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TTBOOK: Transgender Identity
"TTBOOK: Transgender Identity "
Aaron Raz Link and his mother, Hilda Raz wrote the story of Aaron’s gender reassignment surgery. Conceptual artist Genesis P-Orridge talks about music and gender. Jason Goodwin wrote a novel set in 19th century Istambul. Kelley Eskridge is never specific about the gender of her recurring character Mars. Aaron Raz Link and his mother, Hilda Raz, are the co-authors of a collaborative memoir called "What Becomes You." Aaron was born female and lived the first 29 years of his life as a girl named Sarah. He then went through the hormone and surgical therapies to become male and lives now as a gay man.

Genesis P-Orridge is a conceptual artist who calls himself a cultural engineer. He was born male but is re-inventing himself as a "pandrogyne," or hermaphrodite by choice. Joining him in this endeavor was the woman he married. Doug Gordon talks with Genesis P-Orridge, and we hear music from his latest ensemble, Psychic TV.

Jason Goodwin won the Edgar Award for "The Janissary Tree," his first novel featuring Yashim Togalu, a eunuch who lives in 19th century Istanbul. Yashim is back in "The Snake Stone." Goodwin talks with Anne Strainchamps about Yashim and his similarity to other classic detectives.

Kelley Eskridge is a fiction writer, essayist and screenwriter. Her latest collection of short stories is called "Dangerous Space." Three of the stories feature a compelling character named Mars whose gender is never revealed. Eskridge tells Jim Fleming what she was trying to accomplish with Mars and how people have reacted.