly all parts of Western New York Tuesday afternoon.

Buffalo's Tree Planting Gets Boost from Hillary Clinton (2007-06-19)
Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton participated in a tree-planting ceremony in Buffalo Monday.

Amherst Army Sergeant Reflects on War and Coming Home (2007-06-19)
The United States Army has been around even longer than the Declaration of Independence. Last week, the oldest military branch celebrated its 232nd birthday. And this week, one local soldier also marks an anniversary. First Sergeant Troy Steward has served for two decades in the army's proud, "boots on the ground" tradition. Steward returned a few weeks ago from active duty in Afghanistan. He talked with WBFO's Joyce Kryszak about his reflections on war and coming home.

Giambra Calls for Halt to Hospital Advertising War (2007-06-19)
Erie County Executive Joel Giambra is calling for a stop to the air wars -- the series of ads in the local media that pit one hospital over another in the wake of recommendations to close and merge area health care institutions.

Reward Increased in Arson Fire Investigation (2007-06-19)
Buffalo Fire Commissioner Michael Lombardo says the reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for a devastating arson fire has been increased to $10,000.

Clinton Says She Is Focused on New York (2007-06-19)
The woman who wants to be President appeared in Buffalo Monday.

Meet the Author: Jack Lynch, Mon 6/18/07 (2007-06-19)
Jack Lynch, author of Becoming Shakespeare: The Unlikely Afterlife That Turned a Provincial Playwright into the Bard

Spitzer Says State Won't Pay Seneca's Thruway Bill (2007-06-18)
It appears that New York State won't be paying the Seneca Nation of Indians for a portion of the state Thruway that passes through the Cattaraugus Reservation. That's the message Governor Eliot Spitzer sent during a brief appearance in the Buffalo area late last week.

Slaughter: Bush Administration Not Ready for New Border Requirements (2007-06-18)
Many people -- average citizen and congressional representative alike -- are growing more and more outraged by new border requirements and a backlog in the processing of passports.

Tweaking Bass Pro Plans (2007-06-18)
A member of the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation tells WBFO News that work continues to finalize drawings, plans and designs for a Bass Pro store in downtown Buffalo

Sabres Gearing Up for Contract Talks (2007-06-15)
Now that the Buffalo Sabres have secured contracts with head coach Lindy Ruff and general manager Darcy Regier, work beings on trying to retain key players.

Farewell to St. Rose (2007-06-15)
14-area Catholic elementary schools are getting ready to close their doors for good.

National Grid CEO Speaks on Climate Change (2007-06-15)
The Chief Executive Officer for National Grid said Thursday that the "October Surprise Storm" taught them some lessons on how to cope with massive power-outages.

Control Board Approves County Borrowing (2007-06-15)
The Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority Friday unanimously -- but very reluctantly -- approved the county's request for a $100 million bond. Without the approval, county officials said they would have run out of money by month's end and county government would have come to a halt.

Theatre Talk: Friday, June 15, 2007 (2007-06-15)
Jim and Tony were away this week, so there is no Theatre Talk.

UB Edition: Friday, June 15, 2007 (2007-06-15)
Today on UB Edition-- A few events the UB office of community relations is working on in neighborhoods surrounding the south campus... a farmer's market and a garden walk.

Study Finds Close Link between Western New York and Southern Ontario (2007-06-15)
A study released by UB's Regional Institute yesterday shows just how closely linked Western New York is with Southern Ontario.

GM Powertrain Plant in Tonawanda Will Produce Diesel Engine (2007-06-15)
Governor Spitzer joined GM officials and local elected leaders Friday afternoon in announcing that the General Motors Powertrain plant will produce a new diesel engine.

Slight Improvement in Injured Firefighter's Condition (2007-06-14)
There are signs of some improvement for Buffalo fire fighter Mark Reed.

Teachers Picket for Full Step Wage Increases (2007-06-14)
Buffalo teachers and other school district employees picketed in front of City Hall Wednesday night before a school board meeting.

St. Agnes Teachers Angered by Closing (2007-06-14)
Students at 14 area Catholic elementary schools are saying goodbye forever this month. The Diocese of Buffalo is closing the schools as part of its strategic planning process.

Erie County Officials Battle Over Bond (2007-06-14)
Another test of wills between the Giambra Administration and the Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority could once again jeopardize county services.

County Launches Program to Aid Disabled in Emergencies (2007-06-14)
Emergency response in Erie County will soon include a coordinated effort to make sure the most vulnerable in our communities are helped in times of crisis.

State Education Department Says Three-Quarters of Students Achieve Math Standards (2007-06-13)
The State Education Department yesterday released the results of math tests given this year to students in the third through eighth grades in New York. They show nearly three-quarters of all students met the state standards in Math.

Seneca Nation Billing NYS (2007-06-13)
New York State will be receiving a very hefty bill.

Reynolds Seeks Probe of Passport Backlog (2007-06-12)
Congressman Tom Reynolds is requesting a Government Accountability Office study on why a backlog has occurred in passport processing.

Commentary: Is Housing Really Cheaper in WNY? (2007-06-12)
People who promote our area talk about our low housing prices. But listener-commentator Anthony Ogorek asks the question is housing here really cheaper.

State Attorney General's Office Plans Civil Rights Forum in Buffalo (2007-06-12)
State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has selected Buffalo as the first city to host a series of forums on civil right. It takes place at 6:00 this evening at Erie Community College downtown.

Clean-a-thon for Buffalo's Fruit Belt (2007-06-11)
Some Buffalo school students joined in a clean up the City's Fruit Belt neighborhood.

Buffalo's Uncrowned Queens Oklahoma Project (2007-06-11)
The Uncrowned Queens has jump started a national project.

Buffalo Firefighter Critically Injured (2007-06-11)
A Buffalo firefighter is in critical condition after being injured while battling a blaze at an abandoned house Sunday night.

WBFO Captures Top Statewide Honors (2007-06-10)
WBFO-FM in Buffalo and Binghamton's WBNG-TV each took home a grand prize tonight for having the most winning entries in the New York State Associated Press Broadcasters Association's annual news awards competition.

Theatre Talk: Friday, June 8, 2007 (2007-06-08)
The 2007 Arties were awarded this week, highlighting the best of Buffalo's theater season.

Affording City Pay Raises (2007-06-08)
Buffalo's mayor says the city can afford wage hikes for two-thousand employees, but not for the school district.

Former Lawmaker Spared Jail Time (2007-06-08)
Former Erie County Legislator George Holt will not be spending any time in jail for filing false tax returns.

UB Edition: Friday, June 8, 2007 (2007-06-08)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition-- UB opens the doors for potential graduate students, and University at Buffalo's research funding is up 11.5 percent

Testing Guns from Buyback Program (2007-06-08)
The City of Buffalo announced results of an audit on the recent gun buyback program.

Person Who Dropped Off Rabid Raccoons Comes Forward (2007-06-07)
The Erie County Health Department has found the person responsible for dropping off three baby raccoons on the doorstep of a West Seneca home.

Work Begins on Dismantling 190 Tolls (2007-06-07)
Work finally began yWednesday on the dismantling of the Niagara Thruway toll barrier at Ogden Street.

Erie Canal Projects Launched by Corridor Commission (2007-06-07)
The first round of federal grants were awarded Wednesday to help reinvent the historic Erie Canal. The Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor commission announced more than $200,000 of projects in 13 communities along the waterway.

Mayor Wants Full Pay Raises for City Workers (2007-06-07)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown wants to make sure city workers are not short changed from the three year wage freeze.

June in Buffalo Introduces New Composers to New Music Legends (2007-06-06)
Fledgling composers are getting special entree into the exclusive world of 21st century music this week at the State University of New York at Buffalo. UB's annual "June in Buffalo" festival, continuing through Sunday, has once again gathered a handful of the world's leading contemporary composers to lecture and perform. But the eager composition students are really hoping for a chance to rub elbows with these new music gurus.

Former UB President Martin Meyerson Dies at 84 (2007-06-06)
Former University at Buffalo President Martin Meyerson has died. He was 84.

UB Pop Culture Expert Says "The Sopranos" Is One of the All Time Great TV Shows (2007-06-06)
The countdown is on to the last episode of "The Sopranos" on HBO this Sunday. A University at Buffalo pop-culture expert said the fate of Tony Soprano remains to be seen. But Elayne Rapping says it's already a certainty that "The Sopranos" will go down in American television history as one of the all-time great TV shows.

Four Peregrine Falcon Chicks Hatched (2007-06-06)
Four healthy Peregrine Falcon chicks have hatched from a nest box on the 19th story ledge of the Statler Building downtown. Biologists say they're healthy and in good condition.

Groundbreaking for Holy Angels Athletic and Performance Center (2007-06-05)
A long-time North Buffalo high school is expanding. A ground breaking was held at Holy Angels Academy on Shoshone Drive and Hertel Avenue Tuesday morning for a new athletic and performance center.

Commentary: The Gossip Chart (2007-06-05)
Most of us engage in gossip from time to time. But listener-commentator Keith Frome says gossip is almost always harmful and a poor example to the children in our midst.

Control Board Lifts City Wage Freeze (2007-06-05)
The Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority voted unanimously Tuesday to lift the wage freeze for city and school district employees.

Union Says Buffalo's American Axle Plant Will Close (2007-06-05)
Union leaders at the American Axle plant in Buffalo say they've been told unofficially by the company that the facility will be shut down for good early next year.

Control Board Lifts City Wage Freeze (2007-06-05)
The Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority has voted to lift the wage freeze for city workers and the school district.

New Law Protects Internet Shoppers in New York (2007-06-05)
Businesses that sell over the Internet will have to ship products within 30 days or provide New York consumers with a chance for a refund, under a bill signed Monday by Governor Eliot Spitzer.

Ice Rink Controversy Involving Child Returns to Court (2007-06-05)
There was another court appearance Tuesday for a man accused of grabbing a ten-year-old boy and pulling him off the ice at the Amherst Pepsi Center.

Bicycle Lending Program Begins Second Season (2007-06-04)
A bicycle lending program called Buffalo Blue Bicycle has launched its second season. The program's members are allowed to borrow a bike for up to two days to run errands or just for a leisurely ride.

Rosa Gibson Seeks Shoes for Community Gardens (2007-06-04)
A long-time Buffalo community activist never gives up on beautifying her East Side neighborhood despite ongoing quality of life issues and crime.

Car Crash Kills Respected West Seneca Fire Chief (2007-06-04)
A head-on collision along Route 5 in the Chautauqua County town of Portland Sunday claimed the life of a respected West Seneca fire chief.

Gun Buyback, COPS Program Hailed (2007-06-04)
The city's gun buyback program is being deemed a huge success.

Mount St. Joseph Academy Moves to Former Church Building (2007-06-04)
Mount Saint Joseph's Academy says it has found a permanent home. The Catholic grade school announced Monday that it has purchased the Central Presbyterian Church on Main Street, just blocks away from its current location.

UB Edition: Friday, June 1, 2007 (2007-06-01)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition-- The University at Buffalo is offering a new life sciences certificate program with the goal of developing a workforce in the growing biomedical industry. And, UB research shows that dental plaque can cause ventilator associated pneumonia.

Buffalo Catholic Diocese Releases Strategic Plan (2007-06-01)
The future of parish life, catholic education and conducting business within the Buffalo Catholic Diocese has been mapped out in a finalized strategic plan.

"A Little Bit of Greece" in Buffalo (2007-06-01)
This is the weekend that a busy corner in the City of Buffalo becomes "a little bit of Greece".

Central Terminal New Venue for 20th Artists and Models Affair (2007-06-01)
This year's Artists and Models Affair will be larger than ever - and larger than life. The 20th year of the event features a wild trip through visual performance and towering art at Buffalo's soaring Central Terminal.

Buffalo Bill Cody Billboard Unveiled in Jamestown (2007-06-01)
The greatest showman of the 1800s "Wild West" makes a return engagement Saturday in Jamestown.

Two Snyder Elementary Schools Ranked as Tops in Region (2007-06-01)
"Business First" is releasing its list of the region's top elementary schools -- both public and private -- Friday. Smallwood Elementary and Christ the King School -- located less than a mile from each other in Snyder -- are number one and two.

Theatre Talk: Friday, June 1, 2007 (2007-06-01)
Jim and Tony saw a lot of friends at a Chita Rivera performance in town, and they note the passing of two theater veterans.

HOME Files Housing Discrimination Suits against Craigslist (2007-05-31)
Housing rights advocates in Buffalo say the Craigslist web site has become an outlet for discrimination in housing. Buffalo's Housing Opportunities Made Equal, known as HOME, recently filed two discrimination cases involving ads placed on Craigslist.

Buffalo Experiences Sunniest May Ever (2007-05-31)
The National Weather Service says this will end up being the sunniest May in Buffalo history.

Eight Buffalo Schools on State "High Performing-Gap Closing" List (2007-05-31)
Eight Buffalo schools are on a state Education Department list of "High Performing-Gap Closing" schools.

Local Union Uncovers Felons Working at Job Site (2007-05-31)
A local union says it has discovered that some sex offenders, drug suspects, and out-of-town workers were hired to help construct a $90 million ethanol plant in Orleans County.

Business First Ranks City Honors as Region's Top Middle School (2007-05-31)
City Honors in Buffalo and Transit Middle School in Williamsville are the top two middle schools in Western New York, in the latest rankings out this week from "Business First."

Buffalo Rising Launches Petition Campaign for Residential Tower (2007-05-31)
The Buffalo Planning Board will hold a public hearing next Tuesday on Uniland Development's proposal for a 23-story residential tower on Gates Circle in Buffalo.

Schumer Wants to Regulate Rent-to-Own Industry (2007-05-30)
US Senator Charles Schumer is introducing federal legislation that would regulate the rent-to-own industry. Speaking outside a Rent-A-Center store on Walden Avenue Tuesday, Schumer said rent-to-own stores prey on the most vulnerable by charging them excessive rates on televisions, refrigerators and furniture. He says consumers end up paying $900 to own a $300 TV.

Business First Ranks Nardin Academy as Region's Top High School, City Honors Second (2007-05-30)
The first combined listing of public and private high school rankings was unveiled Wednesday by "Business First."

Goo Goo Doll Talks About Sports Frenzy (2007-05-29)
Buffalo's own Goo Goo Doll Robby Takac was not able to be here for all the recent Sabres mania.

ECMC Report Cites Communications Lapse in Capozzi Case (2007-05-29)
Officials at the Erie County Medical Center are blaming county prosecutors for the delay in identifying DNA samples that exonerated Anthony Capozzi. A report released Tuesday indicates prosecutors failed to follow a protocol ECMC had established for evidence stored at the hospital.

Commentary: Benchmarks and Other Words in the News (2007-05-29)
We've been hearing the term "benchmark" in recent weeks. The US wants the new Iraqi government to reach certain "benchmarks" for reconstruction aid to continue. Listener-commentator Peter Siedlecki takes a look at this and other words, which have roots in something entirely different from today's meanings.

Cuomo Says He'll Back Spitzer to Collect Taxes from Senecas (2007-05-29)
The chess game between the state and the Senecas over sales tax collection continues, with the State Attorney General now ready to make a move.

Major Protein Research Breakthrough in Buffalo (2007-05-29)
Scientists from Hauptman-Woodward in buffalo and the University of Rochester have reached a major breakthrough in the studies of human proteins involved in disease

Williamsville Ranks Number One in "Business First" Ranking (2007-05-29)
"Business First of Buffalo" has released its annual rankings of area schools. Williamsville Central finished first among public schools for the fourth straight year.

Two Men Charged with Murder in Stabbing Death (2007-05-28)
Two men have been charged with second-degree murder in the stabbing of a 24-year-old many early Sunday outside a bar at Delaware Avenue at West Huron Street.

Federal Judge Rejects Kopp's Request for New Trial (2007-05-27)
A federal judge has rejected convicted killer James Kopp's request for a new trial.

Former Medical Tower Imploded (2007-05-26)
A 40-year-old, 14-story building in Buffalo was imploded Saturday morning to make way for future expansion of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus.

Shaw Festival's "The Philanderer" (2007-05-26)
The Shaw Festival's production of Bernard Shaw's comedy of love and marriage, "The Philanderer," is playing in repertory at the Royal George Theatre through October 7th.

Hurston's Niece Leads Talk on Stories of African American Women (2007-05-25)
The Just Buffalo Literary Center will host a panel discussion Friday night as part of its series on the "Big Read." Three prominent women authors and scholars will a lead a conversation about the groundbreaking work of author Zora Neale Hurston. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked by phone with one of the panelists, Hurston's neice and biographer, Lucy Anne Hurston.

Cuomo Tutors Students on Pitfalls of Education Loans (2007-05-25)
New York State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo was in Cheektowaga Thursday to kick-off a campaign educating students about deceptive student loan practices.

Theatre Talk: Friday, May 25, 2007 (2007-05-25)
Jim and Tony welcome Chita to town, and do their part for the Arties.

Students Raise Funds for Wounded Cop (2007-05-25)
Some city school students focused their efforts on raising money for the Officer Patty Parete fund.

UB Edition: Friday, May 25, 2007 (2007-05-25)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition: Managing the plan on where future UB stakeholders will live work and play, as an extension of the effort, a contest designed to capture the sights of UB--called Framing UB.

Seeking Gas Price Relief (2007-05-25)
As gas prices continue to climb well above three dollars a gallon, state assembly republicans are seeking relief for drivers.

Appeals Court Upholds Rigases Convictions (2007-05-24)
A federal appeals court has upheld the fraud conviction of Adelphia Communications founder John Rigas and his son Timothy. At the same time, though, the court reversed their conviction on one lesser count of bank fraud and ordered that they be resentenced.

Opera Singer to Showcase American Song Recital (2007-05-24)
Cheektowaga native and opera singer Valerian Ruminski will performing back at home this weekend in a special show at the Lancaster Opera House.

Williams Receives Contract Extension (2007-05-24)
The superintendent of the Buffalo public school system has received a two year contract extension.

Buffalo School Students Complete Music Mentoring Program (2007-05-24)
Students at the Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts have completed the Music in Action program. This unique artistic endeavor was the creation of Buffalo's own Goo Goo Doll Robby Takac.

Giambra Pushes for Cultural Fund (2007-05-24)
Leaders from some of the region's top cultural organizations lined up behind Erie County Executive Joel Giambra Wednesday to back his idea of a designated fund to help protect the region's cultural treasures.

Vacant Medical Building Faces Demolition (2007-05-24)
There will be a big bang at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus this Saturday morning.

Clinton Introduces Amendment to Immigration Bill (2007-05-24)
US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is co-sponsoring an amendment to the immigration bill that would exempt family members of legal immigrants from planned visa caps.

Buffalo School Students Complete Music Mentoring Program (2007-05-24)
Students at the Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts have completed the Music in Action program. This unique artistic endeavor was the creation of Buffalo's own Goo Goo Doll Robby Takac.

Opera Singer to Showcase American Song Recital (2007-05-24)
Cheektowaga native and opera singer Valerian Ruminski will performing back at home this weekend in a special show at the Lancaster Opera House.

UB's Bruce Jackson Gets More Drama than He Expects at Hockey Game (2007-05-23)
If you were watching Saturday's playoff game between the Buffalo Sabres and Ottawa Senators, you may remember seeing a section of glass at HSBC Arena falling onto some fans during the third period. Well, one of the fans was prominent UB English Professor Bruce Jackson.

Rudy Says He's Conservative Enough to Win Republican Nomination (2007-05-23)
Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani brought his 2008 presidential campaign to Buffalo Tuesday night, as part of a statewide campaign tour. About 150 local supporters turned out for the event at Kleinhans Music Hall.

Schools Superintendent Williams Welcomes Contract Extension If Offered (2007-05-23)
Wednesday night, the Buffalo Board of Education is expected to begin discussing a two year contract extension for city Schools Superintendent James Williams. Williams says he would like to continue his work here.

University at Buffalo Seeks Cooperation with Amherst Town Officials on Student Housing (2007-05-23)
The Amherst Town Board has rescinded a rezoning of a parcel of land off Sweet Home Road that would have allowed a private developer to build student housing. The University at Buffalo last week filed a lawsuit against the town to stop the project.

Bishop Says Selling Diocesan Mansion Would Not Stop Church Closings (2007-05-23)
As the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo moves forward with plans to close churches and schools, some area Catholics say the Diocese should sell off valuable property, such as the Bishop's mansion, first.

Contractor Fined for Webb Building Violations (2007-05-22)
A Hamburg contractor has been fined for alleged safety violations at a building in downtown Buffalo where a worker fell to his death two months ago.

Watching for Bad Drivers on 290 (2007-05-22)
Drivers along the Youngmann Highway beware. The New York State Police and Department of Transportation have kicked off a new safety initiative to combat aggressive driving along the 290

Commentary: May 28, 1918 (2007-05-22)
Next Monday is Memorial Day. This morning, listener-commentator Jim Nolan shares the story of a visit he made with his family to a cemetery in France where his uncle, killed in World War One, is buried.

Jaber Elbaneh Surrenders to Yemeni Security Authorities (2007-05-22)
Security authorities in Yemen apparently have a former Lackawanna man back in custody. The "Yemen Observer" website is reporting that Jaber Elbaneh turned himself in after escaping with more than 20 other prisoners 15 months ago.

State Republicans Endorse Giuliani's Presidential Bid (2007-05-22)
Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani's presidential bid was endorsed Monday by the State Republican Party.

Legislation Would Reauthorize Cameras in New York Courtrooms (2007-05-21)
The State Legislature is considering a bill that would once again permit video cameras and microphones inside the state's courtrooms.

Slower Border Crossings Expected (2007-05-21)
Travelers are being cautioned about some potentially longer waits crossing the border during the upcoming busy travel season.

Health Official Urges Precautions Against Rabies (2007-05-21)
A fox that attacked an elderly couple in the southern tier tested positive for rabies last week. Health officials said it is the time of year to take some extra precautions against the deadly disease.

Suspect in Slaying of Two Elderly Women Dies (2007-05-20)
A Colden man who was charged in the killings of two elderly Southern Erie County women died Saturday at the Erie County Medical Center.

Sabres' Stanley Cup Dream Extinguished (2007-05-19)
Daniel Alfredsson scored in overtime to give the Ottawa Senators a 3 to 2 win over the Buffalo Sabres and a spot in the Stanley Cup finals. The Senators will face the winner of the Detroit-Anaheim Western Conference final. For Buffalo, where players and fans alike had expectations of playing for the Stanley Cup, the season is over.

Sabres Players Featured in You Tube Animated Featured (2007-05-18)
Some of the Sabres were back on the ice at HSBC Arena for a brief practice Thursday afternoon. They were surprised to learn that they are on the popular web site You Tube.

Niagara River Greenway Plans Move Forward (2007-05-18)
Plans for the Niagara River Greenway are now official.

UB Edition: Friday, May 18, 2007 (2007-05-18)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition: Making for better groundwater.... the study of Hydrogeology at UB, and a man at UB who shares his love of the country of Turkey.

Theatre Talk: Friday, May 18, 2007 (2007-05-18)
It's awards time, as the theater season comes to a close.

State Police Review Uncovers Flaws in Phillips Search (2007-05-18)
A State Police review of the Ralph Phillips manhunt reveals several flaws and weaknesses in how the search was carried out.

State Education Department Releases Schools Report Cards (2007-05-18)
The State Education Department reported Friday that more students graduated from high school last year and more graduates earned Regents Diplomas throughout New York State.

Summit Plants Seeds for a Greener Buffalo (2007-05-18)
The Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo and 15 local organizations will gather Saturday for a summit to keep Buffalo "Green and Growing" in the aftermath of the October storm.One of the world's leading revitalization experts, Storm Cunningham, is keynote speaker for the event. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with Cunningham about how Buffalo can grow greener both environmentally and economically.

Common Council Passes New City Budget (2007-05-18)
The Buffalo Common Council has unanimously passed the new city budget.

Farmers Market Planned for Historic Williamsville Water Mill (2007-05-17)
There will be new life for the historic Williamsville Water Mill. Plans were announced Wednesday for a summer-long farmers market outside the mill on Saturday mornings.

Community Meeting on Future of DeGraff Memorial Hospital (2007-05-17)
A public meeting will be held Thursday on recent efforts to reverse the Berger recommendations to convert DeGraff Memorial Hospital into a nursing facility.

Three People Killed in Dunkirk Plane Crash (2007-05-17)
Three people died Thursday morning when their twin-engine plane crashed in Dunkirk.

Accused Killer Robert Henchen Hospitalized (2007-05-17)
Erie County Sheriff's deputies have murder suspect Robert Henchen under guard at the Erie County Medical Center.

Staying Alive! (2007-05-17)
Ryan Miller made 15 third-period saves and Chris Drury and Derek Roy each had a goal and an assist as the Buffalo Sabres beat Ottawa 3 to 2 to stay alive in the Eastern Conference finals.

Senecas to Charge State $1 per Vehicle for Use of Thruway (2007-05-17)
The Seneca Nation of Indians will start charging the the state one dollar for every vehicle passing through the Cattaraugus reservation on the state Thruway. The charge was authorized by the nation's Tribal Council.

Henchen Indicted in Southtowns Murders (2007-05-16)
A Grand Jury has indicted 42 year-old Colden resident Robert Henchen on charges that he murdered two elderly Southtowns women.

Buffalo's Temporary Casino Finished, Needs Federal Government Approval to Open (2007-05-16)
There is still no opening date for the Seneca Nation of Indian's Buffalo Creek Casino.

Sanchez Pleads Guilty to Murders of Three Women (2007-05-16)
Accused bike path killer Altemio Sanchez admitted in court Wednesday morning that he killed three women.

Must Win Game for Buffalo Sabres (2007-05-16)
It's literally a must-win game for the Buffalo Sabres Wednesday night. Lose, and their season is over. Buffalo takes on the Ottawa Senators in Game Four of the Eastern Conference Finals, with the Senators holding a three-games to none lead. Face off is shortly after 7:00 in Ottawa.

City Seeks Vendors for Wi-Fi, Surveillance Cameras (2007-05-16)
Communication and security vendors gathered at the Albright Knox Art Gallery Tuesday to hear details about the city's municipal Wi-Fi service and video surveillance equipment needs. About 50 vendors heard city officials lay out requirements for a promised municipal wireless Internet service.

Sabres Fans Not Giving Up On Team (2007-05-16)
For the most part, Sabres fans say they are not given up on their beloved hockey team. In fact, one fan even sent Sabres coach Lindy Ruff a letter of encouragement.

Police Arrest Two Men in Murder of Deli Owner (2007-05-15)
Buffalo police detectives say they have arrested two men in connection with last summer's murder of a deli owner on Englewood Avenue.

It's Almost Over! (2007-05-15)
The Ottawa Senators are one win away from their first trip to the Stanley Cup finals.

Commentary: What Can I Do? (2007-05-15)
When a loved one is in pain and dying, we often ask the question, "What can I do?" Listener-Commentator Amy Ludwig VanDerwater shares a very personal story about how the answer to that question became clear when a great aunt died.

Derek Trucks Band Returns to Buffalo (2007-05-15)
The popular Derek Trucks Band returns Tuesday night to UB's Center for the Arts. The ensemble is well-known for its progressive blend of jazz, blues, rock and world music. And the band's leader has become recognized as one of the world's premiere guitarists. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak caught up with Trucks by phone while he was enroute to Buffalo.

Theatre Alliance Raises Curtain on Cooperation (2007-05-15)
The Buffalo Theatre Alliance began promoting local theatre in a big way last night. Seventeen member theatres held the first joint announcement of their upcoming seasons.

Spitzer Endorses Clinton Presidential Bid (2007-05-15)
Several thousand supporters of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton turned out in downtown Albany Monday to see Governor Spitzer formally give his endorsement to Clinton's presidential bid.

Grand Jury Indicts Henchen in Murders of Two Elderly Women (2007-05-15)
The suspect in the disappearance and deaths of two elderly southern Erie County women pleaded not guilty Tuesday to charges of second-degree murder and evidence tampering.

Niagara District Lawmaker Won't Seek Re-election (2007-05-15)
A Buffalo lawmaker will not seek re-election this fall.

Local School Districts Budgets at Stake Statewide (2007-05-15)
Voters will go to the polls Tuesday to decide the fate of local school district budgets.

Slaughter Bill Seeks Relief from High Gasoline Prices (2007-05-14)
Congresswoman Louise Slaughter wants to end an oil industry practice that she says is contributing to high gasoline prices.

"Go Sabres" Graffiti Unacceptable (2007-05-14)
As Sabres fever continues to spread across Western New York, some graffiti bandits took advantage of the hype.

Buffalo Native Wendy Malick and Actor Dan Lauria Star in Powerful 9/11 Play at Studio Arena (2007-05-14)
Native Buffalonian actress Wendy Malick and actor Dan Lauria are staring in the powerful 9/11 play, "The Guys" this week at Studio Arena. The play is based on a true story of the bond formed between a New York fire captain and a journalist in the weeks following 9/11. The special, limited engagement, Monday through Wednesday, will benefit Studio Arena, as well as three local emergency response organizations.

Spectacular Fire Finally Out (2007-05-14)
Firefighters in Buffalo responded to a massive fire that broke out at an industrial site late Sunday night.

Holt Sentencing Adjourned, Pays Back Nearly $40,000 in Taxes Owed (2007-05-12)
Sentencing for former Erie County Legislator George Holt was adjourned Friday until June 8th.

Panel Finds No Wrongdoing in Webb Building Permit Controversy (2007-05-12)
A special commission appointed by Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown to review his Department of Economic Development, Permit and Inspections Services released its report Friday.

St. Bonaventure Baseball Coach Charged with Carrying Handgun at Airport (2007-05-12)
St. Bonaventure University says its head baseball coach is facing a federal charge that he tried to carry a handgun through security checkpoints at Buffalo Niagara International Airport on Thursday.

Theatre Talk: Friday, May 11, 2007 (2007-05-11)
A discussion of "corporate musicals," plus I Do, I Don't?

Seneca Leaders Meet with Governor (2007-05-11)
The Seneca Nation of Indians held an introductory meeting with Governor Spitzer in New York City Thursday.

Officer Andolina is an All-Star (2007-05-11)
Buffalo Police officer Carl Andolina has been selected as America's Most Wanted All-Star First Responder.

Officer Andolina is an All-Star (2007-05-11)
Buffalo Police officer Carl Andolina has been selected as America's Most Wanted All-Star First Responder.

Officer Andolina is an All-Star (2007-05-11)
Buffalo Police officer Carl Andolina has been selected as America's Most Wanted All-Star First Responder.

Officer Andolina is an All-Star (2007-05-11)
Buffalo Police officer Carl Andolina has been selected as America's Most Wanted All-Star First Responder.

Sabres Lose to Ottawa in Series Opener (2007-05-11)
Oleg Saprykin helped the Ottawa Senators to a 5 to 2 victory over the Buffalo Sabres in game one of the Eastern Conference Finals at HSBC Arena Thursday night.

Officer Andolina is an All-Star (2007-05-11)
Buffalo Police officer Carl Andolina has been selected as America's Most Wanted All-Star First Responder.

UB Edition: Friday, May 11, 2007 (2007-05-11)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition-- A university researcher explores the history of women in sport, and a former UB administrator and now an internationally known leadership expert comes back for an honorary degree.

Officer Andolina is an All-Star (2007-05-11)
Buffalo Police officer Carl Andolina has been selected as America's Most Wanted All-Star First Responder.

Folk Singer John McCutcheon Performs in Buffalo (2007-05-11)
Folk music has many ambassadors. But perhaps few who are as prolific as John McCutcheon. Since the 1970s McCutcheon has been writing across the spectrum of the genre.

Mayors Bet on Hockey (2007-05-11)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is getting caught up in the Sabres frenzy.

Control Board Delays Action on Lifting Wage Freeze (2007-05-10)
The Mayor's request to end the wage freeze was not acted on at Wednesday's meeting of the Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority.

Goodwill Industries to Maintain Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Grounds (2007-05-10)
The Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus is getting help from Goodwill Industries of Western New York to help maintain the growing complex.

Students Pemiere Galileo Opera (2007-05-10)
You might recall a story WBFO introduced you to last spring about an original opera being written by Buffalo school children. Well, after two years of research and collaboration, the Bennett Park Montessori opera project is ready for the stage. Mi Nonno Galileo premieres Thursday at the Science Museum with a cast of nearly seventy children.

Sabres Ready for Game One of Ottawa Series (2007-05-10)
The Buffalo Sabres and the Ottawa Senators face off Thursday night in Game One of the Eastern Conference Finals at HSBC Arena.

Pine Leaf Boys Spice up the Tralf (2007-05-10)
The Big Easy Concert Series is bringing some authentic Cajun music to Buffalo Thursday night. The Pine Leaf Boys are well-known for their energetic, special Cajun-Creole blend all the way from Louisiana to France. Now, the five-piece band brings the spicy sounds of the south to the Tralf.

Spitzer, Legislative Leaders Discuss End-of-Session Issues (2007-05-10)
Governor Spitzer held a public meeting Wednesday with the leaders of the state Legislature.

A Conversation with NPR's Liane Hansen (2007-05-10)
Liane Hansen is a familiar voice to listeners on WBFO. When you wake up on a Sunday morning, the first voice you hear may very well be Liane's.

Three Firefighters Injured in South Park Avenue Blaze (2007-05-09)
Three Buffalo firefighters were injured Tuesday afternoon at a fire in a vacant house at 636 South Park Avenue.

Father and Son Team Sends Message Not to Drink and Drive (2007-05-09)
High school students throughout the Buffalo area are hearing a message this week on the dangers of drinking and driving.

Psychologist Explains Why Chris Drury Comes Through in the Clutch (2007-05-09)
Buffalo Sabres forward Chris Drury has come through in the clutch many times. Perhaps there was no more important goal than the one he scored last Friday night with eight seconds left to tie the game against the New York Rangers.

Mayor Wants End to Wage Freeze & Control Board (2007-05-09)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says it is time to give city employees pay raises and place the control board in a dormant state.

Children's Health Advocates Support Spitzer's School Nutrition Plan (2007-05-09)
A coalition of children's health advocates joined Governor Spitzer Tuesday to support his proposal to place more nutritious food in the state's schools.

Sabres Get Ready for Next Round (2007-05-08)
After a wild weekend of hockey, the Buffalo Sabres took a break from practice Monday to relax and enjoy two big wins.

Commentary: Florence Nightingale's Ongoing Inspiration (2007-05-08)
This week marks the annual observance of National Nurses Week. May 12th marks the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. Listener-Commentator Marcia Gruber says Nightingale continues to provide inspiration to all nurses.

Advocates Say No to Death Penalty in New York (2007-05-08)
There's been talk at the state Capitol recently about whether New York State should reinstate the death penalty. Monday, opponents gathered in Albany to say no.

A Hub of Research at Hauptman-Woodward (2007-05-08)
Downtown Buffalo is more than just the hub of politics and business.

Police Plan to Crack Down on Scrap Metal Thefts (2007-05-07)
Buffalo's top cop says he wants to crack down on the stripping and selling of scrap metals.

Buffalo Dreamers Sought for Film (2007-05-07)
Documentaries often explore what's wrong in the world. But one film maker wants to tell a more inspirational story. And Western New Yorkers are being asked to help tell it by sharing their dreams.

Arrests Made in Murder of West Seneca Man (2007-05-07)
West Seneca police have arrested three youths from the Rochester area in connection with last month's murder of a West Seneca resident.

Sabres Advance, Beat Rangers 5 to 4 (2007-05-06)
The Buffalo Sabres won their second round playoff series against the New York Rangers Sunday 5 to 4.

Sabres Win! Maxim Scores in Overtime (2007-05-05)
Maxim Afinogenov scored a power-play goal at 4:39 of overtime to give Buffalo a come-from-behind 2-to-1 win over the New York Rangers. That moves the Sabres within a win of the Eastern Conference finals.

Control Board Rejects Part of Tax Lien Sale (2007-05-04)
The Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority Thursday rejected part of a $47 million tax lien sale. The Control Board says the deal was improperly done and that there should be a new bidding process on the most lucrative portion of the sale.

Williamsville East Jazz Ensemble Travels to Lincoln Center (2007-05-04)
Twenty-one talented jazz musicians from Williamsville East High School headed to Lincoln Center today to compete with 14 other schools and to jam with some of the biggest names in the business.

Council Questions Police Commissioner on Budget Plans (2007-05-04)
Police Department spending was under review Thursday by the Buffalo Common Council during budget hearings. The Mayor's proposed budget calls for the hiring of 40 new police officers.

Meet the Author: Fred Pearce, Thu 5/3/07 (2007-05-04)
Fred Pearce, author of With Speed and Violence: Why Scientists Fear Tipping Points in Climate Change

Theatre Talk: Friday, May 4, 2007 (2007-05-04)
Something completely different... it's beautiful! And stupid, too!

UB Edition: Friday, May 4, 2007 (2007-05-04)
Today on UB Edition-- A university clinical trail to test whether aspirin can improve a woman's chances of becoming pregnant and maintaining a pregnancy to term or call (829-3128)

and a new study from UB finds that certain type of estrogen in the body helps to maintain bone density

Senecas Threaten to Rescind I-86 Easement (2007-05-04)
A stretch of a second Western New York highway is now at the center of a dispute between the Seneca Nation of Indians and the state.

County Legislators Introduce "Green" Legislation (2007-05-04)
New bills introduced this week to ease energy consumption at county facilities are receiving widespread support.

The Big Read is Bigger Than Ever in Buffalo (2007-05-02)
Get ready, set, read. The Just Buffalo Literary Center Tuesday kicked off its annual community-wide reading event, "The Big Read."

Funeral Service for Slain State Trooper David Brinkerhoff (2007-05-02)
David Brinkerhoff was remembered Wednesday as a good-natured person who was devoted to his family and loved serving with the New York State Police.

Time Warner Internet Service Returned to Normal (2007-05-02)
Time Warner says it has fixed all of the problems that disrupted broad-band Internet service to 130,000 of its customers.

Goodyear-Dunlop Plant Protected from Closing (2007-05-02)
The Goodyear-Dunlop plant on Sheridan Drive in Tonawanda is not affected by an announcement late last week that Goodyear is planning to close more plants.

Sabres Regroup at Wednesday Practice following Game Four Loss (2007-05-02)
The Buffalo Sabres returned to HSBC Arena for an afternoon practice Wednesday following the previous evening's defeat to the New York Rangers in the Stanley Cup playoffs. The series is tied up at two games a piece.

Buffalo Comptroller Gives Favorable Response to Mayor's Budget (2007-05-02)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown unveiled his proposed budget Tuesday. It is a 418-million dollar spending plan that calls for a property tax reduction and sets aside money to lift the wage freeze and hire more police officers.

Four New Members Elected to Buffalo Board of Education (2007-05-02)
Tuesday was election day for district representatives on the Buffalo School Board. Reelected were Ralph Hernandez in the West, and Vivian Evans in the East.

Mayor's Budget Looks to Solve Wage Freeze (2007-05-02)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says his proposed spending plan would put the City on the road to fiscal independence.

Buffalo Zoo Plans Upgrade of Animal Hospital (2007-05-01)
The Buffalo Zoo is teaming with area veterinarians to help raise $1.5 million to renovate and expand the on-site animal hospital.

Marinelli Drops County Executive Bid (2007-05-01)
The pool of potential Democratic candidates running for Erie County Executive just got smaller. County Legislature Chair Lynn Marinelli announced Monday she won't be throwing her hat into the ring.

Commentary: Stopping Violence (2007-05-01)
The shootings at Virginia Tech two weeks ago stunned and saddened us all. Listener-Commentator Paul Reitan says the pain the families of victims are feeling is felt by so many others each and every day across the world.

Display of Fifty Years of Political Cartoons on Smoking Issues (2007-05-01)
An exhibit that chronicles 50 years of smoking-related political cartoons will be on display at Buffalo Niagara International Airport this month.

Harsh Accusations from Suspect's Mother (2007-05-01)
The mother of the 19-year old Buffalo man charged with shooting two Buffalo cops is making some harsh new accusations.

Williamsville Advises Against Idling Vehicles (2007-04-30)
The village of Williamsville is asking people to stop idling their cars when they're not in use. The village board recently passed a policy against idling vehicles, especially near parks where children are playing.

Sabres Lose to Rangers in Second Overtime (2007-04-30)
The New York Rangers beat the Buffalo Sabres 2-1 Sunday in Game Three of their playoff series at Madison Square Garden.

Proposed City Budget Holds Line on Property Taxes (2007-04-30)
Details of the new city budget are emerging, even though the budget won't be officially released by the mayor's office until Tuesday.

Parish Consolidations Announces in Allegany and Wyoming Counties (2007-04-30)
The Diocese of Buffalo has announced more parish closings and consolidations.

Slaughter Pressures White House to Reverse Shared Border Management Decision (2007-04-30)
Congresswoman Louise Slaughter is putting pressure on the White House to reverse a Department of Homeland Security decision abandoning the concept of shared border management at the Peace Bridge.

2007 Hospital Quality Report Shows Improvement (2007-04-29)
The newest report card on hospital quality in New York was released Sunday morning.

Sabres Score Twice in Third Period to Beat Rangers (2007-04-28)
Chris Drury and Thomas Vanek scored 10 minutes apart Friday night, rallying the Sabres to a 3-2 win against the New York Rangers to take a 2-0 lead in their Eastern Conference semifinal series.

Upstate Niagara Cooperative Shows Off New Home (2007-04-27)
There is an old saying about not wanting to see how "the sausage" is made. But when he visited the Upstate Niagara Cooperative plant in West Seneca yesterday, WBFO's Kenneth Macdonald found out that is not really true for industrial dairy production.

Gonzales Visits Rochester, Vows to Remain in Post (2007-04-27)
Attorney General Alberto Gonzales insisted Thursday that "nothing improper" occurred in his handling of the dismissal of eight federal prosecutors.

Assemblyman Cole Answers Ethics Charge (2007-04-27)
State Assemblyman Michael Cole of Alden has admitted to what he calls a "terrible error in judgment" after watching a Sabres game April 16th in an Albany sports bar.

More Details on Trooper Shooting, Trust Fund Created for Infant Daughter (2007-04-27)
Travis Trim used a rifle he found inside an upstate farmhouse to shoot two state troopers, killing one of them and wounding the other.

Configuration Dance and Babik Mix It Up at UB (2007-04-27)
What do classical ballet and the music known as gypsy jazz have in common? Not a lot, except maybe France. But here in Buffalo, two innovate groups will bring the two art forms together for an eclectic celebration of music and dance. Configuration Dance and Babik [baah beek] perform on stage - together - Friday and Sunday at UB's Center for the Arts. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with members of the two groups to find out what they have in store.

Friendly Fire Responsible for Trooper's Death (2007-04-27)
Officials say friendly fire killed a New York State trooper as he searched a farmhouse Wednesday for a suspect in the shooting of another trooper the day before.

UB Edition: Friday, April 27, 2007 (2007-04-27)
Clinics at UB law school offer unique opportunities for students while at the same time helping the the community.

Gore Brings Global Warming Message to Area High School Students (2007-04-27)
Former Vice President Al Gore brought his message on global warming to 3,400 area high school students at UB Friday.

Theatre Talk: Friday, April 27, 2007 (2007-04-27)
Tony and Jim offer a "mish-mosh" of opinions this week.

Pay Raise Proposals for Legislators, Judges (2007-04-27)
As the state Senate prepares to pass legislation boosting their pay, Governor Spitzer has come out with his own salary increase proposal. And it doesn't include lawmakers.

Trooper Killed, Trust Fund Established for Infant Daughter (2007-04-26)
A state trooper with roots in Western New York was shot and killed during a shootout with a suspect in the Catskill region Wednesday.

Judge Denies Request from John Justice (2007-04-26)
Convicted killer John Justice has been denied his request to be release from the Erie County Holding Center.

Mayor's Gun Buy-Back Scheduled for June 2nd (2007-04-26)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown announced Wednesday that his gun buy-back program will take place on Saturday, June 2nd.

Buffalo Sabres Win Game One of Second Round Playoff Series (2007-04-26)
The Buffalo Sabres beat the New York Rangers 5-2 Wednesday night, to take a one game to none lead in their second round playoff series.

Living with Autism (2007-04-26)
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says about one in 150 American children suffer from Autism.

UB Police Start Using E-Mail to Alert University Community of Threats (2007-04-25)
The University at Buffalo Police Department is now issuing advisories via email to faculty, staff and students about safety threats on the North and South Campuses.

Union Leaders Discuss Delphi's Troubles (2007-04-25)
More pay and benefit cuts could be facing many of the 2,200 plus workers at the Delphi Thermal Systems plant in Lockport.

Accident Claims Life of Amherst Toddler (2007-04-25)
A tragic accident in the town of Amherst has resulted in the death of a toddler.

Gandhi's Grandson Brings Message of Non-Violence to Buffalo (2007-04-25)
Catholic Charities invited several noted speakers this week for the agency's bi-annual conference on domestic violence.

Roswell Park 's New President Aiming High (2007-04-25)
The new president and chief executive officer for the Roswell Park Cancer Institute said his goal is to make it a top ten cancer center. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak has more on Doctor Donald Trump's vision for Roswell.

High School Graduation Rates in Buffalo Lag Behind Statewide Average (2007-04-25)
The State Education Department is out with a report on high school graduation rates.

Two State Troopers Shot, One Fatally, in Eastern New York (2007-04-25)
State police say two troopers were shot, one of them fatally, Wednesday morning in eastern New York. They were involved in the hunt for a man suspected of shooting a third trooper at a traffic stop Tuesday afternoon.

Buffalo Police Quickly Cracked City's Latest Murder (2007-04-25)
Buffalo Police quickly cracked one of the City's latest murder cases. They made an arrest in the murder of a 70-year old Blaine Avenue woman.

Meet the Author: Michael Wallis, Tue 4/24/07 (2007-04-25)
Michael Wallis, author of Billy the Kid: The Endless Ride

Spitzer Pressures Senate Republicans on Campaign Finance Reform (2007-04-25)
Governor Spitzer hit the road Tuesday, criticizing State Senate Republicans for failing to adopt his campaign finance reform measures. He took his case to Republican strongholds in the Capital District.

"Dining Out For Life" Benefits AIDS Community Services (2007-04-24)
Put the pots and pans away, turn off the stove and head out to one of your favorite restaurants. Tuesday night is the annual Dining Out For Life fundraising event for Aids Community Services.

Spitzer Creates Commission on Local Government Efficiency (2007-04-24)
Former Lieutenant Governor and Congressman Stan Lundine will head up a new state commission that will study how local governments in New York can become more efficient.

Tapestry Charter School Kids Write Sabres Poems (2007-04-24)
Some students at a Buffalo charter used their writing skills to create special poems about the Sabres.

DA Uncovers Abuse of STAR Benefits in Erie County (2007-04-24)
An investigation by Erie County District Attorney Frank Clark has found widespread abuse of the state's "STAR" program in the Buffalo area.

Commentary: Health Care Reform Demands Our Attention (2007-04-24)
There is a special observance this week highlighting the large number of people in the nation who don't have health insurance. Listener Commentator Allana Krolikowski says a universal healthcare system is needed to bring those numbers down.

Elma Woman Shares Medicare Experience with President Bush (2007-04-24)
An Elma woman traveled to the White House Monday to talk with President Bush about her experiences with the Medicare program.

Happy Birthday Buffalo Contest (2007-04-23)
School children in Buffalo and Western New York are encouraged to enter the "Happy Birthday Buffalo" contest.

Well-Known Music Teacher, Frank Scinta, Seriously Hurt in Weekend Accident (2007-04-23)
A well-known Buffalo music teacher is in serious condition following a head-on crash over the weekend in the Ithaca area.

Sabres Face Rangers in Second Round (2007-04-23)
The Buffalo Sabres will play another team from New York in the NHL playoffs. The New York Rangers will open the series against the Sabres either Wednesday or Thursday night at HSBC Arena.

SUNY Chancellor Discusses State Leadership, Campus Security (2007-04-23)
State University at New York Chancellor John Ryan will be moving on at the end of the academic year. He made what was likely his last visit to UB when he appeared at a recent celebration of excellence.

Number of Missing Children Rises in New York (2007-04-23)
New statistics released by the state division of criminal justice show that missing children reports are on the rise. The overall number of cases went up two percent over the previous year.

Borrowing Approved to Expand ECC Downtown (2007-04-20)
A controversial plan to begin expanding Erie Community College downtown was given the go ahead by county lawmakers Thursday. The bond approval was praised by the architect of the proposal, the Erie County Executive. But as WBFO's Joyce Kryszak reports, not everyone is sold.

UB Edition: Friday, April 20, 2007 (2007-04-20)
The history behind the decision to move UB's then new campus to Amherst is the subject of an upcoming lecture and book, and there will be a Renaissance Faire at UB.

Theatre Talk: Friday, April 20, 2007 (2007-04-20)
Jim and Tony remember theater legend Kitty Carlisle Hart, who died this week.

Buffalo Marks Its 175th Anniversary As A City (2007-04-20)
Friday is Buffalo's 175th anniversary. It was on April 20th, 1832 that Buffalo was incorporated as a city.

Walking for Better Health (2007-04-19)
Civic employees downtown stepped out of the office during their lunch break Wednesday in the name of better health.

Police Department Releases Surveillance Tapes of Mayor's Son (2007-04-19)
The Buffalo Police Department has released the surveillance tapes of Mayor Byron Brown's son walking away from the family's damaged SUV.

UB Remembers Victims of Virginia Tech Shootings (2007-04-19)
The UB community gathered Wednesday to show solidarity and express grief for the victims of Virginia Tech.

Sabres Capture Game Three, 4 - 2, Over Islanders (2007-04-19)
The Buffalo Sabres beat the New York Islanders Wednesday night, 4-2, to take a three games to one playoff series lead.

Senecas Rescind Thruway Easement (2007-04-19)
The Seneca Nation of Indians has rescinded its 1954 agreement with New York State that permitted construction of the State Thruway on 300 acres of Seneca land.

Niagara Falls Soup Kitchen Deals with Spike in Poverty (2007-04-18)
Poverty levels in the city of Niagara Falls are almost double the national average.

New Buffalo Law to Crack Down on Aggressive Panhandlers (2007-04-18)
Buffalo lawmakers approved a new law that will make it easier for police to crack down on aggressive panhandlers in the City.

Musicalfare Pays Tribute to Buffalo Composer Harold Arlen (2007-04-18)
Buffalo has an unfortunate reputation for sometimes overlooking and under appreciating some of its richest treasures. But Musicalfare Theatre Company is doing its part to bring one of the city's and the world's most beloved composers into the spotlight. The new musical, "Rainbow Journey: The Harold Arlen Story" opens Wednesday night at Musicalfare.

Women and Children's Hospital Re-establishes Heart Surgery Program (2007-04-18)
In 2004, Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo stopped performing cardiac surgery. But a recent partnership with Cincinnati Children's Hospital has allowed the re-establishment of the program.

Niagara Falls Soup Kitchen Deals with Spike in Poverty (2007-04-18)
Poverty levels in the city of Niagara Falls are almost double the national average. But a soup kitchen continues to reach out to the growing number of poor.

New Buffalo Law to Crack Down on Aggressive Panhandlers (2007-04-18)
Buffalo lawmakers approved a new law that will make it easier for police to crack down on aggressive panhandlers in the City.

UB Police Armed to Respond (2007-04-17)
Monday's tragic shootings at Virginia Tech have universities around the country assessing their own security plans. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak has more on how UB's police department is prepared to cope with such a crisis.

UB President Sends Condolences to Virginia Tech (2007-04-17)
Officials at the University at Buffalo are sending a message of condolence and concern to administrators, faculty and students at Virginia Tech in the wake of yesterday's horrific shootings.

UB South Campus Reacts to VA Tech Rampage (2007-04-17)
As word began to spread about the Virginia Tech tragedy on U-B's South Campus, students and staffers were stunned by the news.

UB Counselors Reach Out (2007-04-17)
UB Counseling Services is reaching out to students who are having a strong emotional reaction to this week's shootings at Virginia Tech.

Sabres Beat Islanders 3-2 (2007-04-17)
The Sabres have regained the lead in their playoff series with the New York Islanders, with a 3-2 win at Nassau Coliseum Monday night.

Commentary: The 2007 George Orwell Awards (2007-04-17)
Greetings, NPR listeners! It's time again to honor the hypocrisy and fallibility, both human and political, depicted in Animal Farm and 1984 with this year's George Orwell Awards.

UB Study Finds Women Who Had Tonsils Removed at Increased Risk of Breast Cancer (2007-04-16)
Women who had their tonsils removed as children might have lost some protection against breast cancer, according to a new study released Sunday by UB researchers at a cancer research conference in California.

Report Finds DEC Failing to Monitor Waterway Pollution (2007-04-16)
The group Environmental Advocates of New York has issued a report critical of the State Department of Environmental Conservation for not doing enough to make sure the state's waterways are pollution free.

Storm Brings Heavy Snow East of Buffalo (2007-04-16)
About 60-thousand utility customers across upstate New York were without power Monday morning.

Fans Caught Up in Sabres Fever (2007-04-16)
Buffalo Sabres fans are caught up in playoff fever. Many are certain this could be the year for the team, while the players are remaining focused on getting the job done.

Mayor's Son Pays $275 Fine for SUV Incident (2007-04-16)
Byron Brown, III, pleaded guilty Monday to two traffic violations. But the Mayor's son did not appear at the DMV office in downtown Buffalo. His attorney Joel Daniels appeared on his behalf and paid a $275 fine for the violations.

Mayor's Son Issues Apology (2007-04-13)
The Mayor's son will NOT be making a court appearance on Monday in Buffalo to answer to traffic violations

Extensive Environmental Impact Process for Proposed Oz Park (2007-04-13)
The developer of the proposed "Magical Lands of Oz" theme park for the town of Wheatfiled says the project is still in the works despite a number of environmental impact issues.

County Health Department Launches Another Crackdown on Illegal Tobacco Sales (2007-04-13)
The Erie County Health Department is launching one of its periodic crackdowns on the sale of tobacco products to underage youth.

UB Male Students March Against Rape (2007-04-13)
Some male students at the University at Buffalo braved foul weather and tripping hazards Thursday as they participated in "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" -- a men's march against rape.

Theatre Talk: Friday, April 13, 2007 (2007-04-13)
Theatre critics Jim Santella and Anthony Chase preview the Road Less Traveled Theatre production of "Buffalo Movie" and much more.

UB Edition: Friday, April 13, 2007 (2007-04-13)
WBFO's Gabe DiMaio previews Earth Day commemorations at the University at Buffalo with UB Energy Officer Walter Simpson.

Buffalo Honors Beautiful Dreamer of the Theatre District (2007-04-13)
Ten years ago a bright light went out in Buffalo's theatre district. And theatre audiences still mourn the passing of actor Chris O'Neill. The Irish born actor and co-founder of the Irish Classical Theatre Company died suddenly at the peak of his career. But anyone who ever knew O'Neill says that there is no way of forgetting the vibrant, colorful performer. On Sunday, family and friends will share their memories of O'Neill in a celebration of his life.

Sabres Win Opening Playoff Game 4 to 1 (2007-04-13)
Chris Drury and Brian Campbell each scored two goals in helping the Sabres open the playoffs with a 4-1 win in their best-of-seven Eastern Conference series Thursday night against the Islanders.

Buffalo Movie Takes the Stage (2007-04-12)
Local officials love to promote Buffalo's emerging movie industry. But one local playwright found a humorous subplot to the city's attempts to find success on the silver screen. The result is a movie, inside a play, inside a movie theatre. Buffalo Movie - the play - premieres tomorrow night at the Road Less Traveled Theatre inside the Market Arcade Cinema.

Sabres Open Playoff Series Against Islanders (2007-04-12)
The Buffalo Sabres open their playoff series against the New York Islanders at HSBC Arena Thursday night.

Henchen Might Plead Insanity if Charged with Southtowns Murders (2007-04-12)
The sanity of the man suspected of killing two Southtowns women is being challenged in court. The attorney for Robert Henchen filed notice that he will present an insanity defense in the unrelated burglary case against Henchen.

Higgins Sees Little Relief from Rising Gas Prices (2007-04-12)
Congressman Higgins says the US is addicted to foreign oil and until that addiction is cured, don't expect relief at the gas pump.

John Justice Seeks Release from Parole Violation (2007-04-12)
A Kenmore man who spent 20-years in prison for the murder of his family and a neigbhor is now seeking release from the holding center.

Earth Day Founder Talks About Alternative Energy and Global Warming (2007-04-11)
As part of it's Greener Shade of Blue campaign, UB invited a prominent leader of the environmental movement to campus Tuesday to talk about alternative energy and global warming.

Governor Spitzer's First 100 Days (2007-04-11)
Governor Spitzer marked his 100th day in office day Tuesday.

Justice Seeks Return to State Prison (2007-04-11)
John Justice, who killed his family and a neighbor in 1985 and was freed on parole 20 years later, has asked a judge to send him back to prison.

Buffalo's Uncrowned Queens Call Imus's Comments Horrible (2007-04-11)
The Rutgers University women's basketball team says they want to ask radio host Don Imus why he used racially insulting terms about them on his show last week.

State Supreme Court Justice Charged in Traffic Accident (2007-04-11)
A State Supreme Court justice has been charged with driving while her ability was impaired by drugs and with leaving the scene of an accident in Niagara County.

Commentary: Waging War (2007-04-10)
Only Congress has the constitutional authority to declare war. Listener-Commentator Bruce Mitchell says he's dismayed to see such authority taken over by the executive branch over the past half-century.

Schumer Unveils Bills to Crack Down Sex Offenders on Internet (2007-04-10)
U-S Senator Charles Schumer wants to protect kids from being exploited over the Internet by sex offenders.

New York's Presidential Primary Moved Up (2007-04-10)
A change in New York's Presidential Primary date could benefit democrat Hillary Clinton and republican Rudy Giuliani.

Toxic Pet Food has Pet Owners Scarfing up Advice on Natural Diets (2007-04-10)
Reports of contaminated pet foods, causing illness and even death, have pet owners scurrying for safe alternatives to feed their beloved companions. And that has opened the door for advocates of holistic pet feeding. They promote feeding the way they say Mother Nature intended. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with a couple of veterinarians and one devoted natural feeder to get their opinions - and some of their recipes.

Wanted: Female Engineers (2007-04-10)
A firestorm of controversy erupted last year when a Harvard University president suggested that women's abilities in math and science are genetically inferior. But the outrage gave rise to some important questions: Are women taking their place in high demand science careers? If not, why? And, what can be done to balance the gender equation in science? WBFO's Joyce Kryszak conducted a little research of her own to find some of those answers.

Capozzi Celebrates Easter with Family (2007-04-09)
Anthony Capozzi continues his readjustment to society after 22 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Dyngus Day like none other in Buffalo (2007-04-09)
It will be a Dyngus Day like none other in Buffalo.

Phillips Claims He Wore State Police Disguise (2007-04-07)
Ralph Phillips claims in a "New York Times" interview that he disguised himself as a state trooper and even spoke with a trooper who failed to recognize him at one point during his months on the run last year.

UB Edition: Friday, April 6, 2007 (2007-04-06)
In this week's program, WBFO's Kenneth Macdonald explores new exhibit space newly created by students in the school of Architecture and Planning. And Gabe DiMaio talks with a university researcher who finds that late registrants are more likely to vote.

Remembering Sister Karen Klimczak (2007-04-06)
On Good Friday last year, Sister Karen Klimczak was murdered by a parolee living at a half-way house she ran. Since the murder, her message of peace and non- violence has been distributed across Western New York and even the world.

Theatre Talk: Friday, April 6, 2007 (2007-04-06)
Theatre critics Jim Santella and Anthony Chase talk about the Studio Arena production of "The Mystery of Irma Vep" and other theatre presentations in the Buffalo area.

Brown Says Son Confesses to Driving Family Vehicle Involved in Accidents (2007-04-06)
A stunning announcement from City Hall Friday. Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown admitted his 16-year-old son took the family's SUV without permission on the morning of February 24th. The vehicle was subsequently involved in several collisions with parked cars in the Mayor's neighborhood.

New Medaille President Meets with Faculty and Students (2007-04-05)
Richard Jurasek officially starts his job as president of Medaille College in June. But he says he already feels part of the college following a packed schedule of on-campus meetings Wednesday.

Man Shoots Himself at Seneca Niagara Casino (2007-04-05)
A 45-year-old man from Getzville apparently shot himself to death on the gaming floor at the Seneca Niagara Casino in Niagara Falls Thursday morning.

EPA and Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper Partner on River Cleanup (2007-04-05)
The US Environmental Protection Agency has signed an agreement with the group Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper to address contaminated sediments in the Buffalo River.

ECMC Plan Stirs Controversy (2007-04-05)
The Erie County Medical Center Wednesday reported a $7.5 million surplus for 2006. Now, the hospital wants to build on that success with a new $92 million cardiac care facility. But the announcement has stirred controversy.

Spitzer Continues to Push for Cigarette Tax Collections (2007-04-05)
Governor Eliot Spitzer says the state is still working to collect taxes from Native American retailers on sales made to non-Indians.

Spitzer Touts Record School Aid Increase (2007-04-04)
Governor Eliot Spitzer appeared in Buffalo Wednesday to talk about an increase in state education aid for city schools.

ECMC Reports Profit, Unveils Plan for Heart Center (2007-04-04)
The Erie County Medical Center Wednesday reported a nearly $8 million surplus for 2006.

Capozzi Released from Prison (2007-04-03)
Anthony Capozzi was released early Tuesday morning from the Marcy Correctional Facility in Central New York. Capozzi was reportedly met by family members at 5:30am.

Man Arraigned in Kidnapping of Young North Tonawanda Girl (2007-04-03)
The man accused of abducting a four-year-old girl from her North Tonawanda home Monday night appeared in court Tuesday. The incident set off a nationwide Amber Alert. David Grover was arraigned on kidnapping and other charges.

Republican County Legislators Want to Rededicate 100% of Bed Tax to Tourism Promotion (2007-04-03)
The Republican Minority in the Erie County Legislature wants to re-dedicate 100 percent of "bed tax" revenue to the Buffalo Niagara Convention and Visitor's Bureau.

Council Unveils 2007-2008 Action Plan (2007-04-03)
The Buffalo Common Council formally presented its annual plan-of-action report Monday.

Commentary: Who Cares What DeLay Thinks (2007-04-03)
Disgraced former congressman Tom DeLay has been making a series of media appearances in recent weeks. He was even on NPR's Morning Edition a couple of weeks ago. Listener-Commentator Steve Banko says he's been pondering the question of who cares what Tom DeLay thinks.Listener-Commentator Steve Banko is field director for the Buffalo office of the U-S Department of Housing and Urban Development.

WBFO Listeners Weigh In On Old Aud (2007-04-02)
A week before we found out the Memorial Auditorium will be torn down as part of a newly redesigned waterfront plan, we asked if you thought the Aud should be demolished or remain standing.

Capozzi's Rape Convictions Vacated, Release from Prison Imminent (2007-04-02)
A seven-minute court hearing Monday cleared Anthony Capozzi of the rape charges he was convicted two decades ago.

Autopsies Identify Missing Women (2007-04-02)
Autopsies have identified two women missing for several months. Their bodies were discovered over the weekend in barrels in a storage barn.

Capozzi Family Awaits Release (2007-04-02)
A hearing is slated to take place later today before a Buffalo judge in an effort to free 49-year old Anthony Capozzi.

State Legislature Approves 2007-2008 Budget (2007-04-01)
New York state has a new budget. Lawmakers at the state Capitol passed the final bills Sunday for a $121 billion dollar spending plan.

Bodies of Two Elderly Women Found (2007-04-01)
Two bodies were found inside containers Saturday in a storage building in Colden, where about 100 volunteers and police were searching for two elderly women missing for several months.

Theatre Talk: Friday, March 30, 2007 (2007-03-30)
Jim Santella and Anthony Chase are away this week.

UB Edition: Friday, March 30, 2007 (2007-03-30)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition-- A university researcher has identified molecules to target RNA linked to a type of muscular dystrophy and the university passes an historic milestone in one of its energy conservation projects

Actor Gary Sinise Turns to Music, Band Performs in Niagara Falls (2007-03-30)
Gary Sinise is a familiar star of stage, film and television. But in recent years, Sinise has been touring with yet another talent -- as a musician. But he won't be hard to recognize. Sinise borrowed the name for his band from his popular character in the hit movie "Forrest Gump."

Sabres #13 for Buffalo's Bishop (2007-03-30)
It is rare to see the leader of the Catholic Diocese inside the Buffalo Sabres locker room talking to players.

Bass Pro Pre-Development Agreement Finalized, New Store Planned for Waterfront (2007-03-30)
More than two years after it was announced, a pre-development agreement to bring a Bass Pro downtown was approved Friday. The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation has reached an accord with the Missouri-based retailer to build an Outdoor World store adjacent to the historic commercial slip.

Mayor Appoints Panel to Probe Webb Project Process (2007-03-30)
Although the city insists that proper permits were in place for the Webb Building on Pearl Street, Mayor Byron Brown has named a four-member panel to review the permits and inspections process for the project.

Common Council Works on Expediting Capozzi's Release (2007-03-30)
Now that Buffalo resident Anthony Capozzi has been exonerated in two 1980s rapes in Delaware Park, bureaucracy is likely to keep him behind bars for a while longer. Capozzi has already served over 20 years in prison for the crimes.

Capozzi's Parents Reflect on Their Son's Impending Release from Prison for Crimes He Didn't Commit (2007-03-29)
Erie County District Attorney Frank Clark revealed Wednesday that new DNA testing of evidence from a series of Delaware Park in the 1980s exonerates Anthony Capozzi. The testing links the rapes to accused bike path killer Altemio Sanchez.

Police Officers Back Up Mayor's Contention His Deputy Did Not Exert Political Influence (2007-03-29)
Controversy continues to swirl around the Webb Building renovation project where a construction worker was killed last week. Mayor Byron Brown was joined by two top officials of his administration Wednesday to discuss allegations that his top aide intervened in a stop work order an inspector was trying to enforce.

EPA Grant to Reduce School Bus Diesel Emissions (2007-03-29)
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is providing money to reduce tail pipe emissions from school buses.

Buddhism Still Budding in Western New York (2007-03-28)
It's been six months since the Dalai Lama came to Western New York. His visit sparked excitement and intense interest in the teachings and practices of Buddhism. Now, several months later, that interest still seems to be growing. And that's creating a demand for visiting Buddhist teachers. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak sat in on a local meditation class at Daemen College with a Buddhist from the Zen Mountain Monastery. And she has this update on Buddhism in Western New York.

Testing of Medical Slides Exonerates Capozzi of Rapes (2007-03-28)
Erie County District Attorney Frank Clark says the recent discovery of slides of medical evidence that had been stored away vindicates Anthony Capozzi of Buffalo of the rapes he was convicted of in the 1980s.

Chris Collins Announces Candidacy for Erie County Executive (2007-03-28)
Another candidate has tossed his hat into the ring for Erie County Executive. Republican Chris Collins says voters should look to his business experience and not career politicians to reform a failed county government.

New Development Emerges in Webb Building Probe (2007-03-28)
A new development has emerged regarding last week's fatal construction accident at the Webb Building on Pearl Street.

More Lawsuits Filed against Hospital Closings and Consolidation Recommendations (2007-03-28)
More lawsuits have been filed against the state over a commission's recommendations to close and consolidate hospitals in New York. Three public employee unions are objecting to the impact the recommendations would have on their members.

Governor Spitzer, Legislative Leaders Agree on New State Budget (2007-03-28)
Governor Spitzer and Legislative leaders reached a tentative agreement Tuesday night on a budget that's expected to be passed by Sunday's deadline.

Medaille College Names New President (2007-03-27)
Medaille College has a new president. He is Richard Jurasek, who will come to Medaille after serving as executive vice president of Antioch College in Ohio.

Commentary: Conflict in Northern Uganda (2007-03-27)
Monday night, a nationally-recognized expert on war crimes was in Buffalo and spent part of her talk on the atrocities being committed in northern Uganda. The atrocities were also documented in a recent report by NPR News. Listener-Commentator Courtney Howard visited the African nation last year and says our leaders need to do more to bring peace to the troubled region.

Psychiatric Defense is Planned in Cop Shooting Case (2007-03-27)
A psychiatric defense is being planned for the 18 year old accused of shooting two Buffalo Police officers in December.

UB Researcher Says Medical Therapy as Effective as Angioplasty in Preventing Heart Attacks (2007-03-27)
A University at Buffalo professor made national news Monday with his research into angioplasty.

Buffalo Developer Faces More Building Violations (2007-03-27)
The City has given the green-light for work to resume at the Webb Building on Pearl Street.

Stroke Awareness Campaign Launched in Niagara Falls (2007-03-27)
The Niagrara Falls Memorial Medical Center is teaming up with a stroke advocacy group to promote a new awareness campaign. It's called the "Power to End Stroke."

Expert Addresses International War Crimes (2007-03-26)
The International Institute of Buffalo continues its foreign affairs program Monday evening called Great Decisions. The feature topic will be on war crimes.

Catholic Charities Nears Three-Quarters Mark (2007-03-26)
Day one of the week long Catholic Charities appeal has raised 71.5 percent of its $11 million goal.

Mayor, Some Council Members at Odds over Aud's Future (2007-03-26)
City lawmakers are hoping that the former Memorial Auditorium in downtown Buffalo could some day be turned into a weather museum. But the Mayor says the Aud must come down.

Slaughter Says No More "Blank Check" for Iraq War (2007-03-26)
Congresswoman Louise Slaughter is calling it "historic." For the first time in four years, the area's most powerful House member says congressional Democrats are refusing to give President Bush a "blank check" for the Iraq war.

Stop Work Order Rescinded, Webb Building Renovations to Continue (2007-03-26)
City officials are allowing work to resume at the Webb Building on Pearl Street downtown, where a construction worker fell to his death last Tuesday.

Fire Kills Two Brothers on Buffalo's East Side (2007-03-24)
A fire on Buffalo's East Side early Saturday killed two young brothers.

The Legacy of the Mahavishnu Orchestra (2007-03-23)
They weren't around for long. But for a brief time in the 1970s, the Mahavishnu Orchestra captured the attention of music lovers and music makers. The influence of the innovative band formed by guitarist John McLaughlin lives on today. And now, another band -- the Mahavishnu Project -- pays homage to the McLaughlin repertoire, with a few new twists of its own. The group performs Friday night at the Tralf.

Judge Sides with Police Union in Sick-Out Dispute (2007-03-23)
State Supreme Court Justice Paula Feraleto Friday denied the city's request for a temporary restraining order that would prevent Buffalo police officers from engaging in further illegal jobs actions.

Calling on State to Fund Cameras and More Cops (2007-03-23)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says if the state approves more than ten million dollars in funding the city would be able to hire more city cops and install surveillance cameras in high crime areas.

FBI Investigates Allegations of Political Interference (2007-03-23)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown acknowledged Friday the FBI is investigating allegations that City Hall may have been politically involved in allowing renovation work to proceed without proper permits at the Webb Building on Pearl Street.

FBI Holds Forum on Civil Rights (2007-03-23)
The head of the FBI in Buffalo, Laurie Bennett, is encouraging members of the community to bring civil rights issues to her office if they feel they have been a victim of a hate crime or police brutality.

Theatre Talk: Friday, March 23, 2007 (2007-03-23)
Time for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (the play review, not Jim and Tony).

Buffalo Ready to Host First Ever International Film Festival (2007-03-23)
For the first time ever, the city will host the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival.

UB Edition: Friday, March 23, 2007 (2007-03-23)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition-- A talk about Compassionate Capitalism at UB, and the Great Lakes Program at UB

County Panel Concerned about Conditions at Parks Caretakers Houses (2007-03-23)
Conditions at caretakers homes in Erie County parks are deteriorating.

State Audit Critical of Olean Finances (2007-03-23)
An audit by State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli confirms what many residents of Olean already know -- their city government is experiencing serious fiscal problems.

Olmsted Conservancy Proclaims Parks Strong (2007-03-22)
The Olmsted Parks Conservancy Wednesday proclaimed the system a strong and growing, vital asset to the community. But literally underlined in the first State of the Parks address is the fact that the parks are under-funded.

Control Board Leader Addresses Wage Freeze and Police Overtime (2007-03-22)
One of the leaders of the Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority says she hopes the Mayor is able to negotiate a new contract with Buffalo Police.

City Inspector Examined Site of Fatal Construction Accident (2007-03-22)
The City says all the proper permits were in place when a local construction worker fell to his death at a building on Pearl Street downtown.

Lois Lowry Comes to Buffalo (2007-03-22)
Imagine a world where memory has power and can be manipulated to create utopia. That's the world children's author Lois Lowry imagined in the pages of the 1993 novel the Giver. Now, the Newberry award winning book is being brought to life on stage in Buffalo. The Theatre of youth continues performances of the play for the next two weekends. And the author will be here to give a lecture on the day of the final show, April first. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with Lowry by phone.

Advocacy Groups Join Giambra in Supporting Indian Cigarette Tax (2007-03-22)
A couple of advocacy groups joined County Executive Joel Giambra in his office Wednesday to support the Governor's efforts to collect state taxes on cigarette sales by Native American retailers to non-Indians.

City Council Supports Hiring More Cops (2007-03-21)
The Buffalo Common Council would like to see more city cops hired.

Catholic Charities Launches This Weekend, Campaign Behind Last Year's Pace (2007-03-21)
Five days remain until the official start of the annual Catholic Charities Appeal. But the campaign is already four-percent behind last year's numbers. This has prompted officials to start asking for support now.

Competency Hearing for Suspect in Women's Disappearance (2007-03-21)
A competency hearing will be held for the prime suspect in the disappearance of two elderly Southtowns women.

City Lawmakers Want Weather Museum (2007-03-21)
Buffalo Common Council members believe our weather should be a local tourist attraction and part of downtown waterfront development.

Arts Council Honors Chautauqua Institution with Lifetime Achievement Award (2007-03-21)
Thursday, the Buffalo and Erie County Arts Council will honor individuals and organizations that have contributed to the artistic fabric of life in our community.

First Day of Gallery Auction Generates $16 Million (2007-03-21)
The first day of bidding for antiquities from the Albright Knox Art Gallery ended in a $16 million bonanza Tuesday.

Commentary: Some Holocaust Refugees Found Light in America (2007-03-20)
More than 60 years later, many people are still critical that more Jewish refugees were not allowed into the United States during the Nazi holocaust. While it's important to lament the millions of lives that were lost, listener-commentator Brandon Moran shares a little bit of World War II history and the stories of nearly one thousand refugees who found their way to our shores.

Construction Worker Falls to his Death (2007-03-20)
A construction worker fell to his death from a building in downtown Buffalo.

NCAA a Big Win for CVB (2007-03-20)
The explosion of visitors to downtown Buffalo for the NCAA tournament was a slam-dunk for the Buffalo and Erie County Convention and Visitors' Bureau. Officials estimate that about 14,000 people were in town for the March Madness event.

Oncologists in Short Supply (2007-03-20)
Trends in cancer and demographics are indicating an impending medical crisis in cancer treatment. A recent study by the American Society of Clinical Oncology predicts a nation-wide shortage of oncologists as the population ages and cancer survivors live longer.

Construction Worker Falls to His Death (2007-03-20)
A construction worker fell to his death Tuesday morning from a building in downtown Buffalo. It happened inside a building on Pearl Street between Swan and Seneca.

Takac is Goo Goo over Big Easy Concert Series (2007-03-20)
Buffalo is about to play host to the Big Easy. Dozens of legendary and innovative bands from New Orleans will make their way north over the next year for a series nine concerts. Proceeds from the concerts will be used to buy musical instruments for schools in Buffalo and Niagara Falls. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls about his passion for music education and for the music makers of New Orleans.

Four-Year Plan Hinges on Tax Lien Sale (2007-03-19)
There appears to be a stalemate over the four-year fiscal plan for Erie County. The plan was rejected in January by the Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority. But the control board and the Giambra Administration disagree over who has the next move.

Anti-War Activists Mark Fourth Anniversary of Iraq War (2007-03-19)
Monday marks the fourth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war. Anti-war activists will mark the anniversary with a community event.

Meet the Author: Karolyn Smardz Frost, Mon 3/19/07 (2007-03-19)
Karolyn Smardz Frost, author of I've Got a Home in Glory Land: A Lost Tale of The Underground Railroad

St. Patrick's Day Parade Patroled by Buffalo Police, Some Officers Call In Sick (2007-03-19)
Several thousand people turned out for Buffalo's 66th annual Saint Patrick's Day parade Sunday. Officials say there were about 170 different units in the parade, along Delaware Avenue from Niagara Square to North Street.

Safety Concerns for Public Housing Workers (2007-03-19)
The City union that represents Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority employees says it is concerned for the safety of its workers.

Flooding along Tonawanda Creek Less Severe than Expected (2007-03-17)
A flood warning continues for Tonawanda Creek along the border of Erie and Niagara Counties.

Three More Buffalo Schools Added to State's SURR List (2007-03-16)
Three more Buffalo schools were added to the state's SURR list Thursday -- Schools Under Registration Review -- for falling short of state standards.

Hump-Headed Dragon Hatched at Buffalo Zoo (2007-03-16)
The Buffalo Zoo is welcoming its newest member -- a hump-headed dragon.

Judge Dismisses Suit to Block Art Sale (2007-03-16)
The Albright-Knox Art Gallery's sale of more than 200 antiquities can move forward as planned next week after a judge Friday refused to block it.

UB Edition: Friday, March 16, 2007 (2007-03-16)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition-- Recent fertility research from UB, and Forensic dentists at the university are learning how to identify victims after a fire through their fillings.

UB Signs "Climate Neutrality" Commitment (2007-03-16)
University at Buffalo President John Simpson has signed a "commitment" to achieve "climate neutrality" by reducing greenhouse emissions. He says the university is taking a leadership role in combating global warming by signing the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment.

Theatre Talk: Friday, March 16, 2007 (2007-03-16)
Something Wicked this way comes to Shea's... is it puppet nudity?

Flooding along Tonawanda Creek, More Snow Coming (2007-03-16)
The weather forecast includes snow for the entire region, and possible heavy flooding in some areas.

Police Commissioner Says Staffing Levels Thursday Were Normal (2007-03-15)
Buffalo Police staffing levels have remained normal despite ongoing rumors of a job action.

Judge Will Decide Fate of Art Sale Friday (2007-03-15)
The fate of 207 pieces of art is now in the hands a State Supreme Court judge. Justice Diane Devlin Thursday heard arguments from both sides in a heated battle over the Albright Knox Art Gallery's plan to deaccession the antiquities.

Neglia Ballet Artists Present "Spartacus" (2007-03-15)
Neglia Ballet Artists return to the stage this weekend with a special presentation of "Spartacus." It has been three years since Neglia has presented this dramatic production.

Lawyer Re-Appointed to Kopp Federal Case (2007-03-15)
Federal Judge Richard Arcara has re-appointed a public defender to represent anti-abortion extremist James Kopp.

NFTA Adding Transportation Service for Basketball Tournament (2007-03-15)
As the NCAA basketball begins at HSBC Arena, the NFTA has added extra transportation for fans.

A Conversation with Doug Scott, a Leading Expert on Wilderness Preservation (2007-03-15)
One of the nation's leading experts on wilderness preservation is visiting the region this week. Doug Scott, policy director for the Campaign for America's Wilderness, is here advocating for the continued preservation of the Allegheny National Forest.

County Legislator Seeks Law to Close Hiring Loophole (2007-03-15)
Erie County lawmaker Michele Ianello proposed a local law Thursday that would give the legislature power to reject any line item or expenditure -- including personnel.

Threat of Police Job Action Easing (2007-03-14)
The threat of a police work slowdown this weekend may be easing.

Giambra Calls Control Board an Annoyance (2007-03-14)
Erie County Executive Joel Giambra said Tuesday that the county is doing just fine and there is no need for a control board.

Governor Signs Workers Comp Reform Legislation (2007-03-14)
Governor Spitzer signed a bill Tuesday reforming the state's workers compensation system.

Art Gallery Members Support Sale of Antiquities (2007-03-14)
The controversial plan to sell 207 antique art works from the collection of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery appears to have strong support from gallery members.

County Legislators Discuss Capital Borrowing (2007-03-14)
Erie County legislators met for about three hours Tuesday to discuss county borrowing for capital projects in the coming year.

State Trooper Injured while Investigating Drug Deal (2007-03-14)
A state trooper was injured in the line of duty Tuesday evening on Buffalo's West Side.

Senecas Rally in Buffalo against Spitzer Tax Plan (2007-03-14)
Hundreds of people, most of them Native Americans, rallied in Niagara Square Tuesday to protest Governor Spitzer's tax plan. Spitzer says the state will collect taxes on sales of cigarettes and gasoline by Seneca Nation of Indian retailers to non-Indians.

Sanchez Charged with Joan Diver's Murder (2007-03-13)
The expected indictment of accused bike path killer Altemio Sanchez in last September's murder of Joan Diver of Clarence was finally presented by a grand jury Monday.

Erie County and Amherst IDAs Begin Merger Talks (2007-03-13)
Erie County's two largest economic development agencies took the first step Monday toward becoming one. The Erie County Industrial Development Agency voted to begin merger talks with the Amherst Industrial Development Agency.

Audit Finds County Is Properly Spending Homeland Security Funding (2007-03-13)
An audit by Erie County Comptroller Mark Poloncarz finds that the county is appropriately spending millions of dollars in federal and state homeland security funding.

Police Officers Take Personal, Vacation Days This Weekend (2007-03-13)
Many police officers are refusing to sign up for overtime this weekend, and are planning to take personal or vacation days on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Warming Trend Prompts Issuance of Flood Watch (2007-03-13)
A flood watch is in effect for Erie and Chautauqua Counties from 2pm Tuesday afternoon through Thursday afternoon.

Commentary: The 14th Annual Old Neighborhood St. Patrick's Day Parade (2007-03-13)
Tens of thousands of people are expected to turn out for Sunday's St. Patrick's Day Parade along Delaware Avenue in Buffalo. But in the Old First Ward, revelers will gather a day earlier for their own parade, one that listener-commentator Peg Overdorf says is getting bigger every year.

Albright-Knox Members Discuss Controversial Antiquities Sale (2007-03-13)
About 600 members of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery took part in a membership meeting at Kleinhans Music Hall Monday night to discuss the Gallery's plans to sell many of its antiquities.

Tourism Officials Prepare for Influx of Basketball Fans (2007-03-12)
Buffalo will once again play host to the first two rounds of the NCAA men's basketball tournament this week. The tourney is expected to bring 12,000 visitors to Buffalo.

Catholic Diocese Announces Church Closings, Mergers (2007-03-12)
The Buffalo Catholic Diocese has announced the first phase of parish restructuring. Ten parishes and one mission will merge into five parishes as part of the Diocese's "Journey in Faith and Grace" strategic plan.

A Conversation with Sabres Goalie Ryan Miller (2007-03-12)
Did you ever wonder how much the equipment weighs that Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller wears? Or how he deals with the pressure as the starting goalie and what he likes about Buffalo?

Police Call Off Search for Missing Family (2007-03-09)
Buffalo police have called off their search for a woman and her three young daughters who had been missing for several days

State Comptroller Creates Commission to Study His Office Operations (2007-03-09)
State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli announced the creation Thursday of a special commission to review the management and operations of the comptroller's office.

Benefit for African American Cultural Groups (2007-03-09)
Buffalo's African American cultural groups are holding a fundraising benefit Friday night.

UB Edition: Friday, March 9, 2007 (2007-03-09)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition-- A UB business professor goes behind the scenes to learn the secrets of management behind the fast food counter, and UB is helping the community deal with violence in schools.

Mars Photographer Shares Images and Stories (2007-03-09)
The Buffalo Museum of Science ss offering a show and tell tomorrow that is out of this world. The lead scientist to photograph Mars will bring some of the first pictures ever taken of the red planet. Cornell astronomy professor Jim Bell will talk about the remarkable images and share stories from inside the Mars Rover Mission.

Niagara Falls Airport Welcomes Return of Passenger Service (2007-03-09)
For the first time in almost six years, a commercial plane brought passengers to the Niagara Falls International Airport Friday morning.

No Fees for Youth Sports Programs Using Olmsted Parks (2007-03-09)
Mayor Byron Brown says youth athletics programs will not have to pay a fee to use the city's Olmsted Parks.

State Funding Earmarked for Demolition of Old Housing Project (2007-03-09)
Six dilapidated buildings that were once part of a public housing complex on Buffalo's East Side are coming down.

Theatre Talk: Friday, March 9, 2007 (2007-03-09)
Might Jim sleep with the fishes because of his reference to the Niagara University theater group?

Mayor Won't Second Guess Schools Superintendent's Decision on Suspended Students (2007-03-09)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is standing behind the schools superintendent's decision to allow six suspended Visual and Performing Arts students to return to school.

Buffalo VA Hospital Tells a Different Story (2007-03-08)
Reports about shoddy care and conditions at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center have raised concerns about veterans hospitals around the country. Locally, roughly 40,000 veterans are treated each year through the Western New York VA healthcare system. The far reaching network encompasses two hospitals and seven clinics throughout the region. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak went to have a look inside the main facility in Buffalo to find out how vets are being treated here.

Court Security Downtown Turned Over to State Court System (2007-03-08)
The Erie County Sheriff's Department will relinquish security functions at court facilities in downtown Buffalo to the State Unified Court System, effective Thursday.

Convicted Killer Gets Maximum Sentence for Death of Sister Karen (2007-03-08)
The man who murdered a Roman Catholic nun in Buffalo was sentenced to the maximum of 25-years to life in prison.

SUNY Chancellor John Ryan to Step Down (2007-03-08)
State University of New York Chancellor John Ryan is resigning.

Health Care Workers Rally at the Capitol in Opposition to State Cuts (2007-03-08)
Representatives from Buffalo area hospitals joined others from across the state Wednesday to protest Governor Spitzer's plan to cut $1.3 billion in health care spending next year. They rallied on the steps of the State Capitol.

Students Plan New Assault, Superintendent Backed by Education Commissioner (2007-03-08)
Three of the six students suspended for fighting returned to their classroom last month by Buffalo Schools Superintendent James Williams may have been planning a new assault against the student that was attacked at the school in November.

Cultural Tourism Group Names Director (2007-03-07)
A new regional group that hopes to promote cultural tourism has named an executive director. Former Empire State Development project manager Florine Luhr was appointed to head the new group.

Council Members Seek "Blue Flu" Contigency Plan (2007-03-07)
Three Buffalo Common Council members have introduced a bill that seeks a detailed plan from the police commissioner for dealing with a possible "sick out" by city police officers.

Jury Convicts Man in Restaurant Owner Shooting (2007-03-07)
An Erie County court jury Tuesday night found Ahmir Cole guilty of all charges in connection with the shooting death of Main Street restaurant owner George Pitliangas on Good Friday of last year.

Unshackle Upstate Pushes for Changes to Help Businesses Compete (2007-03-07)
They call themselves Unshackle Upstate, and they brought their message to Albany Tuesday. The organization is a coalition of businesses and trade groups representing thousands of companies employing more than one million people across New York.

Hoyt Calls for Commission to Study School District Consolidation (2007-03-07)
State Assemblyman Sam Hoyt is calling for the creation of a new state commission that would study the consolidation of school districts in New York.

Director Appointed to Lead Cultural Tourism Initiative (2007-03-07)
A former Empire State Development project manager was named to head a new cultural tourism initiative. Florine Luhr was appointed executive director of Advancing Arts and Culture Buffalo Niagara.

Health Care Workers Rally against Proposed Budget Cuts (2007-03-07)
More than 3,000 health care workers and patients from across the state traveled to Albany Wednesday for a rally opposing Governor Spitzer's proposed $1 billion in health care cuts.

Officer Andolina Nominated for National Recognition (2007-03-06)
Buffalo Police Officer Carl Andolina has been nominated for an all-star law enforcement contest.

Ted Koppel Reports on "Our Children's Children's War" (2007-03-06)
Many Americans believe the war on terror began after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. But in a documentary that airs on the Discovery Channel this Sunday night at 9:00, Correspondent Ted Koppel makes the case that this is a war that has been fought for the past 25 years and will continue for generations to come.

SCHOOL CLOSINGS (2007-03-06)
The following schools and school districts are closed today, March 6, 2007.

Commentary: A Caring Teacher (2007-03-06)
Listener-Commentator Nicole Kaznowski is training to become an English teacher. And it appears she'll be a good one, because she seems to care about the young people she's teaching.

Unusually Cold March Weather (2007-03-06)
Very cold weather gripped the Buffalo Niagara region Tuesday morning.

Olmsted Parks Conservancy Seeks Volunteers for Tree Planting (2007-03-06)
The Olmsted Parks Conservancy is seeking volunteers to plant more than 500 trees in Buffalo's Omsted parks system this spring.

Efficiency Grants Still Out of Reach for Erie County (2007-03-05)
Erie County officials and lawmakers trying to collect efficiency grant dollars available through the state will have to go back and sharpen their pencils. Three applications were stalled by the Fiscal Stability Authority last week.

Petition Calls for End to Vicious Hockey Head Shots (2007-03-05)
A Buffalo Sabres fan is circulating a petition that calls on the National Hockey League to change its policy and stop vicious head shots.

Friday Deadline for Signing Up for Police Exam (2007-03-02)
The Buffalo Police Department wraps up an ambitious recruitment drive for its upcoming police exam Friday.

UB Edition: Friday, March 2, 2007 (2007-03-02)
UB Edition was pre-empted this week by the WBFO Spring 2007 Fundraiser.

More Violence at City Schools (2007-03-02)
There has been more trouble in the Buffalo school system. A fight, apparently gang-related, broke out in Burgard High School on Kensington Avenue.

Philharmonic Performs Beethoven and Dylan (2007-03-02)
Beethoven and Bob Dylan will share the spotlight this weekend at Kleinhans. The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra will perform a unique concert featuring Beethoven's fourth symphony and a new composition inspired by the lyrics of Bob Dylan.

Theatre Talk: Friday, March 2, 2007 (2007-03-02)
A noted Buffalo playwright celebrates another birthday.

Grand Jury Votes to Indict Sanchez in Diver Murder (2007-03-02)
The grand jury investigating the Joan Diver slaying on a Newstead bike path last September has voted to indict Altemio Sanchez of Cheektowaga in the case.

State Leaders Agree on Civil Confinement Law (2007-03-02)
The state's most dangerous sex offenders would be locked up in psychiatric centers after their prison terms end if a court determines they continue to pose a threat to the public. Governor Spitzer and legislative leaders agreed yesterday on a new civil confinement law.

Buffalo Police Wrap Up Recruitment Drive (2007-03-02)
The Buffalo Police department wraps up an ambitious recruitment drive for its upcoming police exam.

State Legislators Introduce Bills to Save St. Joseph Hospital (2007-03-02)
State legislation to save Saint Joseph Hospital from being closed has been submitted in Albany.

PBA Denies Officers Are Planning a "Sick Out" (2007-03-02)
City officials are denying reports of a massive officer sick call being planned for the weekend of March 17th and 18th.

Assembly Republicans Seek Stricter Punishment of Repeat Misdemeanor Offenders (2007-03-01)
Republicans in the State Assembly introduced legislation Wednesday that would require repeat misdemeanor offenders in New York to spend at least a year in jail.

Study Praises Kaleida Transplant Services (2007-03-01)
Kaleida Health says a recent medical study has Buffalo General Hospital as the best in Western New York for transplants.

School Board Keeps Bilingual Early Childhood Center Open (2007-03-01)
The Buffalo Board of Education voted Wednesday night to keep School 36, the Bilingual Early Childhood Center, open for an additional two years.

Police Commissioner Reacts to Possible "Sick-Out" by Officers (2007-03-01)
Buffalo Police Commissioner McCarthy Gipson says he may be forced to prepare a contingency plan to counter a possible job action by city police officers.

Rogovin Native American Exhibit Opens at Castallani Art Museum (2007-03-01)
For the first time, a brand new collection of works by Milton Rogovin will be on display at the Castellani Art Museum of Niagara University. The exhibit features Native American photos and begins Friday. Rogovin, a Buffalo resident, is now in his late 90s.

St. Joe's Student Dies of Meningitis (2007-03-01)
Erie County Health Department officials Wednesday confirmed that a student from St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute has died of meningitis.

Higgins Says Courthouse Construction Will Begin by Labor Day (2007-03-01)
The General Services Administration in Washington is telling the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee that it is giving the go-ahead for construction to start on the long-delayed federal courthouse in downtown Buffalo.

Agreement on Workers Compensation Reforms (2007-02-28)
State, labor and business officials agreed Tuesday on long awaited workers' compensation reform.

A Historic Building Restored for New Living (2007-02-28)
More new apartments have been added in downtown Buffalo.

Soldier from Niagara Falls Killed in Iraq (2007-02-28)
A Niagara Falls soldier is the first 2007 Iraqi combat fatality from Western New York.

Largest Drum Circle Planned for Buffalo (2007-02-28)
The community is invited to a peace gathering this Saturday that organizers hope will be the biggest drum circle Buffalo has ever seen. The Power of Peace and Healing day begins at the Church on Delaware with a drum workshop by master drummer Fred Goodnight. It continues in the evening with an event that will feature ceremonies to heal the spirit of the community - and to heal the trees devastated by the October storm.

A Push for Clean Coal Power Plants (2007-02-27)
U-S Senator Hillary Clinton plans to introduce legislation Tuesday called the Strategic Energy Fund for researching and developing clean energy

Evidence Found in Decades Old Mob Hit (2007-02-27)
Buffalo Police Commissioner McCarthy Gipson is responding quickly to a broadcast report last week about missing evidence in a high-profile cold case. He revealed yesterday that evidence thought to be lost from the 1980 mob-murder of William Sciolino was found in a storage area of Police Headquarters.

Hillary Clinton Limits Media Questions at Tonawanda Appearance (2007-02-27)
US Senator Hillary Clinton appeared in Tonawanda Monday at the NRG Huntley Power Plant on River Road.

Study Says Travel and Tourism Generates $1.1 Billion for Local Economy (2007-02-27)
A year-long study of travel and tourism in New York found that the industry generated more than $1.1 billion in direct visitor spending locally in 2005.

Audit Finds Inappropriate Use of School Computers in Newfane (2007-02-27)
A state audit released Monday shows that eight of twelve laptop computers examined in the Newfane school district were used for personal business.

Time Closing in to Upgrade Computers (2007-02-27)
Technology experts warn about the silent clock that is ticking on a possible technology meltdown. Because of a new energy policy, Daylight Savings Time comes three weeks earlier this year on March 11. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak has more on how some local public services are springing into action to prevent computer disruptions.

Sanchez's Wife Subpoenaed by Grand Jury (2007-02-27)
The wife of suspected bike path rapist Altemio Sanchez has been subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury Wednesday morning.

Biron and Novotny Traded, Sabres Acquire Washington's Zubrus (2007-02-27)
The Buffalo Sabres lost two players and gained four new ones Tuesday. The Sabres traded Winger Jiri Novotny and the team's first round pick in this year's draft to the Washington Capitols for Winger Dainius Zubrus and Defenseman Timo Helbling. Earlier, the Sabres traded goaltender Martin Biron to Philadelphia and acquired a new back-up for that position, Ty Conklin from Columbus.

Commentary: An Alternative Plan for Iraq (2007-02-27)
The U-S House of Representatives recently passed a non-binding resolution against President Bush's plan for a troop surge. Listener-Commentator Paul Reitan has his own questions about a surge and offers an alternative plan for dealing with the violence in Iraq.

Shooting Suspect Has History of Psychiatric Troubles (2007-02-26)
The teenager accused of shooting two Buffalo police officers back in December has a past history of psychiatric troubles. That is according to his attorney and the father of 19-year-old Varner Harris.

Debate Over Mandatory HPV Vaccine Spreading (2007-02-26)
Exciting news about a new vaccine to prevent cervical cancer is quickly turning controversial before some even know what it is. The drug maker and some lawmakers are pushing to make the vaccine against the Human Papillomavirus, or HPV, mandatory for school age girls.

Grand Jury Likely to Hear Evidence This Week in Henchen Case (2007-02-26)
The man who remains a person of interest in the disappearance of two elderly women from Colden and Marilla remains behind bars on a parole violation. And now the Erie County District Attorney says he expects a grand jury to hear evidence in a home invasion this week against that same man.

Erie County Lawmakers Take No Action to Stop Art Sale (2007-02-23)
A committee of the Erie County Legisalture Thursday failed to take action after hearing arguments from both sides in the heated controversy over the planned sale of 207 antiquities by the Albright Knox Art Gallery.

Schumer Proposes Alternative to Passports (2007-02-23)
Unites States Senator Charles Schumer said Thursday that requiring a passport to cross the international borders would hurt just about every aspect of life in Buffalo. Schumer was in Buffalo to announce his proposed legislation that calls for derailing the passport rule.

Higgins Supports Labor Free Choice (2007-02-23)
United States Congressman Brian Higgins is pledging his support for a bill that would help workers organize.

UB Edition: Friday, February 23, 2007 (2007-02-23)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition-- Researcher from the School of Dental Medicine look at treating cavities without using a drill and wellness awareness day at the university

Theatre Talk: Friday, February 23, 2007 (2007-02-23)
Jim and Tony remember an Oscar-winning lyricist from Western New York.

Community Theatre Going Strong in Springville (2007-02-22)
The movie spoof "Waiting for Guffman" has given community theatre a bit of a bad rap.

Buffalo Art Keepers Fight Art Gallery's Sale of Antiquities (2007-02-22)
In the museum world, it's called de-accessioning. But among many local art lovers that's a dirty word.

Buffalo Teachers Union Outraged with return of Suspended Students (2007-02-22)
Buffalo Teachers Federation president Phil Rumore is outraged over the superintendent's decision to send some suspended students back to the classroom.

Big Economic Boost for Amherst (2007-02-22)
Amherst is getting a big economic boost. Governor Spitzer appeared at the CrossPoint Business Park in Amherst yesterday to announce that Citicorp is expanding its operations.

Mayor says Best Days are Ahead for City (2007-02-21)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says the best days are ahead for the City. Brown delivered his first State of the City Address Tuesday to a crowd of more than 1,100 at the Buffalo Convention Center.

Meet the Author: Jeremy Schaap, Tue 2/20/07 (2007-02-21)
Jeremy Schaap, author of Triumph: The Untold Story of Jesse Owens and Hitler's Olympics

Officer Andolina talks about injured partner (2007-02-21)
One of the Buffalo Police officers shot in December appeared at Tuesday's State of the City Address.

Investing in more City Neighborhoods (2007-02-21)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown says he plans to launch a new program this year called Neighborhoods of Choice.

It's Paczki Day! (2007-02-20)
The day before Ash Wednesday is traditionally known as Fat Tuesday or shrove Tuesday.

Higgins Wants Democrats to Flex Their Muscles on Security (2007-02-20)
United States Congressman Brian Higgins has a plan to scrap the proposed passport requirement for travel across the Canadian border. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with the Democratic Congressman about his party's new power of the purse strings.

Mr. & Miss Engineer Pageant at UB (2007-02-20)
Talent from some unexpected students was on display at U-B's Student Union Monday.

Buffalo Democrats Favor Hillary (2007-02-20)
A new poll of Buffalo Democrats finds that city residents favor Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's 2008 presidential candidacy over that of Senator Barack Obama by a two to one margin, at 39% to 19%.

Senecas Say Fed Review is Not Their Concern (2007-02-19)
Last month, a federal judge ruled that the process was flawed in declaring the Seneca's Buffalo casino site "Indian land." A federal gaming commission review of the process was ordered. But the Seneca Nation of Indians says it doesn't need to be part of that new review process. And the facility continues to go up.

Giambra's Last State of the County Address (2007-02-17)
Erie County Executive Joel Giambra delivered his final State of the County address Thursday.

ECMC Donates $10,000 for Gun Buyback (2007-02-17)
The Erie County Medical Center presented a $10,000 check Friday to Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown for his gun buyback program.

Witness Picks Out Henchen in Orchard Park Home Invasion (2007-02-17)
A man suspected of terrorizing elderly women in the Southtowns was picked out in a police line-up Friday.

Theatre Talk: Friday, February 16, 2007 (2007-02-16)
Always thinking theater, Jim celebrates four feet of show! (Uh, Jim, that's SNOW....)

Vagina Monologues Raising Awareness and Money for WNY Victims (2007-02-16)
Audiences were shocked - and probably curious - when the Vagina Monologues first premiered on Broadway nine years ago. But now, audiences around the world, including Buffalo, are more familiar and more comfortable with the title. They know it's about grabbing people's attention to help reclaim peace and end violence against women. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak has more on the special significance of this year's Buffalo performance of the Vagina Monologues. And more on the evolution of its name.

UB Edition: Friday, February 16, 2007 (2007-02-16)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition-- The university celebrates National Girls and Women in Sports Day, and research that tests a nasal spray to helps dentists do their work

Slaughter Cosponsors Bill on Cross-Border Travel (2007-02-15)
Congresswoman Louise Slaughter is co-sponsoring legislation that would make sure a proposed passport requirement to cross the U.S.-Canadian border does not adversely affect trade and tourism.

Snow Moves Out, Moderating Temperatures on Horizon (2007-02-15)
Buffalo will be getting a break from the stormy weather of the past two weeks.

Zoo Kicks off Ambitious Campaign (2007-02-15)
The elephant house is one of the oldest buildings at the Buffalo Zoo and now an effort is underway to renovate it.

School Board Launches Ethics Investigation of Hernandez (2007-02-15)
The Buffalo Board of Education Wednesday night voted to conduct an ethics investigation of West District Board Member Ralph Hernandez.

Hunter's Hope Foundation Sends Valentine to Community (2007-02-14)
The Hunter's Hope Foundation is once again celebrating Hunter's Day of Hope. But Wednesday's scheduled event has been postponed until Saturday because of the weather.

Civisca Brings Romance to Buffalo (2007-02-14)
One of Buffalo's most romantic crooners is coming home to celebrate the romance of Valentine's Day this weekend. Michael Civisca's concert was originally scheduled for October. But the surprise snow storm put the event on ice for awhile. But Civisca promises a romantic show this Saturday night that will warm the hearts of lovers. The show is at Rockwell Hall, beginning at 8:00 PM. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with Civisca and his new producer Scott Behrend.

UN Global Warming Expert Weighs in on Climate Change in WNY (2007-02-14)
A global warming expert from the United Nations was in Buffalo this week offering his expertise on the subject.

Heart Success Week (2007-02-14)
As today marks Valentine's Day, it is a perfect time to think about the health of your heart. It is Heart Success Week in the Buffalo area.

Winter Storm Hits WNY, Conditions Worse to the East (2007-02-14)
Buffalo is escaping the brunt of a major winter storm that is affecting much of the eastern US. Officially, just under six inches of snow fell at the airport weather station.

SCHOOL CLOSINGS (2007-02-14)
The following school districts and schools are closed Wednesday, February 14, 2007:

A Valentine's Day Kidney! (2007-02-13)
Usually when people think of Valentine's day, they think hearts. For Pearl and Byron Hamilton, their thoughts will be on kidneys.

Mayor Stands by Fire Contract (2007-02-13)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown stands by the contract he negoiated with city fire fighters.

Catholic Diocese Service Corps Sends Grads into the Real World (2007-02-13)
People can't seem to get enough of reality TV shows. Those secret glimpses into the rowdy lifestyles and back-biting drama of shows such as MTV's the Real World. Well, there's a "real world" experience right here in Buffalo that college graduates are actually invited to join. But there won't be any cameras, or back biting...and probably no wild parties. The Buffalo Catholic Diocese Service Corps offers communal living in the real, "real world."

Heavy Snow Warning for Western New York (2007-02-13)
Western New York is bracing for a big winter storm.

Commentary: A Western New York Valentine (2007-02-13)
Articles are often written about Western New Yorkers who have left the region for greener pastures. But listener-commentator Christina Abt asks why do the writers of these articles dump on Buffalo while touting their own communities.

City Firefighters Overwhelmingly Reject New Contract (2007-02-12)
Buffalo firefighters Sunday overwhelmingly rejected a new contract proposal that would have provided raises in exchange for benefit concessions.

Mt. St. Joseph Reaches Out to Nearby North Buffalo School (2007-02-12)
Mount Saint Joseph Academy in Buffalo has reached out to one of the catholic elementary schools slated to close at the end of this school year.

Designating Hertel Avenue as "Little Italy" (2007-02-12)
A portion of Hertel Avenue in Buffalo would be designated as "Little Italy" under a recently-released proposal by Delaware District Council Member Michael LoCurto.

Study says Child Care is a Big Part of Buffalo's Economy (2007-02-12)
A new, local study finds that child care is an important part of Buffalo's economy. The Cornell study -- Buffalo Child Care Means business -- examines the strong need for quality child care in the city.

Siena Poll Finds Half of New Yorkers Oppose Nickel Deposit on Water, Juice Bottles (2007-02-12)
A poll by the Siena Research Institute finds more than half of all New Yorkers oppose Governor Spitzer's proposal to add a five cent deposit on bottled water, juice and ice tea containers.

One in 150 American Children have Autism (2007-02-09)
There are more autism cases in the U-S than previously estimated. That is according to a new study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Giambra Pitches ECC City Campus Improvements to Legislators (2007-02-09)
The Erie County Executive pitched his capital improvement plan to the County Legislature's Management and Finance Committee meeting Thursday.

Frontier School Administrators Meet with Parents about Sexual Predators (2007-02-09)
Parents met with Frontier School officials and police Thursday night to discuss the arrests of at least five district employees on child pornography or related charges since late 2004, the most recent last week.

Schumer Critical of Medicare Cuts in Bush Budget (2007-02-09)
US Senator Charles Schumer says upstate hospitals would lose $700 million in federal Medicare funding during the next five years under President Bush's proposed 2008 budget. He says hospitals in Western New York could lose $145 million over five years.

SUNY Chancellor Makes Case for Additional State Funding (2007-02-09)
SUNY Chancellor John Ryan is asking for more state funding on top of what Governor Spitzer is recommending in his proposed state budget.

UB Edition: Friday, February 9, 2007 (2007-02-09)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition-- University researchers improve athletic endurance going against conventional wisdom, and a play a the university performed in French

Theatre Talk: Friday, February 9, 2007 (2007-02-09)
Does Jim have ringworm, or does he need a hearing aid?

Jacobs Decides Not to Run for Top County Post (2007-02-08)
One more name was added to the list yesterday of those who will not run for Erie County Executive. Former New York Secretary of State and Buffalo School Board member Christopher Jacobs bowed out of consideration on Wednesday.

Holt's Seat Ruled Vacant (2007-02-08)
A State Supreme Court Justice Wednesday ruled that Erie County lawmaker George Holt has lost his third district seat in the legislature.

New York Tops in US in Advanced Placement Test Results (2007-02-07)
New York leads the nation in the number of high school graduates who score highly on Advanced Placement tests.

Heart of Providence Community Lives On (2007-02-07)
Twenty-years ago a community was founded in Buffalo that brought able-bodied and disabled people together to live as a family. Now, the head of that family, Sister Rose Mary Cauley is retiring in March and the other family members are looking for new homes. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak has more on the closing of Providence Community.

Free HIV Testing Available Wednesday (2007-02-07)
Community health advocates and religious leaders are teaming up to motivate African Americans to get tested for HIV/AIDS.

Higgins Critical of LIHEAP Funding Cut in President's Budget (2007-02-07)
Congressman Brian Higgins is critical of President Bush for cutting million of dollars in next year's budget for a home heating program for the poor.

Buffalo's Nobel Laureate Still Researching at Age 90 (2007-02-07)
On February 14th, Nobel Laureate Dr. Herbert Hauptman will celebrate his 90th birthday. He's still working and says he has no plans to retire. Dr. Hauptman sat down for an interview with WBFO's Eileen Buckley.

SCHOOL CLOSINGS (2007-02-06)
The following school districts and schools are closed Tuesday, February 6, 2007:

Commentary: Grassroots Geriatrics (2007-02-06)
As the baby-boom generation ages, their care could become a key issue for society. Listener-Commentator Dr. Robert Stall says now is the time to start planning with what he calls "grassroots geriatrics."

Wintry Weather Pattern Will Continue (2007-02-06)
The Buffalo area has been in the grip of dangerous winds chills for a couple of days now. Single digit temperatures combined with sustained winds in the 20 to 30 mile per hour range are to blame.

Bitter Cold Socks School Calendars (2007-02-06)
The sub-zero weather blast has blown apart school calendars across Western New York. The latest round from Mother Nature took away the last remaining snow day for districts already scrambling to reclaim student days following the October storm.

Dangerous Wind Chills Close Schools, Lake Snows Accumulate Two to Three Feet (2007-02-05)
High winds continued across the region Monday morning. A wind chill advisory continues through Tuesday morning, with temperatures in the single digits and wind chills as low as minus 25.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre Coming to Shea's Performing Arts Center (2007-02-05)
The world famous Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre will be performing two shows in Buffalo next week at Shea's Performing Arts Center.

Peace Groups at Odds over Israeli-Palestinian Crisis (2007-02-05)
Two organizations in Buffalo that have the words "peace" in their names are at odds when it comes to addressing the ongoing violence in the Middle East. Tensions between the two groups escalated late last week when one of them issued a scathing report challenging the other's position on the issue.

Legislature Chair Honored and Challenged (2007-02-05)
The Erie County Legislature's first chairwoman is getting some mixed messages. Last week ended with "Lynn Marinelli Day." The legislature recognized her for receiving the Susan B. Anthony Award for outstanding accomplishments by a woman. But this week, Marinelli waits to find out from a judge if she overstepped her leadership role.

It's National Weatherman's Day (2007-02-05)
You might not be feeling good about today's weather forecast. Another cold, wintry day is on the way. But it is National Weatherman's Day. And the chief meteorologist at the Buffalo office of the National Weather Service says he and his colleagues appreciate the recognition.

SCHOOL CLOSINGS (2007-02-05)
The following school districts and schools are closed Monday, February 5, 2007: The following school districts and schools are closed Monday, February 5, 2007:

Catholic Health System Suit to Stop Hospital Closing Dismissed (2007-02-03)
A judge has dimissed a lawsuit from the Catholic Health System to stop the closing of St. Joseph Hospital in Cheektowaga.

Judge Rejects Tainted Grand Jury Argument in Sanchez Case (2007-02-02)
State Supreme Court Justice Christopher Burns has dismissed a motion from the attorney of accused bike path killer Altemio Sanchez that the grand jury which handed up indictments was tainted by the publicity surrounding the case.

Theatre Talk: Friday, February 2, 2007 (2007-02-02)
Tony tells us that he was not in Buffalo thirty years ago this week for the infamous Blizzard of '77, although Jim doubts Tony's reason for missing the excitement.

Firefighters Union Will Not Hold Rank-and-File Contract Ratification Vote (2007-02-02)
The Buffalo firefighters union is doing an about-face, as union leaders say they will not submit a new five-year contract for a vote by rank and file members.

County Legislature Approves Stadium Video Board Financing (2007-02-02)
Plans to install a state-of-the-art video scoreboard at county-owned Ralph Wilson Stadium cleared a key hurdle Thursday.

Ground Hog Weather Predictor (2007-02-02)
Today is Ground Hog Day -- and while Pennsylvania has Punxsutawney Phil -- Western New York has Dunkirk Dave.

UB Edition: Friday, February 2, 2007 (2007-02-02)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition-- The university turns a greener shade of UB Blue, and a university researcher drills into Arctic mud to find evidence of climate change.

Judge Reserves Decision in Holt Case (2007-02-02)
The Erie County Legislature met Thursday in regular session, but without former Legislator George Holt. And Holt will have to wait until sometime next week to find out if he can return to his seat in chambers. A state Supreme Court Justice Thursday reserved decision in the matter.

PBA Plans to Sue Control Board over Wage Freeze (2007-02-01)
The leader of the Buffalo Police union says he is ready to take the control board to court over the wage freeze.

Spitzer's Budget Adds Funding for Schools in Need, Distressed Cities (2007-02-01)
Governor Eliot Spitzer's proposed $120.6 state budget is getting some initial kudos from those who will have to approve it.

County Legislature Republicans Unveil '07 Agenda (2007-02-01)
The Republican minority in the Erie County Legislature presented their "Seven for '07" agenda Wednesday at a news conference in Williamsville.

Control Board Approves Firefighters Contract (2007-02-01)
The Buffalo Fiscal Stability Authority approved the city's contract with Buffalo firefighters.

Super Bowl Biggest Gambling Event of the Year (2007-02-01)
Super Bowl Sunday is just a few days away. It's the largest gambling event of the year.

Governor Unveils Property Tax Cut Plan (2007-01-31)
Governor Eliot Spitzer releases his first state budget Wednesday. He's promising property tax cuts for middle class families as well as more aid to schools and municipalities.

New York's Top Prosecutor Unaware Rape Statute Changed (2007-01-31)
Earlier this week WBFO told you about the elimination of a statute of limitations that will help police and prosecutors with future rape cases. Surprisingly, it is an historic change in the law of which even some top officials are unaware. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak's has this update on the story.

City Council Approves Tentative Fire Contract (2007-01-31)
A tentative contract that would lift the City's wage freeze for Buffalo Fire Fighters has received its first round of approvals.

Arts Grant Will Fund Performing Arts in Buffalo, Niagara Falls Schools (2007-01-31)
The Arts in Education Institute of Western New York has been awarded a $95,000 grant it will use for art programs in the Buffalo and Niagara Falls city school districts.

Cuomo Teams with Buffalo to Cut Homicide Caseload (2007-01-31)
The state Attorney General is lending some manpower to help Buffalo eliminate a backlog of homicide cases in the city.

Spitzer Unveils Education Reforms (2007-01-30)
Governor Eliot Spitzer is calling for dramatic changes in the way schools in New York are funded and held accountable.

Attorney for Accused Bike Path Killer says Grand Jury was Tainted (2007-01-30)
The man accused of being the bike path killer was back in a Buffalo courtroom Monday.

Commentary: Discriminatory Traffic Policy (2007-01-30)
Many cities have car pool lanes on their busy expressways that require at least two people to be in a car to use them. But now transportation officials have come up with a new idea to help motorists avoid heavy traffic -- an idea that listener-commentator Joe Rizzo finds discriminatory.

Judge Upholds Hard Control Period for Erie County (2007-01-30)
The Giambra administration's legal challenge of the Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority's decision to become a hard control board has been rejected in court.

Employer Provided Health Insurance on the Decline in New York (2007-01-30)
Researchers at Univera Healthcare have found a slow, steady decline of employer-provided health coverage in New York, and a fast-growing dependence on government health programs such as Medicaid.

Holt Files Suit to Retain Legislative Seat (2007-01-30)
George Holt is taking legal action to regain his third district seat in the Erie County Legislature.

Schumer Offers Plan for Reaching Out to Middle Class (2007-01-29)
US Senator Charles Schumer played a key role in helping the Democrats win a majority of the seats in the Senate last Fall. Now in a new book, he's making the case on how the Democrats can build on that next year. If they handle it right, says Schumer, the Democrats could become the dominant party for years to come.

Sabres Foundation Holds Online Auction of Signed Jerseys (2007-01-29)
If you're a Sabres fan or need a great gift for a Sabres fan, you better jump on line soon. The Buffalo Sabres are continuing an auction of autographed game jerseys. The auction wraps up this Wednesday.

Change in Law Eliminates Statute of Limitations in Future Rape Cases (2007-01-29)
Altemio Sanchez is charged with murder. But the public was shocked to learn that the man alleged to be the Bike Path Rapist will never face charges for several rapes. But the statute of limitations that caused that injustice will never let another rapist off the hook.

Remembering the Blizzard of '77 (2007-01-27)
Sunday, January 28th, is the 30th anniversary of the Blizzard of '77.

UB Edition: Friday, January 26, 2007 (2007-01-26)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition--Research that links a certain type of bad cholesterol with heart attack risk, and UB researcher's explore using adult stem cells to fix damaged hearts

Developer Discusses His Downtown Plans (2007-01-26)
Buffalo's most buzzed-about developer, Bashar Issa, talked about his plans for downtown Buffalo during a "Working for Downtown" forum Thursday. More than 400 development and real estate professionals filled a banquet room to hear what the 28-year-old entrepreneur had to say.

Celebrating "A...My Name Is Alice," 15 Years Later (2007-01-26)
Get ready theatre groupies - Alice is back. The Buffalo United Artists theatre is presenting a 15-year anniversary reunion of the smash hit "A...My Name is Alice."

County Legislatures Plans to Strengthen Ethics Guidelines (2007-01-26)
The Erie County Legislature is planning to strengthen its ethics guidelines.

Anti-Abortion Extremist James Kopp Found Guilty (2007-01-26)
Anti-abortion extremist James Kopp was found guilty of federal charges for the 1998 death of Dr. Barnett Slepian.

Bitter Cold Wind Chills Grip Western New York (2007-01-26)
Single digit temperatures and strong winds brought the region the coldest weather of the season Friday morning.

Theatre Talk: Friday, January 26, 2007 (2007-01-26)
Jim stumps Tony with a local theater riddle, although he admits it was a trick question.

David Shire and Legendary Friends Return to Kleinhans (2007-01-25)
Award-winning composer and Buffalo native David Shire returns to Kleinhans this weekend And he's bringing a couple of old, "legendary" friends on stage with him. The Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra concert is billed,appropriately, "Buffalo Legends with David Shire and Friends." The concert features saxophonist Bobby Militello and Buffalo's own Mary Kate O'Connell. Militello will premiere a piece written especially for him by Shire.

Jury Deliberations in Kopp Trial (2007-01-25)
Jury deliberations will resume this morning in the federal trial of anti-abortion extremist James Kopp.

Jury: Kopp Guilty of Federal Charges in Slepian Shooting (2007-01-25)
Anti-abortion extremist James Kopp was convicted early Thursday afternoon of violating the federal Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act by shooting and killing Dr. Barnett Slepian in 1998.

County Attorney Rules Holt No Longer Sits on Legislature (2007-01-25)
Erie County Attorney Laurence Rubin issued an opinion Wednesdayday, saying that the County Legislature's 3rd district seat held by George Holt has been vacant since January 9th.

Brown and Other Mayors Seek Federal Changes to Curb Illegal Gun Sales (2007-01-25)
Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown returned Wednesday from a meeting in Washington DC with more than 100 mayors from across the nation on the problem of illegal guns.

New Ethics Rules Unveiled in New York (2007-01-25)
New ethics rules for state government employees -- including lawmakers -- were unveiled in Albany Wednesday by Governor Eliot Spitzer and legislative leaders. The new rules would ban gifts and free plane tickets from lobbyists as well as paid speeches.

Clinton Discusses Urban Agenda with Upstate Mayors (2007-01-25)
US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton met with several upstate mayors in Washington Wednesday to discuss the needs of their cities. Clinton says the Bush administration should address such issues as education, crime and aid to cities in the upcoming federal budget.

Homework Brings Peace to Buffalo City Kids (2007-01-24)
The epidemic of urban violence, especially among young people is well documented in Buffalo. Nearly every day there is news of another shooting or killing. But efforts to stem the violence are also spreading.

Muslim Public Affairs Council Honored by FBI (2007-01-24)
The Muslim Public Affairs Council was honored Tuesday during a ceremony at FBI Headquarters downtown.

Area Congressional Representatives React to State of the Union Address (2007-01-24)
The local congressional delegation's reaction to President Bush's State of the Union address Tuesday night was mainly along party lines.

Lake Snows Hit Buffalo and Areas South (2007-01-24)
The Buffalo area was battered by a lake effect snow storm Tuesday.

Prosecutors Seek New DNA Sample from Sanchez (2007-01-24)
Erie County prosecutors want another DNA sample from the accused bike path killer.

Clinton Bypasses Media by Reaching Out to Voters through Website (2007-01-23)
US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton announced over the weekend that she's creating a presidential exploratory committee, the first step toward her run for the White House. She did so not through the media but on her website.

Anti-Abortion Extremist James Kopp Testifies at his Trial (2007-01-23)
Anti-abortion extremist James Kopp took the witness stand in his own defense during his federal trial Monday.

City, Firefighters Union Reach Contract Agreement (2007-01-23)
After working five years without a contract, Buffalo firefighters may soon be getting a raise. The Brown administration and the firefighters union have reached agreement on a tentative contract.

Spitzer Introduces New Upstate Economic Development Czar (2007-01-23)
Governor Eliot Spitzer was in Buffalo Monday to introduce his new Upstate Economic Development czar. It was Spitzer's first visit to the area since he took office.

Global Warming, El Nino Responsible for Lack of Ice Cover on Lakes (2007-01-22)
Many lakes across the northern portion of the country have failed to develop an ice cover this year. And a University at Buffalo professor says one of the largest, Lake Erie, may not even freeze this winter.

Meet the Author: Susan Eaton, Mon 1/22/07 (2007-01-22)
Susan Eaton, author of The Children in Room E4: American Education on Trial

Some Small Buffalo Catholic Schools Spared from Closure (2007-01-22)
Low enrollment was a major factor in the decision by the Buffalo Catholic Diocese to close fourteen schools. But there were some schools at the bottom of enrollment that were spared.

Grand Jury Votes to Indict Sanchez in Two of Three Murder Cases (2007-01-20)
An Erie County Grand Jury voted Friday to indict accused bike path killer Altemio Sanchez on three murder counts.

Fourteen Catholic Schools to Close (2007-01-20)
The Catholic Diocese of Buffalo Saturday announced that 14 local Catholic elementary schools will close at the end of the 2006-07 school year.

County Legislature Delays Action on Political Appointment (2007-01-19)
Erie County lawmakers skirted action on two controversial personnel items Thursday.

Investigators Identify Person of Interest in Case of Missing Women (2007-01-19)
There's still no sign of a missing Marilla woman. Nancy Phelps, 69, was last seen on Sunday.

Government Called Last Witness in Kopp Trial (2007-01-19)
The government completed its witness list Thursday in the federal trial of anti-abortion extremist James Kopp

Theatre Talk: Friday, January 19, 2007 (2007-01-19)
Jim shares the positive audience reaction for The Syringa Tree.

UB Edition: Friday, January 19, 2007 (2007-01-19)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition-- A university researcher looks at addressing problem gambling through couples therapy, and a university doctor explores better healing of scars with the use of Botox

Search for Missing Marilla Woman (2007-01-18)
The Erie County Sheriff's Department is coordinating the search for a missing 69 year old Marilla woman.

Arab Feminist Speaks Out Against Radical Islam (2007-01-18)
Nonie Darwish is many things. She's the daughter of a martyred Palestinian. She's an Arab feminist. And most controversial of all, she's the author of a new book, Now They Call Me Infidel. Darwish is visiting Buffalo this week, making a series of appearances.

Buffalo Diocese Consolidation Plan Creates Challenges for Catholic Charities Appeal (2007-01-18)
Catholic Charities of Buffalo is facing what could be a very difficult fundraising appeal. The Campaign seeks to raise eleven million dollars at the same time parishioners are bracing to hear about a list of school and church closings.

Joan Diver's Husband Issues Statement on Bike Path Suspect (2007-01-18)
The husband of a Clarence murder victim has released a statement to the U-B community in response to the arrest of Altimio Sanchez.

"100 Mighty Men" Re-Directs Effort to Fight City Crime (2007-01-18)
An organization known as the "100 Mighty Men" is re-directing its efforts this year to help curb violent crimes

Introducing the UB Regional Institute (2007-01-18)
The area's top think-tank for the study of regional issues has changed its name to the University at Buffalo Regional Institute.

UB Stunned that Alleged Killer Ran in Yalem Memorial Race (2007-01-17)
Officials at the University at Buffalo made a haunting discovery Tuesday. The name of the accused Bike Path Killer was found among registrations for the 1996 Linda Yalem memorial race. The annual five - K race was created to honor the student slain in 1990. But it also became a tool in the investigation to find her killer. Earlier Tuesday, WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with UB's Vice President for Student Affairs, Dennis Black, about UB's role in the investigation.

Sanchez Ran in Yalem Race in 1996 (2007-01-17)
UB officials made a chilling discovery yesterday as the investigation of the Bike Path killer continues. Accused killer Altemio Sanchez ran right alongside hundreds of unsuspecting people in a race meant to honor the slain student.

Suspected BIke Path Killer Pleads Innocent to Murder Charge (2007-01-17)
The Cheektowaga man accused of being the bike path killer pleaded not guilty to a murder charge yesterday.

Forensic Psychologist Charles Ewing on Altemio Sanchez (2007-01-17)
The suspect in the murders of three Buffalo-area women appeared to be a family man. But according to the law enforcement authorities who arrested him Monday, Altemeo Sanchez was a cold-blooded killer.

Commentary: Remembering a Trip to the Farm (2007-01-16)
From time to time, Commentator Jim Nolan shares stories from his days of growing up in the Buffalo area. Today, he tells us of a dream denied.

Sanchez Pleads Innocent to First Murder Charge (2007-01-16)
The man who law enforcement agencies say is the bike path rapist was arraigned on murder charges in an Erie County Court room Tuesday morning.

Mayor Extends Bass Pro Negotiations (2007-01-16)
Tuesday was to be the final day for Bass Pro to reach a deal with Buffalo waterfront developers.

Bike Path Rapist Is Arrested (2007-01-15)
The serial rapist and murderer -- who has managed to elude local law enforcement for more than 20 years -- was taken into custody Monday morning.

Specially-Trained Dog Added to Arson Squad (2007-01-12)
The Buffalo Fire Investigation Unit's newest member was introduced Thursday. Brad, a 16-month-old yellow and chocolate mix Labrador Retriever, was specially trained by the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms to detect 21 different ignitable liquids and assist investigators in determining the cause of fires.

Buffalo News Reporter Testified in James Kopp Trial (2007-01-12)
A Buffalo News reporter testified about his article that contained the jail house confession of James Kopp.

Buffalo's American Axle Plant May Close (2007-01-12)
American Axle may be closing its Buffalo plant on East Delavan Avenue.

County Control Board Rejects 2007 Budget, Four Year Plan (2007-01-12)
The Erie County Fiscal Stability Authority Thursday rejected the county's 2007 budget, and four year financial forecast.

UB Edition: Friday, January 12, 2007 (2007-01-12)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. A UB researcher explores the gender and sexual identity in alcohol use and victimization, and in an effort to increase live liver donations, a university researcher develops an educational intervention program.

Theatre Talk: Friday, January 12, 2007 (2007-01-12)
We get the "Buzz" on the Buffalo United Artists presentation of Love! Valour! Compassion!

Parents of Area Marine Killed in Action Accept Medal of Honor (2007-01-12)
The parents of a Marine from Allegany County participated in a White House ceremony yesterday to receive their son's posthumous Medal of Honor. Dan and Deb Dunham of Scio joined President Bush in the East Room for a solemn ceremony in honor of their son, Corporal Jason Dunham.

Buffalo Unveils New Police Initiative to Fight Crime (2007-01-11)
The City of Buffalo has unveiled a new police initiative to begin a crack down on crime. It is based on the success of last year's Operation Strike Force.

Author, NPR Commentator Discusses "Fame Junkies" (2007-01-11)
Do you ever wonder why it is we care who Paris Hilton is dating? Or why most print media is dying while there is circulation explosion for celebrity magazines? According to author Jake Halpern, it's because we are becoming a nation of fame junkies. And he did the research to back up that claim.

County Audit Identifies Holding Center Savings (2007-01-11)
County Comptroller Mark Poloncarz released an audit of the Erie County Holding Center Wednesday.

Slaughter, Higgins Oppose President's Troop Surge (2007-01-11)
Western New York's two Democratic representatives in Congress are skeptical of President Bush's plan to send more troops to combat the insurgency in Iraq.

Schumer Meets with New NFL Commissioner about Buffalo Bills (2007-01-11)
US Senator Charles Schumer met with new NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Wednesday to discuss the plight of small market teams such as the Buffalo Bills.

Judge Ejects Spectator from Kopp Trial (2007-01-11)
Testimony continued Wednesday in the federal trial of anti-abortion extremist James Kopp for the 1998 shooting death of Dr. Barnett Slepian.

Kopp Apologizes to Widow of Dr. Slepian (2007-01-10)
Anti-abortion extremist James Kopp apologized to the widow of Dr. Barnett Slepian.

Screening Panel Will Interview Potential Comptroller Candidates (2007-01-10)
In a display of bi-partisanship rarely seen in Albany, state government's top leaders have come up with a plan for selecting the next comptroller. Under the plan, a comptroller could be chosen by the end of the month.

Erie County GOP Wants Holt Out (2007-01-10)
The Erie County Republican Committee is calling for legislator George Holt to step down now that he has admitted to tax fraud.

Major Fundraiser Planned for Wounded Police Officer (2007-01-10)
A fundraiser is planned to benefit wounded Buffalo Police Officer Patricia Parete. The event scheduled for March 31st at the Buffalo Convention Center was announced Tuesday during a news conference at the B District Station downtown.

Buffalo Puts More Highly-Qualified Teachers in Classroom (2007-01-09)
Schools are putting more "highly qualified" teachers in classrooms, but perhaps not soon enough to meet a deadline and avoid losing federal aid.

Opening Aguments Scheduled in James Kopp Trial (2007-01-09)
Opening arguments in the federal trial for anti-abortion extremist James Kopp are scheduled to begin in a Buffalo court room Tuesday morning.

Commentary: It's a River, Not the Iron Curtain (2007-01-09)
The Niagara River is all that separates the Buffalo area from its neighbors in Ontario. Listener-Commentator Steve Banko says it's time our regional thinking extended beyond the border.

Cuomo Visits Buffalo, Promises Help in Fighting Violent Crime (2007-01-09)
State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo is vowing to help upstate cities like Buffalo fight violent crimes.

Plane Crash Claims Life of Catholic Priest (2007-01-08)
The crash of a small plane at Chautauqua County Airport Monday morning claimed the life of a Catholic priest.

Holt Pleads Guilty to Sales Tax Violation, Legislature Reorganizes (2007-01-08)
Erie County Legislator George Holt pleaded guilty Monday to two misdemeanor violations of the state's sales tax law.

County Urged Dramatic Cuts at Studio Arena (2007-01-05)
One of Buffalo's oldest and largest theatre companies just got much smaller. Studio Arena announced it has cut deep into its staff, firing 14 people to stem five straight years and a million dollars of deficit. Theatre officials said Thursday it was necessary to preserve the beloved downtown theatre for the future. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak talked with Studio Arena's Chief Executive Officer and Artistic Director Kathleen Gaffney about what the changes will mean.

Area's Congressional Delegation on First Day of 110th Congress (2007-01-05)
The four members of Western New York's congressional delegation returned to Washington yesterday for the opening of the 110th Congress. Two of the representatives are now in the majority. The other two now find themselves as minority party members.

Jury Selection in James Kopp Federal Trial (2007-01-05)
Jury selection began yesterday for the federal trial of anti-abortion extremist James Kopp.

UB Edition: Friday, January 5, 2007 (2007-01-05)
UB Edition highlights news and happenings from the University at Buffalo. Today on UB Edition, UB researchers develop an antibody that could be used to fight breast cancer in the future . And, Your UB is another way to find out what you want about the University at Buffalo.

Theatre Talk: Friday, January 5, 2007 (2007-01-05)
The New Year is bringing change to Studio Arena Theatre.

New Lawsuit Filed to Stop Hospital Closings (2007-01-04)
Another lawsuit is being filed against the state to stop the recommended closings of nine hospitals in New York, including two in the Buffalo area.

Brown Laments Violent Start to New Year, Plans Programs to Remove Guns (2007-01-04)
2006 turned into the deadliest year in Buffalo in more than a decade. There were 73 murders. That compares to 56 murders in 2005. But shortly after the New Year arrived, an 18-year-old woman was shot to death outside a bar on the city's East Side. By early Tuesday morning, a 17-year-old was shot while standing in the doorway of his East Side home and died at ECMC.

Local Business Leader Likes Spitzer Reforms (2007-01-04)
The leader of Buffalo's largest business organization is pleased with the new governor's proposed reforms.

Spitzer Envisions One New York (2007-01-04)
New Governor, Eliot Spitzer Wednesday outlined his ambitious agenda for reforming and revitalizing the state into what he called one New York. Halting the downhill slide of upstate cities, such as Buffalo, is key to the Governor's plan to reunite New York with prosperity. WBFO's Joyce Kryszak has more on Spitzer's much anticipated first State of the State address and what it holds in store for Western New York.

Spitzer Focuses on Reform in First State of the State Address (2007-01-03)
Reform was the overriding theme of Eliot Spitzer's first State of the State speech as governor.

Line Forming for County Clerk's job (2007-01-03)
There's a bit of a line forming for the job overseeing Erie County's auto bureaus. At least four people are vying for the special appointment to replace County Clerk David Swarts.

No Plea Deal for James Kopp (2007-01-03)
The long awaited federal trial for anti-abortion extremist James Kopp will begin with jury selection Thursday before Federal judge Richard Arcara.

Spitzer Releases Upstate Agenda (2007-01-03)
Governor Eliot Spitzer's first State of the State address Wednesday is expected to include plans to cut taxes and ease business laws to revive the upstate economy.

Commentary: Oh, the Things I've Learned (2007-01-02)
The State Education Department issues several reports each year assessing how our schools are performing. But listener-commentator and educator Keith Frome says he doesn't need statistical reports to come up with the essential truths about education.

Eliot Spitzer Inaugurated as New York's 54th Governor (2007-01-02)
On a cold, gray afternoon outside the State Capitol in Albany Monday, Eliot Spitzer became New York's 54th governor.