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July 2, 2016
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PRI's The World: 07/01/2016 The Istanbul attacks earlier this week have, once again, put airport security front and center in people's minds. Can we really design a way to make airports less vulnerable to terrorist attacks? Also, Puerto Rico may have gotten a financial lifeline from Washington this week, but the economic crisis continues. However, there is one area of growth: baseball academies. Plus, we find out, literally, how the sausage is made.
PRI's The World: 06/30/2016 Turkish officials believe ISIS is behind the attack at Istanbul's main airport. We'll have the latest. Plus, a young Turk living in the United States was planning to return home this summer to visit, but now she says she won't. We also hear about a dialect of Tibetan called Mustang. It's slowly dying out in the mountain regions where it is spoken in Nepal, but in a Mustangi diaspora community in New York City, the dialect is trying to live on. Plus, we bring you the improbable story of Marcus Willis at the Wimbledon tennis tournament.
PRI's The World: 06/29/2016 Istanbul, one day after the attacks ? we get the latest on the investigation. And, we ask about the role Turkey now plays as a bridge between Europe and the Middle East. Plus, the story of two giant rodents ? capybaras ? whose escape from a Toronto zoo captured headlines.
World Headlines
Twenty foreigners killed in Dhaka siege Twenty people, all of them foreigners, are killed during an attack by suspected Islamists on a cafe in Bangladesh's capital Dhaka, officials say.
Australia election polls begin to close Australians are voting in the country's federal election, where the conservative coalition government is widely expected to hold power.
Islamic State group: Two senior leaders 'killed in US-led air strike' Two senior military leaders of so-called Islamic State (IS) were killed by a US-led coalition air strike in Iraq, the Pentagon says.
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