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September 22, 2017
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Trump tightens the economic noose on 'Rocket Man' and encourages his friends to go to Africa 'to get rich' President Donald Trump announces a new set of sanctions on North Korea, while South Korea says it?s resuming aid to the North. We hear how Africans are reacting to Trump?s comment that his friends are going to the continent to get rich. Plus, the global effort to get more girls interested in shark science.
Mexico City reeling from earthquake, Miami immigrants help neighbors after Hurricane Irma Central Mexico is still reeling after Tuesday's major earthquake. We hear how immigrant communities are trying to put their lives back together after Hurricane Irma. And a new statue in Moscow pays tribute to the inventor of the AK-47.
A new warning to North Korea, Mexico City quake, Modi's army of internet trolls President Donald Trump uses his first speech to the UN General Assembly to send another strong warning to North Korea. Also, how Alaska sells its wild salmon in the global economy. And remembering the Russian engineer who may have saved us from an accidental nuclear war
World Headlines
Kim says 'deranged' Trump shows need for nuclear programme In unprecedented address, North Korea's leader says he is convinced developing weapons is "correct".
UK PM bids to break deadlock over Brexit The PM will say in her Florence speech that both sides have a responsibility to get Brexit right.
Neanderthal brains 'grew more slowly' A new study shows that Neanderthal brains developed more slowly than ours.
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