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November 24, 2014
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PRI's The World: 11/24/2014 No nuclear deal with Iran, and now the deadline for an agreement has been pushed back to March. Also, the story behind the resignation of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. Plus, we dig into the life of musician Gil Scott-Heron, who coined the term "the revolution will not be televised" some 40 years ago.
PRI's The World: 11/21/2014 A day after the President announces his way forward on immigration, a lot of folks are asking, "OK, what next?" Plus, capturing the vibe at last night's Latin Grammy Awards. And, we check in with The World's Jeb Sharp has spent the last week and a half in South Africa reporting on women's issues for our new, year-long project called Across Women's Lives.
PRI's The World: 11/20/2014 President Obama announces how he plans to sidestep Congress by ordering federal action on immigration. Plus, with more snow expected in Buffalo, New York, one group in the New Hampshire helps immigrants from warmer climes deal with winter weather. And, mondegreens. That's the word for mis-heard, mis-understood song lyrics.
World Headlines
Ferguson jury rules on Brown death A grand jury reaches a decision over whether to charge a police officer who killed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, says his family.
Optimism as Iran nuclear talks fail Both the US and Iran say they are confident of reaching a deal over Tehran's nuclear programme despite the failure of the latest round of talks.
Portuguese ex-PM to remain in jail Jose Socrates, Portugal's prime minister between 2005 and 2011, is remanded in custody on preliminary charges of corruption and tax fraud.
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Rewriting the job description for the Pentagon CEO
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Even celebrities in financial trouble can make tens of millions after death.
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