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TTBOOK: Going, Going, Gone Green
"TTBOOK: Going, Going, Gone Green "
Colin Beaven and his family try “no impact living” in New York City. Jeff Ferrell advocates recyling in a big way, including dumpster diving. Edward Abbey became the patron saint of young environmental activists. Bryandt Urstadt researched the Peak Oil scene. Ken Eklund designed a Peak Oil simulation game. The Randall Elementary School kids build a “Green-topia.” A self-described "guilty liberal," Colin Beaven began blogging about his And his wife's experiment in "no impact living." He got a lot of national media attention (and we hear a clip of some of it) then Anne Strainchamps talks with him about how no impact living has changed his life.

Jeff Ferrell quit his job as a tenured professor and moved back to Fort Worth for a year long experiment in living off the street. He chronicles his year as a dumpster diver in the book "Empire of the Scrounge." Ferrell talks with Steve Paulson about America's illicit economy of street scavenging and extreme re-cycling.

Steve Paulson prepared this report on the life of Edward Abbey. Abbey's book "Desert Solitaire," changed the way people thought about the earth and made him the patron saint of young environmental activists. Abbey died in 1989 but his legacy lives on.

Bryandt Urstadt is a freelance writer from Connecticut. He wrote "Imagine There's No Oil: Scenes from the Liberal Apocalypse" for Harper's Magazine. He researched his piece at the 2nd Conference on Peak Oil, and tells Steve Paulson what the peak oil people believe the future will be like.

Ken Eklund created an alternate reality game called "World Without Oil." He tells Jim Fleming about his game and what happened when people began to play it.

Anne Strainchamps, herself a Mom, goes looking for environmental hope among the children of Randall Elementary School in Madison, Wisconsin.

Finally, we listen in on David Rothenberg playing a clarinet duet with a humpback whale recorded live off the coast of Maui.